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Sunday, September 29, 2002 by Jon


Woohoo, go team thunder for our victory today in coed flag football, winning convincingly 32-6. Yours truly had a decent fantasy day, totaling 9 points with 80 passing yards, 1 passing td, and 1 reception for a 2 point conversion. 9 fantasy points for myself isnt too bad, i could have gotten more if i was going by a private league scoring system as well. but yea we won. yay for us. oh yea, if we make it to the championship we get to meet Rams players and cheerleaders, and if we win the school championship, we get an all expense paid trip to u of i for the state tournament! haha yea. thatd be cool.

eh he he. Beth and hannah went home this weekend, and since we have this wonderful war going on, we got into their rooms and messed with it all. the highlights include hanging beths teddy bears from the ceiling, taking a Hungry Jack pancake mix box and replacing "Jack" with "Beth" to make it Hungry Beth (since beth is way too self-concious about her weight even though shes tiny) and then, with credit to howard at TAF99, placing 400 dixie cups filled with water covering their floor. wahahahahaha. yea we are cool dudes.

and now its a lazy sunday night and ive actually done my homework and been productive today. AND i was productive yesterday when we cleaned the whole friggin apt. yea that sucked. we already have many dishes back in the sink. pooo.

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Saturday, September 28, 2002 by Jon

Have No Fear, Jonny Lee Is Still Here!

hehe...i better blog to get my sagging ratings back up. so yea ok, The War started wednesday night. matt tyler and i went over to abby and oshleys apt to hang out, and when we came back the furniture in our living room had been moved back into the hall and the bathroom, such as the couches, fouton, coffee table, etc. so basically our living room was empty except for our entertainment center. other various things such as light bulbs and toothpaste were hidden, and my britney spears posters were turned upside down. (grr.) the culprits? beth hannah and susan. so yea the girls come over later like la la la playing dumb and they keep calling and knocking on our doors but we didnt answer them, until one time when they knocked and we opened the door and splashed water all over hannah. good move. then we opened it again and they stormed us since we could get much footing. well beth squeezed in while i was occupied with hannah and susan, but we kept those 2 out. beth however made a mistake coming in. big mistake. we basically had her pinned on the ground for 30 minutes with me on top of her for a majority of the time. beth doesnt like it when im on top of her. wahahaha, shouldnt have forced your way into the apartment then should you have?!?!?!? this is all on film to on matts camcorder. quite amusing.

so yea that ended with other random hilarity ensuing. and then we got our revenge later that night. wahahaha. they awoke to there door being tied to another, couches and chairs blocking the exit, and many hidden things from their apartment. hehe silverwair all over the place! and i took beths britney dvds and my starry starry night painting back. but yea we did a good job. good for us. its tough though since we love beth and hannahs other 2 roommates, jessica and marci (marcindaaaa is her real name). and we do not want to harm them in any way. haha marci is from washington, missouri...middle of the heartland. and she has one crazy boston (bahston) accent. dont know how she got it, but yea. its even more affluent whilst she is...partying we shall say. hehe yes.

so yea that was eventful, very eventful. last night we hung out over at their apt again, tyler and i tried to breakdance, and i learned how to crip walk. aww yea. drama outside between drunk straight guys and drunk gay guys. and well the drunk staight guy was stupid, really stupid, very funny, but stupid. and one drunk gay guy was kinda dumb too....but yea. unneeded drama. yea drunk straight guy was definitly stupid.

aaaannnnnd today i spent money on clothing for the first time in foeva. bought 2 hoodies and 2 pants. 1 of both kind from AF and Old Navy. yea. money money money moneeeyy. ive been throwing around the pigskin a lot though, preparing for our flag football game this sunday. yea hopefully we will all play very well and win one. that will be a fun time nonetheless.

and oh yea!!! hahaha. for english im writing a paper contrasting BRITNEY SPEARS vs. christina aguilera. haha yea. ill have to go to many websites to "bone up" on the 2. ahahaha ok ok dirty dirty...must remember emily and karen, my 2 little people, read this. (haha i just called you little people!)

in cleaner news, roger might come visit next weekend! and julie will be home as well. so its like mad taf party. man thats fonna be sweeeeeeeet. and dang it. i havent gotten my taf vcd yet. all because of my connections to kevan. pooo. well itll be worth the wait im sure :) . hurrah. i know theres something im missing, but hey, that just means more blogging for you!!!

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by Jon

hmmm...comments fixed?

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Thursday, September 26, 2002 by Jon


oh yea girls. its on.

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Monday, September 23, 2002 by Jon

oh yea, fun with ILT Karen. I finally remembered to not close out convos and to blog them. daha for ilt karen, i cant wait to see her panicked comments:

lilKareBear13: why am i ilt karen on ur links? how come i don't have a creative name ??
lilKareBear13: haha
Thendxcrd: because i have 3 karens
Thendxcrd: ct karen
Thendxcrd: cali karen
Thendxcrd: and ilt karen
Thendxcrd: if it was ohio karen no one would know who you were
Thendxcrd: and itd be weirder if it was OH karen
lilKareBear13: hahahahaha

lilKareBear13: in allen's profile
lilKareBear13: the first hot or not i thought it was a guy !
Thendxcrd: er?
Thendxcrd: which sn is his
Thendxcrd: i had to delete it
lilKareBear13: gotkuo
lilKareBear13: haha
lilKareBear13: bad counselor !
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: i wasnt even his counselor....
lilKareBear13: oh
lilKareBear13: oh yeah he was in tic poo
lilKareBear13: hehe nvm ..
Thendxcrd: yea...
Thendxcrd: dupid ilt

(this one is my personal favorite. haha im so clever...)
lilKareBear13: lalala

Auto response from Thendxcrd: wahahah! i didnt say bye to you karen!!!

lilKareBear13: ahhhhhhhh

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Sunday, September 22, 2002 by Jon

yeeeeessss. ok so saturday i woke up at 11 and took my mom to the airport and then i went on my way of running errands foeva. took the car to finally get an oil change, haha i was scheduled to get my last one in december of last year. yea i think i was a lil overdue. walked over to target to see if i could use my 40 dollars in target gift cards i got in the mail on some picture frames but they didnt have anything too pimp for any of my selected pictures. so yeas. me buy nothing. went back to walmart and bought many canned goods and macaroni and cheese for school and the mighty ducks on dvd for 10 dollars! yaaay! i loved that movie when i was little. heres a possibly pointless sidetrack story but yea: so the movie came out whenever it did back in the day and my sister and i rented it but i couldnt watch it because i had an early soccer game the next morning :( . so i had to go to sleep early while my sister watched the movie downstairs. but i couldnt sleep because i could hear my sister watching the movie and laughing and i could hear the cheering in the film so i remember i kept getting up and going to the stairs to sneak a few peaks of the movie. haha yea....but i of course had to go to sleep. so i woke up the next morning for my game....but it was rained out! so i could have stayed up and watched the movie the night before if only i had known! graaaaahhh. but i watched it that morning anyways since i had no soccer game. yeas.

ok so yea...after walmart i went home and packed some stuff up and then left to isu land! got there around 4 or 5 to adrienne and susies to plaaaaay. adrienne dyed her hair brown and she did not like it right away, but oh let me tell you, she looks good. mmm mmm good. haha yea. susie put in highlights for her too and i watched them, it was interesting since i have never seen girls put highlights in for each other with the weird hat and the pulling of the hair out. yeas, i took pictures. hehe.

then the girl got all dolled up for jakes party, and yea im glad im a guy. they had to do their hair all and whatnot, ah yes. adrienne and susie do it well though i must say. hehe adrienne looked like a skinny kelly clarkson from american idol after she got ready. so we got ready to go to the party at jakes but sadly susie didnt feel well so she couldnt go. we met up with julie, their friends at isu who is like an asian version of them...its weird, heh. jakes party was fun, we danced danced danced while everyone else drank. yea...except for jake of course, he hooked it up with the cherry coke, hehe.

stayed there till bout 1130 then adrienne and i went back to her apt to hang out. susie went to sleep after feeling a bit better and adrienne and i chatted for like 4 hours while lying there. hehe. yea dude, adriennes bed is like...a magnet for comfort. its like the softest thing ive ever been on, its amazing. yea nice pillows. woke up a few hours later and susie and i hit up a church with many old people. hehe yea...many many old people. and then i had to come back and leave at 12 :( . oh sadness. hehe it was a mad rush too actually, i was flying down i55 trying to make it back to school by 3 for flag football practice. i got back in spfld at about 130 after going like 85 in the highway. i packed my car with all the crap i had to bring back it let me tell you it was pizzacked. left spfld around 2 and got here at 315, so yea i wasnt too late and i made it.

on the drive down i was listening to my taf cd and temperance was on it with forever young so i though of my forever young partner andrea and called her. and we talked. and then my phone disconnected and i called back thrice and got her voicemail.....hmmm....interesting.....

and now im here. and quite tired. and have a speech to do that i havent started. but i brought a tv down and we have an amazing idea for it. oh its fonna be good. ill show you pictures once we are done!

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Saturday, September 21, 2002 by Jon

ok so yea, today was movie day. i watched that movie on BET and then after that i watched The Abyss on AMC, and earlier today i watched Mississippi Burning on AMC as well. 3 movies in one day. well good for me. but yea, all 3 movies like, were high quality pieces of work. the end of abyss had a good little self reflection piece on how humans treat each other badly and continue to do so. MS burning was based upon a true story back in the 60s with racism and whatnot and "the movie on BET" had like issues about judging people too quickly etc. yea i didnt explain it very well but all 3 movies all tied in together with a message of trying to understand the other side whether it be race, age, or in the abyss's case a whole nother foreign species of nice and intelligent jellyfish. but yea. gotta understand people. gotta try to understand the other side before you do something. we know its tough, but you gotta. hey jh quote!

"Seek to understand, not to be understood"

i need to go back to watching more tv in my life. i was smarter when i watched more tv. go figure.

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Friday, September 20, 2002 by Jon

yeas. i just got done watching a movie on BET. it was good. usher and forrest whitaker were in it and usher and osme other students took over the school. yea i cant remember the name of the movie since i just stumbled upon it right after it started, but yea. good movie. i am sad now. and want to do something with the world. yes. yes i do. its 9pm on a friday night. i dont think ive done anything worthwhile. yea i think ill go.

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by Jon

alright. tonight at a praise and worship service beth noticed that i had a gray hair on my head. so now i got gray hair, orange hair, and my main black hair. intersting....

the taf pics page should work smoothly from now on, i changed all the "thumbnails" into real thumbnails that are smaller sizes. so yes. go see them here.

and i go home tomm. itll be nice to be home i think. plus i have to bring a bajillion things back with me. and im really looking forward to a home cooked meal. hehe yea....foooood. actually i ate way too much today since we went grocery shopping yesterday, but its all sandwhiches and cereal. i need something else. yea. go food.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002 by Jon

yea ok. so i had a taf dream last night. normally when i wake up from them im all happy. but this time i was sad. nothing bad happened in the dream, but just sad i was. yea i miss it. man i might miss it too much. hah. all i do is taf taf taf. maybe i need to step away a little bit...gotta concentrate on some other things like HOMEWORK. even though im pretty sure im staying easily afloat right now....but that could all change. ive got homework every night this week, papers and such, so yea gotta get crackin.

and the other big news of the mom bought the ice cream store in the mall back home. shes gonna sell ice cream and smoothies, and another plan for her is to introduce bubble tea to springfield. thats right, bubble tea. hmm. i dont know how well that is going to work in a pre-dominantly caucasian town...but hey, bubble tea is some pretty good stuff.

ive been going to sleep at decent hours lately, such as around 1. thats a whole lot better than 2 let me tell you, so yea, its time to sleep. zzzzzz........

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 by Jon

finally. my TAF picture site is up. here ya go:

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Sunday, September 15, 2002 by Jon

Jon's Day Of Taf

yaaaay. ok so i got up around 820 for my day of taf and left at 9 to drive to the taiwanese church all the way in ballwin, MO. the directions said itd take like an hour, but with jons good driving skills it took him only 40 minutes. go me. so i got there a bit early then, and when i walked in it was just like older people, so yes...hehe, but jeremy arrived first and then all the rest did as well, so yaay. youth group was interesting. yes. haha. it was like taaaaf. well like jh. hehe. i did however come to the realization that ryans older sister karen is the same karen that was in my small group in 2000. go nair! it makes sense. she was very little. and ryan is too. hehe.

the service was good, haha tz chen is funny. ahahaha. he was the singer for the praise music and he started off with a christian song reggae style. ahahaha. yea hes a cool dude. hahahah yea....after the service a bunch of us headed off to "bread co." aka Panera for all of us non stl people. i got yelled at for not calling it "Bread Co.". yeas, it was me ryan eric emily angie steve wang and 2 other being julies younger brother whos name i cant remember....hehe. yes. sorry julie. Since alice and alvin had to go to chinese school (there dad is the principal, daha, they have to go forever) we bought them some asiago bagels. mmm...asiago...

and we went back to the church to drop people off. in all of our taf coolness we busted out our cell phones and we called oogs, mike wu, kevan, karen, and jason. yes. hehe. taf cell phone reunion. yay. after dropping ppl off it was me eric and emily, and then we departed to search for the chinese school and give alice and alvin their food. hehe when we got there we didnt know where to go so we followed some asian people around the campus and well, they led us right too it. haha yea we are smart. we just totally interupted alices class, but the teacher didnt seem to care and my camper jeff was in the class too. yay b5! and the other stl angie was in there as well. yea i think that i think that aleen, who im not really sure who that is, was the "other" stl angie and not this real angie. yea its confusing isnt it? so whatever. all these stl taf people. its like a baby boom (which my theory states should give most of its credit to Nelly).

sooo yea we did that then we went to alvins class and we knocked on the door and the teacher answered and we were like hi we are here to deliver alvin some food...and i guess we were sketchy looking or something cuz the teacher kept asking us questions like "who are you? how do you know alvin? why are bringing him this? what is it? what is in it? who said you could bring him food??" and we are all like uhhhh....ok....hehe and alvin didnt really know what was going on so that didnt help us look very good either. haha. ooooh yea! the "Bell" they use to tell classes is break time is a megaphone that plays like a little song like mary had a little lamb!!! ahahaha its sooo GHETTO.

so they had break time and we hung out, emily alice jeff and myself took a b5 reunion pic and alvin was in it substituting for ryan since he left, and yea then we joined aliced class for 10 minutes. hehe chinese school is weird. mmmmmmmhmm. so we left and ....haha crap. emily just sent me a picture of aleen...and its not who i thought it was. so who is the girl that i thought was angie but not and then thought was aleen but not???? right...anyways, yea we left and i took emily and eric home, and then off to the stl airport to see ruth ann.

yeas, ruth ann almost missed her plane on thursday and that caused some airport drama...hehe, so yea she couldnt come out of the concourse for very long :( . only like 10 minutes, but hey 10 minutes is great considering. her wedding was good etc etc and we just stood there and talked until she had to leave again. and then i came home and slept. whew. taf day wore me out.

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Saturday, September 14, 2002 by Jon


ah yeas. time for another exciting recap of jons past days! hmm, um yea ok, got to see ruth ann at the stl airport yesterday! wahoo. that was fun. and i get to do it again sundaaaaay, yaaaaay. and see jhers on sunday too. yaaaay. anyways yea back to yesterday, what else did i dizzoo. oh i got my pictures developed finally from summer stuff and taf! i didnt have too many real taf pics this year since i have 2,000 on a digital camera, heh. but yea, i still like real pics better. i totally forgot about some of the ones that were on the roll though from earlier in the summer before taf, it was happy times :)

today i almost missed class, but for some reason the door was left unlocked to my apt and beth was able to walk in and wake me up. hmm...interesting...hehe. class was the usual, and came back and napped. tyler and matt had this girl meet with them here from FCA, she was really cool and we talked for awhile, she was here for like 2 hours, hehe. shes helping tyler and matt start up an fca here since shes the area representative, so yeas, iz coo. tonight beth hannah tyler matt and i and the "2 sisters", friends of beths and hannahs that we all know from last year went to the union and played like 2 and a half hours of ping pong. ping pong rules, hehe i was working up a sweat. yea it was fun as well. yay for fun.

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Thursday, September 12, 2002 by Jon


hmm, well i wasnt going to blog until i remembered i had wanted to since it was September 11th, even though its now sept 12th technically. anyways, yea this day was a little different, but not as much as i thought it would. i didnt go to any live speeches or gatherings, just went to class, came back since one was cancelled early, and then the extent of my 9/11 viewing was from the tv.

The stuff on tv was getting me kinda sad though, and i kept getting goosebumps. I cant believe that it has already been one full year since that day. I read my journal entry from 9/11 as well. i actually labeled it September 9th at first for some reason...anyways yea, it was interesting too read. i know a lot has changed, but i dont know if a lot has been done, effectively anyways, to prevent this again. i dont know though, thats pretty much it about everything, its that i dont know. blah. i dont think i make sense. heh.

in happier news, im hopefully going to see Ruth Ann tomorrow! i say hopefully because shes making a connecting flight in stl, but she only has like 50 minutes there, but were gonna try to meet up. yaaaay. and then sunday we will do it again...and i will also visit the TPC in stl! yay for all my jhers. i just know emily will comment now. but yea so sunday ill have jh time at the tpc then see ruth ann again. taf taf taf!!!!

i also got to sit out on the patio today, it was a really nice breezy day sitting under the shade of the building. did some work, called some ppl, yea fun times and good times to just sit back and enjoy what life is. interesting to do so on a day of remembrance of a terrible life-altering/crushing tragedy. and crap....i didnt do any hw tonight, well that just means jons gonna have to write his paper tomm night then, hehe. fantastic....

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002 by Jon

You are a Leo
Your celebrity is a Sagittarius

When Leo and Sagittarius come together, the result can be explosive! Both Signs are dynamic and enjoy life. The partnership is lively and exciting, with each person encouraging the other to go for the gold! Sagittarius' philosophical bend provides a distraction to Leo's fascination with the grandiose. These partners have genuine admiration and respect for each other. Both are charismatic and charming; people enjoy being in the energy which this couple radiates. Both Signs can be impatient but charming, and Leo may be bothered by Sagittarius' flirting, but their relationship is always exciting. Sagittarius tends to look at the world as a giant textbook open for study while Leo acts as the gregarious host. Both are interested in talking to other people, but it is important for Leo to feel that they are somehow leading the conversation. Leo is the Lion, the leader, while Sagittarius is the Archer, slowly taking the time to survey their target and feel the nuances of difference in their approach. Both Signs are usually respected by others, and it's important that remember to treat each other with due respect as well.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Both are masculine energy archetypes, and together they make a good combination -- they understand each other because they're quite a bit alike! The Sun is about Self and Jupiter is about expansion and excess, together providing a personal and outward focus on themselves and the world although, at times, overexerting themselves. They're highly compatible with lots of energy, and can be a dynamic duo in any setting or situation. Both Leo and Sagittarius are Fire Signs. This tends to be a very heated and passionate relationship. They both have boundless energy, and can keep up with each other's drive and enthusiasm. Although Sagittarius may grow tired of Leo's self-centeredness, their differences of opinion won't last long -- Sagittarius has moved on to the next project and Leo's optimism and need for a fan club overcome a petty disagreement. Leo is a Fixed Sign and Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign. Sagittarius gives Leo the insight and depth they're lacking, while Leo can help Sagittarius fine tune their charm and social graces. Sagittarius may be irritated by Leo's bossiness, shallow vanity and tendency to sulk.

However, they are both loyal and devoted to each other, and the rewards when they are together far outweigh the minor annoyances. The best aspect of the Leo-Sagittarius relationship is its powerful teamwork and mutual admiration when they're dedicated to seeing things through. This duo complements each other with a combined attention to personal and world affairs. They both have their niche within the partnership. Their mutual energy and passion makes them a dynamic partnership.

I am a leo. now lets take a wild guess at which celebrity is a sagitarius....oh yea, none other than BRITNEY SPEARS!!!

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by Jon

A Change

ahh yes, jonny got a different hair style today. I BLEACHED MY HAIR!!!! hahaha ok no i didnt. that would be pretty stupid...and probably pretty sick looking. buuuut yea. i got my haircut today with the sides shortened to normal but the top a wee bit longer. when my hair was dry tyty said it looked like an afro since my hair is poofy. but i think the LA Looks "mega mega 10 strength gel" should help me style is in new ways. my poor herbal essances hair gel was just not strong enough.

class was easy today. my speech teacher is sick so no class wednesday! yaaaay! well sad times for my teacher, hes cool, but yea. went to abs as well and my neck isnt as sore as the first time, that is good. oh and we had a great meal tonight, macaroni and cheese with ground beef mixed in. oh man thats good stuff. i need to start writing letters back. i wrote to AHNNA tonight since she sent me my first real taf mail. ive also recieved letters from chrisitine, davef, and today jennie huang. yaaay. im feeling the love from tafers. so yea gotta write those and more. too bad my hand cramps up if i write too much.

and howards cd of spencers pictures is here i think! i cant pick it up till tomm morning though since the mail center was closed. but yes! and now im going to sleep. wow. this is really early for me.

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Sunday, September 08, 2002 by Jon

intersting...i had an all time high of 55 hits to this yeterday....yet not a single person commented on if the pictures worked or not....

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by Jon

so jon still cant get all of his pictures up in the blog, his name is messed up after his entries: "JonnyLeeJonathan", and his taf countdown is like 12 hours off. sooo yea. crazyness.

anyways, today i slept in till 230. yea...thats not good. that means a short day. around 4 matt and tyler left to go to carbondale to visit friends and see a football game. haha matt at a football game. hannah came over and told me her, susan, andrew paoni and his friends were gonna go to The Hill in stl for dinner. The Hill is stls version of little italy. i was going to post a conversation i had with emily about this but i accidentl closed it. poo. well anyways ajit came as well and we all went. food was pretty good. ajit ordered some wine and got it. waitress didnt even ask for id...

after that we all headed over to the loop again, but ajit susan hannah and i only stayed there a bit and left since we felt tired. i wonder why i was tired though, considering i had only been awake for like 6.5 hours around then. came back here, went over to ajits apt and hung out and beat ajit in fifa. ajit is a little girl. he couldnt open his bottle because "it wasnt a twist off". so i took it and hes like "Jon youre not going to be able to do it". and well lo and behold i did without much difficulty. silly aoza2000.

left there around 1145 and just hung out here. tyler and matt got back around 1245. jenna stopped by with friends since she was visiting this weekend, including josh craven and erik eberhardt. ah yes. hmmmm i dont feel like going to deep right now. yea thats enough for tonight. church in the morning! yaaaay!

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Saturday, September 07, 2002 by Jon

ok so tonight i went to a movie with Matt hannah and susan. hopefully matt and hanna are pictured below. we went to see "City By The Sea" with robert deniro. it was good, deniro is a nyc cop whos son allegedly commited a murder. plot twists and storyling crazyness ensues, and what seems to be a long and slow movie is actually entertaining, interesting, and not that long. eliza dushku is also in it. good for her. anyways, this blog is basically to test out a new way of posting pictures and well ill find out tomm if it worked.


i think it might work for some and not others for some really weird reason.

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Friday, September 06, 2002 by Jon


lilKareBear13: blahhhhhhhh i wanna go out tonite
lilKareBear13: but my dad got a coupon to blockbuster .. so it's "family night"
Thendxcrd: ahahahaha

haha yes...that sucks. all because of a coupon. poor karen. hah.

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Thursday, September 05, 2002 by Jon

interesting day of critical thinking. well ok not really interesting since tyty and i and the majority of the rest of the class was dying of boredom, but yea, we were talking about how the catholic church frowns upon birth control, and then my teacher started talking about how sex is an overrated thing, "very repetitive". haha repetitive. yeeeeeesss....young people should have sex maybe 1 a month and for people his age he said they should have it maybe once or twice a year. yea it was weird....

dishes dishes dishes. we seem to do dishes way too often in this apartment. we seriously do them like every 3 or 4 days and somehow we go through all of our cups so fast, its amazing. and not cool. oy. and in other news...i actually have homework to do tonight. WOW! i have to write a paper on something, just a short one, like three paragraphs. no sweat. and after tomm im 1/5th of the way done with 1st semester! yay!

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002 by Jon

alright. so i just discovered even MORE taf xanga-ers. yea there be many many many of them. yea fo real though. most of them i linked at the left. yea you have fun now.

in other news. i was about to go shower and sleep, but then i started negotiating a deal in fantasy football, talking to alberta about taf (aww alberta loves taf so much, yay!) and cali karen about random stuff. then i found out all of these xanga peeps and reading up on them and their lives and adding links. now its 3am and i have class in 7 hours. hurrah........

had a good talk with tyty and tom tonight about our religion and it in our lives. so good.

oh yea, beth and hannah came over to "play" around 1045. but as i just discovered...they stole all of our toothpaste......i dont know why, but they did. haha ill just breath on beth tomm when she comes over before class. oh she will be sorry...

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002 by Jon

yeas, susana is added to the links now! the xanga population just keeps on growing. well anyways, susana reminds me of a joke she told at TAF2001:

Q: What kind of bees make milk?

A: Boo Bees!

ahahahahaha. yeas.

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by Jon

Peeps Page Entry #2

ooook. so yea, i made the peeps page this morning which was highly exciting for me, but i woke up at 4am after going to bed a 1am and i was unable to go back to sleep. so yea its 4am and jon goes back on the computer. no one is on (which is a good thing) so i decided to give making a peeps page one more good try. so as you all know i did! yaaaaay! the peeps page is beautiful. anyways, i did that until 8 and went back to sleep. but then i woke up late for i missed it. and i think im sick with one crazy cough and im really sleepy now still. weird patterns i have, and not very good for my schoolwork or health. yes.......

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by Jon

Peeps Page!!!

yaaaaaay!!!! i finally did it after like a year of procrastination and frustration!!! wahoooooo. Peeps Page!!!

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Monday, September 02, 2002 by Jon

I Really Cant Think Of Titles Anymore

well la dee da. the weekend here has been nice. saturday tyty and i cleaned all day, our bathroom was spotless. sah-weet. killed many a cricket, they be driving me insane at night with their chirping. oh man its so bad, so loud. i had to sleep with my pillow over my ears last night. saturday night ty beth and i hit up the loop again, i bought a big ole dave matthews poster and the van wilder movie on dvd for 12.99! yay! it just came out which surprised me for the low price. its a funny movie. maybe not so good...but funny. hehe.

yea i watched the movie till 4am last night...and woke up at 815 for church. yea i pulled a TAF! yaaay. yea we went to the early service, ty and i, because he wanted to go to 2 churches today but i didnt, so we went there first and then he and beth went somehwere else afterwards since beth woke up late. it was ty and i and like..old people. allllll old people. it was odd. hehe but the old people were nice. yay for old people. i also got directions to the taiwanese church in stl from ill hit that up sometime. aww yea. go taf at the tpc.

came back from church around 1030 and napped. for a long time. till 3. yea longer nap than actually sleep. go me. hung out, talked to ruth ann about mario kart!!!! awww yea. go mario kart. that game was so tight. jw and i would play it forever after school. yaaaaay. and everything else today was pretty much the usual. didnt wat very well today...were all out of food in the fridge. i need some spinach and rice. yea i do. ill have to buy me some tomm. big grocery day. no class! sahweeeeeeeeet!

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