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Sunday, March 30, 2003 by Jon

hmm. maybe i like mr. bush now.

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Friday, March 28, 2003 by Jon

our sad sad country. stupid stupid stupid war. yea. read some articles at margarets blog. If youre american, go read the articles, take advantage of freedom of press. Bush needs to read them. One wish right now? I wish i could sit down and talk to bush, and i would ask him to tell me why this war is justified, when we have a lot of opposition from many countries, why he thinks saddam is a clear and present danger, why we arent focusing more on the forgotten war in afghanistan. You do all realize the United States is in two seperate wars right? Yea we are.

crap this all is. oh hey now the bush administration thinks this war will go "longer than expected". oh good job, way to be arrogant and think iraq will be a pushover. hmm, interesting, were afraid that saddam and his regime are strong and scary enough to carry weapons of mass destruction and rule with an iron fist, yet we think they are going to be a pushover in war. thats some high-quality common sense right there. but hey who am i to judge? seriously, im just a regular 19year old american citizen, not a high ranking goverment official. But hey, y'all hear about all the british officials resigning? good for them. get some nuts tony blair, tell gw to shutup, maybe he will listen. ok too harsh. but yea. please gw, come eat dinner with me or something so we can talk. i dare you to.

what i would like to do now though, is find some pro-war articles, so like i get both sides ya know? it is supremely important that we all keep open minds and dont get too enraged like anti-war protestors getting violent (ridiculously dupid), or me telling blair to get some nuts and tell bush to shutup, cuz yea, bush has to have SOME intelligence right? i hope. May cooler heads prevail. and open ones as well. if anyone knows, SEND ME SOME PRO-WAR ARTICLES. i need to read them.

senator byrd would be a cool grandpa. and yea, in all reality, im sad to be an American right now. im sad that our executive administration is making all of America look arrogant and cocky. Im sad that it seems like we are all gun-ho about war. im sad that we feel the need to "shock and awe"...i mean really, were shocking and aweing by dropping bombs into cities of people. sure they are government buildings etc, but you tell me there isnt an innocent janitor in there. wow, arent we SO COOL that we can SHOCK AND AWE people with BOMBS that KILL? man oh man, blowing up stuff is awesome! like blowing stuff up at columbine high school! OH WAIT NO THATS STUPID. "Now kids dont go blowing stuff up even though your country does" :) .

ok maybe thats a little out of line. dont go thinking im sad to be an American really, i mean i am right now, but i always love my country. I tell myself if there was ever a need to have a draft, i would go to war. i wouldnt run and flee away. i would die for my country and the people for which is stands. i say that, and i hope i would. but yea, i love America, but im ashamed. i feel the need to talk to people from around the world, tell them not all of us are arrogant and think this war is great. but hopefully, hopefully, they all know this already. Hopefully they have the open mind to know we arent all supporting the decisions and actions of our president and his administartion (sometimes i feel sorry for george w, he really does get all of the blame for this and it might not all be his). They probably already do though, so thats good.

wow, high quality venting.

and of course, i support our troops. I watched We Were Soldiers today for a paper. at the end it showed a marine coming hope, bandaged up in a wheelchair, no one waiting for him at the airport, no family no friends. A mom pulled her kids away when she saw him coming. they were disgusted by him. and that really was how vietnam vets were treated. That made me really really sad.

why is my favorite country so stupid sometimes?

oh and yea, go watch Bowling for Columbine. Michael moore, hes cool too.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003 by Jon

we need to find taiwanese-american kids for taf in:

- Wisconsin
- the pittsburgh area.
- anywhere in Indiana.

i mean foseriously, anyone think its weird that TAF is in Indiana, the 3 states bordering Indiana on the east west and north bring in the most tafers, yet we dont have ANY tafers from indiana itself???

in other news...i dont think i have anything else. hah. well week one of march madness was pretty darn good. although all my teams pretty much lost. sad.

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Sunday, March 23, 2003 by Jon

Go SHS Kids! First there is Ashlee and her cosmo thing, then I see Kathy Whitlow on cbs as a cheerleader for siu during their game against mizzou, and then nicho got an intership to NASA! woohoo. cool times. but sadly, with nicho off doing nasa things, where will the originals hang out this summer?!?!?!

must remember to:
check tuition balance
write letter
talk to hana about phone call

and im sure im forgetting something. thats why i need to make lists like this more often.

and tomorrow, gonna see tafers at the tpc!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003 by Jon

Two things we should all do:

1) Eat meat. Cattle belch out 12-15% of all the methane (a greenhouse gas) released into the atmosphere. Quickly, do eat a steak.

2) Vote for Ashlee on the Cosmo contest. Seriously, if you vote for her and she wins I will try my hardest for you to meet her if you come visit me in Springfield. The link to vote HERE. Now GO VOTE!!!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003 by Jon

vote ashlee voracheck!!! Why should you vote Ashlee?!?! Because she went to high school with me! VOTE VOTE VOTE! ASHLEE ASHLEE ASHLEE!!!

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by Jon


- War. poo. Anthony Fillipiak-Sanner and John Watson are over in Iraq. John and I always hung out in our 6th grade class, fun times as innocent kids. Now he's off in a war. ok sad.

- Happy thoughts now. its March Madness time!!! our living room is so good. THREE tvs. stadium seating. a big bracket on posterboard. this is going to be good. unless theres a war...then i'll just GET PISSED.

- JH is coming together! YAAAAAAAAY! :) :) :)

- Got 3 good pool cues out of the dumpster tonight. someone also threw out a pool table. this i do no understand. Pool table was too smelly and heavy to get out of dumpster though, plus there was damage.

- Good weather today, i wore shorts!

- 4 ITASA pics came in the mail today. three are already in frames (i bought 10 this weekend at the kmart closeout sale, 40% off!!). It looks like andrea is my girlfriend. so romantic that black and white is. haha.

- lillian is making me a starburst wrapper anklet. yay :)

- Ashlee in Cosmopolitian tomorrow! Woot Woot!

- New voicemail message. oh the excitement.

- busy-ness is consuming me.

- Youre Great.

- Holla.

- And most importantly, Peace.

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Friday, March 14, 2003 by Jon

yeas. fantasy baseball prospect draft tonight. it sucked, all the top cubs were taken right before me. i hate you all. haha. ok since many xx chromosomes read this, i wont bore you with more baseball details...

in other news, nothing much. haha yea. well the ashlee thing is news, BIG news, but already posted. elizabeth smart was found. sketchy....jake and ajit came over tonight, adrienne came with brownies, mmmmm....then lori and steph came over, adrienne left, and then off to steak n shake. ah yes. i spend too much money. i need to stop.

taf is already keeping me busy, but hey, its fun, and its only going to get better. woot woot!

uiuc tomm night. taf peeps, hometown peeps, itll be good times :).

conference call for taf at 11am. haha yea i better go to bed.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003 by Jon

haha WOW. Ashlee, you go girl.

So yeas, high school chum Ashlee might be in Cosmo. Thats right, COSMOPOLITIAN MAGAZINE. on the COVER. ahahaha. hhhhotness. Read the article here

and on the 18th, ill post where you can all vote for her to be on the cover, and you all better vote for her :)

and ps: shes on the peeps page. haha yeeesss. and all over in other picture pages too........

and last but definitly not least, thank you guys for all the congrats for PD! yaaaay, its gonna be fun, go TAF JH2003!!!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003 by Jon

yes yes yes, i, jonny lee, will be a Progam Director for TAF2003's Junior High program. woot woot! haha yeeess. this is gonna be fuuuun.

so yea, spring break is going on. its been meh. nothing too exciting, but good times nonetheless. way too much hw to do. way too much. yea it sucks. i dont know how i am going to get it all done. maybe i'll go back to school early, like saturday sometime. yea, just might.

sorry for lack of posts, internet here at home is slow, even slower on old comp. hopefully i can hook up my regular one tonight after i get a compatible keyboard....

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Saturday, March 08, 2003 by Jon

woot woot! road trip to mizzou was tizzight. julies room has an amazing view, it overlooks the football stadium, so she could like literally watch football games from her dorm room. how cool is that? so f-ing cool. we walked around the campus, and then ate at shakespeares for pizza with us 3, julie, her friend abby, and aaron bennet. good pizza. AND we randomly say anna massey and abby lynn! yaaaaaaaaaay!!! after our meal we went from shakespeares to shakys, for custard ice cream thingys. fudge chocolate with NUTS. mmmmm good.

rented blue crush, watched it at the sorority house, haha yea, sorority house is cool. i thought about leaving the toilet seat up in the bathroom, but that would be mean. movie wasnt bad, met julies other friend diane, etc etc, then left to go back to julies room. hung out, and then we watched Last Call with carson daly to see meee!! and i was on it!!! woot woot! hehe timmy forgot to watch it, i wonder if jeff did.....

slept, woke up, lounged, packed up, said by to julie, hugs hugs etc etc, tyler and i forgot stuff, etc etc, and the went to eat mexican style at Chipotle with sam and lindsey! hurrah! big burritos, made subway style right in front of you. it was good. then we all went to the mizzou bookstore cuz it was 25% off, and i bought another hoodie. haha yea...i love hoodies :)

and now we are back, and now i must do dishes before i go home. peace out kids.


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Thursday, March 06, 2003 by Jon

- Rogers Itasa Pictures

- I've met someone new. His name is Jack. I think i love him. He has a great 99 cent menu. Thank you Mr. In-The-Box

- Young Life was great tonight. yeeeaaa buddy.

- My itasa pictures are linked at the bottom of rogers. so yea, just go there, hehe

- Im busy like a mofo...and i LIKE it.

- Donnie Darko is a great movie. Y'all should watch it, its really different.

- Current top downloads: R Kelly - Ignition remix & Gary Jules - Mad World. and yes, r kelly is funked up.

- man i had so much more to blog about but now i cant remember...

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003 by Jon

ok ok ok, so now that Jonizzle is done with his itasa timeline and quick social commentary, here are the tidbits:

- Margaret rules. Do you know why Margaret rules? Because she took care of about 20 TAFers. She took CARE of us man.

- Dave rules. Why does Dave rule? Because i got to sleep on his floor.

- Kev Yau is a stud. Why is Kev Yau a stud? He helped Margaret take care of us Friday night. AND he picked Pauline up from the airport. STUD.

- Why do no GA TAFers come? C'mon "Dirty South", wheres your representation?

- I am sad that there was no ginourmous Britney Spears billboard in Times Square.

- Margaret really is super. And she used her powers for awesome. SuperMarge, you rock.

- Margaret's friend Spencer also rules. He left me a comment, HOW COOL IS THAT?

- My phone died on Pauline while I was waiting in Chicago. Pauline, a thousand apologies.

- My Columbia Univ tshirt is sweet, fits perfect and is soft. Ditto for the Barnard hoodie.

- Do you know who is great? Margaret. Interesting enough, the word "great" makes up most of "Margaret". Well hot dog (G), that sure makes sense.

- Margaret's suitemates also equal ULTRA cool girls. not just cool girls. but ULTRA cool girls.

- I got 11.5 hours of sleep last night. thats the same as i got on the whole trip in NYC. I'm not kidding.

- Margaret and I got some dang good pad thai for 6 bucks. Man that sounds good right about now...

- Apple Cidra however does not sound good right now, its not too great (or "margaret-y") after being shipped overseas. You can only have it in the motherland.

- Mar-grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

- If I had one wish for everyone, it just might be that everyone can experience the feeling, the essence, the energy, the love, that can come from being around TAFers.

- Too bad the Honginator and I aren't a couple, cuz the picture of her I took in front of the Columbia Univ. Library would be pretty darn sweet if so. It just oozes of romantic photgraphy. I am SO good at taking pictures now. haha. GO SLIDESHOW!

- Haha I just called Andrea the Honginator. I wonder if she has ever been called that before...

- UMich has TAF Brats. Could UIUC be the TAF CRUSH? No not like taf crushes, but like the Orange Crush. Yay or nay?

- ITASA EC 2004 @ Yale. Which means in CT! Which means staying in Gbury with MKAP! And also means a possible trip to Bristol, CT. Which means, ESPN SPORTSCENTER!!!!!!!!

- This might be the longest random post ever.

- Pictures? You know it.

- I miss you guys.

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Monday, March 03, 2003 by Jon

WOOT WOOT! so im back from ITASA2003@Columbia University in NYC. fosho kiddies, it was pimp. so lets see, my last entry was in the morning after about 5 hours of sleep. so yea that was friday. after i blogged got ready and went out, bought maself a Barnard hoodie and a Columbia tshirt. they is niiiice. im wearing both of them today. the columbia shirt is really soft. haha yes. feels so goooood on my skin. went back to marges and hung out, whilst other tafers left roger and i....::evil eye::.....but yes. met margarets friend smalrus, introduced him to bubble tea, and etc. john d came, as did mengson, and michelle...basically a lot of people that afternoon, and then we went to dinner. we all split up and went to various places with groups, i was with roger, john d, alex, tim, paul, andrea (who was the only girl A LOT of the time...) and some other guys. it was goood. mmmmmm...gyros........yes. after that was the opening ceremonies. more people came, i counted 26 tafers present that i knew of, at least 30 regualr tafers were there...and then after adding in those 1-year 2-year tafers back in the day, that made a good 40 TAFers. awesome! so after ceremonies, went back to marges. man it was tough though, coordinating something for like 20 of us was sucky and frustrating. we ended up hanging out at columbia and such, and it was fine enough. it doesnt matter where you are, but its who youre with that really matters right? right. and so hanging out with everyone is GOOD. and we did it. yaaay. stayed up long into the night playing cards and talking at alex's dorm/suite with andrea, jeff, z, mengson, and his friend from duke. it was good times man. taf is so good. tafers at itasa is so good when all is good. same energy at taf can be felt. see! it only matters who you are with! no one needs to go to some crazy parties.

saturday. workshops. learned stretches in the wushu workshop from alex, these will help in goaltending. other workshops, asian americans in film was cool, and uh yea. bernice was there! haha yeeeess, she did a workshop. yea, that reminds me, tafers are way too clique-y at itasa. haha. WAY TOO CLIQUEY. yea its bad. but so good at the same time. haha yea...i mean taf love rules. lunch was served, and all tafers pretty much sat together. AND THEY SERVED APPLE CIDRA!!! haha poor howa, no apple cidra. but actually it wasnt as good, i guess it loses some flava while being shipped over here from taiwan...hehe. went to the banquet after everything, good food, oh and they had the taiwanese rapper with his Taiwan Song as a guest. hahaha, oh man. jeff roger alex and i think z went up right away to watch in front of the stage, you know be cool and crazy, and it was just them. oh wait karen too. but yea, then i went up, and we were still the only ones standin and cheering. haha it was so much fun, we coulnt hear the guy well or understand him, but we were going CRAZY just for the fun of being crazy and over-excited. then other people came up along with a bunch more tafers, cheering in front of the stage, we got handshakes from the performes, it was F-ING AWESOME...ahhahahahahaa. and TAFERS LED THE WAY! hahaha. oh man, there was this girl rapper too and all of us guys tried really really hard for her to come and touch our hands, haha. so funny man. soooo funny. pure 100% taf fun right there. oh oh oh yea. yea words really cant express what im trying to convey, but yea...hah.

after banquet we helped clean, got autographs from the rappers, and pictures with the girl, haha. i went to daves to pack up, headed over to marges, then we all went to the club. man the club was weird. haha. NYC clubs not like stl clubs. too many f-ing strobe lights. and yea. it was really weird. i little part of me died then, but it shouldnt have. sadness. thats all i will say. sat down with linn, yea didnt do much at the club. but linn is cool. yaaay for linn. yes. we left at 4am, then went through times square. yaaaay! man its really bright there, its really cool to see and walk through, i wish i could have spent more time there. headed back uptown, and went to the seinfeld restaurant. got food there. hehe the inside looks nothing like it does in the show. food was ok. meh. yea...went back to marges and we all hung out in the lobby before we had to leave. hugs hugs, goodbyes goodbyes. tear.

so itasa2003 is over. it was great. i love taf and everything about it. like us taf guys, were so non-like, homophobic around each other. we can put our heads and sleep on a shoulder and not feel odd. i cant do that here at home, with other friends. our walls are totally broken down at taf, wait no no, not at taf, but with tafers. its amazing. simply amazing is all i can say. i want to try to everyday, be the person i am while im around tafers. i want to be like that year round, 24/7, no matter who i am with or where i am. hmm, you know if i accomplish that, it kinda sounds like a accomplish the taf mission statement and vision. impact mankind in unique and compassionate ways. thats all i gotta do. it sounds so easy, but can i do it? gotta love. thats all you gotta do. love love love. unconditionaly. can i do it? i hope. i hope it will be accepted, i hope walls will be broken down here with friends, i hope no one cares if we look stupid or look cool, i hope i dont care if i look stupid or cool. i love you guys. hahahahahahaha. that was so corny. haha. but yea for real, love. i sound redundant. i should go out and try to do what i want to do. all of you tafers reading this, try it to. some of you i think are already doing it. be who you are around tafers all the time.


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