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Monday, July 22, 2002 by Jon

Here's a spoon humidity so you can eat my...

geez. its SOO hot. and SOO humid. the friggin heat index is 115 degress. 115!!! thats so hot. oy. well last night was a fifa night in ajits air conditioned house. hehe we created a team called The Originals, but somehow spelled differently. i dont know ask ajit. anyways brian ajit jake and i all played together on the team and we coexisted and won. go us. played that for awhile then brian and i and jake went to adriennes to hang out. it was a good time talking, brian left around 1130, steve left at like 1, jake at 2ish, and then me at 230ish. it was a fun time looking back on the years, reminiscing with adrienne, having a good time. ahh yes. but yea, i had to be at work at 730. so i came home and slept instead of blogged. i am sorry.

work was hot today as expected. and like 5 teachers are out of town and dan heckman is like the worst employee of all time, so we only had 3 teachers, so i went out there and helped, and like i said, it was hot. haha oh but i love claire, shes SO funny. i think she seriously is taking over ktmac as the girl who amuses me the most. oh shes so funny. ahahhahaha. i lightly tossed a football to her today and she didnt want to catch it so she whacked at it really hard and it hit the desk and all this stuff went everywhere and gatorade spilled and she just starts cracking up. it was highly amusing. i was like "oh my GOD what are you doing?!?!?!" hahah. everyone needs to get to know this girl. there life will be happier.

and now i must showa so i may nap in cleanliness. excellent.

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