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Monday, July 01, 2002 by Jon

Why is it so f-ing humid???

oy. today was busy and hot. i went to church with beth to western oaks and the usual Zoe gang was there, well actually ashley wasnt...but yes. after that i came home and i took 3 naps between 12 and 2. hehe, im so used to aim, i came home, went online for 5 minutes, slept for 30 min, woke up, answered ims for about 5 minutes, went back to sleep for an hour, woke up for another 5 min of responding, and then back to sleep for 30 min. yea buddy, naps are good. went to get a haircut and drop off pictures quickly before hockey.

and then hockey. hockey was f-ing hot. so you know how i like the play goalie...wearing all that gear today was f-ing insane. first of all there was a strong scent of b.o. left on it from whenever the last time we played, and then my sweat kept dripping on my face and it was really annoying. the game itself wasnt bad, i only gave up 2 goals, and since its half court hockey with both teams shooting on me, thats not too shabby at all.

got ma pics and then came how and showered. dinner with dad and then brian and tyty decided to play bball tonight. yea ok so bball was also hot. but yes! i blocked people for the first time ever tonight!!! haha THREE on Ajit!!! whooooo!!! and even one on moein. hehe thats a fluke. moeiner then packed me soon after to get his revenge.

came home and took yet another shower. i have 2 sweat-soaked outfits lying on my bathroom floor. SOAKED.

i started a tafchat tonight and those are always good, and then i went to nichos for a bit. hehe i made brians name and nichos name with the jenga blocks like i did last night for ajit and took pictures of them! i even got nichos dog Zoe in a picture!!! and then sweaty came, and well, sweaty is impossible to make with free standing jenga blocks, so i had to settle for his real name, aaron.

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