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Sunday, June 15, 2008 by Jon

Back in the USA. More specifically, back in Springfield. An early departure from Bangkok left me sad, since spending forty days in one place leads you to get to know some pretty great people. I'll miss some people on the crew a lot, but I hope to be back someday, on a real vacation, and not for work.

After 32 hours of travel and a quick stop to get my tuxedo fitted, I arrived at the wedding rehearsal for Katie & Tyler just in time. The wedding was the next day, and what a beautiful event. It has yet to sink in that one of my best friends is married. But he's a lucky guy and she's a lucky girl, so congratulations to Tyler and Katie Kastner!

As I drove back after the reception, I realized that the moon and the stars shine brightest in Springfield, Illinois. And they probably always will. From work to travel to a wedding, things change as we get older. But its good to know that I can count on driving the empty roads on a cool summer night with the windows down and the moonlight shining in the town I grew up in to remind me of when I was young.

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