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Thursday, November 27, 2003 by Jon

home at last.

so its thanksgivng. a lot to be thankful for of course. we're all more blessed that we can imagine. but yea..theres especially big thanks and props to TAFers visited on THE taf road trip (approximately 34) and their awesome hospitality. you guys rock my world.

tons of pictures and videos....ill put those up when i get back to school with my cable connection and non crappy keyboard. cant tell at home because im constantly going back and retyping, but this keyboard is not cool.

but i am thankful for it nonetheless :)



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Sunday, November 23, 2003 by Jon

yea! THE taf road trip rules. hanging out in andreas apt now...its off the holler coller.


haha. osu rocked. TAFkrews a tight buncha kiddies...and then susana and chikuan, hehe. too bad about that whole football thing...


sidenote: kelly! bad away message! bad bad bad! hahaha....

philly is sweet. oh man, best chinese food ever tonight with the guys and andrea and z. good food and great friends. beautiful.

tomorrow, football and philly cheesesteaks...then off to nyc in the evening!

6 days, 6 taf colleges. hollerific!

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Friday, November 21, 2003 by Jon

off on a big taf roadtrip tomorrow with roger jeff and ming.

places going:
Columbus, OH - Ohio State University
Philadelphia, PA - University of Pennsylvania
New York, NY - Barnard College , Columbia University, New York University
Cleveland, OH - Case Western Reserve University
Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan, including a visit from Michigan State

itll be hollerific. lets pray that we dont get in an accident doing all this driving ok?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003 by Jon

you know...

if china claims it controls taiwan...

can taiwan use the same reasoning and declare china a renegade province and tell china to BOW DOWN TO TAIWAN.

yea eat it china.

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Monday, November 17, 2003 by Jon

har har har(mony was here this weekend and it was fun!)

but really. har har har.

So there are two atoms, and the first says to the other, "Man, I think I just lost an electron." The second replies, "Oh no! Are you sure?" "Yes," says the first atom, "I'm POSITIVE."


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Friday, November 14, 2003 by Jon

live from ming and alex's room!

ming and i are dressed the same. we'll show you a picture later.

and harmony is here! yea!

i see too many tafers...

not a bad thing....

but it DOES have some weird after-effects....

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Monday, November 10, 2003 by Jon

KCgirly816: it's so cold outside!
thend X crD: oh dude its so warm here!
KCgirly816: its 55 degrees here
thend X crD: haha its 55 degrees here too...

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by Jon

oh man.

brian tyler and i went to walmart around 2am. theres no one really shopping at walmart at 2am after a sunday.

and the motorized carts that you can sit in, that they make for old people? you know what im talking about?

yea brian and i shopped around the store in them.

hahaha oh man. it was GREAT. but i didnt have my camera!!! daheck is wrong with me. booooo.

but have no fear, were going to go back some time in the wee hours of the morning and do it again. its the greatest way to shop : )

and yes.

interesting. An9ie asked me for help on some question for a personality test she was taking online. That was earlier today around 3 or 4 pm. Just now, 12 hours later, I check out Alice Chens xanga. And she had just taken the same test, and i know this because of the weird question An9ie wanted help with, that said

"Write a uniquely relevant test question which would identify someone with your personality."

Coincidence? maybe. but its a lot cooler to think that its due to the TAF grapevine. Of course if Alice and An9ie actually know each other well and An9ie sent it to her or something well then...yea. Same thing with that end of the world flash animation that Z sent, that was also on Bryan's xanga.

once again...

TAFers...making the world a smaller place one person at a time.

oh and the links for the curious:
the test
the flash cartoon

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Sunday, November 09, 2003 by Jon

finally updated the links and added christine, wil, and justin. holler.

anyone remember me telling the story about this girl, who left a message on my friendster telling me she saw my glamour shots and i was kind of like an inspiration for her to get her own? this was like oh, 2 months ago? it was pretty random and pretty crazy.

well yea. she imed me tonight. she realized that we had met last week at the ITASA retreat. she was Crystal from Umich for those of you who were there..

weird man.

Glamour Shots...making the world a smaller place one person at a time.

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Saturday, November 08, 2003 by Jon

oh yea. cool story.

i went to brian's tonight, as he and the other roommates were having people over to celebrate their friends birthday, Michelle. As i was about to leave around 230am or so, i overheard that Michelle went to Michigan State last year and transferred here as well. Since im a transfer to, we talked about that and then i was like "i have friends that go to msu!". Michelle, in her anebriated state, excitedly said "Oh who?! maybe we know some of the same people!"

now the odds of us knowing the same person at MSU, with its 40,000 students, was unlikely. and usually when i do the "who do i know at this big university or from some city" game, it doesnt work out much. but i thought why not.

Jon - " you know howard chen?"
Michelle - "no, i dont know him..."
J - "ok, ummm...catherine yeh?"
M - OH I KNOW HER! CAT right?? her name is CAT!".
J - "....are you serious?!?!, Cat Yeh?!?!"
M - "YES!!! I lived next door to her last year, we were neighbors!!!"
J - "Are you sure its the same one?"
M - "YEA!!! umm...shes skinny!"
J - "Haha yes...umm...what was her sorority...?"
M - "kappa (something something...i actually dont remember what the name is)"
J - "ehhh...yea i dont really know the name..."
M - "aka visa visa mastercard!"
J - "YES! that IS cats sorority!!!" (i know that because jeff told me last week)
Brian - "woah..."
M - "AHHHHHH!!!!!"
J - "whooooooooooaaaaaaaa!"

we then proceeded to call cat, but catdogg wasnt there :(

so you have a nice long excited voicemail now cat :)

TAFers...making the world a smaller place one person at a time.

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Friday, November 07, 2003 by Jon

whack. this is whack. that is whack. that is REALLY whack.

forreal mean. eveything is whack. and thats just not cool.

anyone agree?

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003 by Jon

Your IQ Score Is , 128

it says im a "Borderline Genius".

haha right... i doubt that iq test is very reliable then... although maybe i am since i do think that "intelligence" doesnt have as much to do with book smarts and how well you do in school.

you can take the test too.

the test is in a menu on the left under "Ace Intelligence".

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by Jon

well. got a haircut today. first one in over 3 months, before taf. haha ask for a before and after picture. its whack.

i need to find an apt for next year. looking for a one-bedroom. no one wants to live with me. aww dang. pitiful...

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Monday, November 03, 2003 by Jon

aww yea! itasa was AWESOME! i love me tafers : )

and all the other people that i met were pretty darn cool too!

and now...i need to get a freaking haircut. its SICK.

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