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Thursday, July 31, 2003 by Jon

wow what a good day. Work was exquisite today since i really didnt work. I got to sleep in till 9:15!!! WOWZERS! Its so much more peaceful to drive to work at 930 than at 715am, when im groggy, its humid out due to morning dew (that sounds funny), the sun is blinding in my eyes, and there is morning traffic. At 9:30 ive had 2 hours extra sleep, its nice and crisp out, the sun is higher up in the sky, and theres no traffic! aaahhh so good. And then the class i had to teach got cancelled! So i just hung around and played games with the other tennis classes. sidenote: i cant beat kids playing left-handed. Jessica got me a free oil change too, since her dad owns Jiffy Lube! it had been 7000 miles since my last oil change. haha yea...

but the highlight of the day must have been going out to Lake Springfield with hana, lindsay, and steve. it was sooo nice out! and the lake is really beautiful! despite the gross and fugly looking water...haha yea. gorgeous lake front houses, a beautiful day, free lunch, and i got to drive a boat. hahaha oh man, it doesnt get much better than that. those 3 went bridge jumping. haha dude...that looks scurry. thats way to high for my blood...

i want a boat now. and i want to live on the lake. but i dont want my future children to go to chatham glenwood. go springfield high!

worked tonight. tyler, sam, linz, brian, and haley came by. haley has cubs season tickets. OH MY. how did she not tell me this earlier?!?!? oh so good. although Wrigley IS 4 hours of way....maybe i can go after TAF....

and speaking of TAF, tiffany and angie might come up tomorrow to work on swing choir! Yea JH staff! you so good! haha i kinda said it half joking and not thinking you would really come...but hey, im impressed, you go girls. swing choir is now going to be holla-riffic.

linz sam and brian came over to watch The Life of David Gale tonight. good flick. disturbing images sometimes...but yea. linz and sam are going down to stl tomm, and i leave for taf, and then linz goes to Mizzou the no more linz for the summer.

ahhh yes. a nice long blog. sorry for not updating my peoples, but ive been mucho busy. but today was refreshing! and only 2 days before taf! DAH CRAP! hahaha. im so excurted! hollllaaaaaaa

thank You for this day.

peace out.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 by Jon

yes! who now owns the high score in Pipe Dream at the Park?? oh its MEEEEEE!

taf is getting cloooser. week and a half. booyah.

me tired.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003 by Jon

formosadiva21: are you in a frat?

Thendxcrd: no
Thendxcrd: well
Thendxcrd: kinda
Thendxcrd: tau alpha phi
formosadiva21: kinda?
Thendxcrd: get it???
Thendxcrd: Tau Alpha Phi???
Thendxcrd: phi = f in greek
formosadiva21: HAHAHAH
Thendxcrd: hahaha
formosadiva21: i just said it outloud
formosadiva21: and i still dont get it
Thendxcrd: ...
formosadiva21: hahahahah i just sound sdtupid
formosadiva21: haah
Thendxcrd: forreal...?
formosadiva21: AHHH!
formosadiva21: i dont get it
formosadiva21: hahaah
Thendxcrd: hahaha
Thendxcrd: Tau Alpha Fi
formosadiva21: ahh what is it?! i feel stupid haha
Thendxcrd: fi is really phi
Thendxcrd: but for your sake...
formosadiva21: stoppp!!! im only a bbay
Thendxcrd: hahahaha
formosadiva21: baby*
formosadiva21: nope... still dont getting it
formosadiva21: hahahah
formosadiva21: did cat get it?
Thendxcrd: Tau Alpha Fi
formosadiva21: (cause we're twins, so i was wondering is she got it)
formosadiva21: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
formosadiva21: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Thendxcrd: hahaha
formosadiva21: i thouight it was a bad word or something perverted
formosadiva21: HAHAHAHA
Thendxcrd: hahahahaha
Thendxcrd: NO!
Thendxcrd: clean and wholesome!
Thendxcrd: haha
formosadiva21: yeah.. i woudl of never gotten that.

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by Jon

why is will ferrel talking about me (and who spelled my name wrong)?!?!?!

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Sunday, July 13, 2003 by Jon

so i was diving for a baseball in the outfield, and when i got up i felt a sharp pain in my hand. i looked down and i saw some whitish squishy thing sticking out of my hand. i touched it...and then pulled it out. it was connected to a sharp thorn looking thing. it hurt. as i walked in i looked at where it had pierced my skin and it had puffed up. so i guess what happened was when i dove, my hand went into a bees butt and it stung me. ive never been stung by a bee before. im glad to know that im not allergic to them now. hurrah!

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by Jon


taf time in stl was rockin today. thanks to the stlers for a high quality time. i drove into st charles around 130, stopped by the convention center to dp some quick TAF Promo Presenation Prep, and then went down to west county to meet up with an9ie, and then we got ryan and did jh planning at panera...err...bread co. haha. PANERA.

and then we went to an9ies house to do some swing choir! hahaha. ryan can now dance. i am proud of myself. haha. emily then came, we picked up eric, and got boba! yea! boba! mmmmmm. i never saw the place when i went to the Loop at school...but now i know where it is, but all those missed opportunities for good bubble tea! so sad :(

and then we went back to the convention to do our TAF promo, and it went well. i told the p's if it wasnt for TAF id be white. daha. and then off to the movies! we saw the league of extraordinary gentleman. not bad actually, but nothing tooo great. its very Mummy-esque. its a good movie to make comment about too. hopefully i didnt annoy you emily with too many of them througout the movie...

and then finished the night with steak n shake asian style, by ordering a bunch of food and eating it all together. haha mmmmmmmm, taf happy : )

and now its 3am and i got home half an hour ago. i think i left around i made some dang good time getting home from all the way out in West County....holllaaaaaa!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003 by Jon



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by Jon


haha yes. ive been saying holla a lot today. interesting. anywhoo, TAC was tight, id like to go back next year. but...TAF in 3.5 weeks. AHHH! thats not much time! and i have so much to do! haha oh crap.

i think i might be in a bit over my head choreographing a swing choir...but we will see. hahahaha. oh man...

totally excited for taf though. oh wait i cannot.

wow. im pretty busy these next few weeks. i have a lot to do...

- taf
- get a parking spot at school
- go to stl to do taf promo
- business law quizzes and tests
- work
- naps in the afternoon to recover from work
- daily doses of baseball or bball
- taf
- swing choir
- taf

hmmyea...lots of taf...

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Thursday, July 03, 2003 by Jon

off to tac for the weekend. be back monday. peace out.

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