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Monday, December 30, 2002 by Jon

woooo im back home. the flight was pretty good. the plane was uncrowded and i had no one sitting with i had 3 seats next to a window all to myself! yaaay. i slept and watched signs on the plane. went by decently quick. after i came home i unpacked and such, then headed over to adriennes tonight. yay for adrienne. usual peeps was over. hehe i took a nap over there while they watched tv. yea even though i slept all on the plane im tired and i need to get to bed, especially since it is almost 3am and i need to go work at 11. yea...BUT FIRST! Pictures from Taiwan!!! woot woot!

my dad and i at Sun Moon Lake. it was peeerty.

my ahma (grandma) pondering her next mah-jong move. she's a pimpstress in mah-jong. be careful.

catdogg with a giant mashimarro in hsimen ding. hehe right after i took it i tried to take another picture, but a sales lady told me no pictures. but little did she know i already took one! har har har.

googoo (aunt) Yvonne, cousin Tony, cousin William, googoo Grace, and her husband Paul aroud the dinner table. yea theres always a lot of ppl over for dinner, so my grandma cooks like 8 dishes. so howard and i...well we ate a lot.

howa eating a rice cake dipped in pigs blood. cousin and his friend also got one. needless to say, i passed on this. I dont think i like pigs blood.

haha on the way to get glamour shots i was sitting in the taxi, looked out the window...and saw this. ahahah. yea...

howa getting his makeup on for the glamour shots. he looks so fake. and also very girlie. way to go howa.

and here is me in my "derelict" outfit. hehe they put "dirrty" makeup on me. Christina, step aside, because JonnyLee is here.

hmm yea...howard, boy george. yea...

ahma, ah-gong (granddad), and googoo grace chattin it up.

me my dad and howard at a restaurant in taipei on my last night. goood food. chinese pancakes! YES! and apple sidra is the SHIZZNIT.

and last but not least, my favorite picture of the trip, howa catherine and i at the night market hsimen ding. why is this my favorite pictures? because it has to do with this:

look! different people, different time, same location! marge chris gill michelle et all took this in the summer. and now us 3 did in the winter. i declare all taf reunions in taipei must now meet at hsimen ding and take a picture in this spot marked by the KFC in the background. haha yea, so cool.

alright, thats all for now. peace out kids. its good to be back home.

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Sunday, December 29, 2002 by Jon the tokyo airport right now. melody sucks for not coming to visit me here. hah. but yea. any tafers remember Brian Shein? the guitar player in the James Bond swing choir and one of the JH counselors when they did that Full Monty thing at taf night? yea well...i think he was on my flight here...and he is also on the flight back to chicago. yea pretty sure its if i can only find him and say something...

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Saturday, December 28, 2002 by Jon

yeas. well my trip to taiwan is now over. howard left an hour ago and now im chillin, pulling the all nighter so i may sleep on the plane. so yesterday we went back pick out our glamour shots. so funny, ahahaha. yea they are good. i got 84 wallets, i hope thatll be enough. for some reason i think it might not be. hehehe howard has one thats SO FUNNY. i laugh everytime i think about it. oh man...ahahah. go shower shots. um...i mean. yes. anyways, last night we went to New York New York, a mall here in taipei. hmm yea way too high end for howard and i. 100 dollars for a tshirt???? screw that. hehe we saw some american girls there waiting for a taxi. 3 teenage white girls in taipei....random.

today howard and i went back to hsimen ding and bought even more vcds and cds. funked around there, then later on we went to eat chinese pancakes!!! oh so good. and apple sidra is the shizznit. and as usual here in taiwan, i ate too much. went back to a night market to buy some more stuff, and yea. ive spent so much money whilst here. i hope i can fit everything into my suitcase...that may be tough. well its 12:47. i leave at 7am to the airport. lets hope i can make it...till the next time taiwan!

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Thursday, December 26, 2002 by Jon

glamour shots today for five hours. howard and i are so ghey. not stupid...but ahahaha oh man. these are funny. and so gay...haha right. we get to pick them out which ones we want in our book and for wallets tomm! YEA!!! im so giddy. yea so today was basically wake, glamour shots, eat, mahjong, watch tv. OH YEA! tomm imma gonna spend more money, gifts gifts gifts!

but ok, some randomness:

-Piper Perabo annoyes the crap out of me in Coyote Ugly

-Howard has been in the shower for a long time...

-Trip to Taiwan = lots of food and weight gain

-Speaking of which...the five hours i spent taking glamour shots has been the longest that I have gone without eating in the past week, not counting time spent sleeping. too much food.

-I should stop biting my nails. Its a bad habit.

-Today, I was Derelict, a la Zoolander. Go glamour shots. har har.

-Stuff is cheap to buy here, but then you buy too much. I was broke when I got here, got money, and I will be broke when i leave.

-mmm....I'm having a blast here...but home....

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002 by Jon

glamour shots in an hour!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

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by Jon

yeas. well christmas day was spent buying a lotta cds and vcds and dvds. we went to a electronics market area...and yea. howard is watchin everything i type right now. i bought shaolin soccer on vcd!!! YEEEESSS!!! haha oh so good. and some more taiwanese music. jay chow. yup. and tonight, the night markets. hehe yea imma spending a lot of f-ing money. my dad hasnt given me any yet for christmas that should help out. hehe. aight yea, ill blog about the night market later.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002 by Jon

omG....shaolin soccer might be one of the best movies ever created...

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by Jon

merry christmas from taiwan! yes this is about 13 or 14 hours before all of you may be enjoying the day of christmas, but yea. this doesnt feel like christmas at all. no snow, no santa, nada. kinda sucks. yea i barely even remembered that today...well, yesterday technically, was christmas eve. hehe i "celebrated" by going to hsimen ding, one of the night markets here. glamour shots on thursday! and oogurt, cd's is bought for you. but sadness, no NET shirts that say NET like you wanted :(

hehe, setting up the appt for the glamour shots was amusing. it was me, catherine, howa, and my cousin. my cousin is from here with broken english, better than my mandarin. howard is pretty good in taiwanese, and catherine has decent taiwanese. and well...hahaha it was just really funny watching catherine and the sales lday go at it trying to figure stuff out. ppl would walk by and stare at us because catherine would talk so loud and the sales lady did too, and yea...highly amusing. hehehe. yea you had to be there...

oh and marge! we took apicture in the same spot you all did when you chris cc gill etc were at hsimen ding. how cool is that!?!?!?

im sick. not allergies any more i think, just sick. boooooo. but yea i hope y'all have a merry christmas or just happy holidays, happy birthday Jesus!

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Sunday, December 22, 2002 by Jon

movies movies movies. taiwan tv has a lot of good us movie channels. my favorite so far is probably....sleepless in seattle. good film. and i saw the lord of the rings 2 with my cousin the other day. that was also good. taiwan theatres weird. but what did suck was when they characters would speak in english subtitles, only chinese. arg barg!

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by Jon

hello boys and girls. dang...i had something i wanted to blog about, but now i cannot remember. well that just isnt cool. back in taipei now, chillin at the grandpadres casa. i just got done playing some mah-jong. my grandma is a pimpstress in mah-jong, and she helped me while i subbed for her against her friends and my aunt. haha i lost some of her money. her friend is also a mah-jong pimpstress.

my cousins are chilling with me too. i just met one of them for the first time tonight. unfortunately my lack of good mandarin and total lack of taiwanese besides a few phrases dealing with eating...we cannot really talk. kinda sucks. i wonder how close i wil be to the majority of my cousins when i grow up cuz like...i cant communicate with half of them. yea das not so cool. i need to learn.\

oh yes, i remember what i wanted to say now, thanks to it coming onto tv. THANK GOD that the "Ketchup Song" hasnt hit the US...unless it has while ive been over here. fo real though, the Ketchup Song, by a group called Las Ketchup (im not lying here) is basically a 2002 version of the macarena...except A WHOLE HECKOVA LOT MORE ANNOYING. oh man its so bad. i hope you guys dont have to deal with this over in the state, cuz...its highly annoying. the dance to the song is so simple that its dumbnifying. see i dont even know if that was a word. thats how dumb the song is making me by simply watching it once. STEER CLEAR OF THE KETCHUP SONG.

ahem. so yeas, howard should be arriving in taipei tomm, and catherine yeh sent me an email saying she was here in taipei too! i had no idea. hehe i called her twice and well...its been tough trying to ask for her over the phone in my non-fluent mandarin, hehe. yea i'll try again tomm....later kids.

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Friday, December 20, 2002 by Jon

awww yea! 4.0! woot woot! first time ive ever gotten straight a's in my life. except for that one time in 3rd grade when i got a's in everything EXCEPT my first and only B in PE. a B in PE!?!?!?!?! when everything else was an A?!?!?! yea that pissed off 3rd Grader Jon.

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Thursday, December 19, 2002 by Jon

How azn are u?

brought to you by Quizilla

hmm. interesting...maybe i should work on this while im over here...

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by Jon

and im back! woohoo, its been way too long being offline. aiyo.

well since i last left you all, i went on a west coast tour of taiwan with my dads school to show some doctors from beijing around. the first night we picked them up and then went to this really nice hotel outside of taipei. i asked myself "am i in taipei or in europe", because the hotel and the surrounding areas all had european architecture. its was funky. the rooms were sweet too, complete with living, dining rooms, and a full kitchen. i went out for a walk and it was really nicxe and peaceful, and they had a large amount of christmas lights up. a laaaarge amount.

next day we hit up taichung, visited at high school and a grade school and other stuff. pretty much what i did all day wednesday and thursday was follow the group around and answer questions from other ppl about where i was from, what i was studying, how well my chinese or taiwanese was...yea fun times let me tell you. oh and the food that i was served was CRAZY. the things i was served, and ate out of respect, were weird. things of those shapes, colors, and textures do not appeal to me. thanfully they always served good fruit at the end of the meal. go asian pears and guava.

yea all the sites that we have been visiting are buddhist places, so they are like super extra nice. all the meals are pretty big, and haha, everytime we get off the bus at a new place, all of the ppl at the place line up on each side and sing this song and clap as we walk by. its like 80-some ppl, on each side, welcoming you. i dont know what to do when im walking through the procession. i either stare at the ground and laugh at how weird it is that a hundred ppl are welcoming us like this, or if im adventurous i'll look up at ppl and bow my head every so often.

oh yea, we visited Sun Moon Lake, that was pretty darn beautiful. it was like when i was in Lucern, Switzerland, we went to the top of this hotel and it overlookd a lake in the mountains. i love lakes in the mountains. they are f-ing pretty.

yesterday we were in tainan at another temple, and howa powa was able to join me. that was cool. hehe everyone was impressed with howa's taiwanese. good job howa, way to be. left for kaoshiung after that, etc etc. i dont think anything else was too exciting. and then we flew back to haulien last night, and i finally got to sleep in today at my dads apt. and now im at my dads office online....hurrah!

oh yes sadness however. pauline called me a few minutes ago...and we wont be able to meet up :(. tsunah leaves taipei on sunday morning, which is when i go back there, and tsunah comes back on monday, which is the day after i leave taipei :(. booooooo. dat sucks.

so yeup. so far my trip has been pretty much just me looking at random stuff. its been ok i guess. bus rides up mountains however suck. next week should be fun though, howa and i getting glamour shots in taipei. AWWWWW YEEEEAAAAA! ok well, im sure ill be back blogging later if i forgot anything...

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Monday, December 16, 2002 by Jon

Live from Taiwan

yo boys and girls. well here i am in Taipei after one long day of flying. man my butt was KILLING me, i have never sat for so long. not once did i get up on all 3 flights, i just sat sat sat. and in the airports waiting, i just sat sat sat. blah. but yea ok, 2 weeks of taiwan funk ahead of me. aww yea....tune in later to find stuff out since well ive only ate, slept, and ate while here.

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Sunday, December 15, 2002 by Jon

ok ok ok, well, almost time to leave, but hey, theres always time for a blog. so my mom is trying to sell crepes now at the ice cream place. totally bad idea in my opinion, but that of course doesnt matter. but hey thats not the story. my mom was making crepes and trying to get ppl to try them out and taste them. so there were some ppl walking by, and my mom would stand there and be like , would you like to try a crepe? nothing bad. but then this one time she asked this girl "Would you like to try a piece of crepe?". and i froze. i was like "......are you kidding me....she did not just say that out loud...." . luckily however, i dont think ppl noticed, and even luckier, i dont think my mom ever used that specific phrase again. whew.

in other news...

-when the funk did howard get a xanga? that bastard never told me.

-its been 9 hours since i last ate at steak n shake, yet i feel as if i should eat because in my mind i will be going to bed soon, even though im really not for another 4 hours. well screw it, im hitting up the gas station before i go.

-im going to have my cell phone with me in taiwan, just for the sole purpose of being able to call my mom when i arrive in chicago. 99% sure it wont work in taiwan, but hey, you should all call and leave voicemails if so. yea thatll be cool.

-Susan - i bought a new hat (at abercrombie kids no less) so yea, i dont need my hat back right away.

-hit up the chatterbox thing to the left. lets get that new blog toy goin'

-well kids thats it. time for the JRL to make like a fetus and head out, y'all have a good 1 day without me signed on. i know i know it will be weird not seeing Thendxcrd on your buddy lists, but you can do it, i know you can.

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by Jon

la la la, its almost 6am and im chillin chillin. well today was tiring, the ice cream place was pretty busy. and well work was work, saw ppl walk by, chatted with some of them, and then after work i went over to adriennes, then to steak n shake with ajit and jake, then back to adriennes. man those steakburgers are good. i have missed them. now im back home and for the most part packed up. here is my upcoming schedule:

6am-830am: finish packing, take a showa
830am: drive to airport
10am: fly out of springfield
11am: arrive in chicago.
12pm: leave for tokyo
12:01pm: pass out on airplane and sleep for the next 10-12 hours hopefully.

that my friends, would be good. 15 hour flight...oy. i hope i have an empty seat next to me, but sadly im pretty sure the plane will be packed. tis the season ya know. so yea, i have a 23 hour and 5 minute trek ahead of me from the time a leave springfield to the time i land in taipei. yea...this'll be fun...

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Saturday, December 14, 2002 by Jon

dang i gotta get busy for taiwan much to do yet so little time if i have to work at the ice cream place. askj;alsdk;asd, crap on a stick. but hey tonight was fun after i was able to escape the ice cream place. while working though i saw tons of ppl, and unfortunately not able to talk to everyone cause they came around all at once. but lets see, first i saw heather trammel, and then while i was talking to her and helping customers, jill and tyler campo walked by but i was only able to say hi to them, yea definately havent talked to jill in forever. and i cant spell adverbs tonight. anyways, went back to talk to heather and adrienne and jake visited then went back off since i was busy. brian price then came. hehe i dont know if he knew who i was, but hey he was springfield highs star bball player 3 years ago, but i didnt ask him about basketball. i should have, hah. anyhoo, jake and adrienne came back and talked etc etc, then they left. a few minutes later whitney luke walked by! hurraaah. i havent seen whitney in so long, man, way too long. so yea, oooh jon get whitneys d-i-g-i-t-s. yea she told me to call her over spring break 2 years ago and i didnt. i must call her this time after i come back from taiwan. everyone, remind me. but yea, susan simlutaneously walked up at the same time as well. hehe i couldnt really talk to susan, SORRY SUSAN :( . but yea i need to get my hat from you, so uh, i hope you read this before sunday...and if not imma gonna call you, cuz yea, need that hat, heh. man, too many ppl too fast. but hey thats a whole lot better than no people at all.

went to adriennes after work. hung out with adrienne and jake. adrienne made us pizza rolls. delicious. then adrienne and i talked till 3am. thats why im bloggin at 4am. woohoo. i need sleep.

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Friday, December 13, 2002 by Jon

hurrah, thank you for the glamour shot advice everyone, but hey, if you got anymore tips, you leave jonny a comment. oh yea marge, any idea how many outfits to bring? and how much money do these babies cost...?

yea not much else, today was nice and easy. haircut and chilled basically. i have not fully come to the realization that i have 1 month ahead of me with no school whatsoever. good stuff.

and lastly, these new stories about britney spears / justin timberlake / joey fatones t-shirt are all highly amusing.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002 by Jon

yeas, before i forget, anyone know anything about glamour shots in taiwan? like how to set up an appt, what to bring, ANYTHING??? please, leave a comment and tell jon. thank you.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002 by Jon

well its 11:25 and its a half hour before my final. so what do i do? i blog! wahahah.

-oreo cookies are delicious, especially when dipped in milk. Everybody loves oreos dipped in milk, unless maybe if you are lactose intolerant. however, if you dont like oreos dipped and milk and are not lactose intolerant, you are not human.

-finals week is great for picking clothes to wear to class. Jon Lee's count: 3 days this week, 1 outfit for all 3 days. go hooded sweatshirts and cargo pants.

-oreos do however leave an abundant amount of chocolate cookie debris in your teeth and the sides of your mouth.

-i need to learn the correct way to work out the obliques, i dont think my lower back should be in such pain like it is right now.

-i will spend nearly two full days in an airplane during the next 2 weeks.

-i am seeing how fast/well i can grow out my facial hair. the mustache is coming in quickly, while my goatee area has baby fuzz then about 6 stalks of stickly hair. sideburns, well sad times for the sideburns area :(

-easiest finals ever, 1 on monday, 1 on tuesday. and thats it. and i could even be able to pull out a 4.0....

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Monday, December 09, 2002 by Jon

aww, poor other kids having to etudier for there finals. luckily my cmis final is tomm, but its open book. woohoo! good times for me. unfortunately critical thinking final might be a ho. yea....

anyways, taiwan, taiwan in a week. well less than a week. wow....haha oh crap. well yea, talking to shirley right now. and her doreen timmy conrad bryan cecilia, they all fonna be in taiwan along with howa joh and pauline. aww yea! hehe howard joh and i are gonna get glamour shots. wow how insane would that be if timmy and all them could join that would be pimp status. but if not, its still glamour shots. har har har. 214am, final at 12. hey if i go to bed now i might get a decent amount of sleep......

oh yea, besides angie lin (who i dont really know well...heh), is anyone else going to taiwan this christmas?!?!?! and um, yea angie can come play with us too, hehe, the more the merrier!

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Saturday, December 07, 2002 by Jon

and im back! after a 24 hour hiatus from normal function of my computer i return. but you know what sucks? ill tell you now. i was copying my old hard drive to my new one. it was going to take 24 hours and like 15 minutes to do. so i let it run and dont use my comp. this afternoon at 5 it gets down to about 10 minutes and all looks well. i go back to watch tv, and when i come back, AN ERROR OCCURED. opasd;lasdkl;asdkasd. right right ok so at 99%, thats NINETY NINE PERCENT, the program had an error and made it worthless. after TWENTY FOUR HOURS, with only about FIVE minutes left to go, there was an error. and that made it a whole f-ing waste of time. worthless crap. so yea, no new hard drive yet. i cant belive it stopped at 99%.....blah.

so yea i didnt care about the new hard drive after that, i instead have deleted a bunch of things, and matt and i beat the new ghost recon in 1 day, good for us. and of course now that i am back, heres a new picture!!!

ahaha oh man, i wonder what the comments for this will say.....

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Thursday, December 05, 2002 by Jon

hmm, imma gonna be offline for a while, copying all my files to a new hard drive...hehe this is going to take some time......

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by Jon

hehehehe, new episode of That 90's Show, available only at!

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by Jon

hit up stl tonight for tytys birthday. ate at the asian grille, and then we took many a picture around the town, many in downtown. here are 2 of them!

tkast and susan standing next to a big christmas tree and in front of the missouri state capital with the arch in the background.

while beth and hannah stayed in the car, me susan and tyler spelling out "CUBS" in front of busch stadium. aww yea.

hehe it was so cold, but there be a lotta cool stuff off of market street. now i must go download christmas songs. yay for christmas!

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002 by Jon

holy bartender, im going to be in the air from chicago to tokyo non-stop. that is a 15 hour flight on the way there...and SEVENTEEN HOURS on the way back. are you kidding me??? 17 hours straight on an airplane?!?! and that doesnt include the 4+ i will be spending from spfld-chi and tokyo-taipei. man i better find something for me to do...

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by Jon

happy birthday tkast04! youre no longer a teenager., in roughly 6 months and uh, 20 days, i will no longer be a teenager either. what the dilly. man das not coo....

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Monday, December 02, 2002 by Jon

man...the music from the wonder years is so good. althought it makes me sad and i want to go back to junior high and be little all over again. i want to come home on the bus play football in seans backyard or basketball in jws driveway in the cool crisp fall weather. that was the life man. i had everything to look forward to. but hey thats life, growing up can blow. if only i would have known then how much id miss it. haha i sound like a yearbook. but for real, to be little, well not little, to be medium again. to be at the beginning of the teens and not at the end. blah. I WANT TO BE MEDIUM AGAIN.

on a lighter note my winamp playlist goes from Original Music From The Wonder Years to Outkast - Bombs Over Bagdahd. quite the sudden change let me tell you.

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by Jon

back at school and fun with black and white pictures!

Jessica, Susan, and Matt, black and white style

The Brown Sisters pondering what to eat

Matt looking smart. good try matt, good try.

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Sunday, December 01, 2002 by Jon

Question: How do blondes figure out if the stove is on? They touch it!

ouch. poor jenifer. anyways, went over to ajits tonight with brian and we watched some football. then we went over to nichos and hung out with other peeps. jenifer was there...thats where i got that picture (it looks scary when you zoom in on it....blech) and then deback came on ova, as did amanda patton who i havent seen in forever, and then nancy, sweaty, and finally i saw ktmac along with ashlee and anna. hehe ktmac and i are now Phone Phriends!

hurrah for us! so yea. we watched Big Trouble with the toolman, hehe it was pretty funny actually. then ktmac ashlee and anna left, and then jake came. after that we hit up the steak n shake. saw a bunch of ppl there, jw, deeps, clossn, and others. yay for ppl. and now i am home. time to pack up....

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