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Friday, October 29, 2004 by Jon

Halloween this weekend. Look forward to pictures of me in my costume. I'm going to be wearing a box.

And prepare yourself for an attack of the killer St. Louis kids. They're comin to get me!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 by Jon

Hurrah Huzzah, congratulations Boston.

As a true Cubs fan, I rooted for you.

1) We share similar history (and misery).
2) I won't cheer for the Cardinals (unless the Cubs need them to beat someone).
3) I know WAY too many Cardinals fans, and I don't want to hear them gloat.

I remember a long time ago I thought to myself that Boston would win this year, and the Cubs next year. Well 50% of that came true...let's see how it goes next year.

Cubbies in '05! (knock on wood)

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Sunday, October 24, 2004 by Jon

I went to Hardy's Reindeer Ranch yesterday with APAC and we got to play in a giant corn maze. It was muddy and a lot of fun, but what was even more fun was taking pictures with the country/farm atmosphere. As a central Illinois boy, it's something I love.

The whole group. APAC officers plus reps from 6 other AA orgs, like me and Jnet for TASC.

And Jnet seems embarassed to be with me...

Jnet, Me, and Tina sittin' on a rock, surrounded by trees, hay, and pumpkins. Classic.

The 10-acre maze we went through. "Cornfusion 2004". har har. And me, Tina, and a nice tall corn stalk thing.

Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies!!! And a doggie! The doggie kept coming to play with us, and he even ran in the maze with us and led the way for a little but. AWWWW!

I think we look alike.


Rockin' out with Tina on some rockin' chairs. har har. Ah yes. I now want a farm and to sit out on the porch in a rocking chair...

...and take in my farm and all the nature around it. I wanna live where the green grass grows and watch my corn pop up in rows.

Ah yes. Travel the world, make a movie about 228, and then own a farm ranch and watch sunsets from my front porch with my lady, whoever she may be. That is the dream.

I watched Serendipity last night too. It's all about fate and destiny and the signs we see. In the movie the guy is named Jonathan (a sign!) and the girl is named Sara Thomas (another sign!). I know a Sara Thomas. So I'm going to interpret it that my soulmate is some girl I already know. Puahaha. That's right, I'm going to marry you.

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Friday, October 22, 2004 by Jon

I'm using a left-handed mouse right now, and let me tell you. It's WEIRD. I can't function at maximum capacity! My left hand is cramping up!

Last night:

Tampax Runstoppers - 33
the other team (with an annoying qb...) - 0

YEE-EEAA! Another undefeated regular season. For the season, we outscored our opponents 129 - 13. And those 13 (lucky) points all came in our first game of the season. We were rusty, you know.

Playoffs in 2 weeks, looking to win it all this year after making it to the Final Four last year. But also, even if we lose, we've officially be invited to play in the state tournament. Hoo-AH!

Ocelot Onslaught men's flag football Monday.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004 by Jon

One thing that struck me as beautiful the other day:

I was sitting in the RSO Office with Jnet and I looked over and saw a girl of Islamic heritage with a traditional head scarf on. She was also wearing an adidas track jacket, emblazoned with the USA flag and a USA logo, making it look like something a US Olympian would wear.

Looking at the girl, I realized she is a living representation of what the word "America" means and stands for.

It was a touching moment. And Jnet said I was poetic to boot.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 by Jon

I think its REALLY weird that a few hours after I finish reading Angels & Demons, this news story breaks. That's like...dead on fiction turning into reality. If this was xanga, I'd insert the face with the big bulging eyes right now. is my new best friend. Simpsons/24/Futurama/more! Season One DVD's on sale for $15! $750 off Dell Laptops (expired)! Alex and John bought one each. Justin was going to, but unfortunately he woke up too late. Mike Weng was...but he too was late. Crazy Dell upping those expiration times. BUT the best of all, is free! is an online photoalbum maker, and they have free shipping right now and a $20 off coupon, so you can custom order a 20 page (up to 80 pictures) hardcover album! The coupon code when you by it is REFB777. I made an album for TAF tonight. Tomorrow, Taiwan!

- Must sleep at correct times
- Must eat well
- Must exercise
- Must keep learning guitar
- Must figure out Europe
- Must do homework (if I can't get a 4.0 with only a 9-hour credit hours, I should shoot myself)

That's a lot of musts ::Insert bug-eyed xanga smiley again>::.

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by Jon

I was going to post this up myself, but Margaret makes it all the much easier for me:

months ago, the bush administration announced the capture of saddam hussein at a very politically convenient time, giving them just them the boost in public opinion they needed. it looks like the bush administration has been holding on to osama bin laden for yet another politically convenient time when they need a boost -- right before the election.

i will be so so pissed off if a stunt like this will swing voters and win bush jr. the election. (original in spanish language newspaper) (translated into english)

in case you doubt the reputation of el mundo, please read the following:

what will china want for handing over osama bin laden? (maybe taiwan?)

True? Maybe. Interesting and plausable? I think so.

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Monday, October 18, 2004 by Jon

Angels & Demons is good.
My Two Friends (Young's band) - Oceans is really good. Gonna be big some day my friend.

Roger added.
Julie re-added.

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Saturday, October 16, 2004 by Jon

Grant out in SF. Timmy down in CU. Those Chicago working men be running amok.

Roger, Timmy, Alex, Me, Justin, Grace Ding, and Fu.

Y'all remember Grace Ding from 2001? She was one of the infamous curfew-breakers that were caught on video surveillance. Puaha. It was her first time hanging out with tafCrush. Shes a freshie too. And we're gonna take her mandarin wok-ing tomm.

Wengaroni coming in tomm too.

sending my taflove all the way out to the west coast.

p.s. "CU" stands for Champaign-Urbana.

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Friday, October 15, 2004 by Jon

Attention everyone:

I dropped my English class today kids. And that means this semester I only have...


9 credit hours.

Yes. College. I rule at this.

With all this free time, you'd think I would be able to do more homework. But no no, do not despair, Jon Lee still manages to dedicate his time to other things, and do his homework after midnight.


School. I suck at this game.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004 by Jon

Meh. I'd like to forget parts of this day, but I shouldn't.

Racism and ignorance. It's a kick in the gut and a slap in the face.

It's even worse when it comes from people you call friends. Good friends.

Yea, it's been nearly 12 hours since, and I'm still madly pissed. It was a joke maybe, but a terrible one. Honestly, I don't think I've been this hurt or pissed in a long time. Although sadly, its happened before 18 months ago, from another friend.

On the bright side, I helped me think of activities for TAF. Yes, I think about TAF. And what does TAF stand for?

Taiwanese American Foundation.

Notice the American, bitch. Yea, I said bitch. And you should have heard the f-bombs I was dropping earlier too. If you know me, you know I don't say those words often. That's a sure sign I'm mad.

To any of my friends or any people I know or don't know who might think otherwise, I might not be white, but I sure as hell am an American. I've been one since the day I was born, and I will continue to be one until the day I die.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004 by Jon

Welly Yang was awesome:

Most of the TASC officers with Welly (taken with my new camera!)

So yea, his session was really good, he can REALLY sing, and there was a good Q&A session. I talked to him about TAF for a bit, and he told me he was the one who brought Bernice to TAF. THANK GOD he did that. Haha. But yea, good for him, bringing an Asian/Taiwanese presence into broadway and television and representing and trying to make a difference with his production company. And for being talented.

Along the same lines, Young's band's song Oceans is really good. It's one of my best new listens in a long while. Us good at life. Haha.

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Saturday, October 09, 2004 by Jon

1) Adrienne is visiting!
2) I watched Friday Night Lights and I liked it. I read the book though, so I think that helped.
3) I am going to buy this tomorrow:

4) And I am going to this afterwards:

And by the way, he IS a TAFer (85-88ish). So I guess it's a TAF visit!

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Friday, October 08, 2004 by Jon


(7:25:20 PM): haha oh yes
(7:25:23 PM): in personal comm
(7:25:31 PM): we had to write about one person that has been influential in our lives
(7:25:33 PM): and i wrote about you
(7:25:34 PM): :-D

Thank you for making my day :)

Well I guess my day was made again because of flag football tonight.

Tampax Runstoppers: 29
The other team: 0

Puahaha. We rock it really hard. AND THEN, we got to play again for fun! One team didnt show up to play, so the other team they were supposed to play asked us if we wanted to.

And we did, and we beat them 34-3. Ah yes. Tampax Runstopper football.

Oh, and a quote just heard on Elimidate, "How does he not like me? I'm the best human ever!" Right...

I am sore. Goodnight!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 by Jon

Another night, another thousands of dollars for B-Roy.

You know I'm his coach kids, so if you want to learn, I only charge 35% of your winnings.

I like Nick Lachey. He puts up with A LOT. And he does a lot of his work on his own (moving in furniture, trying to plant a lawn) even though he has a ton of money. I respect that. Me on the other hand, I give Roger $5 to park my car a quarter-mile away because I have a few hundred from poker. The more money I get, the more money Roger gets. I guess it works out for both.

I was highly amused at Mr. Lachey for being sad watching his Cincinnati Bearcats get CRUSHED to the ILLINOIS FIGHTING ILLINI in last years March Madness.

Mid-term week here at school...not so bad when youre only taking 12 credit hours, but busy nonetheless.

Go get Something Corporate - Konstantine.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 by Jon

- I really REALLY love all of my JH campers. You all need to IM me and tell me what youre doing. It would make me immensely happy. like THIIIIIIISSSS happy. Yea, its good for my soul.

- Can anyone explain what Laguna Beach is? Is it like a high school Real World or a scripted show?

- Its getting cooold outside! I enjoy it now, but I wont in a few weeks.

- EuropeEuropeEurope!

- I saw an Apple desktop computer tonight, and I was like whoa. It had a really big monitor and I was actually mesmerized by the Pictures Screensaver. It would fade in and out and zoom in and out of pictures, which was a really classy effect. I initially wanted to buy an Apple just for that, but I came home and found a PC version of the screesaver here, and so all I need now is a big monitor. I dont need an Apple. Puaha.

- I've pretty much listened to this song for a whole year, usually before I go to sleep. It's crazy that I've actually listened to it roughly 365 times, because its nearly 10 minutes long, so that means I've spent 3,650 minutes listening to it, which translates into about 60 hours, or almost THREE FULL DAYS. Here are the lyrics:

I can't imagine all the people that you know
And the places that you go
When the lights are turned down low
And I don't understand all the things you've seen
But I'm slipping in between
You and your big dreams
It's always you
In my big dreams

And you tell me that it's over
Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clover
And your restless, and I'm naked
You've gotta get out
You can't stand to see me shaking
Could you let me go?
I didn't think so

And you don't wanna be here in the future
So you say the present's just a pleasent interruption to the past
And you don't wanna look much closer
Cuz your afraid to find out all this hope
You had sent into the sky by now had crashed
And it did
Because of me

And then you bring me home
Afraid to find out that you're alone
And I'm sleeping in your living room
We don't have much room to live

I had these dreams that I learned to play guitar
Maybe cross the country
Become a rock star
And there was hope in me that I could take you there
But dammit you're so young
Well I don't think i care
And if I hurt you
Then I'm sorry
Please don't think that this was easy

Then you bring me home
Cuz we both know what it's like to be alone
And I'm dreaming in your living room
We don't have much room to live

And Konstantine is walking down the stairs
Doesn't she look good
Standing in her underwear
And I was thinking
What I was thinking
We've been drinking and it doesn't get me anywhere

My Konstantine came walking down the stairs
And all that I could do is touch her long blonde hair
And I've been thinking
It hurts me thinking that these nights
When we were drinking no they never got us anywhere

This is because I can spell konfusion with a k
And I like it
It's to dying in another's arms and why I had to try it
It's to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my car
When the first star you see may not be a star
I'm not your star
Isn't that what you said
What you thought this song meant

And if this is what it takes
Just to lie in my mistakes
And live with what i did to you
And all the hell I put you through
I always catch the clock
It's 11:11
And now you want to talk
It's not hard to dream
You'll always be my Konstantine

Konstantine, they'll never hurt you like I do
No they'll never hurt you like I do
No, no, no no no no no no

This is to a girl who got into my head
With all the pretty things she did
You know
You keep me up in bed
This is to a girl who got into my head
With all the f*cked up things I did
You could keep me up in bed
My Konstantine
Spin round me like a dream
We played out on this movie screen
And I said
Did you know I missed you?
Did you know I missed you?
Did you know I missed you?
Did you know I missed you?
Did you know I missed you?
Did you know I missed you?
Did you know I missed you?
I miss you

And then you bring me home
And we'll go to sleep, but this time, not alone, no no
And you'll kiss me in your living room
I know
You'll miss me in your living room
Cuz these nights I think maybe that I'll miss you in my living room
We don't have much room
I said does anybody need that room?
Because we all need a little more room
To live

My Konstantine

I doubt anyone read all that, but I felt like posting the lyrics anyways since it's what, in my mind, a song should be. And its BEAUTIFUL. Something Corporate - Konstantine. This is the millionth time I've mentioned it, so if you haven't, you really should get it. It is quite the depressing song, although in my case, it can remind me of happier times. But it still mellows me out low. Maybe I should you know, stop listening, and let go of a little bit of it all, all that I think and feel. Maybe...sigh.

I don't like letting go.

Im going to sit and watch my screensaver now.

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Saturday, October 02, 2004 by Jon

I like the weekend nights, because that means we cook. And we cook good.

Grace, Tina, Roger, and Albert

With all of our food, Americana-style. Sloppy joes, mashed potatoes (from scratch!), mac n cheese with hot dogs, grilled cheese, cheese and sausage and crackers, and then some Taiwanese veggies and soup. Mmm Mmm Mmm.

Oh and french silk pie for dessert. I am too lucky.

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Friday, October 01, 2004 by Jon

I love intramural flag football.

Game 1: Co-Rec league
Tampax Runstoppers 37
Other Team 13

Our girls are GOOD yo. I mean really. We got two new ridiculously amazing soccer girls, one who is an All-American and she was the last player cut for the US Women's National Team. Like, whoa x 20. She made a leaping catch first of all, AND THEN juked out a girl and a guy and tightroped into the endzone along the sideline. The refs, and us guys, were speechless.

Maybe we will see Peggy's Rice Paddies at Nationals.

And yea, I was so giddy to play that I couldnt do any work starting at like 530, and i left for the fields at 7. the game was at 8.

Next up is mens flag football monday night. im so excited.

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by Jon

My vote is going to John Kerry.

You can ask me why if you want.

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