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Wednesday, July 31, 2002 by Jon

yes. i just spent 9 and a half hours at the park. so long, so hot, so tired. the tournament went well though, and i got lots of pictures. when i first started working there this summer i told manny that once i filled the place up with pictures all would be good since we were in the trailer since the old shop burnt down. well i finally was able to accomplish this today. thank God. kinda funny too since this is my last week, and tommorrow is my last day. busy busy busy.

and an interesting and crazy thing happened as well. hana eric and i were still there watching the place after the tournament and everyone else had left, and then hana got a call that a semi trying to make a delivery to us was down the road and needed some more directions. so yea...i went to the exit to wait for it to come down the road and see me. we had to make it come through the exit since the other normal way into the park was too curved and too small for the semi. but yea...low branches in a park and a semi dont mix, all while the semi has to go down a one way street. so yea it was kinda cool cuz i just parked my car blocking traffic so the semi could get through, hehe, but yea. the semi took some large branches down. and the park police were going crazy. it was definitly an experience, a gigantic semi going the wrong way and taking out some trees through a small park road, and hana and i trying to control it all....hah. i should have taken a picture. dang it.

so yea...gotta go back to the park soon for the dance with the kids. i wonder if i will get paid for it.......hmm. everything is happening all of a sudden, so much more i need to do before taf, and tomm is my last day at the park, maybe forEVER, and i wont see hana again this summer...oh the sadness. 7 more days at home. thats it. then back to school. i dont want to go.

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by Jon

Busy Busy Busy

well alright, these last few days before i leave for taf are gonna be hectic. today was pretty busy, work, got the ac fixed in my car, made an appt with uncle bill to talk about taf histroy, did some laundry, and cleaned up a bit as well as buy accesories for the digital camera. and right now im in a taf chat and talking to about 20 yea...CRAZY. and tomm is the kswiss tourney, and thats going on till like 5. and then come home and shower. go to eat with the fellow employees, then go back to the park for the dance. yea......and thursday andrew is coming and i gotta clean and get everything ready for taf and all packed. OHMYGOD. laskdl;'adsk;'aslds;als'a;sla. i need to sleep to :(

anyways, played baseball today and that was fun, brian nicho and i beat brett tilldo and zkilla. it was an exciting extra inning game filled with drama. we were winning and then they tied it in the last inning and then we won when i hit a game winning home run. oh oh oh yea. its been awhile since ive hit one. yea brian went on a tear in the first inning. we were up 16-0....haha. but then brett went on one and they got back in it. yes.

had fun with the digital cam tonight figuring stuff out. hung out at nichos and then adriennes for a bit. and now im home. i was eating me some tuna and my cat was staring at me. it REALLY wants the tuna. ok. 2 more hours of "work" and then sleep. oh sleep!!!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2002 by Jon

and here goes another recap..

ok so i picked up the digital camera from my dads and then went to ajits for fifa like usual. i was undefeated today, i beat ajit, brian, and ajits brother. go me. went to ice deli to meet yak yak, and he had to go buy some um, "innuendo"-ish stuff for a work gift exchange thing. hehe yes, he bought some whipped cream, cherries, honey buns, ding dongs, and peaches. hehe yes. the other half of jakes present is poloroids of him with all of these products in innuendo-ish poses, such as taking a picture in the adult section of family video with the whipped cream as his uh...thingie, and a picture with ding dongs at the Quik N EZ gas station.

emily if you are reading this...uh, dont think like that. its bad. TAF is a clean place. no hanky panky at taf. none.

anyways, did a bunch of those and it was amusing. hehe we got one picture at Mel-O-Cream Donuts, and jake stood in the parking lot and i positioned the camera so that his head blocked out "Mel-O" and the "D" under "mel-o" the sign read "Cream" then below it "onuts"...hehehe, get it? hehe dirty.

haha oh yea, when we were at meijers, ajit was being ajitish and pestering brian, so brian took his hat and threw it up in the air...and it caught some air...and landed on a display that was hanging from the ceiling...ahahahahhaha. the look on ajits face was total so funny while brian was laughing hysterically. hahahah. we had to get a worker to bring a really tall ladder to get it down. haha. yea thats probably the Highlight Of The Day.

and i am tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

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Monday, July 29, 2002 by Jon

Afternoon Update

yup yup...i only took a half hour nap today and yet im pretty much refreshed as my usual 2-3 hour naps. interesting, especially since i couldnt fall asleep last night and was really tired when i woke up. hehe i woke up at 7:50 though, thats not good when your supposed to have been at work 20 minutes before that...yea...luckily manny was late and julia called me to wake me up. and good news on that front! manny rescheduled the KSwiss tournament to wednesday, so ill be able to work it! woohoo!

after work got some lunch with pops at hardees and he told me that one of his colleagues gave him a brand new sony digital camera. and since my dad just bought one...hes giving it to my sister and i. excellent. check out the camera here. yea his colleague is a i assume he is rich. but yes i am highly excited to get my hands on this camera and play with it.

my cousin andrew and uncle are coming thursday, the same ones i stayed with in LA. andrew is coming to taf with me, yay! and im paired up with emily huang for the week. i like her already, she was one of the 2 ILTers who actually had their names with their pic in the yearbook. but yea the house is being cleaned for my cousins arrival, im sure everyone knows how that goes.

TAF starts in 5 days. YES!

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by Jon

Share Da Moments Share Life tonight i went to walmart and got myself a nice big rubbermaid bucket to store all of my pictures in...the shoebox was just falling apart brimming with photos. and my photos weigh a ton...oy. went over to nichos and brian and him looked at some from back in the day, and they seemed to be enjoying them. i think i take so many pictures because i dont have many from when i was little to look back on so im making up for it now, although im taking A LOT. i should cut down and make it quality over quantity. yea...

worked on ss today a bit with howa and kevan...its gonna be good, and itll put my picture taking into good task, excellent. went to ajits after nichos and fifaed it up, and then went back to nichos and there i organized all my pictures...yea it was crazy and it took awhile, plus i still have more to do yea, off i go.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002 by Jon

and i say again, is that courtney adair hitting up the jonizzle from new zealand?!?! comment if its you!

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by Jon

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me

ok well its technically not my birthday anymore, but close enough. woke up and my mom made me some hard boiled eggs and long noodles for lunch. the hard boiled eggs represent when i peel off the shell, its like peeling off and becoming a better person she says, and the long noodles are for long life and prosperity. yes. the eggs were good. went off to play ajit ball at 2 with brett tilldo and zkilla. tilldo and i won, go us. came back home and chilled and then went to dinner with my dad and sis. that wasnt too bad, i wish the 2 sides of my family liked each other more though, i think that would be nice.

after dinner i stopped by home and then went to adriennes. she got me a britney spears tshirt! oh oh oh yea. adrienne and i share a love for her and she did well. and britney is hot. ohhh yea. hung out and then steve brought his tony hawk game, and that game is fun, we created myself as a skater. yea its tight, i even had a nice baby blue button shirt on for my character, just like what i was wearing tonight. yeeeaaa. emily vereen, erin kay locksley sanders, and tony majewski stopped by and then traci came by as well. hung out, watched some undressed...and OH! dude pauline, there was a black girl on the show who looked JUST LIKE YOU!! it was crazy. yea i dunno how an asian girl would look like the black girl, but hey you 2 did. yes, a good and happy birthday for jon. thank you to all who left me im's while i was sleeping this morning too.

tomm is my last sunday in town since ill be at taf the next 2 weeks and then leave for school the nexy yea im gonna hopefully hit up wester oaks tomm for their 10am service. hmm, 10am, i can do it.

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Saturday, July 27, 2002 by Jon

3 Meals A Day...If That Means A Day Equals 45 Minutes

ah yes, so basically the past 3 days ive been bulimic...wednesday all i ate was pizza around 7, yesterday only a foot long sub from Subway, but today i had 3 meals, starting at about 830. it all started when ashley called me up and she was with erika mahon, and they came over. and then we decided to get tom. and then i was hungry since ya know, i hadnt ate all day. so we went to china wok and got some shrimp fried rice for myself. then tom was hungry but he didnt want chinese food, so we walked next door to arbys, where i got some curly fries and a roast beef sandwhich. then ashley called jenna...and she was at ned kelleys. and i had a coupon for a free ned kellys skillet cookie, which are pretty much orgasmic. but my coupon said i had to order a dinner entree. so for some reason i did...yea...and i didnt eat much of my "chicken pot pie", i use quotations because it wasnt really a pie, just the insides with a weird piece of bread on top. yea it wasnt too good. but hey at least i got my free skillet cookie. im sure erika liked hanging out with me, because she got to share my shrimp friend rice, my curly fries, and my skillet cookie with me. good thing too cuz uh, i definitly didnt need to eat that much food.

and oh yea! i got a dale jarret bobblehead doll at arbys! they were 4 dollars with a combo meal purchase, so i bought it off of tom. hehe i had no idea which one to pick, so tom did for me...even though he doesnt know nascar either...

so yea i had 3 meals in a span of 45 minutes...and im full. and its 12:05 right now. that means its my birthday! oh yea, happy birthday to me.

oh and we went to erikas house tonight too...and her house is SO COOL. well erika has a signed ryne sandberg jersey AND a ryne sandberg bobblehead. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! but heres the really cool thing, her dad like writes to all these athletes and asks them to sign like a magazine cover of them and send it back, and most of them do, so erika has TON of autographs. they have so many that some of them are just lying around, like clint mathis and uh...well ok i dont remember who else was lying around, but she has a ton of ppl. yea her house is definitly a sports persons house. pimp.

woke up at 330 this afternoon. it was raining when i woke up at 7 for work so i called manny and he said the kswiss tournament was going to be cancelled until next friday...although im probably going to be gone to taf so major sad times. but major happy times for going to taf! yay! opened up a checking account today as well, woohoo. and of course its now my birthday, so coolness.

oh and heres my ktmac story for the day. so im chillin online talking to her and we are both hungry. so she asks me if i wanna go to the mall with her cuz she needed to exchange something and then we can go eat, so im like ok cool. and then i ask what time and shes like i dunno and then i (stupidly) ask her if shes going to take a shower. and now that i made her think about it...she does. but she tells me that itll be really quick (yea right) so i go play some scrabble to kill time. 30 minutes later shes not back yet. so i call her cell, its her voicemail. call her house and her little brother says shes not home. and im like ";aklsjd;lkdl;asdk" but at the same time it doesnt surprise me at all that this is happening because ya know, its ktmac. but its also kinda crazy cuz i thought that matty just didnt want to go get his sister upstairs, so i called back and he again said she wasnt there. so i called shawgo to call. she said he said she wasnt home. then tom, same thing. so im thinking crazy ktmac just left to go out and forgot about me (not that that would have surprised me mind you). but i finally got a hold of her at like 10 while i was at ned kelleys, and she said she was upstairs blow drying her hair...and she got done at 845. 845. EIGHT FORTY FIVE! the friggin mall closes at 9. and she expected us to go do all of that in 15 minutes. yea..................heres some advice, NEVER REMIND KTMAC TO TAKE A SHOWER. unless you want her to be late for something.

at walmart i saw erin dorsal fin. she reads my blog. i told her to comment. lets she if she does.

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Friday, July 26, 2002 by Jon

Yea Baby YEA

yes, watched austin powers 3 tonight with ktmac sam linz blair kim and tom. it was really funny...and britney spears is her usual gorgeous self in her highly enjoyable cameo. oh oh oh yea. shes soooooo hot.

work was the usual today. we have the K-Swiss Tournament tomm for the kiddies. i hope there is a good turn out, manny said we needed 80 kids to break even. i think we will maybe have 40. yea...heh. mike jolly and i made a bet today on these 2 kids, a 12 year old and an 11 year old and which one will be the better athlete. my pick was the 12 year old, whos name is Sam Meuller. thats right, Genny Meullers little brother. since Genny is a great athlete and her younger sister is as well, i expect nothing less than sam playing at a Division I school like his sister. hehe go insider information. Jolly went with the 11 year old. his name is Trip. hes going to grow up and be a tool. hes pretty cocky and really competitive already. so yea...heh. it is quite funny however when he hits the ball really hard back at the teachers, especially claire and the other girls cuz they get really scared. hah. in sad news, jolly and i both agree that trip will probably grow up and well...trip on something...and therefore lose his athletic status.

and todays Highlight of the Day:

Koke Mill Road has been reopened from a year of construction and expansion! yes! this makes it so much easier to drive to ajits house. its almost kind of sad at how much brian and i were excited when we drove on it for the first time tonight, but hey, if you had to take a longer route to ajits youd be like us.

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Thursday, July 25, 2002 by Jon

COURTNEY ADAIR!!! is that you hitting up the Jonizzle from New Zealand?!?!?

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by Jon

oh sleeping in is nice. got a haircut today, its been awhile since i have, almost a month. yea jonny was getting shaggy. visited adrienne at vanity and then came home and chilled. 3.50 pizza tonight! woohoo. hung out and aozas and played some fifa...and nothing else. heh, yea not a very exciting day, but a good day none the less.

did some planning for taf slideshow today, howa and i worked more on the intro. kevan had a nice idea for it to. but im not going to blog about them cuz its confidential and classified information. i guess youre just gonna have to be at TAF to see how everything turns out...

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Wednesday, July 24, 2002 by Jon

sniff sniff....ACHOO

yes. so im thinking for some odd reason that im allergic to kittens. not cats, but just kittens. when i go to adriennes my nose goes crazy, and tonight we went to shannons and it did the same. yea thats not fun, but i still had a good time there. it was tom brian jake and i with shannon brooke ashley and meagan, and then throw in some random guys i dont know, shorty, jenna, nicho and others who werent there too long, and yea. it was a good time. at the end of the night the girls decked out in 80s fashion and well us guys put some girls clothes on. excellent. good times, good times. and now my allergies are gone, so im happy and my nose is relieved.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002 by Jon

Oh, My Legs

ok so today at work we were doing relays with the kids, and hana decided on a frog hop relay. and OH MY GOD MY QUADS ARE KILLING ME NOW. i wish i would have stretched cuz legs like to give out randomly and i almost fall down while walking. going up stairs is a major pain too. man this better go away...

oh but yes! the humidity is gone! its COOL!!! i even might have a cold. it was raining last night and then ashley jenna and i went to bellachinos for pizza and it was cold in there, plus i was slightly wet from the rain. not good. went over to adriennes afterwards and hung out. good times good times. i love that girl. sadly i think im more allergic to her cats than i am normally to other kitties. cuz im not that bad with my cat at home.

tonigt was also a crazy un-Originals night. didnt see any of them. thats like the first time in a few weeks. crazy. but i think jake brian and i are going to shannons house later tonight for some good times. pimp status.

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Monday, July 22, 2002 by Jon

Here's a spoon humidity so you can eat my...

geez. its SOO hot. and SOO humid. the friggin heat index is 115 degress. 115!!! thats so hot. oy. well last night was a fifa night in ajits air conditioned house. hehe we created a team called The Originals, but somehow spelled differently. i dont know ask ajit. anyways brian ajit jake and i all played together on the team and we coexisted and won. go us. played that for awhile then brian and i and jake went to adriennes to hang out. it was a good time talking, brian left around 1130, steve left at like 1, jake at 2ish, and then me at 230ish. it was a fun time looking back on the years, reminiscing with adrienne, having a good time. ahh yes. but yea, i had to be at work at 730. so i came home and slept instead of blogged. i am sorry.

work was hot today as expected. and like 5 teachers are out of town and dan heckman is like the worst employee of all time, so we only had 3 teachers, so i went out there and helped, and like i said, it was hot. haha oh but i love claire, shes SO funny. i think she seriously is taking over ktmac as the girl who amuses me the most. oh shes so funny. ahahhahaha. i lightly tossed a football to her today and she didnt want to catch it so she whacked at it really hard and it hit the desk and all this stuff went everywhere and gatorade spilled and she just starts cracking up. it was highly amusing. i was like "oh my GOD what are you doing?!?!?!" hahah. everyone needs to get to know this girl. there life will be happier.

and now i must showa so i may nap in cleanliness. excellent.

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Sunday, July 21, 2002 by Jon

And Its Still So Hot Out There And Its Only Going To Get Hotter

yea...well another night hanging with the 2001ers. brian sam and linz, then ajit nicho and jake came over to my house at 7 to meet up to go to the Chatham Sweet Corn Festival (yes big city tafers, i went to a sweet corn festival). oh but guess who had to take a shower and made us wait till 730? oh it was ktmac! how shocking! needless to say she and ashlee finally came and we headed off.

it was SO HOT there, and oh, its apparently going to be 115 degrees tomm since we have this wonderful midwest humidity. aksd;dalskld/. ate some corn. corn is good. fair food is good. but it was so f-ing hot. adrienne and steve came as well, and steve v, mike, and zeke came too....with ann elble. now thats a totally random combination right there i think. yea thats messed up. i dont really know how ann was with them. well wait i think ann would be with katy when i took them to montys and mike worked there....yea...ok i guess it works. anyways it was hot so we left after we ate.

went back to get some movies before going to nichos, i got zoolander and black hawk down for 10 bucks each on dvd! oh oh oh yea. i love used dvds. we watched zoolander in the wonderful air conditioning of nichos house, oh so nice. the movie was really funny. hehe..."what is this...a center for ANTS??" haha. tom does a good impression of it. and after the movie i asked ktmac if she remembered when we went to go see The Rookie and if she remembers her cell phone going off all the time in the theatre and disrupting everyone. and ktmac never ceases to amaze me. SHE DIDNT REMEMBER. it was like 3-4 weeks ago, how can she not remember?!?! dah.

and in a nice little story on how my day began. it was 12. i was sleeping in. then my cell phone rings and im struggling to get out of bed to answer it but i miss the call. so i look at my missed calls and is says "Linz". and i was like why is lindsey calling me at noon?? so i called her back, and got her voicemail. then my voicemail beeped and i listened to it and it was like gibberish. so i set my phone down and went back to sleep...but then it rang again. Linz again. i pick up and say hello...but its nothing but something going on in the background. so yea i figure its accidently dialing my phone in her purse or pocket or something. so i try calling back but i cant get through because by the time i call her phone is already calling me back. it was crazy. she called me SEVEN times and she didnt even know it, all while im going crazy because im half dazed from waking up and my cell phone ringer is loud and it hurts my head. so i wait a minute...then call her back from my home phone. and i finally get through. and linz thinks its hilarious what just happened. ah yes, good ole linz...i hope this doesnt happen tomm. oh but you know what? it happened 2 more times today. yea its weird...

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Saturday, July 20, 2002 by Jon

Its Getting Hot Out There was a scorcher playing baseball. it was so hot that after we finished i was very fatigued and like my eyes were tired from squinting in the sun. dang yo. well needless to say brian yak-yak and i beat brett tilldo and zkilla. Brian robbed brett of a hr in the first, and i was THIS close to taking one away from him in the 2nd inning. oh man, if i knew were the fence was i would have had more room to jump, that would have been great. brian just told me that there could be a heat advisory in effect...hmm maybe thats why i felt like i was going to pass out if we played any longer...

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by Jon

The Way We Were

aww, yay for tonight. it was kind of like high school all over again, whether thats a good thing or bad. we all headed over to ashlees to hang out before going to a movie. it was me brian tom ash linz brandon and sam, us 2001'ers, plus jake ajit and brandons gf liz. yea definitly havent been to ashlees in awhile. good times good times. we went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it was really funny. "Opaahhh!!!" hehe yes. after the movie we stood around for a bit outside the theatre figuring what to do...and we didnt think of anything. ah yes, just like back in the day. so yea, there was my night.

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Friday, July 19, 2002 by Jon

We Are Meant to Be

ok so its 3am and mtv is on in the background. the lovely Britney Spears comes on the tv with her new song boys, and then i heard some lyrics and then found them online. here is a stanza for you to look at.

I spotted you dancin'
You made all the girls stare
Those lips and your brown eyes (oooh)
And the sexy hair

I should shake my thang
Make the world want you (giggle)
Tell your boys you'll be back
I wanna see what you can do (uh)

oh hey look at that, those brown eyes? I HAVE BROWN EYES. and my hair is quite spiky, which sounds kind of like sexy and is probably sexy on its own. this is just like that one time when i found out Britney's favorite color is baby blue, which is mine also. im telling you, we are meant to be.

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by Jon

Another Day Another Dollar

ah yes, jons 4th straight day of waking up in the morning for work, its tough let me tell you. julia came back from her vacation today, so my workload got cut in half, woohoo. hehe, the highlight of work was finding a picture of claire and brad on the courts. now apparently this picture was taken back in june and it got lost. it was last spotted on the west end of the courts a few weeks ago and then today it was found in one of the ball carts. we presume that one of the kiddies in the clinic found it and put it in there. but yea this picture has been around.

and then jon got his hands on it. wahahaha. as i said before it was claire and brad, and well we all think that claire likes brad, so i took it and cut out little pink hearts and taped them on the picture and hung it up in the pro shop. awwww, how cute! hehehe. claire was not amused. but everyone else was. how nice. i could go on and on about how much i love claire and how much she amuses me the way she acts. its so funny. and shes so skinny. hah.

after work i took a nice long nap. went to panera for dindin with brian and then went to ajits for some fifa action. hung around till all the usuals came and then went to ice deli. and there were A LOT of ppl there, were thinking all shg'ers. yea it was weird that there were so many ppl and that jake and i really didnt know anyone but one person. that just usually doesnt happen. hehe some girl walked up to us and asked lori where she got her overalls at, it was funny because the girl just walked up and like stared and i was like "uh..." and she was kinda quiet. yes. we then met up with ashley and jenna and then went back to ajits to hang out, play some catch. good times. i dont think we will be going over to nichos for a few days since jake brian and i are terrified of his mom...hehe.

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Thursday, July 18, 2002 by Jon

oh nut

so most of today was a good day. had to get up early for work, but that was ok. after work i came home and slept, and then played baseball at 5 with brett tilldo brian and zkilla. it was brett and tilldo vs the rest of us in ajit ball, with zkilla playing defense for them as well. we won in dramatic fashion. we were up 3 when we went into the bottom of the last inning and brett started off with a hr, then he proceeded to load the bases on 3 straight singles, so the bases were loaded. oh nut. he hit a hard shot down the line that luckily went foul, and then thankfully he hit a line drive right to brian, so that was huge. and then tilldo stepped up and hit a grounder to zkilla, who hadnt made a single defensive play for us today, but zkilla snagged it with his glove to win the game! and their was joyous celebration by brian zkilla and i and lots of cursing from brett and tilldo!!!! oh yea, a great win.

went to dinner after that with cheryl and dad, got some chinese food. ashlee called me and said rafiq was having ppl over to welcome him back from his year in france. it was kinda weird going there, because it was like a lot of ppl who id see all the time in hs, my "clique", but i havent seen most of them at all this summer. sad times man.

after that jake brian and i went to nichos to get my ps2...and then we took zoe. we were kicking a soccer ball and she followed us out to our cars so we thought wed take her on a lil drive as a joke and call nicho and tell him we took zoe. so we did and went to my house, which is like 2 minutes down the road, and zoe seemed to be all for it, when brian opened his door she just jumped right in. so we got to my house and brian called nicho and blatantly jokingly told nicho we dognapped his dog while i played with zoe. then 5 minutes later we took zoe back. we were standing in nichos backyard and then nichos mom came out from their balcony where we couldnt see her and yelled at us. it was not good. yea she really yelled at us for taking zoe...which i suppose could be slightly understandable, but she didnt have to be so mad. yea....awkwardness after that as we left and came back to my house....

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002 by Jon


hmmmm....i hope i wont have to go into work tomm, julia is supposed to be back from vacation but im not totally sure if shes going to be at work. if she is...sweet. i can sleep. and id like to sleep.

today was pretty action packed. worked in the morning and sent off my 5000 francs at the post office after. oh and i also need to get a new license since i lost mine and i have no idea where it is and i have no idea how long i havent had it...heh. so yea better do that. after that i came home for a few minutes and scrabbled and then i went too ashleys moms friends house to swim with her, tom, and amanda. good times good times. hehe im burnt! well slightly. im red in the chest, it be a wee bit itchy. fun with big floating thingys and a water slide. ohhh yea.

came home and slept. then i woke up and went to best buy with brian to get the new dave matthews cd...but it was sold out. sad times. and then off to ajits to play him one on one in basketball since he said he was better than me! and guess who won!??! ME!!!! i had the same amount of blocks on ajit than he had points. hah. dont talk trash ajit and update your blog you hoza.

came home, showad, went back, played some fifa, hana called me to go to mib2 with other washington park workers but she called like 20 minutes before it started so i didnt go. went to ice deli later and hung out. i dont understand why people cant call. like hana called only 20 minutes before the movie, by then it was a little late for me to just go. and then adrienne called and then said shed call me back soon once she figured out what she was doing when i was at ice deli and she didnt. and ktmac cant call back. that makes me sad. do people just decide to not think of me or is it a lack of courtesy for a friend or is it something else. well whatever it is its annoying. BLAH.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002 by Jon

Disaster Averted!

ok so i went to my bank and they said i can mail my money to the french govt and ill get the cash. and the amount? oh SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. oh oh oh yea. excited i am. didnt do much tonight, lori brian jake and i went in search of a haunted house. the house i think is no lived in so not scary anymore, but there was a really scary dog in the road. mmmmhmm. oh i cant wait for my money, itll come in handy, whether its for a digital camcorder or to pay my cell phone bill. yeas.

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Monday, July 15, 2002 by Jon

European Disaster jon has 5000 francs chillin in his room. nicho tells me that i can no longer exchange them because of the euro going into effect. thats 400 us dollars. asiljda;slklas. oh but wait! if i can somehow get to a french national bank i can exchange it for another 3 years. whew. ok lets hope this works. stupid euro.

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by Jon

Foooooooood SIUE Rachel wrote another one of her emails to us telling about her life, and in the last one she wrote about how she has lost 5 lbs since the end of school by running a mile every weekday and doing situps and pushups. and then i replied to everyone telling them how ive lost more weight than she has and how i dont do anything...even though i guess i play baseball a few times. but yea so a few of her friends email me back asking me how i did that and its not cool to be bulimic and anorexic....ahahah. they are referring to ME not eating enough! ahahaha. ok lets point out what i did tonight. after some soccer (which i guess is my exercise) brian and i went to panera for dinner. i had a chicken cesar salad, a bowl of soup, and 2 rolls. im full. go to ajits house. have like half a slice of pizza. later on in the night around 930 get a taco. then at 11 go to perkins for a full meal of breakfast food. so hey im not anorexic...i might binge eat though since i ate everything in like a 6 hour window....hehe. yea go me. annnd another week of work in the morning. nice.

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Sunday, July 14, 2002 by Jon

Andrea de la Funk!

Guess who visited my blog while using NETVIGATOR in Hong Kong??! oh no other than the Frozen One herself...IceQbs Andrea! yea thats pimp. and shes going to TAF. go taf. i love taf. i need to get cracking on my taf workshop and slideshow planning. sweet.

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by Jon

Bastille Day 2002

ahh yes, happy independence day nation of france. well nicho had ppl over for some fireworks to celebrate, the usual crowd. hung out, watched some Top Gun. And tonight was especially cool that like...all of us were wearing sweaters, heh. when you have a group of ppl wearing sweaters in the middle of the summer you know its gotta be a nice cool night, and it was. oh yea, when i was lying on the hammock i was watching the stars and i saw my first shooting star! oh oh oh yea. made ma wish, wouldnt you like to know what it is? oh but you cant. wahaha.

an interesting sidenote about my trip to steak n shake, it was jake me lori traci and eric. class of 2000, class of 2001, class of 2002, class of 2003, and class of 2004 respectivly. awww yea, go springfield high with 5 different classes hanging out together. yea i thought that was interesting.

played ajit ball today with brett, tilldo, zkilla, brian and ajit. i had me a few good catches today in the outfield snagging some balls, but i think todays Highlight of the Day was ajits snag of bretts line drive. it was a good one, you go ajit, you go. hehe ajits hand hurt for awhile after that too since he caught it on the palm. but good job ajit.

after baseball i picked up my pictures (yay!) and came home and showaed and went to fridays for dinner avec oza, shawgo, and sadowski. good food. brittany ledbetter was working there, i havent seen her in ages.

oh and i woke up a 3 in the afternoon. yea thats not good...

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Saturday, July 13, 2002 by Jon

"Im Singing Ohh O O O Ohhh..."

woohoo for jon and adriennes road trip to bloomington-normal and ISU. we went to meet up with susie and buy some stuff for their apartment. its a nice big place. while we were waiting for susie and her bf to come back from lunch adrienne and i had a simply delightful conversation about Britney, yea it was good. hung around with adrienne for a bit in the appt since susie was late, then we hit up walmart. went back to the appt to unload the purchases and then went home. good time spent on the afternoon with adrienne dawn and some susie mcdeliweferfunk.

came home at 5 and hung out till going to nichos at 7. played some catch with brian and then the other 2/5ths of the Originals came over, those being jake and aoza2000. (ajit, update blog). did the usual but i did have a successful jenga block picture night by getting shawgo sadowski lindz and sam. yeeeaaa buddy. too bad tyty couldnt come over and get a picture. ah well. finished a roll tonight, will be ready tomm. oh oh oh yea.

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Friday, July 12, 2002 by Jon

(ed note: This was supposed to be published last night, but do to crazy blogger bugs it wasnt working)

and here is jons daily wrap up of July 11th, 2001, are you ready? well now, the day started of gloomy with me being really tired for work and then it raining at work. but then it cleared up and we were able to have the clinics. came home and napped and then played baseball at 430. that was a fun time, my team of tyty ashley and corinne beat jake, steph, joe, ajit, and then brett after ajit left. yea buddy, tyty grand slam in the last inning to win it. go tyty.

came home showa'd and then went to subway with brian, came back and played fifa here, then ajit called us up and we went to his house. hung out there, played some catch, jake came over, drove around, visited jen at ultimate tan, went back to ajits, steph came, nicho came, lori came. went to perkins for some grub and lori got us her employee discount (50% baby) and then we went back to hq, nichos house. but we decided to call it zoe's house, because we really only go there to hang out and play with zoe, since zoe is cool. it was really nice and cool today though. the pond/lake was nice tonight. yea sitting in the backyard of zoe's house in nice lawn chairs is definitly pimp.

going to ISU with adrienne tomm to help her move some stuff. zoe is going to have nicho host a bastille day party on saturday at her house, fireworks baby, fireworks. AND we are going to see if we can take the hanging out in the backyard to a new level...camping in tents! oh yea, ill keep you updated.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002 by Jon

yes. i just spent $50.00 on picture frames. and then $30.00 on a baseball glove. and when i was thinking to myself about how much i just spent (i mean come on, FIFTY dollars on picture frames?!) and how i felt kinda bad about it...i thought about how lucky i am. vlad guerrero of the montreal expos played baseball with a milk carton as his glove when he was little. i dont even know how that would work. but i just went out and spent 30 dollars on a nice glove. thinking about how much i spent today for just 3 picture frames made me think of this lil sad thing that happened last week.

i was going to the gas station to buy some ice for manny to put in our cooler at the park. when i walked into the store there was a lady at the register in front of me who was holding her baby in one hand and with the other hand she was digging for change in her purse, and i think it was taking her some time to scrounge it all out. all this was for a pack of cigarettes. disregard the fact that cigarettes are bad for you and to smoke around a baby is evil, but cigarettes cant cost that much right? well the lady finally got all her money and bought them. then i went up and paid 6 dollars for ice. SIX dollars for frozen water, probably the same amount that the lady paid for her cigarettes. i spent it without thinking about it. i went outside to get my ice from the gas stations outside freezer and i saw the lady putting her baby in its seat and crying hard. i felt sorry for her cuz then i figured then that she probably used all of her money, and by money i mean old nickels dimes and pennies, to buy one small thing. and im just walking around buying frozen water and putting it in my 3 year old car. makes you think.

in other news, courtney adair is leaving for new zealand on friday. she fonna be there for a semester. thats crazy man. courtney doesnt have living arrangments set up either yet, shes just gonna arrive and find an appartment...yea....hehe. courtney is smart though, she'll be fine.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002 by Jon

Getting My Kicks On Route 66

yea buddy, the couch continues to entertain. tonight we took it to the Route 66 drive in and watched shrek and harry potter. double features are long, especially when they start around 9. and the people who enjoyed this evening with me you ask? well Jake of course, lori, steph, steve, adrienne, corinne, sadowski, and jakes lil sista olivia. yea buddy. good times. my forearms are in pain right now though from moving jakes couch up and down the stairs. oww.

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Monday, July 08, 2002 by Jon

The Chase

man who knew trying to get one hour photos would be so hard. so its like 1000 degrees outside and my car lacks the a/c. i head off to walmart, my usual destination of one hour photo developing because its cheaper than other places by 5 dollars, so its a good deal. but aghast! the APS machine was broken and the wait was 2 hours anyways. so i went into panic mode to think of a suitable place. so logically i think "well Target is right next door", so i dont think theres anything wrong with driving down the strip. but no. Target doesnt have one hour photo...unless its hidden in the back corner of the store. so i leave Target in search of another destination.

Oh yea, did i remind you its f-ing hot out? well it is. and Jon is dying in his black vehicle. alkd;asdkl. oy.

next stop Kmart, since its the closest department store type thingy. but alas, to my misfortune again, do they have one hour photo? no, they only have next day. well i guess its better than Target...but not good enough. so off i go onto the last dreaded resort...Walgreens. now walgreens and i have history. when i went to Europe in 2000 i had my pictures developed there. and oh yea, THEY LOST A ROLL. a roll in Paris. IN PARIS. you know? one of the most historic and prettiest cities in the world? yea they lost one. so walgreens and i have beef. plus they are expensive. but you know Jon wants his pcitures so I bit my lip and gave them my film.

So off i go to kill an hour...i go to the mall and visit adrienne where it seems she is having "a chase" of her own trying to help a customer. well the time rolls on by and i go back to Walgreens thinking i will soon have my pictures since it had been almost an hour.

but wait.

ohhhh, it seems as if little miss walgreens photo worker FORGOT TO DEVELOP MY FILM. asopjkl;asdkasdklasd/ and WALGREENS BLOWS. so i have to wait for them to start my pictures and i finally get them at full i wish i demanded a discount but i didnt want to be mean i didnt. and i spent 15 dollars for the pics. and i need to save money for my digital camera too. bah. see what happens when i cant do things at Wal-mart?

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by Jon

went to the Muni tonight to see Anything Goes with adrienne and steve. denk sam and rachel were in the show, but i didnt stay around after it to congratulate them. yes. and then after the show we went to adriennes and hung out. hehe this is a really short blog...good time tonight though, just talking is so essentially good. pimp status.

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Sunday, July 07, 2002 by Jon

Cruisin in da Country Part II

yea buddy, guess what we did tonight? oh yea, we went crusin in the country in the back of jakes truck on a couch! yeeeaaa buddy. great times, good stars. sweaty lit off some fireworks while we were out there. the couch was packed with me steph lori and then brian on the way there and ajit on the way back. yea a couch is definitly cool. i think we are gonna go see if we can find a lighter one at goodwill monday or something for about 15 dolla...15 dolla! thats cheap man.

and in today Quote of the Day:

Ajit: Kevins grandpa is married to Rachels moms daughter.
Everyone else: ...
Ajit: What? oh. damnit.

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Saturday, July 06, 2002 by Jon

Eazy Breezy Beautiful Breezy Wind

well tonight was a sausagefest for awhile, hehe. lets one point it was "the originals"; jake ajit brian nicho and i, along with sweaty, mike harth, and tom. but the stephanie came to the rescue. yea we hung out in nicks backyard for awhile, it was nice. lit off a few fireworks, and i sat in these amazing rocking lawnchairs. so comfortable. ohhhh yea. there was a great breeze tonight to take away from the humidity and keep things cool while we was rockin, oh oh oh yea. left for perkins to visit lori and get some grub, and now my stomach hurts from it i think, hehe. i think the cheesecake was too much. but it was gooood.

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Friday, July 05, 2002 by Jon

and its 3:12 and jon just woke up...go 12 hours of sleep.

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by Jon

man its so f-ing humid out. kjas;dlkdasa/ oy. i hate doing anything outside. it sucks. anyways, went to nichos tonight and hung out, then went to the fireworks, then went back to nichos and a buncha peeps came over. yea i got a lot of ppl with their names spelled in jenga blocks. oh oh oh yea. hung around there...and my head hurts right now because im really tired. no nap today man, no nap.

i am also sad to dissapoint you all with no Highlight of the Day for July 4th. there was potential with ajit and fireworks...but nothing happened. sad times.

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Thursday, July 04, 2002 by Jon

Too Much Booty in the Pants

ok so something interesting occured at work today. me julia courtney brad and mike jolly we sitting in the trailer around the register and this lady comes in. she is looking for someone who can play tennis with her since she is from florida and they do that kind of thing down there. well we dont so she was dissapointed, but then she went to turn around and talk to manny. and dear God. her tennis skirt was SO SHORT. lkal;skkalsd. i saw EVERYTHING. oh my dear God. and she asked me a question and i was trying so hard not to laugh. and then julia started to try not to laugh. and then she bent over to pet Napoleon, and Courtney got herslef a whole damn free show, and then mike glanced at it and so did brad and then they both quickly turned back around and were trying not to laugh. so now all 5 of us are trying are trying so hard to not laugh at this lady who has her back turned with her ass cheeks hanging in plain view talking to manny...and even manny knows whats going on. ahahahaha. and then she turns around and talks to me to write her # down in case anyone wants to play later on, and shes like "312" and i write that down and then she is like "no i said 312" and im like "..." and she says again "312" and i clearly have 312 written down but i guess my 3 wasnt good enough so i had to make it bigger...yes. and then shes says "ok 312-992, EVIL NUMBER!" and im like "holy sh*t" in my head thinking whats wrong and why 992 is an evil # but she proceeded to go on like normal. yea she was weird, i took down the rest of her #, and then while she was leaving she bent down more to pet napoleon, and i think even napoleon knew what was going on cuz he wouldnt let the lady pet him, and he usually lets anyone pet him, so manny called napoleon to come to him. and of course she gave more of us a view of her ass cheeks, and one she leaves and that door closed we started to bust up. hahahah oh man. that image haunts me. and then the lady came in again since she found a lady who wanted to take some she really wanted to play tennis. and then a guy came in right after that and said some lady outside was trying to get him to play her and he had a look on his face like he saw everything as well and didnt like it either. hehe...oh the look on courtneys face when the lady first bent over. classic. i dunno if it was too much booty in the pants...definitly not enough pants on the booty.

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by Jon

Crusin in da Country

yea buddy, today was action packed. went to six flags in stl today with sweaty jen brian lori and stephanie. good times good times. road the rides, i like the Boss the most. yea the Boss is good. rode in the front of the Batman today too for the first time, not too shabby. being able to see whats going on is cool. went to the water park in the afternoon and rode some more rides there. yea changing there is tough cuz um, the bathroom is definitly dirty. eew.

so yea 4 oclock rolled around and all was cool but then there was cloud cover and lighting coming in the distance and we had to leave the water park. and by that time all 6 of us were tired since we left springfield at yea we went bye bye. about half an hour later we ended up at a fireworks place, one of the million in st louis. sweaty got a bunch and well i decided not to spend money, i'll just mooch off of my friends, eh heh heh.

went to the galleria after that and we ate at the california pizza kitchen. good food. aannnd then all of us were officially kaput and left back home for springfield. jake ajit mike nicho and then meagan came over to meet us as we got home. and OH OH OH YEA. jake got his couch in the bed of his truck! a couch! in the bed of the truck!!! oh man that was so cool. haha funny story, we were heading out to the gas station and brian and i were in the bed on one half, and the couch took the other half longways. so as we are just pulling out of my hood jake yells "COP COP COP!" and me and brian just hit the floor since we were sitting up. oh man that was ROUGH. i was all squished and like my leg started to cramp and i was laughing so hard because we got caught at the stoplight and i swear to God it was the longest light ever and the cop was right behind us. and of course when brian hit the deck he like folded in half and his head and hair ended up between my legs. nicho took high amusment in the 5 minutes that we were positioned like that at the light. haha oh my God i was laughing so hard. ahahaha.....yea.

so yea then jake nicho brian and i along with ajit and mike went off to shannon dudleys house for her lil campout shindig. yea girl. ashley bwookie jendt85 and others were there too. good times good times, we brought the couch out there and it was pretty darn nice next to the campfire, although a campfire in the summer can get kinda hot, hehe. shannon has a pimp lil setup though, a hammock over here, a tent with a bridge over there, and tiki torches all around. when i first got there it felt like i was on survivor or something. yea, pimp status. we hung out there for about a good hour and a half id say and then packed up our couch and left. but oh yes to you ladies, since i found out you are part of a small group of my loyal readers, you should comment! comment comment comment. jon likes comments. make jon happy. happy is good.

ok so now even though i did a lot of cool thing today, id have to say the ride back to springfield was the best part. i used to think that sitting in the back of an ole pickup truck in the country on a cool summer night looking up at the stars was one of the most peaceful and serene things that one can do, but oh i was wrong. if you take all those vital elements and add yourself a couch to the bed its just great, cuz know you are riding in total comfort. man its so pretty out in the country. all you big city folks reading this need to leave the city lights and see how many starts you can see. it amazes me everytime. it was like a 20 minute trip too out to shannons, so it was a nice and decently lengthed ride back home so i had time to ponder the wonders of the universe. yea the country is definitly just beautiful.

oh and how could i forget the 3rd consecutive Highlight of the Day!

so we bought all those fireworks in stl. when we were chilling otuside my house, ajit decided that it would be interesting to see what would happen if you put 5 or 6 sparklers together, just sparklers, nothing harmless right? well give it to our buddy ajit to turn it into something non-harmless. so he lights them all and after like a second they all go into one mad big spark and ajit screams, and then nearly drops them onto ALL the boxes of sparklers we had lying there, and then runs away. ok 2 things that make this classic ajit and a highlight: 1) he screamed and almost killed himself, and 2) almost took out the rest of out sparklers which would have created a gigantic sparkler that probably would have gotten to my sisters car.

ajit what are you going to end up doing tommorrow?

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Wednesday, July 03, 2002 by Jon


haha, poor ajit. ok so we were playing FIFA2002 again tonight, and brian said him and i could beat ajit as a bad team and if ajit was a really good team. so brian and i, along with jake, were one of the worst teams in the game, "chinese taipei", but hey im gonna call it Taiwan. and ajit was his Custom team, so basically the best players that ajit put together. it was tied 1-1 in the 67th minute, when ajit then passed it back to his defender who then passed it back to his goalie...and his goalie just watched it go in! OWN GOAL!!!! ahahahaha, we all erupted into jubilant laughter and then i took a picture of ajit, he flicked me off...ahahahhaa. oh man it was SO funny. then later in the game ajit tied it up but we scored a 87th minute goal to win. hahah oh man. i love you ajit.

we then played ajit as canada and clean sheeted him 2-0, and canada isnt good at all either. out canadian goalie which we dubbed patrick roy was really good. hehehe. and then ajit told us to be a good team, and well i guess it kind of worked cuz he scored 4 goals...but we scored 8! haha, and ajits goalie let another easy goal in, his goalie must have slipped, hehehehe. yea GREAT fifa times tonight.

in other news, talked to ruth ann for awhile, i hope i really will be able to hang out with the youthers a lot at taf, cuz i wanna hang out with her and many others. oh im so excited though, TAF is going to be great this year. yay for ruth ann and taf.

and then tomorrow brian sweaty jen lori steph and i are going to six flags. oh oh oh yea. itll be a good time. but oh so hot. so hot that i might have to take off all my clothes. yeeaa buddy.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002 by Jon

and the latest on the crazy mom in cali my aunt gave me some money at the outlet mall. i did the usual "no no i dont need it" routine but of course im not going to win when the older generation gives you the money so i took it and put it away and really didnt think much about it. but oh boy i was wrong. i didnt tell my mom that my aunt gave me money. in rough loud mean mandarin translation she said

Mom (screaming very loudly): you idiot, why didnt you tell me
Me: uh, was i supposed to...? i didnt know
Mom (pissed off): Dont be so smart at me, you dont understand anything
Me: uh...what...?
Mom: dont you understand that whenever they give you money you have to tell me so i can give back to them? you are so stupid
Me (thinking to myself): you gotta be kidding me...
Me: ok mom i'll tell you next time...i didnt know i was supposed to.
Mom: What?!? Did she tell you not to tell me???
Me: no...
Mom (still screaming): you cant take, you have to give, you are so selfish
Me - proceeding to walk away
Mom (still yelling): So stupid, son of a bitch etc etc etc

and now im in my room. i seriously did not exagerate that at all, i had NO IDEA why she was so mad at that one thing, but she was pissed, and i mean pissed. God. stupid california. everything my cousin and moms friends do are perfect and everything i do is because i "eat shit". thats right people, my mom tells me i must have ate shit while growing up because i turned out this way. and the way i am just kills her. know what else annoys me though? she says she talks to her friends about me and they all "shake their heads in dissapointment". now 2 things. when my dad talked to a friend during the divorce for advice, she told me that my dad was wrong for telling friends about family things. and look whats shes doing now. asopjk;asd/ and 2nd of all, id like to sit down and have a chat with those friends of hers who apparently say that. they dont know half the crap my mom does.

so to not be like my mom i will share with you what i think are the main reasons that my mom is so mad at me all the time.
1. i did not get in to U of I or a better school.
2. i dont listen to all of her demands to do this or that
3. i am the only person young or old who really talks back to her
4. i am online all the time

i think if i had sent me app in to u of i a week earlier i would have got in and well my mom wouldnt want to kill me. if i hadnt been online all the time that week since i remember it, i probably could have sent it in and gotten in and not have to deal with this. so yea she has a point with the whole online thing. she still curses about how she is ashamed that i didnt get in to u of i...she brings it up constantly. and it drives me INSANE.

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by Jon

hmm....a little annoyed right now. saw The Rookie tonight. it was good. ktmac cried. I like baseball. the others left us. but i guess its my fault. horsecrap. mom came home today. yelled a bit, calmed a bit, yelled some more. yea, definitly irritated right now. but on the good side, word is bernice says its ok for howa and i to do slideshow. thank the good Lord. hopefully i wont be irritated tommorrow.

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Monday, July 01, 2002 by Jon

ahaha...silly Beijing Newspaper

yea its a good read, especially the part about retractable roofs and luxury boxes.

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by Jon

Why is it so f-ing humid???

oy. today was busy and hot. i went to church with beth to western oaks and the usual Zoe gang was there, well actually ashley wasnt...but yes. after that i came home and i took 3 naps between 12 and 2. hehe, im so used to aim, i came home, went online for 5 minutes, slept for 30 min, woke up, answered ims for about 5 minutes, went back to sleep for an hour, woke up for another 5 min of responding, and then back to sleep for 30 min. yea buddy, naps are good. went to get a haircut and drop off pictures quickly before hockey.

and then hockey. hockey was f-ing hot. so you know how i like the play goalie...wearing all that gear today was f-ing insane. first of all there was a strong scent of b.o. left on it from whenever the last time we played, and then my sweat kept dripping on my face and it was really annoying. the game itself wasnt bad, i only gave up 2 goals, and since its half court hockey with both teams shooting on me, thats not too shabby at all.

got ma pics and then came how and showered. dinner with dad and then brian and tyty decided to play bball tonight. yea ok so bball was also hot. but yes! i blocked people for the first time ever tonight!!! haha THREE on Ajit!!! whooooo!!! and even one on moein. hehe thats a fluke. moeiner then packed me soon after to get his revenge.

came home and took yet another shower. i have 2 sweat-soaked outfits lying on my bathroom floor. SOAKED.

i started a tafchat tonight and those are always good, and then i went to nichos for a bit. hehe i made brians name and nichos name with the jenga blocks like i did last night for ajit and took pictures of them! i even got nichos dog Zoe in a picture!!! and then sweaty came, and well, sweaty is impossible to make with free standing jenga blocks, so i had to settle for his real name, aaron.

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