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Saturday, July 13, 2002 by Jon

"Im Singing Ohh O O O Ohhh..."

woohoo for jon and adriennes road trip to bloomington-normal and ISU. we went to meet up with susie and buy some stuff for their apartment. its a nice big place. while we were waiting for susie and her bf to come back from lunch adrienne and i had a simply delightful conversation about Britney, yea it was good. hung around with adrienne for a bit in the appt since susie was late, then we hit up walmart. went back to the appt to unload the purchases and then went home. good time spent on the afternoon with adrienne dawn and some susie mcdeliweferfunk.

came home at 5 and hung out till going to nichos at 7. played some catch with brian and then the other 2/5ths of the Originals came over, those being jake and aoza2000. (ajit, update blog). did the usual but i did have a successful jenga block picture night by getting shawgo sadowski lindz and sam. yeeeaaa buddy. too bad tyty couldnt come over and get a picture. ah well. finished a roll tonight, will be ready tomm. oh oh oh yea.

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