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Monday, December 29, 2003 by Jon

When its 130am and youre with TAFers, amazing things can happen. and this is amazing:

Hey TAFers of all ages! Come play this brand new game, that will prove to be the most exciting, coolest, awesomest, and most funnest game in the world!

Introducing: TAF WHO!!!

Yes thats right! the classic game "Guess Who"has now been converted, TAF style! Guess which TAF Staffer your oppenent has, but be careful because there are 24 to choose from!!!

Is it JH PD Christine Shay? Junior Counselor Albert Wu? Or Youth Coordinator Young Lee?

Pick your questions carefully!

Conrad screams "PICK MEEE!" while Andrea shines with a smile!

Game inventor Cat Yeh wants YOU to try this out! You won't be dissapointed!

So order yours today!

Recommended Years at TAF for Play: 1 and Up.

A product of TAFtoys Inc.
President & Creator - Cat Yeh
Game Tester - Kelly Huang
Technological Design - Anna Wu
Text Artist - Susana Lou
Tech Support - Alex Yang
Research & Development - Zeyen Wu
Research & Development - Jeff Cheng
Photographer - Jon Lee

disclaimer: you cant actually buy this...but go! make your own version! I wanna see an all-JH camper version!

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Saturday, December 27, 2003 by Jon

hi my name is jon and i am an insomniac.

its 6:50am. ive slept for 3 hours in the past 35 hours. and i cant manage to fall asleep. what time did i fall asleep yesterday? oh about 930am. yes...

in about 4 hours....300 mile drive to michigan

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Thursday, December 25, 2003 by Jon

I just came back from dinner with my dad. at the chinese buffet place. Yes yes, chinese food, crab legs, sushi, and texas toast for Christmas dinner this year. my dad cooked last night so he didnt feel like it tonight. and well my mom, shes angry at me. go figure.

i woke up at about 330pm today. on the bright side i actually got too see the sun for an hour as opposed to yesterday, when i slept for 12.5 hours and woke up at 530pm. yea that was pretty crazy.

off to chicago tomorrow. alice and alvin are gonna get to springfield around 3, and we'll get into suburbia around 7. TAF New Years in michigan the next day, gonna see a lot of people. excitement will be in the air. back to chicago on monday the 29th, watch UIUC vs UIC mens bball the 30th with Tyler and others from school, and then a real taf new years in chicago on the 31st? or maybe ill just go to sleep like last year. yea...i'd like to sleep. I think maybe i'm the scrooge of new years? could be. Down to stl on Jan 1st, and then busting out over to KC for the 2nd and 3rd (julie will be in kc too, but i think were going to miss each other by like...8 hours, boo). back to stl and then home on the 4th.

so now you all know where ill be for the next week.

Justin - have fun in europe.

new taf family connection: timmy huang and sophia lai are cousins.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003 by Jon

w00t! "I-L-L...I-N-I" over "M-I-Z...Z-O-U" 71-70 tonight. go uiuc! i went to damons sports bar and grill to watch the game. the crowd was mostly pro-uiuc except for a few, like julie and lindsey, who go to mizzou. lindeys high-pitched cheers drew looks and stares...hahaha.

chants of i-l-l i-n-i were rampant throughout the game amongst the customers. it was cool. it was even cooler though to see a lot of old faces, good faces, happy faces. yay for old good happy faces : )

l-r: Matt, Brian, Me (in ma Illinois hat), Sarah, Julie, and Janelle

there were more there too, mostly all from my old youth group. twas fun times. and then illinois won of course, so brian janelle and i get to brag over julie and lindsey.

talked a bit with everyone else after the game ended, there were about 10 others there that i knew, and then went to lindseys house with matt and brian.

lindsey, sam (with new shaggy hair), rafiq, and kim. yea go springfield high alumni. we rock the house.

in a related bit of info, my old Springfield High baseball cap has been washed! its no longer stained yellow with greasy goo. im going to wear it whenever im out on the town...aka go to steak n shake. i fonna represent yo.

merry christmas eve to all!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003 by Jon

booo. ticket tonight for expired license plate, which i was getting renewed tomorrow. it would have been done today but the place i was going to get it at closed at 4pm, and i was there at 430.


the cop thought me brian jake and ajit were really sketch. extra police officer showed up and watched us from the other side of the car.


oh and the cop who gave me a ticket, his police id number was....: 666.


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Saturday, December 20, 2003 by Jon

aww, im listening to Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry right now. haha old school man. and real old school stuff makes me the happy-sad feeling.

anyways, this is freaky. real ghosts caught on camera? jeepers creepers!

i was ultra-errand productive today. did lotsa things i needed to do.

on the flip side, i got some grades back today and they s-u-c-k-ed. big time. lets see how my gpa is after all this...

bah. stupid uiuc and our challenging classes making us a better school.

i bet id be getting easy A's at umich. (OH SUBTLE DISSSSSSS!!!)

tomorrow: home.

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Friday, December 19, 2003 by Jon


done i am with school for a solid month. and let me tell you, thats a beautiful thought. this should have been a really hard day with Psych and Accy, but im pretty confident in my performances on both tests. And i guess in accy i get 30 extra credit points for doing all of my homework, so....yea! and then im pretty sure i did well on the exam, so jons chances for getting possible an A- might happen! i think its unlikely, but just the fact that i might be close...well thats just neat.

went to see return of the king after accy. it was good. it was also long. my eyeballs physically hurt after leaving the theatre, and it was an experience i had not yet experienced. but yea good movie. and rohan girl...yea shes a crush.

oh but did anyone else get the feeling that the hobbits were going to kiss multiple times in the movie??? i sure did. it was like watching bryan and ming a much more deep, gazing, affectionate, "i want to love you" way.


har har. here is Eowyn, the "Shieldmaiden of Rohan" (hah):

oh yes and before i forget everything from this week because i dont want to since it was finals... amy and ted visited thursday!! heres a panoramic, taken in front of the Union with roger.

(isnt it pretty jessica, linda, karen, and all you other hs seniors who should come to uiuc!!!!?!?!?)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003 by Jon

wheee! finals are fun! yea ok not so much.

poor tyler. hes trying to pull an all nighter...but its almost 6am and he had to take a 30 minute nap. hehe, he usually goes to bed at a decent college hour, like 2am, so this kinda schedule just dont work for him.

i on the other hand am built for this staying up into the wee hours of the morning doing things.

Yet another reason how TAF has made a profoud impact on my life : )

my computer and cell phone have been acting whack of late. so if i dont return IM's or if my cell phone is off for some odd reason, its not because i dont like you.

and inspired by Ahnna's dukie pics, here is a picture of our resident medieval (wow i...cant remember how to spell that...) belltower, Altgeld. and like most medival towers, it is a place of torture. thats where they teach lots of calc!, later today, amy liao will be here! wheeeeee

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Monday, December 15, 2003 by Jon

AH HA! ive found another way to put pics on the blog up. wheeeeee!

an nyc vertical panoramic:

the Time Life Building, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockerfeller Center towering in the background, with margaret, jeff, nd, and ming walking.

more pics will come. : )

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Sunday, December 14, 2003 by Jon

i wish people in this world would be better communicators.

but a lot of people arent.


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by Jon

yeas. this IS indeed whack.

and to know why...itll help to visit here.

sign the petition.

Z you shoulda told me there was more to it than just clip art...hehe.


ok. Jon needs help. ive got a lot of questions about things. i wonder. ive written something three or four times in this entry and deleted it every time because i dont know how to say them. they were long too. but here are my main points/thoughts/ideas/crazyness.

1 - I am not american, because i am not white.
2 - I am not Asian-american because on principle, i dont think i should have to add the word "Asian" to "American".
3 - I am not Asian-American because i am not Korean, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Russian, Afghanistanian, etc.
4 - I am not Taiwanese-American. I think a better way to say it is "an American who likes Taiwan and is interested in some certain aspects of things related to the island and its people".
5 - Asians have black hair and brown eyes. That isnt true and i am stereotyping.
6 - I bet there have been a couple Caucasians born and raised in Taiwan. That nots really a point, just a nice thought.
7 - I stereotype all the time. I stereotype everyone. And then i sign petitions against stereotyping.


discuss this, shall we?


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Saturday, December 13, 2003 by Jon

haha. sophia made my night because of this picture

go to marges for a link to her editorial.

go sophia and go taiwan.

oh and i cant comment on xangas anymore...causes my internet explorer to get an error and close.

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Friday, December 05, 2003 by Jon

hmm yes and staying up till after 5:41am reading xangas leads to...

...waking up at 4pm, therefore missing all of your classes today. awesome...

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by Jon

man some of you xanga kids are whack. and you know why? because some of your crazy pages make my internet explorer shut down. boo on you kevan, julie, deborah, karen and i'm sure many more as i continue to read the taf blogring at 5:41am.

Things of note seen on the TAF blogring:
- Turducken from Esther. I havent talked to her in three years, but i now know all about her life just by her xanga. That is a cool thing.
- One awesomely cheesy line at Julies that im going to HAVE to use sometime. har har har i cant wait. hahaha.
- it says Ming last update at 4:16am. But nothing has changed since i last saw it a few hours ago, and i highly doubt Mingmeister is awake at 4:16am updating his xanga...
- Little JH girls xangas crack me up. The way some of them makes me giggle like the little school girl that i am.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003 by Jon

go me.

its 4am and im up finishing a paper. of course i would be asleep right now if i hadnt gotten up at 2pm this afternoon and if i had not watched three movies today, but wheres the fun in that?

i watched Tears of the Sun by myself. Then roger came over and we watched X2, and tyler came back home in the middle of it and so all three of us watched it. And then Tyler and i watched Notting Hill. haha yeess...

Notting Hill is good yo. and it gives me hope that i to can meet some famous celebrity and she will fall in love with me! hurry up britney.

So the plan for this weekend is:
- Sleep (A TON)
- Clean
- Watch more movies

its gonna rock the house. who wants to join?!?!?!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003 by Jon

yea 7:41am and i still havent slept! did a paper. didnt really need to stay up all night i guess. or maybe i did and i just cant remember why i did it since im tired. har har.

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