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Friday, August 30, 2002 by Jon


mmmm, so a 3 day weekend here at siue. well today was pretty good, my 2 classes were shortened by the teachers and i came back and took a nice long nap. matt went home, so its just tkast and i here. we made dinner tonight, chicken, corn, and red potatoes. learning experience. cook the chicken on medium heat, not high, or the outside will burn too quickly i think. and potatoes take a long time. i knew they took long, but not THAT long. the chicken was a tiny bit burnt in places and the potatoes for the most part cooked, so it actually was a decent meal. good for us.

first we went with beth and hannah to rachels for darrel and garrets surprise party...except it was only ty beth hannah and i as the surprisers, and we got there after darrel and garret. yea...heh. hung out there, then went back to hannahs for her own bday party of sorts. i dunno guys and girls, i was irratated tonight for some reason. blaaaaahhh. i need to get out of here. but where to go i dont know. just dont feel like being here. well here in the apartment is cool with matt and ty, but just everyone else. i havent really been very outgoing or anything. i definitly dont mind to not go out every night here at college, maybe its cuz everyone else is drinking and i dont or something else. i dunno. but hey im blessed, and i should be happier. blaaaaaahhh. i was lying on a couch at beths and i was like...i want to go home and talk to tafers online. forsheezy.

on a lighter note, there is a whole new world of taf blogs on xanga. crazyness. peggs, connie, alice, charlene, shirley, kevan, vivian...waaahhh. so many...a sense a blogger vs xanga feud coming up...

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by Jon


bes not strike or i fonna be pissed off. the point of views of the strike im sure have more depth than wanting money, but it sure doesnt seem like it should matter for billionaires to be fighting millionaires. Scott Schoenweis, pitcher for anaheim sounded pretty dumb in an interview today. the anaheim angels fans started throwing foul balls back and beach balls onto the field during the game and chanting "no strike" and disrupting the game play. so what did mr player representative say? something along the lines of "im disgusted by the way our fans acted. just let us play the game. we are in a divisional race and we want our fans support." YOURE AN IDIOT. even if you dont want a strike, the fans dont want one either and for you to say "let us play" when in fact you yourself are going to more than likely stop the WHOLE DAMN GAME by striking and ruin your divisional race. how much of an idiot are you? take a look back and think about what you said. geez.

anyways. football is here. competitive nfl. screw you owners and players. the big 20 team 25 player draft was tonight, and it took 3 and a half hours. team isnt too bad i guess. um yea class was the same ole today, 3 day weekend coming up, i added a countdown to taf2003 on here! and um, yea. stupid baseball. they better not strike...

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002 by Jon

Fantasy Football!!!!

whoo, the big 20 team draft is tomorrow. brian and i are both so very excited that we are on the brink of wetting our pants. if only i put this much thought and time into my school work that i do into a draft. i made a whole excel document for the draft with players i want and rankings etc. yea...this is going to be fun. but there are 20 teams at 25 players a team. that means 500 picks. FIVE HUNDRED. is that insane?!?! i think so. the draft starts at 9. i wonder how long till we finish. oy.

classes were short today. went to a bible study tonight at least. gives me something productive to say that i did today. came back, talked to ruth ann for a bit, and now im going to either watch some more shrek or do more fantasy evaluations. hmmmmmm....

oh but yes. i was going to post excerpts from my conversations with ilt emily and ilt karen, but i accidently closed karens. but i still have emilys!

Thendxcrd: you shut the car trunk door on karens head?!?!?!
YellowMnM81: hahahahahah
YellowMnM81: hey!! it wasn't my fault she was in the way
Thendxcrd: haha
YellowMnM81: she shut the car door on my leg!!
Thendxcrd: hmm
Thendxcrd: bad girl
YellowMnM81: and a door on my toe so now my toenail is permanetly deformed
YellowMnM81: permanently
Thendxcrd: i see...
(mean while karen is blaming emily for her stupidity since she couldnt figure out my sn, but then...)
YellowMnM81: slamming the car trunk on her head had no effect on her braincell count
YellowMnM81: she is stupid by default
YellowMnM81: hahahahaha
Thendxcrd: ahahahaha

haha, oh i think emily and karen are 2 of my new favorite people. yay for them. lillian is also my taf buddy, as she loves her taf fairy. and emily...i found out who your taf crush is. i knew you were lying when you said it was me, wahahahahaha!

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by Jon

whoooaaaa.....everyone go look at Elliots TAF Page. its awesome...i am in awe.

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by Jon

Late Night Thought: I'm Getting Old :(

ok so its um 3:11 and ive been trying to sleep for awhile but i took a long nap this yea, its taking me some time to go into dreamland. so when this happens i usually think about random stuff and my mind drifted off into senior year prom. i was like la la la that was like a few months ago. BUT NOT. it was over a year ago. FOUR MONTHS over a year ago. it seems not too long ago, literally i can remember lots and lots of little things about it. but its been a year and 4 months since prom and im not a college freshman anymore either. and then i got sad. and then i started thinking about taf and how i told kevan that a new generation of tafers need to know what Forever Young is and to have in in the slideshow next year. and then i realized that next year will be a half-decade since i first did slideshow. the word decade just does not sound right. i have been on staff for a half-decade. what the heck is up with that?!?!? man.

i once heard someone say that like after 18 or after college all your years are pretty much the same. i dont know if that makes sense or has anything to do with what im saying, so conclusion, im getting older and older and i dont know if i like it. i really feel like i have no connections back to high school days. like none. traci is still there but like there will be no visits to football games or home very often. ive let go....ohmyGod ive let go...and i dont think i even knew it. cuz i loooved high school.

and now i talk to tafers way more than the people i grew up with online except for a few. i feel kinda bad about it...but should i? well deback is with me here in the apt, i talk to brian all the time and adrienne as well, traci often and ktmac a few times during the week and shawgo all the time when im home...but like, there are so many that i dont see or talk to, or maybe, MAYBE talk to once a week. dang. ok im rambling. but im getting old. and i let go. somehow i finally just let go of high school life....

...and TAF is now there to fill the void? i dont know. that might be too cheesy or something since i also only see them all once or maybe twice if they go to itasa during the year...but is that really how much taf has changed who i am and my life? or is it just the natural way of growing up and moving on? i dunno guys and girls but this is some funky funk. if only i could discipline myself to think about these things during the day and not while im trying to sleep before class in 6.5 hours. tell me what you think.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002 by Jon

IceQbs17: give me a clue!!
IceQbs17: like, what it has to do with
IceQbs17: COME ON
Thendxcrd: its a thing
IceQbs17: it sounds like...
IceQbs17: an index card with a th in the front
Thendxcrd: ?
IceQbs17: thindexcard
IceQbs17: hahahaha
Thendxcrd: er?
IceQbs17: ok yeah, nevermind
IceQbs17: another clue!
Thendxcrd: youre so close yet so far that its sad....
IceQbs17: hahahaha
IceQbs17: dammit.
Thendxcrd: cmon drea cmon
IceQbs17: ok, one more clue!
Thendxcrd: you really dont need one
IceQbs17: am i supposed to say it the way it sounds??
Thendxcrd: maybe
IceQbs17: gah.
IceQbs17: i'm really stuck here
IceQbs17: honestly
Thendxcrd: lsjkdlksdj
IceQbs17: what does it have to do with you????
Thendxcrd: do you have a guess?
IceQbs17: the index card??
IceQbs17: that's what i see man, that's what i see
Thendxcrd: THANK YOU
Thendxcrd: NO IM NOT
IceQbs17: what the shit
Thendxcrd: so i can have fun conversations with people about my screenname such as now
Thendxcrd: hehe
IceQbs17: ohmygod
IceQbs17: I HATE YOU
IceQbs17: you're evil
Thendxcrd: haha why?
Thendxcrd: how am i evil?!?!
IceQbs17: what the hell???
Thendxcrd: ICE CUBES??!?!??!?!!?!
IceQbs17: aiyooooo
IceQbs17: sillie sillie boy.
IceQbs17: see, N shoudl be capitalized
IceQbs17: THEN it would make sense
IceQbs17: almost
IceQbs17: but still,
IceQbs17: hahaha
IceQbs17: wait
IceQbs17: did you have to use capitals with all that?
Thendxcrd: YES
Thendxcrd: HEH
Thendxcrd: yes
IceQbs17: hahahahaa
Thendxcrd: I HAD TOO
Thendxcrd: to illustrate my tone
IceQbs17: hahahaha
IceQbs17: ahh i miss you jon.
Thendxcrd: hehe yaaaay
Thendxcrd: ...
IceQbs17: ohmygod.
Thendxcrd: oh hey look at me im FROZEN WATER
IceQbs17: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
IceQbs17: ok, ther'es one for the profile
Thendxcrd: yea thats right
Thendxcrd: you got TOLD
IceQbs17: i make noise.
IceQbs17: that's bad.
IceQbs17: mama hong sleepin.
IceQbs17: out loud.
IceQbs17: hahahahahhaha
IceQbs17: ouch.
IceQbs17: sniff sniff
IceQbs17: drip drip
IceQbs17: sadness.

yup. scorecard says:
Jon: 1
Andrea: 0

aww too bad i didnt save the emily and karen conversations about this. so sad.

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Monday, August 26, 2002 by Jon


yeas. so hmm, sunday. well i went to church with tom tyty hannah her sister susan and faire du beth. beth said the pastor is really monotone. he so is not, he like yells and stuff...daheck is she talking bout...ohh yea, hehe beth threw an apple at toms car on the way to church, so after we came back we got her car back by covering her windshield with dish soap. tyty told tom to make a nice even coat, and tom therefore thought that he could just use the bottle and squeeze out a nice even layer, not like wipe it all over like normal thinking. so yea A LOT of dishsoap on her windshield, hehe. and tyty tied a can to the bottom of her car to make a rattling noise. we are good. hung out at the apt for the rest of the day i think and talked to ruth ann on the phone. yaaaay for ruth ann. we realized that all of our pictures together are similar, she is like always on the left side and im always on the right, its really weird. yea crazy. so next time we fonna have to take some unique pictures.

and today. biggest news? hmm, maybe overnapping and missing public speaking. they watched a movie, so i missed an easy day, sad. but yea i cooked dinner tonight, rice and spinach, mmmm. rice and spinach is good. talked to adrea on the phone today (not a typo, its adrea i determined) and that was fun, adrea be packing everything up fo school. im in charge of ahhnnaas education now, making sure she doesnt waste her time online (which is good cuz im always online so ill know if shes on) and yea. thats pretty much it. just a lot of hanging out...hehe. oh and yes! james ma figured out my screenname on his first guess...and it took ILT emily and ILT karen like THREE days, haha karen asked him to help. james is smarter than them. ahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

but yes! 2 new tafers to the links, kevan and AH-NEE-TAH!

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Sunday, August 25, 2002 by Jon

I Am The TAF Fairy

well since i have 2300 taf pics on my comp i might as well put them to good use right? so i went off and through im sent taf pics to people! yaaaay! the taf fairy was brightening their night with pictures from taf! woohoo! yea so many good pics...

anyways. i did nothing today. well ok not really nothing. but i didnt change out of my sleeping clothes. you know you didnt really do anything too productive on a day when you dont even change. yea...hehe. woke up, played on the comp, played fifa, played on comp, walked to commons and back for mail, etc etc, watched proof of life on dvd, ate pizza, more comp and more fifa. and now more comp again. oh this is my life and its a good one.

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Saturday, August 24, 2002 by Jon

BOOOOO. it worked. now it doesnt. screw this. ill figure it out tomm.

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by Jon

yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! it worked!!!! YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok now i need to get photoshop...oh and you know theres gonna be taf pics up soon. YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSs!!!!!

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by Jon

Zit In My Eyelid

Hmm. lets see if this works. im seeing if i can load pics up onto my blogspot using angelfire. and the inaugaral picture will be of what i think is a zit in the inside edge of my eyelid. what do you think?

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Friday, August 23, 2002 by Jon

Slideshow Depravation

aww man. :( . i look through all my taf pics from this year at night and there were SO MANY good pictures we didnt use. it makes me sad and now i want to do slideshow again. but i cant :( . or at least i shouldnt...its time for a change and kevan will take over it. but aww man. i wanna do slideshow :***( . this years was great, and i mean REALLY great. but STILL there were somethings that didnt go right, big and small. so i dunno. i wanna fix it, end with the perfect slideshow you know? but i said this before taf this year too. aww man. i gotta look for more at taf though, gotta make a bigger impact and search for ways to make TAF better on a larger scale and let the younger kids learn what the slideshow is. sigh. poop. asd;lsadlkasd. i wanna do slideshow again.....

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002 by Jon

Yes Again

wow, look at my clever titles for my entries, how cool am i? anyways my midday break is almost done, im digging these 90 min - 2 hour breaks i get back here in the apt. but yea i thought id take this time to blog about stuff.

i was tellin Andrea that yesterday in critical thinking my teacher (who by the way is a wacky korean guy, kinda like me but only wackier...imagine that) was talking about stuff, and then he was telling us how the Enron execs and other big companies that went bankrupt were all Harvard and WHARTON school of business students. and they messed it all up, and how walmart uses promotions from within for their execs. im might work at walmart. andrea is going to wharton. looks like ill be giving andrea a job in my company in about 20 years eh? hehehe yes. andrea was amused by that. i dont know if everyone else is.

and in other news brian and steve have been in their apartment at uiuc since saturday. they dont start school till next wednesday, so i asked brian what he does everyday. here goes:

Thendxcrd: what do you guys do all day
CndnCrippler1: let me run it down for you
CndnCrippler1: wake up, eat, fifa, civilization, fifa, civilization, maybe run an errand, civilization, dinner, fifa, civilization, bed
Thendxcrd: and how many hours of sleep do you get?
CndnCrippler1: we'll start going out at night once more people get here
CndnCrippler1: i got 11 last night

and yall should all know fifa is a video game and civilization a computer game. excellent. at least they havent killed themselves...yet.

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by Jon


So blogs the past 2 nights cuz ive been in late night TAF Chats...go late night tafchats. im in one right now actually...but yea. Classes have been pretty good, i think ill like all my teachers. hehe my public speaking teacher is 52 and has 14 tattoos. its crazy. and i have to give a speech tomm in there to introduce ashley to the class, and she will introduce me. only 60 secs, not too shabby.

yea easy schedule...although A LOT OF F-ING READING. ;askdl;sdkl)(&*()*SkdjlKJLSDKJdkljd0d89790*S09udPIOJDp. yea horsepoo. but yea i hang out alot, play euchre and fifa. life isnt too bad. if only i could see more people now...

oh i made fried rice for us last night for a real meal, and surprisingly it was actually good. hehe, go me. made a mess though. but today i burned like 3 sandwhiches. haha. yea...

dishes are a ho to keep clean cuz tom tyty and i eat a lot of random things and random times. and drink lots of drinks. so many cups in the sink yo. but hey, this is apartment life, and like i said 4 sentences is good.

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Sunday, August 18, 2002 by Jon

woohoo! i got the gift of melody cuz shes hitting up the blog from Japan! unless its tinya...

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by Jon

Class My A

blah. so i have class tomm. asi;asldkdl;adk;laskl;asdkds;al. i dun want to start class. i just want to play in my new appartment. but oh i cannot. went to church today and then taf fantasy football league draft! woohoo! i like my team, i will just need to get a qb i think. yea. didnt do much else today, but tyty and i did cook dinner. yay for us. tom just ate. but yea i need to cut down on the snacking, ive had like almost 10 sandwhiches in the past weekend. way too much peanut butter and jelly...but so good. yeas. class tomm at 10. :****( . sigh. well here we go on another school year.......

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Saturday, August 17, 2002 by Jon

Live From SIUE

well im all moved in. pretty much finished unpacking but there are still a lot of little touches to make. hehe when i got here my room had 2 i pushed them together to form one HUGE bed! yes!!! my room is basically my bed and my computer. i dont even have a real closet...heh. yea the apartment is feeling nice though. yea its tight. bobbleheads and dvds. move in was pretty simple since we are on the first floor and all, everything is pretty much set up. tyty, his mom, his sister, and i went to walmart and schnucks and well their minivan was the fullest ive ever seen one with groceries and misc etc. yea. unpack unpack unpack some more. rachel and shannon visited. oshley and abby did...then we went to see beth and hannah later on and made an other walmart run. i spent so much money today. PLUS i got pulled over twice by cops today.

first time was on 55, the cop didnt think i was wearing a seatbelt. and then tonight i rolled a stop sign. but no tickets. thank God. but yea spent lots of $$$ today. tomm i look to sleep in....and i have a fantasy football draft! yay! and more unpacking. sahweet. ok yea ill be online. just im me.

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Friday, August 16, 2002 by Jon

Another Summer Past

*sigh*. well the summer of 2002 is behind me and itll be time to head back to school in a few hours. i dont feel so sad this year...maybe its because i know ill stay in touch with those that matter. or maybe i just dont know any better for what the future holds. regardless i had a good time this summer. the first summer after the first year of college. you find out who are your real friends. its good. these past 100+ days have flown by. i barely remember may when it all started. the park was great. hanging out with the originals was awesome. TAF was more than i ever expected and i still have all those memories and friendships too last awhile. ive been talking with tafers a lot, whether in those insane taf chats or one on one ims or over the phone. its allll good whatever may it be.

i dunno if im really packed and ready to go to school. doesnt feel like it. living with tom and tyty will be a lot of fun, but its getting there thats the tough part. packing and saying bye...blah. but with that many exchanges of "ill visit you" hopefully those go fulfilled unlike usual.

tonight i went out to dinner at chilis with traci nicho brian and jen. becca wheaton was our waitress, yaaay for becca. lots of food. then we stopped by toms for me to drop stuff off and then off to nichos for one last night. and i just remembered something i wanted to take but i dont know if i will be able too....hmmmm. oh well, ill get it some other time. anyways, yea, played ping pong and hung out. fun times. nicho wont be around next summer so yea...this was it. he might not be around for christmas break or thanksgiving lets hope for spring. yuuup. well blog will be from SIUE. woohoo.............

oh but i did come home and andrea is a cool girl. hehe i hope you didnt get in trouble for being online so late....hehe. ok now im done.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002 by Jon

More TAF TAF TAF....and Ping Pong

ahh yes good ole tafers make me happy :) talked to ruth ann and oogahlet on the phone today...yay! happy happy. then mom yelled at me. sad sad and annoyed and angry and many other feelings. crazyness. its really good that ill be gone on friday for school. like seriously though...this might be the last few days living with my mom cuz we both drive each other insane. she always threatens to kick me out and wants me to leave so i might actually do it this time to shut her up. aiyo. i dont like the way i sound. but i gotta do it....

anyways...played lots of ping pong tonight at nichos. good ole nichos. when his family moves im going to buy his house. its gonna be TIIIIIIIIGHT. eek was my main opponent, were pretty good vs each other, close games. finally got nancy and tyty ro complete the jenga pictures, but ill have 1 extra so i dunno whose gonna go. hehe. yeas.

might have a new cell # soon too so ill keep you all posted. its in my moms name, and well i want to be seperate from her. since all she would do is use it somehow against me down the road. my mom gives to take it back later when she wants to control you. be aware of people like that. i hope im not like that.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002 by Jon

TAF Chatting It Up

TAFchats are so good. too bad they arent the real thing. oy. well anyways yesterday i slept and then took uncle and andrew to the airport. came home and well my mom is really in a bad mood due to my time spent online. yea...its REALLY good that i will be gone on friday...cuz shes pissed at me whenever i touch the computer. i hope ill be able to apply the things i learned myself at taf to my own life with communication...cuz i need it with me mom. she definitly throws up a wall every argument we have....or do i do the same?

well yea i gotta pack up my life again for school. busy days ahead of me. and i miss taf. sadness. i need to make my cell phone plan better cuz it blows right now. im gonna go over on peak minutes...i know it.

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Monday, August 12, 2002 by Jon

The Infamous Post-TAF Depression

sigh. taf2002 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. ive already written about the week twice so i dont want to do it again, and i really dont feel like making myself all nostalgic again. its pains me to think how long it will be until i see all my friends again. makes my stomach not feel cool. i just want to call you all up and scream joyfully. the week was great though. held up all my expectations. hate end of taf though. hate the feeling hate the longing hate the missing hate the lack of everything on the drive home. sleep blows. ruth ann anna howard karen marge alex nd dave alice alvin ryan rosanna yvette grant eric andrea peggs 10e jeff kevan michelle kelly karen linn amy christine bkny kevyau eric emily karen dreamy jh boys eddie chik z dave john d roger jason kcgirls ctppl atlposse chitownfolks michigan...i miss everyone and i know for a fact i missed more. just naming names off the top of my head and it makes me sad sad sad. i hate it hate it hate it. on the bright side i have 2400 taf pics on my computer now with more to come i think and tafvideo raw footage from kevan! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till the next time tafers i give you all my love and you know ill be thinking about you guys and girls all the time. may tafchats keep us close and keep us going. spread the love though guys, we dont want cliques. every single tafer...youre invited.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2002 by Jon


ok so quick blog. TAF has been awesome so far. sunday and monday i was on a natural high all day long, SOOOO HAPPY. i dont remember being that happy in a long time. and the last time was probably during the TAF fair 2 years ago. yea so its definitly been tight. there is just a certain energy surrounding the place. my Junior High small group has been pretty good, the kids are funny and having fun, but im worried that they wont be able to switch into a serious mode later in the week.

slideshow is going good too, tons of pics and video. im praying for the best slideshow ever. speaking of praying, im gonna take some time and thank God Jesus and the ever awesome Holy Spirit for bringing me to TAF 10 years ago and keeping me coming and just feeling a great sense of love and joy. oh oh oh yea. but its wednesday which means TAF is half over :*******************( . *sigh* so sad. but i cant think about that, gotta stay focused on all the things i need to do. not getting much sleep but im doing pretty well so its not too bad. God i love this place. i just cant help but say outloud that "i love taf" over and over at random times. i wish everyone reading this could share in my wealth of happiness and love because this is just too great. i mean its kept me away from being online and checking fantasy stuff for like 4 days. FOUR days. how crazy is that?!?

well ok, its almost 5 and its time to go take this kiddies to din din to peace out.

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Saturday, August 03, 2002 by Jon

ok quick blog. im at rogers. lots o taf ppl. its sweet. ok done. see all you tafers soon!

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Friday, August 02, 2002 by Jon

well off i go to TAF. have a wonderful week y'all, im sure i will. and dont worry...ill make it online sometimes. oh bye bye ktmac since youll be off back to school before i come back, and bye bye hana and erika since you 2 will be on vacation when i come come back and still be gone until after i leave. sad times. peace out.

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by Jon

hmmm...too tired to think of a title for todays entry. so yes. my busy busy day wasnt too bad. i actually woke up in time for work...and i took some more pics and put more up...yay! yay for pictures! made a nice cheesy writing about how the pictures on the wall make the trailer our home or something. yeas. and we discovered that uh...blanca maria is at the park 55 hours every 2 weeks according to her time THATS where all the moeny goes...interesting, very interesting.

came home, packed and cleaned, short nap, went to ice deli with adrienne, went to pick up andrew and uncle lohtze, dinner, went to see uncle bill about TAF history and it was a really good talk. go taf. came home and then went off to the drive in. it was hot. is sweated. i was really tired. now im home and uh yea, i wanna sleep but you know i wont..........asodkl;asaskdsla;ksd

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Thursday, August 01, 2002 by Jon

ok look down at the time that this was blogged at. now remember how im totally exhausted and have to work at 730am tomm. what is wrong with me?

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by Jon


yes. i dont think ive ever sweated more in one day that today in my entire life. we have the dance to blame for that. it was soooo hot. oh man. the dance started off really bad. hehe i got there at like 630 and no kids were there exceot for buzz. so around 715 we finally got started with the music and it was me and kate trying to get the 10 or so kids there at the time going cuz brad didnt want to dance and well hana helped too. so yea there was some dancing...some silence as we tried to get the right songs to get it going...but yea not working. hehe. after a while the kids mentioned they wanted to play a game, so we did, and that made them happy. and as we played more teachers were able to show up and manny had some of his family come out, and well they are all latin, so they busted out the salsa music and got the party going. so the kids went and all was well, the party turned out really well once it got dark and the sun was gone. hehe jose carlos and others like my popping, even though its really not that good. but yea it was so hot, it was basically me sweating for 4 hours straight. and i was at the park for uh...almost 14 hours today. wow. i sweated for a good 13 of those.

anywho, i dont know why i keep blogging cuz i dont really have time. the digital camera is making me happy though. andrew and uncle loh-tze are coming tomm, gotta clean and pack tomm to. oh man. wow. one more day. and tomorrow is probably my last day this summer at the park :***( oh infinite sad times. another busy day tomm and im running quite low on sleep. i hope i wake up in time for it tomm.

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