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Friday, May 30, 2003 by Jon


i was working tonight at the ice cream place. its a friday night, so the kiddies are out and about at the mall. 2 girls, who were at most 14 years old, walk up. one of them looks at ice cream, and the other asks me "will you give us a discount since we are hot?" ............................... are you kidding me???? kids....oy. needless to say, i didnt give them a discount.

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Thursday, May 29, 2003 by Jon

hehe oh yes. so i was talking to emily vereen the other night. awhile back, she was looking at my glamour shots online and she showed her friends/roommates them too. they were highly amused, and apparently emily didnt want to tell them she knew me. hahaha. soooo, her friends thought my pictures were funny enough to send to other glamour shots were making there way around the campus of Iowa State. ahahaha, im proud.

her roommates also wanted to print them out and put them up in their shower...but emily didnt want to see jon lee while she was showering. her boyfriend also did not like the idea either. ahahahahaha. i wonder how many people have seen my glamour shots...

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Saturday, May 24, 2003 by Jon

dah crap. im going to have to start planning my high school reunion in like...3 years...

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by Jon

yo, heres my paper about why taiwan should be independent. Made in Taiwan

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by Jon

yeas. i didnt have to work today, and i was therefore bored out of my mid this afternoon (after a nice nap). yea...

played a hackey sack game called kill today. it was fun. brian and steve play a lot at u of i, and well...yea i want to play again tomorrow.

tonight, went over to julie ashenfelters. tkast was there too. we hung out...until i left to go to ashlees to hang out. hehe. sam, linz, matt, nicho, and jen. we watched 2 weeks notice. i like hugh grant. i want to go to england for awhile and pick up the accent. that would be so coo

forizzle. gameplan for tomorrow....sleep, hackeysack, and probably help close at the ice cream store. oh and order a chicken fetuccini pizza from papa johns. oh its goooood.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003 by Jon

seriously, youd think wed be able to grow up and not spend the night making fun of each other right? youd think so.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003 by Jon

woot. 4.0 for the whole year. amsued that i started getting straight a's in college, supposedly my "toughest" years....

tomorrow is a pizzacked @ 2, and then pleasant plains graduation @ 7, and then pleasant plains graduation parties afterwards. yea! good times and good (free) food! i love graduation time, its mm mm good.

and looking back on pictures of a few weeks ago...what the f took me so long to cut my hair.....

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Friday, May 16, 2003 by Jon

saw the matrix last night. it was good. good action, deep plot...although WAY TOO CONFUSING at some points. haha i just gave up trying to even understand during one scene. dupid. last night was actually action packed. well i got off work at 4, went to the mall with susan and ajit, got brian a matching headband-wristband set for his birthday (although its been a week...haha sorry brian), then went home for like an hour to shower and eat and talk TAF. woot woot!

then off to the shs-shg baseball game at lanphier with brian jake and ajit. met up with zkilla, tilldo, meagan, brett, brandon, missy, mindy,and brittany. haha jake and i were the loudest ones. before shs was about to score in one inning, i yelled "Awww shucks!" and then jake followed with the "You got the Solons fired up!" chant...and all of the students looked back at us. haha. go shs alumni! there were omre of us at the game then students almost...haha. but yea that was cool. and then of course shs scored. we had to leave though because ajit and brian were cold...but shs ended up winning in extra innings. piiimp. "say what!"

hehe yes. so yea then off to ajits to hang out, then out to the centennial park hill to watch the lunar eclipse. hurrah, good times....although it was ridiculously windy and chilly....and finally, off to the matrix. and the rest is history....

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003 by Jon case i wasnt clear...adrienne is not pregnant. she just has a book....haha good job beth. profile!

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Sunday, May 11, 2003 by Jon

oh yea, while i was looking at adriennes baby name book...i saw Taiwan as a name for a boy. right....

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by Jon

shaolin soccer is coming to theatres in the states! unfortunately though, its going to be cut down and the name might be changed to "Kung Fu Soccer", and it will be dubbed. thats crappy.

sisters graduation today. and as usual arguing with mom in car. woot woot for fun like that.

the past 2 days have been hardcore moving. moved most of my crap from siue back home yesterday. got up around 1030-11 and didnt stop cleaning till 4. yea...we barely made our checkout time. and then today helped cheryl move. forearms is sore from carrying cinderblocks. those be some heavy mofos...

and then tonight...i went to prom!!! haha yeeess. matt jake and i went to see traci on court. woot woot for traci, looking might fine. kimmy kolhauser was queen. saw a lot of people, pictures pictures....oh yea! clayton, the youngest member of the ocelot going to THE University of Florida to be their placekicker in football!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! BIG TIME D-1 FOOTBALL for a big time school!!!!! ahahahaha. yeeeessss. go clayton, i had no idea. peter christofalikis aint got nuthing on you boyeeeee. yes. that is so cool.

and then....we got kicked out of prom. ridiculous. i guess we were told when we went in that we had to leave after court...but none of us heard. i guess the new principal is a jag, no mr flamini he is. but yea, the funny this is that i was told to leave by the evil asst principal mr. williams...while talking to mr. lightfoot...a teacher! i wasnt picking up any 17 year old girls! I WAS TALKING TO A TEACHER I KNOW! and matt was talking to Officer Dahlkamp, who he knew! and they still wanted us out even though we must be ok if we are chatting it up with a TEACHER and the SCHOOL's POLICE OFFICER! do i look like i have bad intentions or something?!!?!? first the whole ordeal with the police about that wood chair at SIUE, and now i get kicked out of visiting people at prom. the bad kids dont even bother coming back to prom! only the good kids do! baaaah. pisses me off. although before all of this, jake took a cookie....which i guess he wasnt supposed to eat....but i dont think thats reason for kicking us out....

went to adriennes. got some good baby names. adrienne is going to name her child mukhtar...or mucktar as she wants to spell it. crazyface adrienne. mwahahahaha. but she was wearing a cubs shes good. hehe the power went out for awhile too, therefore i was able to take cool pictures with candles. shazam.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003 by Jon

ah yes. so my sophomore year of college is over. what a quick year. academically, i did great. got straight a's for the first time in my life fall semester, and i might have done it again this semester. haha i got an A in interpersonal comm by ONE point. my percentage turned out to be 89.8%...and its getting rounded up. yea baby! whew. thank da Lord. forreal though. despite complaints about this school, i had a great time here. as usual, it turns out that not where but who youre with that really matters. yay for all the friends i made while here. i'll miss the nightly random visits to the girls. i'll miss the young lifers...even though ill see them the rest of the month. and kari da shiznit at u of i next year. w00000t. and ajit...well i will see you at home. but yea. sad times, hah.

two years ago when i ended up coming here after gettin rejected from the school i will be attending next fall, i wasnt too happy. i mean i wasnt like mad, but i knew in my mind i wasnt going to stay here. i helped ease thoughts by saying this was the path i was to take, that this was God's course for me, and that it was all for the best. and it was all probably was for the best. somehow ive been able to find the motivation to apply myself and get 4.0's, which i never did in high school. of course i made great friends here too, good and deep ones. and most of the people live in springfield thats even better. haha yea....

i dont know if i wish that i would have been more outgoing and social while i was here. i dont think it matters. im leaving in two days and im very very satisfied with what i have done with my time here at SIUE. well...SIUE doesnt matter. I should say im very satisfied with what i have done with my time with the friends ive made. hannah beth susan marci jessica ashley abby (all girls....interesting), ill miss them the most...... tyler ajit and matt dont really count, since i hang out with y'all all the time at home. hehhe. hmmm....when i reflect back on high school, i sometimes wish i would have had less friends but more stronger relationships, instead of knowing everyone and having just a few strong relationships ya know? (andrea does). i dont think i realized i was doing what i wished to do here until just now. well thats pretty neat.

most definitly nothin but love for the girls of 513 1A. the entire law can be summed up in a single command; 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' Galatians 5:14. yaaaay for my neighbors, i love them. im gonna miss sitting in those old stinky comfortable couches, riling hannah and beth up by laughing at them, or being freaked out by jessicas random noises and being amused by marci's accent. awww, good times :)

hahaha...tomatoes and tomahawks! and that evil atom bomb! cuh cuh cuh!

i hope young life has been fun and made an impact on the eville students. i hope beth and susan and lauren can keep it going next year. i hope and pray.

jason silvey, lisa keys, and kevin mcleary might be 3 of the coolest teachers ill ever have.

no more TPC for awhile :(. ill be far far away. my only tafers that have lived close to where i live...sad. well at least we got 1 year together. hehe...

yea....good times. im taking down all of my pictures tomorrow. i have 32 pictures in frames on my walls in my room. 32. i have 25 more that i have taped to the wall. wow. i need to get some more printer ink...8x10's of your friends and family are the best wallpaper anyone could ever have. tomorrow morning will be the last time i wake up to all of those pictures here at siue. that really makes me sad.

I leave here with 2 years of fun memories and great times. well...its time to look forward. 3months and a few weeks of what i hope to be endless fun await. TAC and TAF are on my mind, along with the possibility of young life camp and a summer class! oh and working at the tennis center again. and hopefully not the ice cream place...::shakes yea. i need to go to bed. night yall. i hope you enjoyed my most eloquent reminiscence and relfection of the past. ahhhhh!!!

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Saturday, May 03, 2003 by Jon

hahaha. ok. heres a letter to my school editor about tonights events....yea....

I think the SIUE campus police has a major problem on their hands. They need to get their priorites straight.

Around 11:45 Friday night, I was leaving the UC after a wholesome night of ping-pong. Yes that's right, ping-pong, not parties and drinking it up on a Friday night, but ping-pong. So as we are walking to my friends car outside, he grabs an old wooden chair that was sitting outside of the UC. So yes, he brought it along with us and we put it in his trunk. We were driving back to Cougar Village and we decide to pull over on University Drive, put the chair in the grass median, and take a picture with the chair, just for fun. So we did, and then we went back to Cougar Village, leaving the chair in the median. We thought it would be funny if people drove by and saw a random wooden chair, maybe add a little spice to this school. But I guess thats a bad thing.

When we parked in Cougar, an undercover cop had seen everything and began questioning us as we got out of the car. He was on the phone with other officers, and two of them came. So now we have three police officers questioning three males for TAKING A CHAIR. AN OLD WOODEN CHAIR. Nah, lets forget about all of the underage drinking that the police knows goes around on this campus, but sure, lets go after three guys, who don't even drink, for simply moving a wooden chair. The police told us we had just commited a theft. But the chair was already outside, all we did was move it somewhere else outside while still ON CAMPUS. The cops said it was stealing because we "transported it from one place to another in (our) car." Uh...we moved it from outside, to somewhere else outside, which is still on campus, in plain sight, not off somewhere in the woods, unlike our Rock. Hey how about you work on that case instead? Rock filled with tradition or a single WOODEN CHAIR. Or maybe you should be working on that underage drinking, instead of requiring THREE policemen to question three guys on moving, I'm sorry for redundance, A WOODEN CHAIR. It is ridiculous that they needed that much manpower to question us for something so insignificant as...a single wooden chair.

The first two cops were nice guys, good cops. But when the third cop came up. He asked us to tell our story to him, and we did. His reaction? "That story is crap, you guys could at least come up with a better one." Um, ok. Hey Mr. Tough Policeman, how about you ask the other officer who witnessed the whole thing and see how close his story is to ours? Oh yes you would find out they are the exact same! But I digress. The other officers continue to question us in a good manner. But then at the end, the same third officer says "Wait, lets just go ahead and write them a ticket, I haven't wrote a single ticket all day." Whoa whoa whoa, so it is BAD to have a law-abiding campus where the police can't even give out tickets? I don't know, I would imagine the Dean would be proud to have a campus full of law-abiding students who do not commit actions worthy of tickets and citations (minus my friends and I of course, we crazy hooligans, who are all on the Dean's List I might add). Mr. Third Policeman should get his priorities straight, is it best that there would be no need to write tickets and to have a good, law-abiding campus, or to have the opposite where ticketable offenses are all around for the cop to write out?

As much as the police believes this was a stupid "prank", it wasn't. They even made fun of us for pulling "such a dumb prank, not even a good one." Oh dang, I guess I better go take the new Rock to get their respect right? Some of the cops really need to get with it. Don't be so hard on three good students if you're not going to be hard on others who do other activities that are much more illegal, possibly much more consequential, and much more common.

Jonathan R. Lee

To the editor - The police confiscated my camera and they are going to print out the picture. its probably too dark, but just so you know, the police will be printing out a copy. ridiculous is that?!?!?!

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Friday, May 02, 2003 by Jon

got a hair cut today. its a pseudo-mohawk. hehe yes. now if i should dye the top part of it a la david beckham......

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