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Monday, March 29, 2004 by Jon

back in chambana after a long break. booyah for ruth ann and her apartment. and another booyah for julie and her house back home (!!!) in springfield.

home is good : )

but of course, so are taf homes : )

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Friday, March 26, 2004 by Jon

So in the past six months, ive covered this much of the United States by car or plane.

create your own personalized map of the USA

Other than Springfield and Champaign, since July I've driven through at least TWENTY states. I've slept in FOURTEEN different cities. In total, at least 21 seperate trips because of 3 trips to chicago, 5 to stl, and 2 to ann arbor. A friend made a very good point when he asked me if I ever went home, because I don't.

I get feelings of missing home often now. I miss walking out of my door to my car parked in my driveway. I miss home run derby at rotary. I miss adriennes couch. I miss driving on veterans parkway and monroe with the windows down. I miss Washington Park Tennis Courts. Im old kids. Im moving on. I have a summer away from home coming up too in Taiwan. But nothing is ever what it used to be. Everything is what you make of it kids. Everything is what you make of it.

I need time to reflect. You all should too. But as for myself, I can't see myself doing that in the next few months. When did I get so busy?

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by Jon

Ruth Ann took me to Chic-Fil-A today for dinner. Or breakfast, if you consider it being my first meal after waking up three hours earlier at 330. Anyways, I was hungy. And I felt like ordering a lot of nuggets and sharing them with Ruth Anns roommates, so I had to choose between purchasing my own 12-pack of nuggets for $3.69 or a 50-count party platter for $15. Now I can't do math THAT fast in my head, especially with decimals, but I thought I could by nuggets in bulk and get them cheaper that way. But you do the math. It's 30 cents per nugget either way. And I got way too many nuggets.

- Chic-fil-a for breakfast. No joke. Ruth Ann is taking me.
- Maybe I should give Donald and others a call...
- and of course...SWEET SIXTEEN BABY!!!

I-L-L! I-N-I!

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Thursday, March 25, 2004 by Jon

haha ok ok ok. so i know that in my last post i said, "i'm off on another road trip tomorrow. but ohhh! no tafers this time. i think...haha." but you know. fate always has a funny way of leading you to tafers.

right now im sitting in ruth ann's living room in atlanta blogging away.

Soooo...yesterday I was in North Carolina watching a baseball game with my roadtrip mates, and we all have a friend who lives down here in atl, and he says he has tickets to the Illinois(!) vs. Duke basketball game. now that my friends, is a good thing. so we all decided to come to atlanta to watch the game on friday. awwww yea! and as the added bonus, i get to hang out here in atl! BOOYAH!

and another fun thing was calling davef on ruth ann's phone in her room, him being confused to hear my deep manly voice after reading "ruth ann" on caller id, and then ruth ann calling liz wang from my cell phone, while she was in daves room with dave! haha, oh man, that was CLASSIC. everyone should go do that. imagine how weird/cool it was to hear ruth ann talking next to liz, and being able to hear liz responding in the background while im on the phone with dave. and then switching back and forth and being able to hear all these conversations. i might not have described it that well, but trust me, it was one of those good classic taf laughing moments. oh yea oh yea.

and im done. ill update again later.


ok back on an update...

unbelievably large piece of crap

ok to look at this with somewhat of an open mind...its probably no different that the ghettopoly boardgames. but still. id be typing expletives right now. and i dont normally do that.

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Friday, March 19, 2004 by Jon

So...Chen Shui Bian and Annette Lu were shot. that my friends, is whack. and disturbing. and very interesting. But all is well. You can't hold Taiwan down yo.

so yea, i was going to post these but then the news broke, so it took me a little longer. but yea, a selection of pictures from this weekend!

Anna loves Illinois! and so does Xiao Ding Dong!

Gill, Ming, Betty, and Anna hanging out in ma room underneath the Taiwan flag.

Nothing like boba at evo with Julie and Jack

and then we saw charlene liang randomly there too!

After evo, Ruth Ann and Jessica arrived at UIUC!

a-t-l in the house! so get this. this year ive seen michigan, chicago, stl, kc, ohio, and east coast tafers. now atl is complete. and then in april? cali karen comes! ill have seen every contingent of tafers!

The U of I quad at night, with the Illinois Union off in the distance. isnt it pretty jessica fu and jessica sun and karen chien?!?! yea! GORGEOUS.

and lastly, a panoramic of the first ever tafCrush banquet.

i'm off on another road trip tomorrow. but ohhh! no tafers this time. i think...haha. you never know when or where you'll see a random tafers. someone come find me in north and south carolina!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004 by Jon

haha alright...this is what happens when you put 3 tafers in a room with 3 computers.

HoChie71 (1:35:03 PM): smell this, sucka!
Mishelby84 (1:35:03 PM): i hate you
davef yan9 (1:35:03 PM): you smell SO BAD YO

coordinated. awesome.

taf weekend was sweet. heres a pic from our "banquet":

Going clockwise from Gill: Gill, Alex, Albert, Jessica, Ming, Justin, Tiffany, Me, Ruth Ann, friend, Jeff, Queena, Jack, Julie, Anna, and Lauren. Timmy Huang and Bryan Hseuh had to leave, and Roger was late. haha yea.

and simultaneously in Cali...

L to R: Ho Chie, Lester, Young, and Brendan, Michelle, and Dave

black eyed peas ask wheres the love? well. its clearly wherever tafers meet : )

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Sunday, March 14, 2004 by Jon

heck yea...What Taiwan Wants

visitors this weekend were good. although, sad i could not spend more time with some. but hey, theres a rhyme to every reason right? ive been "missing" people lately. not that im lonely or anything, in fact alone time is good. but, im trying to not take past friends and the good memories that they provided for granted.

pictures will be up from itasa and this weekend.

i hope you all had a wonderful time and enjoyed your weekends.

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Friday, March 12, 2004 by Jon

This weekend looks VERY promising. oh yea oh yea.

Mandarin Wok at 6pm Saturday for a tafCrush banquet sound good for y'all?

We got some special guests yo,

- Anna Wu (Juniors Program Director) from Cincinatti/Duke!
- Ruth Ann Day (Youth Advisor) from Atlanta/Georgia State!
- Tim Huang (Youth Advisor) Alumni from Chicago!
- Bryan Hseuh (um...TAF98-99?) Alumni from Chicago!
- Albert Wu (Juniors Counselor) from Cincinatti!
- Jessica Sun (Slideshow) from the S-T-L!

and of course, youre favorite tafCrush celebrities! so be there or be a rectangle.

feel the rush. come eat with tafCrush.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004 by Jon

High School Sweethearts to a Married Couple


ah yes. happy i was made today to hear the news that 2 good friends are getting married. haha, i giggled like a little school girl when jenifer told me in advertising. but yes, to the newly engaged Lindsey Miller and Samuel Culli!

the left pic is from, i think, winter 2000. on the right is summer 2003.

so ive known linz since know i dont actually know exactly, its been that long. we went to Butler elementary school together and so on. and then we all met sam at SHS. and then you guys started dating senior year. haha, you know what? i still remember the first time i thought you two liked each other. It was during a rehearsal for bye bye birdie. i was standing on stage doing something and i turned my shoulder and i saw you two sitting togther, away from all the others talking to each other. who knew eh? a few days later you guys called me up to see what i was doing, AFTER going to magic kitchen alone. hahahahaha. thats awesome.

i could probably rave about old memories and whatnot, but i'll leave it at this. you guys are my first good friends to be getting married so im a wee bit excited, but yes, not as much as you two i'm sure.

God gave you two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to hear, and two hands to hold, but why did He only give you one heart?

Because He gave the other one to someone for you to find.

Good job guys, you found each other.

congratulations : )

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004 by Jon

this is traumatic. and stressful. sigh. goodbye thendxcrd.

so i need a new screenname. aol is being cancelled at the lee household. and someone mean at aol wont let you keep your old screennames. boo on them. its kind of sad how sad i actually am. thendxcrd has been my online persona for 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. thats a long time man.

i have till the end of the week to say my goodbyes and notify everyone. this part is actually stressful. gotta tell people i dont normally talk to but i might in a time of need. gotta notify people of new email addresses. and of course, gotta think of a new name.

my first idea was Jonizzle. not too shabby, some ppl call me it already. the next idea was given to me by marge, thendxcrrd. i kinda like it, the double rr's remind me of "right therre" and other hip lingo. but it might be too close to the original. too much like a "replacement" rather than an "alternative".


i am too sad over something that shouldnt be that big of a deal. but i guess its evident that i'm a child of the 21st century.

thats just the way it is. things'll never be the same.

oh no. i did not just quote lyrics from a song in a post about my screenname.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004 by Jon

itasa midwest 2004 = goooooooooooooooooood.

pictures up later. I'll wait about a week after more visits and visiting.

i'm tired.

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Friday, March 05, 2004 by Jon

itasa @ umich tomorrow! oh yea yea yea! gonna see some of my favorite people and more!

and after itasa umich...

Anna Wu comes to visit! YEA GO ANNA!

and the day after anna arrives...


man, people just love tafCrush. oh boy oh boy oh boy.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004 by Jon

alright. this just sucks.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004 by Jon

Yea Illinois! Big Ten Champions baby!

aww, poor Purdue. or should i say, Purpoopoo. puahahahahaha.

oh no i di'int go there!

oh wait, i did!

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Monday, March 01, 2004 by Jon

and the current list tafers in taiwan for summer04 has grown!


Ruth Ann Day (June)
Alice Wang (July)
Alvin Wang (July)
Jessica Fu (June)
Ming Young (June - July)
Dave Hsu
Roger Lin (June - July)
Anna Wu (may or june)
Gill Chieu
Jinny Chieu
Annie Chieu
Linn Wu
Juliana Wu
Michelle Hsu
Margaret Chen (august)
Alex Chen (ditto)
Emily Huang
Karen Lai

aaannnd Me! Probably! for late May through June or even through July. TAFers in Taiwan: Summer 2004. Oooooh Yea.

*end edit*

who else who else?! wow...taiwan just might be the place to be this summer...

and hopefully i can add myself to this list sometime.

but in other news: yes, itasa midwest at the university of michigan this weekend.

and the oc is good.

and in case anyone forgot ::coughjaimeandjeanettecough::



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by Jon

ok ok ill update.



itasa this weekend?

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