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Monday, December 29, 2003 by Jon

When its 130am and youre with TAFers, amazing things can happen. and this is amazing:

Hey TAFers of all ages! Come play this brand new game, that will prove to be the most exciting, coolest, awesomest, and most funnest game in the world!

Introducing: TAF WHO!!!

Yes thats right! the classic game "Guess Who"has now been converted, TAF style! Guess which TAF Staffer your oppenent has, but be careful because there are 24 to choose from!!!

Is it JH PD Christine Shay? Junior Counselor Albert Wu? Or Youth Coordinator Young Lee?

Pick your questions carefully!

Conrad screams "PICK MEEE!" while Andrea shines with a smile!

Game inventor Cat Yeh wants YOU to try this out! You won't be dissapointed!

So order yours today!

Recommended Years at TAF for Play: 1 and Up.

A product of TAFtoys Inc.
President & Creator - Cat Yeh
Game Tester - Kelly Huang
Technological Design - Anna Wu
Text Artist - Susana Lou
Tech Support - Alex Yang
Research & Development - Zeyen Wu
Research & Development - Jeff Cheng
Photographer - Jon Lee

disclaimer: you cant actually buy this...but go! make your own version! I wanna see an all-JH camper version!

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Saturday, December 27, 2003 by Jon

hi my name is jon and i am an insomniac.

its 6:50am. ive slept for 3 hours in the past 35 hours. and i cant manage to fall asleep. what time did i fall asleep yesterday? oh about 930am. yes...

in about 4 hours....300 mile drive to michigan

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Thursday, December 25, 2003 by Jon

I just came back from dinner with my dad. at the chinese buffet place. Yes yes, chinese food, crab legs, sushi, and texas toast for Christmas dinner this year. my dad cooked last night so he didnt feel like it tonight. and well my mom, shes angry at me. go figure.

i woke up at about 330pm today. on the bright side i actually got too see the sun for an hour as opposed to yesterday, when i slept for 12.5 hours and woke up at 530pm. yea that was pretty crazy.

off to chicago tomorrow. alice and alvin are gonna get to springfield around 3, and we'll get into suburbia around 7. TAF New Years in michigan the next day, gonna see a lot of people. excitement will be in the air. back to chicago on monday the 29th, watch UIUC vs UIC mens bball the 30th with Tyler and others from school, and then a real taf new years in chicago on the 31st? or maybe ill just go to sleep like last year. yea...i'd like to sleep. I think maybe i'm the scrooge of new years? could be. Down to stl on Jan 1st, and then busting out over to KC for the 2nd and 3rd (julie will be in kc too, but i think were going to miss each other by like...8 hours, boo). back to stl and then home on the 4th.

so now you all know where ill be for the next week.

Justin - have fun in europe.

new taf family connection: timmy huang and sophia lai are cousins.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003 by Jon

w00t! "I-L-L...I-N-I" over "M-I-Z...Z-O-U" 71-70 tonight. go uiuc! i went to damons sports bar and grill to watch the game. the crowd was mostly pro-uiuc except for a few, like julie and lindsey, who go to mizzou. lindeys high-pitched cheers drew looks and stares...hahaha.

chants of i-l-l i-n-i were rampant throughout the game amongst the customers. it was cool. it was even cooler though to see a lot of old faces, good faces, happy faces. yay for old good happy faces : )

l-r: Matt, Brian, Me (in ma Illinois hat), Sarah, Julie, and Janelle

there were more there too, mostly all from my old youth group. twas fun times. and then illinois won of course, so brian janelle and i get to brag over julie and lindsey.

talked a bit with everyone else after the game ended, there were about 10 others there that i knew, and then went to lindseys house with matt and brian.

lindsey, sam (with new shaggy hair), rafiq, and kim. yea go springfield high alumni. we rock the house.

in a related bit of info, my old Springfield High baseball cap has been washed! its no longer stained yellow with greasy goo. im going to wear it whenever im out on the town...aka go to steak n shake. i fonna represent yo.

merry christmas eve to all!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003 by Jon

booo. ticket tonight for expired license plate, which i was getting renewed tomorrow. it would have been done today but the place i was going to get it at closed at 4pm, and i was there at 430.


the cop thought me brian jake and ajit were really sketch. extra police officer showed up and watched us from the other side of the car.


oh and the cop who gave me a ticket, his police id number was....: 666.


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Saturday, December 20, 2003 by Jon

aww, im listening to Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry right now. haha old school man. and real old school stuff makes me the happy-sad feeling.

anyways, this is freaky. real ghosts caught on camera? jeepers creepers!

i was ultra-errand productive today. did lotsa things i needed to do.

on the flip side, i got some grades back today and they s-u-c-k-ed. big time. lets see how my gpa is after all this...

bah. stupid uiuc and our challenging classes making us a better school.

i bet id be getting easy A's at umich. (OH SUBTLE DISSSSSSS!!!)

tomorrow: home.

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Friday, December 19, 2003 by Jon


done i am with school for a solid month. and let me tell you, thats a beautiful thought. this should have been a really hard day with Psych and Accy, but im pretty confident in my performances on both tests. And i guess in accy i get 30 extra credit points for doing all of my homework, so....yea! and then im pretty sure i did well on the exam, so jons chances for getting possible an A- might happen! i think its unlikely, but just the fact that i might be close...well thats just neat.

went to see return of the king after accy. it was good. it was also long. my eyeballs physically hurt after leaving the theatre, and it was an experience i had not yet experienced. but yea good movie. and rohan girl...yea shes a crush.

oh but did anyone else get the feeling that the hobbits were going to kiss multiple times in the movie??? i sure did. it was like watching bryan and ming a much more deep, gazing, affectionate, "i want to love you" way.


har har. here is Eowyn, the "Shieldmaiden of Rohan" (hah):

oh yes and before i forget everything from this week because i dont want to since it was finals... amy and ted visited thursday!! heres a panoramic, taken in front of the Union with roger.

(isnt it pretty jessica, linda, karen, and all you other hs seniors who should come to uiuc!!!!?!?!?)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003 by Jon

wheee! finals are fun! yea ok not so much.

poor tyler. hes trying to pull an all nighter...but its almost 6am and he had to take a 30 minute nap. hehe, he usually goes to bed at a decent college hour, like 2am, so this kinda schedule just dont work for him.

i on the other hand am built for this staying up into the wee hours of the morning doing things.

Yet another reason how TAF has made a profoud impact on my life : )

my computer and cell phone have been acting whack of late. so if i dont return IM's or if my cell phone is off for some odd reason, its not because i dont like you.

and inspired by Ahnna's dukie pics, here is a picture of our resident medieval (wow i...cant remember how to spell that...) belltower, Altgeld. and like most medival towers, it is a place of torture. thats where they teach lots of calc!, later today, amy liao will be here! wheeeeee

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Monday, December 15, 2003 by Jon

AH HA! ive found another way to put pics on the blog up. wheeeeee!

an nyc vertical panoramic:

the Time Life Building, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockerfeller Center towering in the background, with margaret, jeff, nd, and ming walking.

more pics will come. : )

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Sunday, December 14, 2003 by Jon

i wish people in this world would be better communicators.

but a lot of people arent.


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by Jon

yeas. this IS indeed whack.

and to know why...itll help to visit here.

sign the petition.

Z you shoulda told me there was more to it than just clip art...hehe.


ok. Jon needs help. ive got a lot of questions about things. i wonder. ive written something three or four times in this entry and deleted it every time because i dont know how to say them. they were long too. but here are my main points/thoughts/ideas/crazyness.

1 - I am not american, because i am not white.
2 - I am not Asian-american because on principle, i dont think i should have to add the word "Asian" to "American".
3 - I am not Asian-American because i am not Korean, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Russian, Afghanistanian, etc.
4 - I am not Taiwanese-American. I think a better way to say it is "an American who likes Taiwan and is interested in some certain aspects of things related to the island and its people".
5 - Asians have black hair and brown eyes. That isnt true and i am stereotyping.
6 - I bet there have been a couple Caucasians born and raised in Taiwan. That nots really a point, just a nice thought.
7 - I stereotype all the time. I stereotype everyone. And then i sign petitions against stereotyping.


discuss this, shall we?


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Saturday, December 13, 2003 by Jon

haha. sophia made my night because of this picture

go to marges for a link to her editorial.

go sophia and go taiwan.

oh and i cant comment on xangas anymore...causes my internet explorer to get an error and close.

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Friday, December 05, 2003 by Jon

hmm yes and staying up till after 5:41am reading xangas leads to...

...waking up at 4pm, therefore missing all of your classes today. awesome...

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by Jon

man some of you xanga kids are whack. and you know why? because some of your crazy pages make my internet explorer shut down. boo on you kevan, julie, deborah, karen and i'm sure many more as i continue to read the taf blogring at 5:41am.

Things of note seen on the TAF blogring:
- Turducken from Esther. I havent talked to her in three years, but i now know all about her life just by her xanga. That is a cool thing.
- One awesomely cheesy line at Julies that im going to HAVE to use sometime. har har har i cant wait. hahaha.
- it says Ming last update at 4:16am. But nothing has changed since i last saw it a few hours ago, and i highly doubt Mingmeister is awake at 4:16am updating his xanga...
- Little JH girls xangas crack me up. The way some of them makes me giggle like the little school girl that i am.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003 by Jon

go me.

its 4am and im up finishing a paper. of course i would be asleep right now if i hadnt gotten up at 2pm this afternoon and if i had not watched three movies today, but wheres the fun in that?

i watched Tears of the Sun by myself. Then roger came over and we watched X2, and tyler came back home in the middle of it and so all three of us watched it. And then Tyler and i watched Notting Hill. haha yeess...

Notting Hill is good yo. and it gives me hope that i to can meet some famous celebrity and she will fall in love with me! hurry up britney.

So the plan for this weekend is:
- Sleep (A TON)
- Clean
- Watch more movies

its gonna rock the house. who wants to join?!?!?!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003 by Jon

yea 7:41am and i still havent slept! did a paper. didnt really need to stay up all night i guess. or maybe i did and i just cant remember why i did it since im tired. har har.

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Thursday, November 27, 2003 by Jon

home at last.

so its thanksgivng. a lot to be thankful for of course. we're all more blessed that we can imagine. but yea..theres especially big thanks and props to TAFers visited on THE taf road trip (approximately 34) and their awesome hospitality. you guys rock my world.

tons of pictures and videos....ill put those up when i get back to school with my cable connection and non crappy keyboard. cant tell at home because im constantly going back and retyping, but this keyboard is not cool.

but i am thankful for it nonetheless :)



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Sunday, November 23, 2003 by Jon

yea! THE taf road trip rules. hanging out in andreas apt now...its off the holler coller.


haha. osu rocked. TAFkrews a tight buncha kiddies...and then susana and chikuan, hehe. too bad about that whole football thing...


sidenote: kelly! bad away message! bad bad bad! hahaha....

philly is sweet. oh man, best chinese food ever tonight with the guys and andrea and z. good food and great friends. beautiful.

tomorrow, football and philly cheesesteaks...then off to nyc in the evening!

6 days, 6 taf colleges. hollerific!

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Friday, November 21, 2003 by Jon

off on a big taf roadtrip tomorrow with roger jeff and ming.

places going:
Columbus, OH - Ohio State University
Philadelphia, PA - University of Pennsylvania
New York, NY - Barnard College , Columbia University, New York University
Cleveland, OH - Case Western Reserve University
Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan, including a visit from Michigan State

itll be hollerific. lets pray that we dont get in an accident doing all this driving ok?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003 by Jon

you know...

if china claims it controls taiwan...

can taiwan use the same reasoning and declare china a renegade province and tell china to BOW DOWN TO TAIWAN.

yea eat it china.

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Monday, November 17, 2003 by Jon

har har har(mony was here this weekend and it was fun!)

but really. har har har.

So there are two atoms, and the first says to the other, "Man, I think I just lost an electron." The second replies, "Oh no! Are you sure?" "Yes," says the first atom, "I'm POSITIVE."


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Friday, November 14, 2003 by Jon

live from ming and alex's room!

ming and i are dressed the same. we'll show you a picture later.

and harmony is here! yea!

i see too many tafers...

not a bad thing....

but it DOES have some weird after-effects....

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Monday, November 10, 2003 by Jon

KCgirly816: it's so cold outside!
thend X crD: oh dude its so warm here!
KCgirly816: its 55 degrees here
thend X crD: haha its 55 degrees here too...

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by Jon

oh man.

brian tyler and i went to walmart around 2am. theres no one really shopping at walmart at 2am after a sunday.

and the motorized carts that you can sit in, that they make for old people? you know what im talking about?

yea brian and i shopped around the store in them.

hahaha oh man. it was GREAT. but i didnt have my camera!!! daheck is wrong with me. booooo.

but have no fear, were going to go back some time in the wee hours of the morning and do it again. its the greatest way to shop : )

and yes.

interesting. An9ie asked me for help on some question for a personality test she was taking online. That was earlier today around 3 or 4 pm. Just now, 12 hours later, I check out Alice Chens xanga. And she had just taken the same test, and i know this because of the weird question An9ie wanted help with, that said

"Write a uniquely relevant test question which would identify someone with your personality."

Coincidence? maybe. but its a lot cooler to think that its due to the TAF grapevine. Of course if Alice and An9ie actually know each other well and An9ie sent it to her or something well then...yea. Same thing with that end of the world flash animation that Z sent, that was also on Bryan's xanga.

once again...

TAFers...making the world a smaller place one person at a time.

oh and the links for the curious:
the test
the flash cartoon

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Sunday, November 09, 2003 by Jon

finally updated the links and added christine, wil, and justin. holler.

anyone remember me telling the story about this girl, who left a message on my friendster telling me she saw my glamour shots and i was kind of like an inspiration for her to get her own? this was like oh, 2 months ago? it was pretty random and pretty crazy.

well yea. she imed me tonight. she realized that we had met last week at the ITASA retreat. she was Crystal from Umich for those of you who were there..

weird man.

Glamour Shots...making the world a smaller place one person at a time.

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Saturday, November 08, 2003 by Jon

oh yea. cool story.

i went to brian's tonight, as he and the other roommates were having people over to celebrate their friends birthday, Michelle. As i was about to leave around 230am or so, i overheard that Michelle went to Michigan State last year and transferred here as well. Since im a transfer to, we talked about that and then i was like "i have friends that go to msu!". Michelle, in her anebriated state, excitedly said "Oh who?! maybe we know some of the same people!"

now the odds of us knowing the same person at MSU, with its 40,000 students, was unlikely. and usually when i do the "who do i know at this big university or from some city" game, it doesnt work out much. but i thought why not.

Jon - " you know howard chen?"
Michelle - "no, i dont know him..."
J - "ok, ummm...catherine yeh?"
M - OH I KNOW HER! CAT right?? her name is CAT!".
J - "....are you serious?!?!, Cat Yeh?!?!"
M - "YES!!! I lived next door to her last year, we were neighbors!!!"
J - "Are you sure its the same one?"
M - "YEA!!! umm...shes skinny!"
J - "Haha yes...umm...what was her sorority...?"
M - "kappa (something something...i actually dont remember what the name is)"
J - "ehhh...yea i dont really know the name..."
M - "aka visa visa mastercard!"
J - "YES! that IS cats sorority!!!" (i know that because jeff told me last week)
Brian - "woah..."
M - "AHHHHHH!!!!!"
J - "whooooooooooaaaaaaaa!"

we then proceeded to call cat, but catdogg wasnt there :(

so you have a nice long excited voicemail now cat :)

TAFers...making the world a smaller place one person at a time.

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Friday, November 07, 2003 by Jon

whack. this is whack. that is whack. that is REALLY whack.

forreal mean. eveything is whack. and thats just not cool.

anyone agree?

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003 by Jon

Your IQ Score Is , 128

it says im a "Borderline Genius".

haha right... i doubt that iq test is very reliable then... although maybe i am since i do think that "intelligence" doesnt have as much to do with book smarts and how well you do in school.

you can take the test too.

the test is in a menu on the left under "Ace Intelligence".

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by Jon

well. got a haircut today. first one in over 3 months, before taf. haha ask for a before and after picture. its whack.

i need to find an apt for next year. looking for a one-bedroom. no one wants to live with me. aww dang. pitiful...

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Monday, November 03, 2003 by Jon

aww yea! itasa was AWESOME! i love me tafers : )

and all the other people that i met were pretty darn cool too!

and now...i need to get a freaking haircut. its SICK.

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Thursday, October 30, 2003 by Jon

hey the San Diego Chargers are in town...

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003 by Jon

Well the Tampax Runstoppers lost in our Final Four game.

Tampax Runstoppers 0
Magnum 40's 9


but there are some positives:
- I can do homework now
- I dont have to go to eat ribs at Chevy's
- I can do laundry
- I can clean the apt
- I can buy groceries for the weekend
- I dont have to just hike the ball anymore.

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by Jon

Solar Flare

Bad News: Disrupted communication stuff Wednesday Afternoon

Good News: Possible cool aurora effects at night. ooohh pretty!

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by Jon

you know what?

it might have been cool to go far away for college. far away where no one would have known me at all. and i mean at all, and also, with no one close by, like say, 3 hours + by car or more. no places with TAFers, none with people from high school, none with relatives. just me. i dont know why that seems good to me. i dont know if i want to know why. hmm yes interesting.

i think ive blogged about this before...

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by Jon

aww Ocelots lose : (

But Tampax wins 12-6! and it looks like im gonna have to eat at Chevy's for the third straight day because of it....

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003 by Jon


well thanks to a probably non-scientific method of ranking teams, the Tampax Runstoppers are ranked #1 overall in Coed Flag Football, and the Ocelot Onslaught is #3 overall. holler!

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by Jon

Woot Woot!

Tampax Runstoppers 16
Illini Dairy Club 6

Next Game: Tomorrow night at 10pm. Woohoo!

And before Co-ed Playoff Game 2, at 7pm we have a HUGE game on the Mens side, pitting the #10 team, Ocelot Onslaught, vs. the #5 team, Flying Illini. WHOOAAAA NELLY. lets hope im not in a pissed of mood tomm night after the games : )

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Monday, October 27, 2003 by Jon

da heck is this.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003 by Jon

Flag Football Playoffs: Mens Game 1

Ocelot Onslaught 27
Martinez 6


Next up: Coed Game 1 tomm night @ 9. Go Team Tampax!

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Friday, October 24, 2003 by Jon from UIUC Student Organizations Office:

"Congratulations, your account has been successfully created and you have been registered as the president of tafCrush. "

Haha YES! tafCrush is now an OFFICIAL University of Illinois organization!


so first order of business, who wants an officially licensed tafCrush tshirt??? itll be orange im thinking with the tafCrush logo. The more you guys order and tell me the cheaper it is. Right now if i order 30 tees itll be about $10 per shirt. so let me know sizes! and of course, ANYONE can have a tafCrush tshirt! even tafbrats and TAFkrew : )


DUDE! justin just pointed out that this will probably look pretty darn good on a resume! ahahaha. this just keeps getting better and better....

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Thursday, October 23, 2003 by Jon

hehe ok. so jenifer and i tried to think of all of the kids from SHS's Class of 2001 who now attend UIUC. we got:

Jon Lee
Brian Royer
Steve Ettinger
Jenifer Shawgo
Ashlee Vorachek
Toni Weatherspoon
Natasha Weatherspoon
Allison Kelly
Amber Conner
Elizabeth Doornbos
Dustin Vicari
Kyle Ledbetter
Deanna Born
Azima Galaria
Derek Jacobs
Josh Stewart
Erin Steller
Katrina Barrington
Moein Khwaja
April Lamb
Cara Ring
Sara Sronce
Ricky Dulaney (he moved away sophomore year)

thats 23 kids out of a class of 302, and im sure im missing at least 1 person.

I was thinking it would be cool to have a little reunion dinner or something... and then brian pointed out that it is basically my duty to do it since i was president. haha. but then i also realized i have to organize a reunion in 2 years. CRAP!

i also wonder how pertinent this is to my viewing audience since im assuming my viewing audience is made up of just brian and tafers.....

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003 by Jon

keep the date free.

TAF New Years
Dec 27th
Warren, MI (Detroit suburb)

30 min from Bloomfield
1 hr from Ann Arbor

more details to come.


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by Jon

Tampax Runstopper victory tonight to complete an undefeated regular season.

Final Score:

Tampax Runstoppers 22
Kansas City Queifs 6


now for randomness:

- my new camera is fun! yay! now to embark on some cool photo-taking adventures...

- i found an old paycheck from Abercrombie in my car a few weeks ago. for $111.83!!! I was worried i wouldnt be able to cash it since its been so long, but it did! YEA!

- after my check cashing, i headed to meijer to buy food. recently ive been having Jimmy Johns #13 Beach Club a lot, which is turkey provolone cheese lettuce tomato cucumbers mayo and chunky avacado spread, on french. i get it minus the brussel sprouts. but yes. to see if i could do it myself, i purchased all of the aformentioned ingredients and bread (yet someone forgot to buy the common head of lettuce and a tomato) and made my own sandwhiches tonight. and they were GOOD! yes. i made my first Jonny Johns gourmet sandwich. har har har.

- i felt cool buying a 4 foot long french bread baguette. i felt "sophisticated" or something.

- Hannah was supposed to bring me her jason mraz live cd yesterday, but she left it at daycare in the cd player. apparently, Jason Mraz live is very soothing for 4 year olds and its essential during naptime. no joke. 4 year old kids and jason mraz.

- purchased a guster shirt online for $10. it was $15 at the concert but they didnt have my size. hahaha.

- TAFers will be here to visit in 10 days. that deserves a WHOOOoOoooo and also a wheeeee.

- Have i told anyone to download Something Corporate - Konstantine? if i havent, well then i think you can assume what you should do.

- oh yea, thundergod, the "drummer" in from chambana! haha yea. this piece of info is mainly just aimed at the people i know who like guster who might read this. this means you andrea, ryan, and lillian.

- hmm yes i just realized the people the above is directed to might not know what "chambana" means and therefore not understand the relevance of stating that randomness. chambana = champaign-urbana.

- Holler out!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 by Jon

yea guster concert was awesome!

and i bought the Sony P10 digital camera today! 5 megapixels! woot! although each picture is now 2mb........


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Sunday, October 19, 2003 by Jon

took this article from marge.

so what are you (and i) going to do about this?

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Saturday, October 18, 2003 by Jon

Howie Day is good.

So is David Gray.

Ditto for Something Corporate.

Dead AIM is neat.

and I need a webcam.

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by Jon

hahaha. margaret... roger and i just realized that "loomis" is the name of your high school, not the name of a friend of yours.


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Thursday, October 16, 2003 by Jon

so i watched Smallville for the first time tonight. Yes that Kristin Kreuk girl is pretty as I've noticed many people adore her. I thought the show was really odd though. Ok so like... i assume its set in this small town ... aka SMALLVILLE ... but Luthercorp is nearby...? or in the town itself? whats a big major corporation doing in a small town? is Smallville really like the size of...Chicago??

and the other weird thing was when superman was talking to that blonde whos apparently a really good investigative reporter/computer user about how all these people have died or been killed with those special powers. but then i realized that many people have been affected by the "meter shower" and caused them to mutate. yea OK X-MEN... and how many times has kristin kreuk had near death experiences? her character doesnt seem like shes been really bothered by almost dying many times... whatupwitdatyo?

alex, young, paychee, connie... i'm looking at you guys on this one.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003 by Jon least the world wont be ending in the next few weeks...

: (

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by Jon

and another victory for my coed flag football team, the Unwanted Stepchildren... aka the Tampax Runstoppers!

haha yea... our technical team name is the first one, but we made shirts with the second name. that one is funnier, har har. the shirts are red too. ahahahahaha..... eew.

i was walking to the rec fields for the game, and people looked at my shirt and laughed. har har. oh and the final score was:

Tampax Runstoppers: 32
the other team: 10

holler! were 3-0 now, and ranked #5 overall in UIUC Coed flag football. Going for 4-0 next week to complete a perfect regualar season.

Team Tampax. You can't stop the flow.

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Sunday, October 12, 2003 by Jon

Yay Ocelot Onslaught goes undefeated in the regular season, AND finishes with a 102 point margin of victory for the season!

Final Score:
Ocelot Onslaught: 26
Playmakers: 7


and oh man... i watched the Newlyweds on mtv today. i must say, it is VERY amusing. I could laugh at jessica simpson all day. and the stupified looks nick lachey gives her or that he has when she says something dupid... oh man. ahahahahaha. and shes SO spoiled! whack yo. whack. but it makes for some good entertainment.

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by Jon


never EVER sign a lease with them to live in one of their buildings.

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by Jon

holler. played football today. twas good. brian and i went to throw around and then got in a pickup game with a bunch of guys. i broke in my new receiver gloves, catching a bunch of passes and then getting hit, but managing to break some for extra yardage. but i paid my price, groin be sooooorrrrreeee. haha yea...

Cubs won again tonight! awesome : )

the big club party was in my apt complex tonight. it was pretty cool, a TON of people down in the courtyard. around 130 though, word came on that cops were on their way and the dj said party was over. its amazing how fast a crowd of people can vanish if you say the phrase "the cops are on their way". hahaha, i was amused watching from my 2nd floor balcony area.

tomorrow, must study psych. oh man...must study study...

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Thursday, October 09, 2003 by Jon

yay cubbies won big last night. w0000000t! i was talking to a girl sitting next to me in aas... she said she was from stl, but she was now rooting for the cubs. attagirl! way to come to the GOOD side! hahah yeas. she actually went to parkway central, alma mater to tiffany and current school of angie, steven, ryan, emmiline, and... yea many other kids.

*interesting fact*

there is an upcoming film called 21 Grams. apparently, 21 grams is the amount of weight that the body loses when you die. thats the fact. and so some think that it could be the soul leaving the body after death. iiiiinteresting.......

so your soul weighs 21 grams.

should be an interesting weekend. har har. the weather has been nice this week. and im surviving midterm time so far. oh and the Tampax Runstoppers are now ranked 7th overall in UIUC Coed Flag Football. haha yea...

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003 by Jon


so Arnold Schwarzeneger is the new Governor of California...?


anyways... my coed flag football team won tonight! we are 2-0.

Tampax RunStoppers 22
The Other Team 6

haha thats right. Go Tampax RunStoppers!

but boo. Cubbies lose game 1 :(

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Monday, October 06, 2003 by Jon

ah yay. a good night.

Ocelot Onslaught 3-0 after coming back from a 12-0 deficit at halftime with 34 unanswered points in the 2nd half. Props to alex with 3 sacks in a row.

and then!



RIKA585: this is awesome

ChestnutLuv4557: well i guess a little bit of cheering wont hurt. GO CUBS! lol

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Saturday, October 04, 2003 by Jon

har har. y'all know that picture of Nemo in sushi right? well that got old. so i made my own version, TAF style. hahaha.

go look at it here


ok so i dont think the link works straight from this cuz blogger wont let it (seriously blogger technicians, get with it, youre losing to xanga) so just check for the link on me profile

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003 by Jon

if the cubs and red sox meet each other in the world series...

be wary. i think the end will be near.

im serious.

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Monday, September 29, 2003 by Jon

oh what the! haha the saved by the bell continues...

bridgette wilson played ginger, the ditzy waitress on the show...who i JUST saw in an episode i was watching and tooootally didnt realize it was her. hahaha. yea bridgette wilson is a) the girl from Billy Madison b) the girl from the Mortal Kombat movie (which is also old school), and c) Pete Sampras's wife. she goes sizzle sizzle...

dude. this is all blowing me away.

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by Jon

oh my...

haha, the ABC - Kid's website is for kids right? well look at the center right picture of their SBTB picture section...and i remind you...this is a website for kids who like Barney and My Little Pony etc...

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by Jon

wow. has anyone ever seen someone from their past and felt like, their heart have a burst of joy and happyness within? its a good feeling isnt it? man, that made me feel really good. who did i see? well...

i downloaded some saved by the bell episodes. i watched the opening credits (for the first time in many many years) and then i saw "Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski" and the 3 clips of her waving, spinning in a modeling pose, and looking up and smiling (which i remember was from an episode where she was at the Max, and she was smiling at Zak)...haha really surprised at how...really good...that made me feel. hahah. oh man, i forgot how much i watched this show, how it was such a big part of me growing up. hearing the intro, awesome.

and the episode was a good one too. i caught some jokes that i dont know if i would have caught when i was younger...hahaha. mr. tuttle RIPPED on mr. belding's wife, oh man. it was the episode where they all joined the glee club, and i remember they played the stereo and lipsynced it to make them sound good. and tori spelling was screeches gf Violet. hahaha...aww...great times!

im pretty close to euphoria right now. : )

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Sunday, September 28, 2003 by Jon


send me your school pictures! haha yea! send send send!

Jon Lee
303 E Green 3B
Champaign, IL 61820

tell other tafers to send to me too!

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by Jon

woot woot!

Ocelot Onslaught 2-0 after a Week 2 victory. Final score 26-6.

And a TD catch for Jonny Lee. Holler.

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Saturday, September 27, 2003 by Jon

yea cubs win the central! Holler!

so im at home. and this keyboard i weird on blogger...

anyways, got 5 hours of sleep and then went to minio's this morning. competed in bridge the hurt my groinal area. har har. actually no, its not a laughing matter. it hurts... :(

had to leave at 1130 to come home and work.

im so tired. work at the ice cream place isnt too much has a lot of perks. i got to see friend, lik ajit! he was randomly home too! haha yay. and then HANNAH! yea hannah! shes supposed to call me in 2 hours, lets see if she does, hehe. then beth and jeff are in town too! crazyness! all these siue people! woot! and of course other various people.

i gave extras to 2 ppl, because the were wearing Springfield High apparel. haha yea, i think i might make that a policy now, if you represent shs, you get more goodies.

but most importantly, some people at the mall just make me laugh. little girls in trendy clothing is usual. tonight there must be a homecoming going on cuz...i saw people dressed up with corsages and boutineers on. but i dont know why you would walk around the mall while all dressed up before your homecoming...yea....

aww there was this little girl who got ice cream! and she was so polite and like...mature. haha. she asked nicely and enunceated and just seemed to be so much older than she looked. it was so cool, haha.

and then there was this 13 yr old "cool" girl who couldnt decide what flavor to get. and kept asking her friend frantically. i tried not to laugh. but then she like threw her arms in the air and her coin purse was open and...all these coins went everywhere...and she needed every single one of them because she didnt have enough money for a lot of ice cream AND the movie she was going to watch.

ah the mall...a great place to watch people (mainly funny teenagers) and laugh.

im tired.

go cubs!

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by Jon

yay tafCrush pot luck tonight at anita's! hahaha AWESOME. dude. Anita foseriously is a ridiculously good cook. and an even more ridiculously good BAKER. her cake she made at 2am yesterday... OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS WHAT THEY EAT IN HEAVEN. it was soooooooo good and soooooooooooo moist. oh man oh man. it like seriously melted in my mouth, like a liquid cake almost. amazing. simply amazing. seriously, words cannot describe how impeccably incredible this cake was. I asked anita if i could marry her. haha someone else actually asked her that before because of her cooking skills. holler.

so yea it was just me anita betty justin and ming Crushing tonight. alex and ben yao had dinner dates (??? hahaha i dont know anything), jeff had a buddies bday, and roger and gill were at church.... too bad ming anita and i planned this all out like... an hour before we actually started, haha, we coulda gotten more ppl.

pictures will be up on the tafCrush site later.

I was also able to educate betty and anita's roommates that springfield and champaign are NOT in "southern illinois". WE ARE IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS. chicago people, please, just because something is south of chicago doesnt make it the southern part of this large state.

yea go me, making the state a better place by educating a few chicago people at a time.

mini-olympics tomm with cfc. i have to wake up at 8am for it. i dont even wake up that early for class... but then i have to leave early and go back home. to work. booooooooooooooooooooooo.

but all would be ok if i can have some more of anita's cake...

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Thursday, September 25, 2003 by Jon

430am. another sleepless night. whack.

stumbled onto dans site for TAF pics. its great and happee :)

now lets try to go back to bed...

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by Jon

i cant wait for autumn to come, for the trees to turn all colors red yellow and brown.

i cant wait to drive in my car with the windows down and the music up at dusk.

i cant wait to see tafers here at uiuc during the itasa retreat

i cant wait to make a (possible) visit out east before Thanksgiving.

i cant wait to play football with stl tafers the weekend after Thanksgiving
(note to self: tell stl tafers to get a football game together)

i cant wait for christmas break and the possibilty of a whole slew of trips.

i cant wait for itasa ec at yale! i cant wait to see the view from dreas backyard!

kaginnay! make things go faster! i want to play play play!

"i say its love, its hiding deep, deep down, inside us all so maybe we should let it up above from deep inside, oh love is not that tough if you can admit it too, well baby, your hearts into a thousand pieces glass stop. Only, old and wise, with crowded eyes, you can see what i can cuz i blindly, throw my faith to the face, of the next pretty girl to come my way..."

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 by Jon

yaaaay! i love tuesday nights.

its good to do nothing after a day of a french test and an unexpectedly harder than thought to be accounting exam. boo on that crizznizzle-ap.

but after me was done, tyler and i went to walmart and bought food. potato salad, i love you. i also bought my first real cd in awhile, Maroon 5's Songs about Jane. i remember when pauline and mayline were driving me back to their house post-taC, and pauline said that was all our little mei-mei has been listening too. haha im slow.

came home...was so hungy! eated some potato salad and hot and sour soup. haha thats an odd combo... but then made me some grilled chicken and carrots... all while watching Joe Schmo! yea! actually tonights wasnt AS funny as the previous ones, but still good. and then an episdoe of queer eye for the straight guy. dude tuesday nights are SO GOOD for cable tv!

7:00 - 8:00 Playmakers on ESPN! (last weeks episode, ill just be a week behind)
8:00 - 9:00 Joe Schmo on Spike TV!
9:00 - 10:00 Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo!


haha and then tyler and i spent like half an hour coming up with new outfits with our clothes. yea...

did minimal homework. got into another REAL tafchat live. haha yeas. tafchat live with karen jeff kevyau ruth ann and andrea. i need to see if can call 3 way on my own cell phone as to not be the constant dead end....

and then tonight to continue with music stuff after buying maroon5...i dled a whole heckuva lotta songs that ive wanted to for awhile. Some recommendations for you!

Jurassic 5 - The Influence
Jurassic 5 - Whats Golden
G Love & Special Sauce - Milk & Cereal (haha this one is just funny)
G Love & Special Sauce - Rodeo Clown
Howie Day - Morning After
Howie Day - Perfect Time of the Day (dl it in a few days...its not really released yet...)

and of course, just get a bunch of maroon5 songs and youll come across some of the better ones.

well i dled a bunch of other ben harper, jack johnson, and some christian songs but i havent really listened to many of them yet.

and randomly...Goo Goo Dolls were downloaded.

oh and some from recently that you should get as well:

Jason Mraz - 0% Interest (acoustic)
Something Corporate - Konstantine (my song of the moment)
Jars of Clay - Fade to Grey
Dave Matthews w/ Tim Reynolds - Seek Up
Hanson - Wheres the Love (hahaha, remember them?!?!)

yea. im sure youre ALL going to go download them now...right? right. haha yea...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 by Jon


tiffany is AWESOME!

she had lunch with my cousin @ cornell. I am thoroughly impressed.


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Monday, September 22, 2003 by Jon

shout out to ruth ann. her and i have been on the phone for 169 minutes so far...and counting! we go girl.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003 by Jon

hahaha ok ok ok.

i forgot andrea and zeyen at upenn.

who thinks a GREAT name for them would be Talphabet???

get it? andrea and zeyen? A to Z?!?!?!

IceQbs17: hahahahahahahahahaha


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by Jon

aww yaay! a piece of me has returned. : )

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by Jon

haha awesome. i assume OSU TAFers are calling themselves TAFkrew. so now got

UIUC - tafCrush
Umich - tafbrats
OSU - TAFkrew

haha us tafers, were so cool arent we?

howa, catdogg, rosanna and roger...and if im forgetting anyone else. represent msu!
and i guess columbia with marge alex and davef can come up with something.


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by Jon


Ocelot Onslaught 1-0 after Week 1 with a 42-0 victory in UIUC Flag Football.

i am warren sapp. i got a sack. haha yea...

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by Jon

ouch. sad. tear.

from elliots xanga, i read that this girl he knows passed away today/last night. and there was the link to her xanga.

that gets to me, even though i never knew the girl at all. reading the thoughts and life of someone who has died, its a weird weird thing. she posted yesterday too. pictures of friends and family. its sad man. and then people comment on it telling her they will miss her and all of that. its like an eternal (as eternal as xanga will be) book of people wishing you goodbye and how they miss you and all that. i find that part cool. incredibly cool for some reason. but at the same time incredibly sad to see people say goodbye for real. forever.

i think this just makes online journals that much more personable? and connecting? or something. i wish everyone had a blogger/xanga. i wish everyone could share their lives (or to whatever extent we actually do share on these) with everyone. so then i could read up what long lost friends are up too and whats going on in everyone's mind, without actually having to have a conversation. i dont know if thats good to not have a conversation... but it makes it easier to just read blogs. it keeps me informed and most importantly, connected.

but of course. dont get too caught up in these blogs and these xangas. you gotta live to have interesting entries right? yea...cherish it.

and yea, the girl, whos name is Melissa, died because she didnt have her seatbelt on.

WEAR YOUR DAMN SEATBELT PEOPLE. especially some certain people from *coughSTLcough* *coughANGIEcoughcough* and *coughAJITcough*.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003 by Jon

oh yea. i got the wasp of my back. i went outside and shook around...and it wouldnt come off so tyler brushed it off with a notebook. good job tyty!

in other news:

beh. beh beh beh beh beh.

tomorrow is a new day. lets hope its good.

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Friday, September 19, 2003 by Jon

ah crap now its on my back...

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by Jon

theres a pissed off wasp right in front of me...

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by Jon

Courtesy of Wayne

I highlighted the lines that caught my attention...hope you dont mind wayne

"Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23

guard your heart, not because it's a prisoner, but because as the source of life, it's to be protected. proverbs says it's a "wellspring," a fountain or the source of a stream. water flows from a wellspring, giving life to all who drink from it. however, a polluted wellspring literally kills. one of the biggest and life-costing problems in the third world is contaminated water sources.

guard your heart from pollution. keep its water as pure as the snow it melted from. tend to the stream, removing branches and trash to keep it flowing smoothly. guard it with love and pride, as a dog guards his master's children.

however, don't build artificial barriers around it. streams need to pick its own route. they have a mind of their own -- they know where they're suppose to go. this freedom is especially important in the spring, as the ice and snow melts and swells the stream over its banks, which waters plants when they need the water the most. don't build walls around the stream -- deer and other wildlife need to drink from it to keep from thirst."

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Thursday, September 18, 2003 by Jon

a ladybug flew into my face today. crazy ladybugs...

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by Jon

while walking to class, grungy looking man on street corner asks tyler and i for some change so he could buy himself a drink. we said no. and kept on walking.


because he was asking us for change while having a conversation on his cell phone. yes. on his nice nokia CELL PHONE.


daheck is up wit dat?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 by Jon

for some reason i just cant fall asleep at night. i go to bed around 2am and its usually 3 - 330 by the time i actually succumb to slumber.

anyone see the article about how you sleep is linked to your personality? well i have like 3 sleeping styles (maybe this is why i cant fall asleep lately, because i dont have a set pattern...) but yea. the article is here.

i used to sleep on my side with my arms around my blanket and legs around it too. that means i have a social and easygoing personality. ok so that could work. but i also do "the freefall, flat on the tummy with the hands at the sides of the head, is the most unusual position. Only 6.5 percent of people prefer it and they are usually brash and gregarious."

so im brash and gregarious sometimes? shrug. normally i end up on my back facing up..."Unassuming, good listeners usually adopt the starfish position -- on the back with outstretched arms and legs. "

so basically i have 3 positions with different meanings. meaning im one whack person. awesome.

but i still dont know how to get myself to fall asleep...maybe my queen sized sheets on a double bed or my feet hanging off the bed have something to do with my problem...

and in other news: ladybugs seem highly attracted to me. last week a lady bug joined me and took a ride on my cell phone for a few blocks. sunday the same thing, a lady bug chilling on my cell phone in my hand. and then today one flew onto my arm and i think it bit me too...and finally as i was sitting in class i noticed one crawling from my right shoulder all the way to my left shoulder.

now if that could only happen with real ladies as opposed to ladybugs.

oh and finally one more thing...tafcrush site updated.

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Monday, September 15, 2003 by Jon

aww yaaaayyy...happy day!

First tyler and i FINALLY got the bar to hold our toilet paper from our landlords! it only took them 3 weeks...!

and then just now, the old Friends episode with the prom video of ross rachel and monica in high school was on, and then ross and rachel kissed! awwwwwww.....makes me all warm and fuzzy inside : ) : ) : )

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by Jon

ahahaha...dude. this joe schmoe show? hilarious. although i feel bad for the guy...hahaha....

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by Jon

yo yo yo.

tafcrushed it up today! woohoo go uiuc tafcrush! better than that other school...haha yea. julie came into visit us today, and linn did friday too! yea we get visitors! because people love us more :)

we showed julie around the quad and the union and then went to Za's for pizza. and then we went to Evo for bubble tea...and evo is now like Joy Yee's. crazy right? joy-yees is that ridiculously popular and pretty good restaurant and bubble tea place in chicago chinatown and now evo is like it. Roger said something about Joy-yees franchising evo? regardless, when you walk in now they have waiters and waitresses asking if youd like a seat or if you just want boba "to go". haha yea weird. and they have those wood shelves filled with mangoes, very joy-yees-esque, and yea, the bubble tea...all fresh fruit and it was good. yaaahhhmmmyyyyy :)

pictures on the tafcrush site later. holler.

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Saturday, September 13, 2003 by Jon

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003 by Jon


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by Jon

meh. beeeh....

what do i do...advertising or boradcast journalism...broadcast journalism or advertising....

i dont want to think.


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Tuesday, September 09, 2003 by Jon

My Story

ok so I was driving down to st. louis this weekend. I was cruising along the highway at about 80mph, my usual speed, when i got this urge to pray. I looked ahead of me, no cars. I looked behind me, no cars. The highwas was straight. So...haha yea...i closed my eyes and decided to pray. Now yea you can pray with your eyes open...but meh, i didnt. So i closed my eyes. I remember thinking to myself something along the lines of "hey im going 80mph on the highway with my eyes closed, this might be stupid, but whatever! God will protect me...right?" So in essance, i was testing Him. seeing if he would protect me while i did something unreasonable.

I finished praying and then opened up my eyes. oh nut.

I was on the left shoulder of the road, headed towards the grassy highway median. I quickly veered back to the right, probably too quickly. My car veered hard right and my tires screeched. On instinct i veered back hard to the left. My car veered to the left and my tires screeched more, all while i was losing more control of the car. So i veered back to the right one more and car and i did a hard 180 turn, i lost control, and i went flying in the the grassy median tail end backwards in a cloud of tire smoke and screeching. My car came to a long halt eventually. I sat there, hands on the wheel...saying "..."

I looked around and felt fine, and i was. I ended up facing the other side of the highway, and i could see some cars going slowly and some stopping to help. I threw my had out the window to signify that i was ok. I got out, stood up, and looked at my car. I saw a hubcap in the path of torn up grass and dirt that i had left, but luckily it wasnt mine. all 4 tires were ok, no flats, nothing. Everything was as ok as it could have been.

Moral of the story: Dont test God. He will mess you up. But He also protected me. I was fine. it could have been a lot worse. Later on that night when i was in st louis, i saw a couple crashes, one car flipped over on its top. That could have been me, it really could have. But it wasnt. So yea, dont close your eyes going 80mph, and dont test.

But there is more to the story. This is where it gets really interesting, and when i hear these stories in church or youth groups, i usually dont believe them all that much and take them for granted. but it happened to me.

As i was standing there, one of the cars from the other side of the highway had stopped. it was 2 guys, 2 guys you wouldnt normally think would stop and help a stranger on the highway. They were in a big Ford F400 truck, and the driver was dressed in baggy jeans, no shirt, had a shaved head and tattooed, while his friend was decked out in Hurley skater gear and earings. Stereotypically, not your stereotypical good samaritans. They asked me if i was ok and all that, and then they offered me help in pushing out my car. I didn't think i needed to, but since they obliged i said sure. I got back in the car and reveresed up the bank back onto the highway. I said thanks and they said no problem and ran off back to their car. I remember wishing i would have said more, or could have given them more gratitude for stopping and helping me. But i didnt, i was embarrassed at what i had done and wanted to be back on my way. silly me. But as the guys ran back to their car, i noticed the tattoo on the back of shirtless driver with the shaved head and baggy jeans. I saw it with my own eyes, saw what it was, but somehow it didnt register as to what the tattoo was until a day later sitting in church next to alice.

Across the top of his back, starting from the middle out to his left shoulder blade and right shoulder blade, were wings. They were two wings.

an angel? my guardian angel?

I think so.

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Monday, September 08, 2003 by Jon

aiyo. reading book for my asian-american studies class. its about the history of asian-americans. right now its on the beginning, when "chinamen" and other ethnicities came over to america to work, and work, and work. and the discrimination and racism and personal hardships they all faces. its sad. sad sad sad.


comments should be back up tomorrow. i will also make my blog about the car incident and the sign from above. its whack. but cool. holler.

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Sunday, September 07, 2003 by Jon

Live From Alice and Alvin's House!

Helllooooo! whatup peeps. jonizzle here live from the Wang residence. holler. twas a good day seeing my tafers, even though i couldnt see one piece of nasal goodiness for too long...but ees ok...i will get "full" tomorrow. har har har. yes. bubble tea'd it up with alice...and oh yea! it was WHACK! it was just alice and i and like...people kept coming in to the store and STARING at us. da heezy? i think they must have seen me, 20 year old guy, with 15 year old alice who is 5 feet even (but i think less...) and looks like she is 4. haha yea....we got a lot of glances because i assume people thought we were like...together on a date or something. haha no.....

alice smells. AND she has cooties. eeeeewwwwwww....

got white castle before that, it was yahmmy, and after bubble tea we went to the Chen's house and alice and i whooped up on the boys in signal. holler.

tomorrow, tpc and lunch maybe? and then a surprise!

and i also did a 360 spin out on the highway and almost died. it was actually very traumatic... haha yea...but im ok...and i think my car is too somehow... but yea...ill tell yall more bout that later. peace out!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003 by Jon

hmm yes. just switched from majoring in econ to majoring in Advertising and then getting a masters in Broadcast journalism. IM SCURRED! AAAHHH!!! what am i doing?? is it the right thing?!?! will i want to go back to econ?!?! aaaaahhhhhh!!!


- I didnt want to do econ because i dont want to take business stats & calc etc...this i fear might have been in the back of my mind.

- Also in the back of my mind, I think watching What Women Want and seeing mel gibson have a fun time at work makes me think advertising will be "fun". what if they made a movie about fun econ work??? would everything be different???

- Broadcast journalism....whaddafunk am i doing? well ok, i do LOVE ESPN. and i would love to work for them. so this would be close...but....but....meh. boo. haha oh man...scary!

what am i going to do with life?!?!?

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by Jon

heres a really random thought i had...

what if the person you eventually married was also someone you talked to online? I dont mean someone you met online, but someone you actually knew and just talked online with. After you get married, well and assuming you both still go on aim...where would you put that person on your buddy list? would you make a whole new seperate group for you and only your spouse such as "Me and My Better Half"? or would you just leave them in the same group they started out in, be it "Friends", "Girls", "Studs", "TAFers" (haha), or whatever the group is called? I mean, its your spouse right? youd think they would get special consideration on your buddy list, kinda like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry got ranked up to #1 on his girlfriends phone speed dial. but phone speed dial, thats so 90's...and were not in the 90's anymore.

but yea, would you even have them on your buddy list? i mean if you are married, youre going to be living together, and quite possibly sharing one computer, so neither of you would ever be on at the same time, so why have them on your buddy list at all? Well maybe if one is at work...but really this is all too much interesting to me and i think i might be going to deep into this...haha, but interesting nonetheless....

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Monday, September 01, 2003 by Jon

aww yea. peeps page updated. link on the left. sorry to all who i wasnt able to add this time around...i added 12 ppl then i got tired of it, hehe. and then my internet crashed last night so i lost all the work i had done, so yea i did it again today.

comments should be back up tomm? YACCS be having some problems.

its a rainy day. hahaha, but i'll always talk to my "sunshine" later. haha oh im so good. but yea, rainy day = interesting game of football. lets see how this works out....

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Sunday, August 31, 2003 by Jon

yay for 3 day weekend. im tired after a fun fun fun and happy trip to chicago. yay for tafers! the highlight? picking my booger :) har har. haha yea ok, so 3 day weekend means monday off, means i can catch up on sleep. and not only was chicago fun, but it was also productive, cuz i got to do laundry at rogers house! holler.

but the anti-highlight of the weekend, which i guess is the lowlight...well actually this wasnt the "lowlight" of the weekend, cuz the lowlight really was having to stop picking my booger and let it go, :( . haha but yea ok. anyways. driving home in hard rain when youre tired is NOT good. plus not really knowing your way around the chicago suburb highways and paying tolls all the time sucks...but yea...i almost crashed a couple times. haha. nearly passed out on multiple multiple occasions, combined with bad visibility...its not a good thing kids. if only someone was in the car with me!

cant wait to sleep. hungy for sleep.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003 by Jon

hahaha this is awesome. props to you crystal for getting them done! It was a message left for me on Friendster. Holler!

"I'm a friend of Kevan's from high school and when
I saw your pic on his site, I went "aaa! it's the
cool taiwan photos guy!" I had asked Kevan about
getting photos taken in Taiwan and he didn't know
about it personally but showed me the site of
your's (at least I'm assuming it was yours since
I don't think Kevan has that many friends who've
gotten pics taken of them dripping, ha). Anyway,
I just wanted to tell you that your photos were
really great and they inspired me to get my own
photos taken in Taiwan on my recent trip there
(though the studio I went to didn't have anything
as fun as yours...the most interesting was a wall
of crumpled aluminum foil and a wall plastered w/
magazine articles from Cosmopolitan)."

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Thursday, August 21, 2003 by Jon

yea. just so you all remember:

we should all strive to be who we are at TAF back home, in our "real world". Be as happy, open, loving and caring as you are at TAF. strive to be the forever TAFer, and if you do all of this, you accomplish the goals of TAF. all you need to do is love, and you'll impact mankind in a unique and compassionate way. break down your walls, eliminate the barriers, just open up and it will come.

taf love love love to you, whether you being a tafer is false or true.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003 by Jon

Surfed through about 100 TAF xangas last night. VERY INTERESTING. and that is an understatement. But here are 2 funny excerpts:

"Steve Lin came back!!! that was super cool!...too bad he didn't PD for JH"

haha ouch...

"can't believe TAF is over again! it's so sad! i wanna be an ILTer next year, so i have to remember to apply and all that stuff, and i hope i actually can become one, even though the other people i know who are applying, aren't exactly my best friends. JH swing choir this year was the BOMB!!! thanks Angie! while i'm at it, i might as well thank the other JH counselors too. Christine and Jon for being awesome PD's, Dan for being an awesome speaker, Amy for being from Canada (eh?), Alex for making me hurl, and being a great counselor, Andri for being so nice, Chris for being invisible, Regan for being even more invisible than Chris was, but being identifiable with his yellow shirt, Will, for adopting the Ramen Wings while Alex snoozed, Kelly for always smiling (hehe), NJ Jon Lee for making life confusing, Margaret, for being a great counselor last year, and anyone else who i forgot, sorry about that. Also, a special ShoutOut to the ILTs this year (Jeremy, Meecho, Lil, Tinya, and Ryan) for adding a special "Zing" to TAF spirit and fun this year. Oh yea, and to Roger Lin for forgetting my name, even though he was my counselor last year, and Melody Peng for being a great big sib, even though all she could talk about was how hot Alex Chen was. "

hahahahahahaha. ahahahahahahahaha.

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by Jon


"TAF of Your Life"
Junior High Choir
TAF Night, August 9th, 2003

Another year at TAF, the best week of our days
When the week is done, we go our separate ways.
But all these memories will all stay in our minds
Such an experience is difficult to find

It's something unpredictable, but in the end its right
I hope you had the time of your life.

Every year we drive and fly to learn at TAF
To share good times together to have fun and to laugh
Thanks to the PD's, Counselors, and the ILTs
Us campers really liked the fun activities

It's something unpredictable, but in the end its right
I hope you had the time of your life.

The time of gathering, all places we are from
The time to make new friends and play under the sun
We never want to leave cuz of the love received.
Just make the best of it and remember all we believed.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end its right
I hope you had the time of your life.

Let's try to remember all the good times in our life.
Don't forget to use your knowledge in family strife.
Try to make the best of your memories tonight.
Sprint to paradise and experience the light.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end its right
I hope you had the time of your life.

This week in Junior High, the time has passed us by.
We watch the tears slide down as all of JH cry.
Here comes the moment to say bye to all our friends.
No matter where we are, Junior High love never ends.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end its right
I hope you had the TAF of your life.

happy tears :*)

extra maintenance: comments fixed, links updated. holla.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003 by Jon

ah yes. now taf really is over :( . "Post-TAF" time is done and everyone is starting/heading back to school. But oh what a magnificent post-TAF after an awesome awesome TAF. haha this is sad. im posting about post-taf instead of real taf....odd.

but driving andrea to chicago might have been the best car ride ever! this, i remind you, was more than a week ago. hehe yea...but 6+ hours in the car together from Manchester to Chicago due to getting lost and having to go this way and that was somehow NOT BORING AT ALL! ah, good times, drea, good times. actually better than good. ridiculously good, almost should be illegal cuz it was so good.

turn turn we almost become dizzy....and that runaway wheelchair....and the ohare metro!...getting lost in the ghetto....taking pictures while driving....almost getting killed by a bus trying to follow alex yang to chinatown....haha yea. aww yay good times. So yea, that was sunday, and needless to say, the 6 hour drive was only supposed to be around yea andrea missed her flight and had to stay till monday! happy nights at rogers house therefore. yes andrea, i think it was a magnificent time with you, and our rapport! oh what wonderful rapport we built! haha. penn girl, with your wharton words. awww. me miss drea. drea clicks. i need some more rapport!

but i digress. came home that monday, and thats when i was really taf sad. no taf chats to come home to either! but then tuesday, goo goo dolls concert with angie and tiffany coming up! yaaaay! tafers in springfield! staying the night! seeing what a real fair is! and the goo goo dolls impressed me, very good live. and we took a picture next to a saltwater TAFfy stand. haha yea, we are sillie. chili's steak n shake, ice deli, fair food, the palace of ice cream and yogurt (hollaaa), and buffet city. angie...seriously...we eat too food much when were around each other...

so the girls left wednesday afternoon. taf sad again :(

but then! off to stl for a big taf reunion weekend! yeeeeaaaa!!! got there late, around 1030 for the Taiwanese Church lock-in. but first went to Dennys (food) with angie. and we had our first mozzerella together....wink wink...and then back to the church. it was happee! many tafers...tim jeng didnt believe it, haha. ryan and angie human flea'd. karen lai and albert wu were the other out of towners there. pretty much all da stl kids. yea, lot of us. youth leader Brenda had me do storytime. haha yea that was fun. played around, good post taf breakdowns with my represented staff of angie, tiff, and ryan, and (food) was ordered. and then eventually sleep! i snored. tiffany heard. she poked me. it did not help. haha.

woken up early...left church, went to angies house, we showa'd, and then...brunch at IHOP (food) with tiffany and albert. mmm...stuffed french toast (which i also recommended to john D while at Rogers last sunday night post-taf). yes, fuuull. so what do you do when youre full? invite yourself over to alice and alvins house to take a nap! haha yes. and nap we did. we all met up there...all meaning: me angie albert tiffany alice alvin ryan eric emily karen tim jon chen. and then it was time for...bubble tea (food)!!! bubble tea'd it up, then angie and i went shopping around the loop. the loop is more fun when its daytime and stores are open, as opposed to the late night rendezvous i had with my siue crew. picture of me and angie in the loop. sadness. haha, but we WERE dressed like twins that day. black taf03 camper shirt, bootcut jeans with whiskers, white shirt underneath, and black old navy flip flops. if i was someone else and saw us walking down the street together, i would be amused. har har. we bought some beads for necklaces, and my necklace is awesomeness. but yea...we were in the loop for a good long time...maybe 2 hours? a lot of it spent testing out every couch in this furniture store. i seriously think i could make my own couch. i mean really, how hard could it be? all i need is fabric and a lot of stuffing right? yea...simple.

so after the 2 hours walking around...back to bubble tea (food). i got starfruit...not good. eew. hehe. called ryan up, they were all at the jon and jeremys hanging out, so we headed there. but then we got sidetracked at the Galleria. banana republic sale! yaaay! and i convinced angela to purchase an orange shirt so now she has color in her wardrobe other than black/white/navy blue! i am amazing.

so after another to the chens. got there and....napped again. and soon after it was time for...dinner! after some hard decision making...we ended up at Lions Choice (food). au jus soup is good. and 10 cent ice cream cones are also good. yaammmyyyyy :) then after that, cosmic bowling! played 1 game, then the next was ryan me steven wang and eric vs tim jon alice and albert. we won, we played again and well, ryan had to leave and he was our heart and soul so...we didnt win. plus tim amazingly bowled a 208....2 turkey balls! haha it was impressive, very impressive. and then back to angies to sleeeeeeeep.

i was awoken the next morning by a voice. i turned to look up, no one was there. looked at the door, no one was there. i was confused. then angie said "here" and well...yea she was behind me. was weird, i guess you had to be there to understand the funny-ness. went to church, saw jh campers steven hsieh, gloria, and chingting...and chingtings brother talked to me a lot, hehe. church was good...youth leader brenda told the church i saved the lock in because of my storytime. haha yea...shrug. after church, ryan, me, emily, karen, tiffany, angie lin, angie, and gloria went to panera (food). jh table! wahaha. good salad. good soup. good selfmade lemonade. and maybe some of the best pickles ever....wink wink. teeheehee. haha. im so cheesy. but you know you liiiike. Booger.

took emily and karen home, karen had to leave :( then tiffany ryan and i went back to angies and we made my beautiful necklace and ryan...attempted to make one for himself...but he was not successful. tiffany did though however. shes using that cornell education. mmmmhmm. and yea, angie actually made mine cuz...yea, too hard for me. haha. its so pretty, and it makes me feel pretty too. and whitty...and...yea ok. they went bye bye, angie and i then....hmmm, what do you think? did we eat (food) or nap? yea ok, we napped. for like 10 minutes...? although it felt like an hour. weird. but of course, we got fed some cheescake (food), and then we departed. went to walmart to print pics, played in chairs, then...haha geez...went to red lobster (food) for dinner. AND WE ATE SO MUCH FOOD. oh man ok, seriously, if you have never been to red lobster, GO GO GO and eat their CHEDDAR BAY BISCUITS. they are bliss. we made love to our biscuits. and it was good. oh so good. and then pina colada shrimp for angie...which is ridiculously perfect for her...and well...i had a lot of food. BUT THOSE BISCUITS. askdl;kasdl;ksad;klasdl;ksad. i miss you biscuits.... :(

so now we were full. went to target, saw some cool things, but they closed. soooo, back to walmart. walmart fun. julie weng and tiffany came! yay julie! weird weird sketchy animal picture book. dirrty. haha. "rise to the occasion" and "anything goes". haha. eew.

twas getting late, angie had to be home, so sped to alices and picked up forgotten hoodie and bandana, and back to angies. packed up, said bye bye, and off i went! made it back home in good time too. yay. but taf over :(

or should i say, taf2003 over. dont worry kids, TAF2004 is already in the works.

And by the way, mark it down now: TAF2003, August 1st - 8th. Theme: Ethics and Values. its only about 350 days away. start getting ready!

so yea...that has been my past week. throw in the K-swiss tournament at the Park, this new fangled Friendster craze, post-TAF wrap ups, and getting ready for UIUC, and well its been busy. and its not going to get any slower. I DIDNT EVEN SAY BYE TO TRACI. IM F-ING TERRIBLE. seriously. sadness. kjsd;lksdal;ks;lkl;sadkasd.

hey at least this means tafers soon at school. i cant wait to be settled in. tyler...i need help. hehe.

Ruth Ann is an awesome buddy and an awesome crush. yet why doesnt she get drawn on while i get drawn all over, even though shes right next to me?!?!?! Alex...Tiffany...i know it was you.

who's your TAF crush?

so yea. taf. taf2003 was awesome. i dont think i could tell events like the way i did with post taf cuz...that would just be too much. but i can say that it was one of the best years ive had. i feel as if ive grown so much and i feel oh so refreshed with life and with people. the TAF spirit is a rockin, and i hope all the jh campers felt that. awesome speaker in Dan, hes the man. even awesomer co-PD in christine, she has taught me so much its unbelievable. CHRISTINE IS A STUD. and of course, an AWESOME staff. i dont know how we got so lucky to have so many counselors and ilts that are studs. oh man, oh so good. Racism workshop...sad times man, sad sad sad f-ing times. Ive never cried at TAF in my 11 years. i dont recall. it changed during that workshop. yea. power to you campers, power to you. swing choir! yaay. the campers liked it, and i know guys helped other guys out. that makes me feel best of all. TAF Night was awesome too with JH kungfu and folkdance. awesome. Punk'd! awesome Punk'd revenge! Jersey Jon can cook. mmmm. awesome staff. awesome campers. just awesome. This 1 small paragraph does TAF no justice WHATSOEVER. i dont know if i ever could write up something that articulates well just how much TAF means to me and to others, and how it has changed me. Amazing, simply amazing. I love TAF. I will stop the rambling now though, but just so you all know, TAF is the best place in this world, thanks to everyone who is there.

ok im done. this has been one long post. Thank you for reading. If youre a TAFer, i hope you had an amazing week. If youre not a TAFer, open up to everyone around you. break down walls. let people in. spread the love. love love love. actually, TAFers, you guys (or gals?) do it too. we should all do it. Spread the TAF Love.

and remember kids "turns out not where but its who youre with that really matters"

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Thursday, August 14, 2003 by Jon

taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf blues :(

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Saturday, August 02, 2003 by Jon

the car is packed.

the countdown is at 1.

the cell phone is getting charged.

the excitement is setting in.

sleep now. wake up in 6. final checks, and im off! to TAF2003.

happy happy!

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Thursday, July 31, 2003 by Jon

wow what a good day. Work was exquisite today since i really didnt work. I got to sleep in till 9:15!!! WOWZERS! Its so much more peaceful to drive to work at 930 than at 715am, when im groggy, its humid out due to morning dew (that sounds funny), the sun is blinding in my eyes, and there is morning traffic. At 9:30 ive had 2 hours extra sleep, its nice and crisp out, the sun is higher up in the sky, and theres no traffic! aaahhh so good. And then the class i had to teach got cancelled! So i just hung around and played games with the other tennis classes. sidenote: i cant beat kids playing left-handed. Jessica got me a free oil change too, since her dad owns Jiffy Lube! it had been 7000 miles since my last oil change. haha yea...

but the highlight of the day must have been going out to Lake Springfield with hana, lindsay, and steve. it was sooo nice out! and the lake is really beautiful! despite the gross and fugly looking water...haha yea. gorgeous lake front houses, a beautiful day, free lunch, and i got to drive a boat. hahaha oh man, it doesnt get much better than that. those 3 went bridge jumping. haha dude...that looks scurry. thats way to high for my blood...

i want a boat now. and i want to live on the lake. but i dont want my future children to go to chatham glenwood. go springfield high!

worked tonight. tyler, sam, linz, brian, and haley came by. haley has cubs season tickets. OH MY. how did she not tell me this earlier?!?!? oh so good. although Wrigley IS 4 hours of way....maybe i can go after TAF....

and speaking of TAF, tiffany and angie might come up tomorrow to work on swing choir! Yea JH staff! you so good! haha i kinda said it half joking and not thinking you would really come...but hey, im impressed, you go girls. swing choir is now going to be holla-riffic.

linz sam and brian came over to watch The Life of David Gale tonight. good flick. disturbing images sometimes...but yea. linz and sam are going down to stl tomm, and i leave for taf, and then linz goes to Mizzou the no more linz for the summer.

ahhh yes. a nice long blog. sorry for not updating my peoples, but ive been mucho busy. but today was refreshing! and only 2 days before taf! DAH CRAP! hahaha. im so excurted! hollllaaaaaaa

thank You for this day.

peace out.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 by Jon

yes! who now owns the high score in Pipe Dream at the Park?? oh its MEEEEEE!

taf is getting cloooser. week and a half. booyah.

me tired.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003 by Jon

formosadiva21: are you in a frat?

Thendxcrd: no
Thendxcrd: well
Thendxcrd: kinda
Thendxcrd: tau alpha phi
formosadiva21: kinda?
Thendxcrd: get it???
Thendxcrd: Tau Alpha Phi???
Thendxcrd: phi = f in greek
formosadiva21: HAHAHAH
Thendxcrd: hahaha
formosadiva21: i just said it outloud
formosadiva21: and i still dont get it
Thendxcrd: ...
formosadiva21: hahahahah i just sound sdtupid
formosadiva21: haah
Thendxcrd: forreal...?
formosadiva21: AHHH!
formosadiva21: i dont get it
formosadiva21: hahaah
Thendxcrd: hahaha
Thendxcrd: Tau Alpha Fi
formosadiva21: ahh what is it?! i feel stupid haha
Thendxcrd: fi is really phi
Thendxcrd: but for your sake...
formosadiva21: stoppp!!! im only a bbay
Thendxcrd: hahahaha
formosadiva21: baby*
formosadiva21: nope... still dont getting it
formosadiva21: hahahah
formosadiva21: did cat get it?
Thendxcrd: Tau Alpha Fi
formosadiva21: (cause we're twins, so i was wondering is she got it)
formosadiva21: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
formosadiva21: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Thendxcrd: hahaha
formosadiva21: i thouight it was a bad word or something perverted
formosadiva21: HAHAHAHA
Thendxcrd: hahahahaha
Thendxcrd: NO!
Thendxcrd: clean and wholesome!
Thendxcrd: haha
formosadiva21: yeah.. i woudl of never gotten that.

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by Jon

why is will ferrel talking about me (and who spelled my name wrong)?!?!?!

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Sunday, July 13, 2003 by Jon

so i was diving for a baseball in the outfield, and when i got up i felt a sharp pain in my hand. i looked down and i saw some whitish squishy thing sticking out of my hand. i touched it...and then pulled it out. it was connected to a sharp thorn looking thing. it hurt. as i walked in i looked at where it had pierced my skin and it had puffed up. so i guess what happened was when i dove, my hand went into a bees butt and it stung me. ive never been stung by a bee before. im glad to know that im not allergic to them now. hurrah!

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by Jon


taf time in stl was rockin today. thanks to the stlers for a high quality time. i drove into st charles around 130, stopped by the convention center to dp some quick TAF Promo Presenation Prep, and then went down to west county to meet up with an9ie, and then we got ryan and did jh planning at panera...err...bread co. haha. PANERA.

and then we went to an9ies house to do some swing choir! hahaha. ryan can now dance. i am proud of myself. haha. emily then came, we picked up eric, and got boba! yea! boba! mmmmmm. i never saw the place when i went to the Loop at school...but now i know where it is, but all those missed opportunities for good bubble tea! so sad :(

and then we went back to the convention to do our TAF promo, and it went well. i told the p's if it wasnt for TAF id be white. daha. and then off to the movies! we saw the league of extraordinary gentleman. not bad actually, but nothing tooo great. its very Mummy-esque. its a good movie to make comment about too. hopefully i didnt annoy you emily with too many of them througout the movie...

and then finished the night with steak n shake asian style, by ordering a bunch of food and eating it all together. haha mmmmmmmm, taf happy : )

and now its 3am and i got home half an hour ago. i think i left around i made some dang good time getting home from all the way out in West County....holllaaaaaa!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003 by Jon



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by Jon


haha yes. ive been saying holla a lot today. interesting. anywhoo, TAC was tight, id like to go back next year. but...TAF in 3.5 weeks. AHHH! thats not much time! and i have so much to do! haha oh crap.

i think i might be in a bit over my head choreographing a swing choir...but we will see. hahahaha. oh man...

totally excited for taf though. oh wait i cannot.

wow. im pretty busy these next few weeks. i have a lot to do...

- taf
- get a parking spot at school
- go to stl to do taf promo
- business law quizzes and tests
- work
- naps in the afternoon to recover from work
- daily doses of baseball or bball
- taf
- swing choir
- taf

hmmyea...lots of taf...

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Thursday, July 03, 2003 by Jon

off to tac for the weekend. be back monday. peace out.

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Saturday, June 28, 2003 by Jon

what zee heck...the # of comments in my link says "0" even if i have some...

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by Jon

i bought a cowboy hat tonight. haha its awesome. Howdy y'all!

and in other news...i meant to blog this awhile ago, but yea. during the afternoon tennis clinic at The Park, one of the kids asked me if i was chinese. i said no of course...but then right after another kid asked me if i was Taiwanese. i was like what the...YES I AM TAIWANESE! hahaha. dude. little 10 or 11 year old kid asked me if i was taiwanese. taiwan was the 2nd guess they made before japan and korea etc etc...hahaha. that was awesome. and the story is done.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 by Jon

congrats youth staff. too bad jh staff is BETTER THAN YOU! haha oh im only half-joking. teeheehee.

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Monday, June 23, 2003 by Jon

Sunday, June 22nd. yea.

I guess im being strong, but i dont want to be. i want to be weak and frail and hold on. but i shouldnt. so i have to be strong. its for the best. yes? i pray that it is. i pray i dont regret this, unlike my actions...or lack thereof...3 years ago. but as they say in Rent, forget regret, for life is yours to miss. but i cant help it. im missing out on life. which is why i have to help it. which is why i have to be strong.

i ate too much at dinner. appetizer platter and a breakfast meal. one n jen didnt feel like going inside, so she called me to go get grub. brian came along. lori was working. it was a good time. the food counteracted with what i did earlier when i was "strong". yea. sure.

itll be a long road. a long journey. and it will take some times. hopefully it will work. well actually, i hope it wont. i hope there would be another way for this to all come to a conclusion. i hope id get the girl. but it doesnt seem that way.

so time to change focus and switch gears. work tomorrow, bright and early. i love my job. tac is in...uh...2 weeks...what the dilly. and hey, taf in like 6. whoa. taf in 6 weeks...

i cant wait. ill need to stay strong, at least till then.

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Saturday, June 21, 2003 by Jon

- yaaaay! hootie & the blowfish is coming to the illinois state fair on august 15th! HOOTIE HOOTIE HOOTIE! who wants to come with???

- my toes hurt from hours of basketball.

- a couple of us guys at the Park are patching up cracks on the tennis courts. we had this cement tar stuff to fill it in, and well, it got covered my hands and was an f-ing ho to get off. I used some gritty soap...and well, it rubbed the skin off of my knuckles. it does not feel good. i also drew a tattoo "J" on my left arm, and oh man, it was SO COOL! i want a tat now, haha yea, it was sweet. i came off pretty easily though...and then the next caused a rash. and my left arm was burning in pain. but i still want a tat.

- Being strong sometimes means being able to let go.

- Blah.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003 by Jon

ahahah. eat it.

i was leaving the mall, and while i was waiting in the right turn lane, i looked back in my rear view mirror and saw that the car behind me was waiting awfully close. i didnt think much of it right away, but as i turned right he was still right behind me. didnt do anything major yet, although i did ride my breaks for awhile to see if he would continue to stay on my ass...and he did.

so as we left the next stop light, i pondered what i should do: speed up and see if he still rides me and then slam on my breaks? or just go 40mph in a 55mph zone? i chose the latter. and it was a success! as i drove along slowly, i could see him raising his arms in the air saying something like "c'mon!" in my rearview windown. He was getting frustrated and it was good to see. he was swerving back and forth in the lane....and luckily the other lane to my right had a slow van leading the way! we sandwhiched that mofo in there! eventually, he was able to get in the other lane 2 cars back...and then i sped up to piss him off. AND IT WORKED. i went to turn left but i had slowed down again to see if he would do something as he passed me. oh and it was fantastic! he rolled his window down...stuck his arm out the window and waved it around...and yelled something at me! i laughed. he was pissed. served him right for tailgating me. hahaha.

i only wish i would have done a cheerful "honk honk" as he passed me. that would have been the icing on the cake : )

in other news...i talked with haley liss on the phone for 22 minutes. random...?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 by Jon

some new blogs:

CaliKaren Updated
Pauline - moving to xanga. aww man...i need the mad aim smiley now here...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 by Jon

haha uh...

so in my fantasy baseball prospect draft tonight, someone picked this guy named Merkin Valdez from the SF Giants.

according to,

mer·kin (m├╗rkn)
A pubic wig for women.


a pubic wig??? Why does a woman need a pubic wig??? .... ??? ... ???

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Friday, June 06, 2003 by Jon

um...ok so im at the computer here at work, and i was looking at my blog...and in my may 29th entry, i have the word "boyfriend" in it...and somehow it was a dating website....!!! WHAT?!?! how does my blog automatically get linked like that???? does anyone else see the link???

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 by Jon

so i threw some pictures of mine up online so i can access them at work and print them out there using manny's super printer, and hey, i might as well give y'all the links eh?

matt tyler and julie overlooking the stadium at Mizzou...from julies dorm...
whitney & whitney
a really cool picture of the Arch
Julie & Shannon
Meeee! in a cool black and white.

theyre all big though, so yea, it might take awhile to load, hehe. make them your desktop! yea! especially the one of the Arch. its pimp.

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Friday, May 30, 2003 by Jon


i was working tonight at the ice cream place. its a friday night, so the kiddies are out and about at the mall. 2 girls, who were at most 14 years old, walk up. one of them looks at ice cream, and the other asks me "will you give us a discount since we are hot?" ............................... are you kidding me???? kids....oy. needless to say, i didnt give them a discount.

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Thursday, May 29, 2003 by Jon

hehe oh yes. so i was talking to emily vereen the other night. awhile back, she was looking at my glamour shots online and she showed her friends/roommates them too. they were highly amused, and apparently emily didnt want to tell them she knew me. hahaha. soooo, her friends thought my pictures were funny enough to send to other glamour shots were making there way around the campus of Iowa State. ahahaha, im proud.

her roommates also wanted to print them out and put them up in their shower...but emily didnt want to see jon lee while she was showering. her boyfriend also did not like the idea either. ahahahahaha. i wonder how many people have seen my glamour shots...

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Saturday, May 24, 2003 by Jon

dah crap. im going to have to start planning my high school reunion in like...3 years...

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by Jon

yo, heres my paper about why taiwan should be independent. Made in Taiwan

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by Jon

yeas. i didnt have to work today, and i was therefore bored out of my mid this afternoon (after a nice nap). yea...

played a hackey sack game called kill today. it was fun. brian and steve play a lot at u of i, and well...yea i want to play again tomorrow.

tonight, went over to julie ashenfelters. tkast was there too. we hung out...until i left to go to ashlees to hang out. hehe. sam, linz, matt, nicho, and jen. we watched 2 weeks notice. i like hugh grant. i want to go to england for awhile and pick up the accent. that would be so coo

forizzle. gameplan for tomorrow....sleep, hackeysack, and probably help close at the ice cream store. oh and order a chicken fetuccini pizza from papa johns. oh its goooood.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003 by Jon

seriously, youd think wed be able to grow up and not spend the night making fun of each other right? youd think so.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003 by Jon

woot. 4.0 for the whole year. amsued that i started getting straight a's in college, supposedly my "toughest" years....

tomorrow is a pizzacked @ 2, and then pleasant plains graduation @ 7, and then pleasant plains graduation parties afterwards. yea! good times and good (free) food! i love graduation time, its mm mm good.

and looking back on pictures of a few weeks ago...what the f took me so long to cut my hair.....

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Friday, May 16, 2003 by Jon

saw the matrix last night. it was good. good action, deep plot...although WAY TOO CONFUSING at some points. haha i just gave up trying to even understand during one scene. dupid. last night was actually action packed. well i got off work at 4, went to the mall with susan and ajit, got brian a matching headband-wristband set for his birthday (although its been a week...haha sorry brian), then went home for like an hour to shower and eat and talk TAF. woot woot!

then off to the shs-shg baseball game at lanphier with brian jake and ajit. met up with zkilla, tilldo, meagan, brett, brandon, missy, mindy,and brittany. haha jake and i were the loudest ones. before shs was about to score in one inning, i yelled "Awww shucks!" and then jake followed with the "You got the Solons fired up!" chant...and all of the students looked back at us. haha. go shs alumni! there were omre of us at the game then students almost...haha. but yea that was cool. and then of course shs scored. we had to leave though because ajit and brian were cold...but shs ended up winning in extra innings. piiimp. "say what!"

hehe yes. so yea then off to ajits to hang out, then out to the centennial park hill to watch the lunar eclipse. hurrah, good times....although it was ridiculously windy and chilly....and finally, off to the matrix. and the rest is history....

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003 by Jon case i wasnt clear...adrienne is not pregnant. she just has a book....haha good job beth. profile!

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Sunday, May 11, 2003 by Jon

oh yea, while i was looking at adriennes baby name book...i saw Taiwan as a name for a boy. right....

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by Jon

shaolin soccer is coming to theatres in the states! unfortunately though, its going to be cut down and the name might be changed to "Kung Fu Soccer", and it will be dubbed. thats crappy.

sisters graduation today. and as usual arguing with mom in car. woot woot for fun like that.

the past 2 days have been hardcore moving. moved most of my crap from siue back home yesterday. got up around 1030-11 and didnt stop cleaning till 4. yea...we barely made our checkout time. and then today helped cheryl move. forearms is sore from carrying cinderblocks. those be some heavy mofos...

and then tonight...i went to prom!!! haha yeeess. matt jake and i went to see traci on court. woot woot for traci, looking might fine. kimmy kolhauser was queen. saw a lot of people, pictures pictures....oh yea! clayton, the youngest member of the ocelot going to THE University of Florida to be their placekicker in football!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! BIG TIME D-1 FOOTBALL for a big time school!!!!! ahahahaha. yeeeessss. go clayton, i had no idea. peter christofalikis aint got nuthing on you boyeeeee. yes. that is so cool.

and then....we got kicked out of prom. ridiculous. i guess we were told when we went in that we had to leave after court...but none of us heard. i guess the new principal is a jag, no mr flamini he is. but yea, the funny this is that i was told to leave by the evil asst principal mr. williams...while talking to mr. lightfoot...a teacher! i wasnt picking up any 17 year old girls! I WAS TALKING TO A TEACHER I KNOW! and matt was talking to Officer Dahlkamp, who he knew! and they still wanted us out even though we must be ok if we are chatting it up with a TEACHER and the SCHOOL's POLICE OFFICER! do i look like i have bad intentions or something?!!?!? first the whole ordeal with the police about that wood chair at SIUE, and now i get kicked out of visiting people at prom. the bad kids dont even bother coming back to prom! only the good kids do! baaaah. pisses me off. although before all of this, jake took a cookie....which i guess he wasnt supposed to eat....but i dont think thats reason for kicking us out....

went to adriennes. got some good baby names. adrienne is going to name her child mukhtar...or mucktar as she wants to spell it. crazyface adrienne. mwahahahaha. but she was wearing a cubs shes good. hehe the power went out for awhile too, therefore i was able to take cool pictures with candles. shazam.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003 by Jon

ah yes. so my sophomore year of college is over. what a quick year. academically, i did great. got straight a's for the first time in my life fall semester, and i might have done it again this semester. haha i got an A in interpersonal comm by ONE point. my percentage turned out to be 89.8%...and its getting rounded up. yea baby! whew. thank da Lord. forreal though. despite complaints about this school, i had a great time here. as usual, it turns out that not where but who youre with that really matters. yay for all the friends i made while here. i'll miss the nightly random visits to the girls. i'll miss the young lifers...even though ill see them the rest of the month. and kari da shiznit at u of i next year. w00000t. and ajit...well i will see you at home. but yea. sad times, hah.

two years ago when i ended up coming here after gettin rejected from the school i will be attending next fall, i wasnt too happy. i mean i wasnt like mad, but i knew in my mind i wasnt going to stay here. i helped ease thoughts by saying this was the path i was to take, that this was God's course for me, and that it was all for the best. and it was all probably was for the best. somehow ive been able to find the motivation to apply myself and get 4.0's, which i never did in high school. of course i made great friends here too, good and deep ones. and most of the people live in springfield thats even better. haha yea....

i dont know if i wish that i would have been more outgoing and social while i was here. i dont think it matters. im leaving in two days and im very very satisfied with what i have done with my time here at SIUE. well...SIUE doesnt matter. I should say im very satisfied with what i have done with my time with the friends ive made. hannah beth susan marci jessica ashley abby (all girls....interesting), ill miss them the most...... tyler ajit and matt dont really count, since i hang out with y'all all the time at home. hehhe. hmmm....when i reflect back on high school, i sometimes wish i would have had less friends but more stronger relationships, instead of knowing everyone and having just a few strong relationships ya know? (andrea does). i dont think i realized i was doing what i wished to do here until just now. well thats pretty neat.

most definitly nothin but love for the girls of 513 1A. the entire law can be summed up in a single command; 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' Galatians 5:14. yaaaay for my neighbors, i love them. im gonna miss sitting in those old stinky comfortable couches, riling hannah and beth up by laughing at them, or being freaked out by jessicas random noises and being amused by marci's accent. awww, good times :)

hahaha...tomatoes and tomahawks! and that evil atom bomb! cuh cuh cuh!

i hope young life has been fun and made an impact on the eville students. i hope beth and susan and lauren can keep it going next year. i hope and pray.

jason silvey, lisa keys, and kevin mcleary might be 3 of the coolest teachers ill ever have.

no more TPC for awhile :(. ill be far far away. my only tafers that have lived close to where i live...sad. well at least we got 1 year together. hehe...

yea....good times. im taking down all of my pictures tomorrow. i have 32 pictures in frames on my walls in my room. 32. i have 25 more that i have taped to the wall. wow. i need to get some more printer ink...8x10's of your friends and family are the best wallpaper anyone could ever have. tomorrow morning will be the last time i wake up to all of those pictures here at siue. that really makes me sad.

I leave here with 2 years of fun memories and great times. well...its time to look forward. 3months and a few weeks of what i hope to be endless fun await. TAC and TAF are on my mind, along with the possibility of young life camp and a summer class! oh and working at the tennis center again. and hopefully not the ice cream place...::shakes yea. i need to go to bed. night yall. i hope you enjoyed my most eloquent reminiscence and relfection of the past. ahhhhh!!!

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