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Thursday, July 04, 2002 by Jon

Crusin in da Country

yea buddy, today was action packed. went to six flags in stl today with sweaty jen brian lori and stephanie. good times good times. road the rides, i like the Boss the most. yea the Boss is good. rode in the front of the Batman today too for the first time, not too shabby. being able to see whats going on is cool. went to the water park in the afternoon and rode some more rides there. yea changing there is tough cuz um, the bathroom is definitly dirty. eew.

so yea 4 oclock rolled around and all was cool but then there was cloud cover and lighting coming in the distance and we had to leave the water park. and by that time all 6 of us were tired since we left springfield at yea we went bye bye. about half an hour later we ended up at a fireworks place, one of the million in st louis. sweaty got a bunch and well i decided not to spend money, i'll just mooch off of my friends, eh heh heh.

went to the galleria after that and we ate at the california pizza kitchen. good food. aannnd then all of us were officially kaput and left back home for springfield. jake ajit mike nicho and then meagan came over to meet us as we got home. and OH OH OH YEA. jake got his couch in the bed of his truck! a couch! in the bed of the truck!!! oh man that was so cool. haha funny story, we were heading out to the gas station and brian and i were in the bed on one half, and the couch took the other half longways. so as we are just pulling out of my hood jake yells "COP COP COP!" and me and brian just hit the floor since we were sitting up. oh man that was ROUGH. i was all squished and like my leg started to cramp and i was laughing so hard because we got caught at the stoplight and i swear to God it was the longest light ever and the cop was right behind us. and of course when brian hit the deck he like folded in half and his head and hair ended up between my legs. nicho took high amusment in the 5 minutes that we were positioned like that at the light. haha oh my God i was laughing so hard. ahahaha.....yea.

so yea then jake nicho brian and i along with ajit and mike went off to shannon dudleys house for her lil campout shindig. yea girl. ashley bwookie jendt85 and others were there too. good times good times, we brought the couch out there and it was pretty darn nice next to the campfire, although a campfire in the summer can get kinda hot, hehe. shannon has a pimp lil setup though, a hammock over here, a tent with a bridge over there, and tiki torches all around. when i first got there it felt like i was on survivor or something. yea, pimp status. we hung out there for about a good hour and a half id say and then packed up our couch and left. but oh yes to you ladies, since i found out you are part of a small group of my loyal readers, you should comment! comment comment comment. jon likes comments. make jon happy. happy is good.

ok so now even though i did a lot of cool thing today, id have to say the ride back to springfield was the best part. i used to think that sitting in the back of an ole pickup truck in the country on a cool summer night looking up at the stars was one of the most peaceful and serene things that one can do, but oh i was wrong. if you take all those vital elements and add yourself a couch to the bed its just great, cuz know you are riding in total comfort. man its so pretty out in the country. all you big city folks reading this need to leave the city lights and see how many starts you can see. it amazes me everytime. it was like a 20 minute trip too out to shannons, so it was a nice and decently lengthed ride back home so i had time to ponder the wonders of the universe. yea the country is definitly just beautiful.

oh and how could i forget the 3rd consecutive Highlight of the Day!

so we bought all those fireworks in stl. when we were chilling otuside my house, ajit decided that it would be interesting to see what would happen if you put 5 or 6 sparklers together, just sparklers, nothing harmless right? well give it to our buddy ajit to turn it into something non-harmless. so he lights them all and after like a second they all go into one mad big spark and ajit screams, and then nearly drops them onto ALL the boxes of sparklers we had lying there, and then runs away. ok 2 things that make this classic ajit and a highlight: 1) he screamed and almost killed himself, and 2) almost took out the rest of out sparklers which would have created a gigantic sparkler that probably would have gotten to my sisters car.

ajit what are you going to end up doing tommorrow?

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