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Sunday, July 21, 2002 by Jon

And Its Still So Hot Out There And Its Only Going To Get Hotter

yea...well another night hanging with the 2001ers. brian sam and linz, then ajit nicho and jake came over to my house at 7 to meet up to go to the Chatham Sweet Corn Festival (yes big city tafers, i went to a sweet corn festival). oh but guess who had to take a shower and made us wait till 730? oh it was ktmac! how shocking! needless to say she and ashlee finally came and we headed off.

it was SO HOT there, and oh, its apparently going to be 115 degrees tomm since we have this wonderful midwest humidity. aksd;dalskld/. ate some corn. corn is good. fair food is good. but it was so f-ing hot. adrienne and steve came as well, and steve v, mike, and zeke came too....with ann elble. now thats a totally random combination right there i think. yea thats messed up. i dont really know how ann was with them. well wait i think ann would be with katy when i took them to montys and mike worked there....yea...ok i guess it works. anyways it was hot so we left after we ate.

went back to get some movies before going to nichos, i got zoolander and black hawk down for 10 bucks each on dvd! oh oh oh yea. i love used dvds. we watched zoolander in the wonderful air conditioning of nichos house, oh so nice. the movie was really funny. hehe..."what is this...a center for ANTS??" haha. tom does a good impression of it. and after the movie i asked ktmac if she remembered when we went to go see The Rookie and if she remembers her cell phone going off all the time in the theatre and disrupting everyone. and ktmac never ceases to amaze me. SHE DIDNT REMEMBER. it was like 3-4 weeks ago, how can she not remember?!?! dah.

and in a nice little story on how my day began. it was 12. i was sleeping in. then my cell phone rings and im struggling to get out of bed to answer it but i miss the call. so i look at my missed calls and is says "Linz". and i was like why is lindsey calling me at noon?? so i called her back, and got her voicemail. then my voicemail beeped and i listened to it and it was like gibberish. so i set my phone down and went back to sleep...but then it rang again. Linz again. i pick up and say hello...but its nothing but something going on in the background. so yea i figure its accidently dialing my phone in her purse or pocket or something. so i try calling back but i cant get through because by the time i call her phone is already calling me back. it was crazy. she called me SEVEN times and she didnt even know it, all while im going crazy because im half dazed from waking up and my cell phone ringer is loud and it hurts my head. so i wait a minute...then call her back from my home phone. and i finally get through. and linz thinks its hilarious what just happened. ah yes, good ole linz...i hope this doesnt happen tomm. oh but you know what? it happened 2 more times today. yea its weird...

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