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Saturday, November 30, 2002 by Jon

well today was an f-ing action packed and busy day. i got back from shopping around 830am, slept at 9, and then woke up at 1 from a call by steve. football football football! so yea i woke up and got dressed and headed out to play at 130. played for a few hours against some big guys. so i was tired when we got done around 330. got home about 10 minutes later, and i walked in and got a drink cuz i hadnt had anything all day since i just got up and left. so i sat down to enjoy my liquids and read the paper, but about 5 minutes went by and i finally was asked to work at the ice cream place. and to be there in 10 minutes. sooo yea. sweaty and grass-stained jon took now post-football shower and got dressed and left to go work. and i worked. it was f-ing busy, stupid mall. pretty constant flow of customers for the whole day into the night. and yea, we usually close at 9, but ppl kept coming and we didnt close until like 920. i was not happy. got out around 10 though, not bad.

went to nichos straight after that, still all nice and unclean, and i still hadnt eaten all day. hehe yes. but yea at nichos, we got our first nightly picture!!! hehe, nancy was looking at his cell phone. and you know how you can like enter your name onto your cell's main screen? like "Jonny Lee" or "Jon's Cell" etc? hehe well jenifer put this in...

ahahahahaha. ahahahahaha. haha yessss.......WHI-CHAAAA (thats supposed to be the sound of a heh heh...)

hehe ooook. jake brian and i left nichos and went to a party. lots of random kids, mainly class of 2000'ers, jake's class, and ajit was there. stood around outside in the bonfire etc etc. hehe i got probably the best picture of the night there. i was in an odd pose/position/possesion...hahah yea. if you really want to see it ask me. ended up at steak n shake awhile after that. elizabeth joined us there and faire du beth even came in with friends! buuut yea. after my "dinner" (hey only 1 meal today...) we went outside, and the pink elephant was in the next lot! so you know we HAD to get pictures. and there was a giant snowman in the opposite lot, and then the Lumberjack across the street! go Springfield, Illinois landmarks! Abe Lincold AND a Pink Elephant. beat that Anytown, USA.

yea jake must like that elephant. anyways, hung around steak n shake for awhile for traci, who never showed we came home. and im tiiired. maybe i will finally go to sleep before the sun rises. that would be a good thing i think......

but before i go, here is a list of things i got!

75GB HD + 256MB RAM for $50
150 Blank Cds for FREE
PS2 Memory Card for $10
Dogma and Toy Story 2 DVDs for $25
HP Photo Printer for $40
512MB RAM for $26

yes. time to deal with all the rebates though. woopee.....

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Friday, November 29, 2002 by Jon

in today edition of "What Jon Does With Pictures In The Wee Hours Of The Morning", i updated the Peeps Page some new faces and updated pictures. excellent. and now its 4:42am, and steve and i will be soon departing to stand in line at best buy. go day after thanksgiving shopping!

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Thursday, November 28, 2002 by Jon

ahahahahahaha...oh man.photoshop + time + picture of me + picture of britney + blog picture ability = FUN. ahahahahaha

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by Jon

when i first saw brian last friday, it was dark and i thought he was wearing a hoodie. but oh no, i was wrong, it was not a hood, but only his massive amount of hair. but yesterday brian got a haircut, not having gotten one in 4 months. good job brian. hehe and he has the exact same look on his face in each picture.


yes, this is what i do in the wee hours of the morning. make before and after pictures of brians hair.

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by Jon

yup yup. well tonight i went over to tilldos to hang out, played the new video game based on desert storm, the objective is to work your way through iraq and at the end assassinate saddam hussein. its interesting.....and pretty fun. did that for an hour or so, then brian ajit and i headed over to nichos. and jake came! and The Originals are once again 5/5ths strong! hurrah!!! ping ponged it up there. here is a picture of Zoe chasing the ping pong back and forth, something she likes to do quite often

aww look at Zoe go. she tires herself out let me tell you. nancy and mary were there as well, havent seen mary in forever. we talked about random stuff, hehe i was the only one from the class of 2001 actually, it was weird. class of 2000 was well represented by nicho, jake, ajit, mary, and nancy. but the class of 2001 is the best there ever was, is, or ever will be. true story.

headed over to adriennes after that. the usual crew was there, jenny courtney bobby katie and steve along with jon sadowski. sat around and talked, and of course played with adriennes cats. and to keep in the pet theme, here are adriennes cats!

aww how cute. adrienne made the scarf that they are being covered by. isnt she something? yea she is, whos a cool girl? oh its adrienne dawn cappelli. and now after that, i am home. thanksgiving is tomm...well actually its today. buuut yea, y'all have a good day and you bes stuff yoself at the dinna table.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002 by Jon

my house is quiet. its about 6am and i havent slept yet. hey alright. well, a few hours ago i watched the latest Wonder Years episode i downloaded. then i check out my old cd collection and i decided to be productive and burn most of them onto my comp like ive always wanted to. and as i put them onto my comp i listen to them. haha first song was that sunscreen song. yall remember that? yea that was so sappy yet so tight. and you know what? the advice really is good, you really should do something that scares you everyday. pimp status.

yea so to keep going with the nostalgic theme, the forrest gump soundtrack and the wonder years soundtrack are some of the cds im burning. haha for some reason i got a strong sense of history from those cds/songs. and you know what? they still relate to whats going on today, 30 years later, were still all doing the same things. bad? i dunno? good? i dunno. who knows.

so yea im all nostalgic and happy now. my house is quiet. im all alone, just me, my computer, and my old cds. its pretty darn cool, and then i realized how UNBELIEVABLY F-ING lucky i am. right now, literally i have no worries. its jst right here, right now, being totally 100% free. and how tight is it that i can give thanks in a formal manner since thanksgiving is in a day? now normally ill go off on a rant of what im thnakful for, but after God, i dont know where the f i can start. i mean really? where can any of us comprehend everything that we are thankful for? so damn lucky is what we all are. do you really want to know how lucky i am right now? im burning Ace of Base onto my computer. yea i'm seeing a sign and im opening up my eyes, im seeing the sign. peace out kids, have a good break, and be thankful.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002 by Jon

5 oclock and its already dark. how sad is that?

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by Jon

hehe i am going to have really inflated hit #'s for today because i keep reloading my page to view my changes. but hey im gonna tell myself that im just a really popular kid. good for me!

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by Jon

today i woke up around 130, feeling fully refreshed from my cold-like syptoms. then i got up and walked around and well, the sickness came back. blah.

i was able to get out of my house at least though and go over to steves for some fifa action. came back around 5 after good matches with brian and steve. later on tonight a bunch of us met up at Show-Me's to watch the monday night football game. funny side note story: When i was about 14, Show-Me's opened up here in town, and its basically a less popular Hooters. yea my mom took me there since we had no idea what it was. haha yea, i was basically at hooters with my mom. right. anyways. brian and i met steve, brian zeke, and mike montney there. steph and lori pulled up at the same time, and then nicho and jenifer came. now with my ability to post pictures, here is nicho mocking jenifer by playing with his hair and jenifer not looking to happy.

hahaha. yeas. you cant see it in the picture but i had a really good plate of wings, each one was 30 cents, not bad. i like them better than hooters wings too. plus Show-Me's has more tvs. more tvs for football is better. after our long stay, brian and i went back to steves to go play some more exciting fifa action. here is a snapshot in the middle of the tense action!

haha look how big both of their hair is. but yes, the joys that fifa brings. and the joys that picture on my blog bring. so happy :)

but i digress, tommorrow i must get a new car battery, as well as fix my sisters shower faucet. hey ill be productive! alright!

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Monday, November 25, 2002 by Jon

and it works! i sense pictures galore now on this. oh how nice it will be. arent you excited?!?!?! i know i am. maybe we will have a new picture everyday!!! wowzers! in other news, i might change that picture of myself on the left to something less...lethargic. yea i should. in the mean time, i have a cold, my house is f-ing freezing, but thank the Lord, cuz he is a stud and i got my pictures to work.

oh yea, attention people with cell phones (this means everyone except brian), go to to check some neat stuff out. its pretty pimp.

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by Jon

hmm ok now that i might have finally figured out that bastard ho of how to load pictures onto my are two pictures for you to enjoy! i hope.

Ajit getting funked up.

aww, the new cute happy couple. haha tnicho looks giddy.

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Sunday, November 24, 2002 by Jon

update from home:

mmhmm. back in good ole springfield now. so yea, last night i got back and unpacked, etc etc. hung around, then brian came over to toss the football around. brians hair is so big now...haha i thought he was wearing a hoodie when he got out of his car, but nope, just a big mass of curly hair. after a few minutes tossing the ball outside, we got cold and called nicho and jenifer. awww, nicho and jenifer. anyways, they came over, then we picked up matt and went to see The Barbershop. not a bad movie, not too great, but good for 2 bucks. went to perkins after that and ajit, kevin, and kelly howard came. and loli was working. yay for loli.

today i woke up at 315. yea thats not good. hehe. i dont have a clock in my room now since it is at school. so when i woke up i decided id guess what time it was everyday from now on, and i thought i would be pretty good at it. so my guess for this "morning" was 11:32. and it was 3:15. yea i was off....

didnt work today. so instead of "helping the family" out at the ice cream place, i gladly took it upon myself to do some laundry and clean the family room. my mom has way too many shoes. its terrible. went over to nichos around 7, played risk, hung around, the usual. watched finding forrester on hbo...yea it was a good night. nothing really exciting...but not bad nonetheless.

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Friday, November 22, 2002 by Jon

well hot diggity. last day before turkey break is upon me. well i still have yet to sleep, but yea it technically is. 1 more day before 9 days at home. yea home. so im excited to see all of my friends and hang out and bundle up in warm clothing, but at the same time....its going to blow major butt if i have to work a lot. its a given that i will probably spend all day saturday at work. and then oh God, help me on friday. screw you day after thanksgiving. its going to be so so busy. my mom better have extra help there. fiddlesticks.

this semester has flown by. i really dont know where all of the time has gone. after tomorrow we only have 1 week of class then the next week is finals. and then i think im hopefully going to Taiwan around the 15th. going to call it right now, big ass fight with my mom about that sometime this week. its unavoidable. although i could come back here. or just drive off. i really wish she knew how unreasonable and unbearing she can be. but she cant, cuz shes unreasonable. stupid catch-22 ish situation.

tkast has gotta stay here all break long. and his computer died last week. so poor tkast has gotta stay here all by himself with no computer for 9 days. luckily for him he'll be dead tired from all the bball practice. and he has his dvds. you go.

haha and in others news, i used the word "holla" in a non-mocking way for the first time tonight i believe. good for me. im becoming more cultured. what will i do for the first time tommorrow?!?! i guess you'll have to stay tuned and find out!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 by Jon

hehehe ok, i found out that 2 lady friends of mine pee in the shower. i was not aware that girls did this. so quick question female audience members, Do you pee in the shower?

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 by Jon

hehe im in CMIS right now and im typing up my blog while we are all having problems copying files from out server to disks. and billie joe is staring at me and laughing...anyways, if i only put in as much time into my school work as i did into fantasy, id be so good.

anyways, not much to blog about. rams beat the bears last night. sadtimes. (hmm i smell a comment from brian now...) but yea, if only that was last year, it would have been a great game. but now the bears faire du suck and the rams well...are fighting for a playoff spot. and thanksgiving break is coming up! 1 week off! woohoo! er...woot woot! but 1 week at home now means work work work at the ice cream place. crap. lksajdkljsklajlkadjaklsjdsalkj

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Saturday, November 16, 2002 by Jon

yeas. well vice city is almost done. we need to beat it soon, hopefully tomm, so that it doesnt interfere with our studies more than it already has. hehe. so yea, today was friiiiiday. even though i know im technically posting this on saturday so the heading will be saturday....but oh well. so tonight i had the craving for fried chicken. yea i dont know why but i did, heh. hannah susan and i went to good ole KFC for dinner, and brandon and casey from praise & worship came by as well. potato wedges are so good. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. oh yea, ill take a cue from peggy and give y'all a poll. ok ok so KFC changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken. hannah and susan say it is because "KFC" genetically engineers its chicken parts in labs, so calling it chicken would be false advertising. I heard it was because someone found a rat tail in some fries, and sued, so they had to change the name for some reason. or was it because the "Kentucky Fried" part was false advertising on its own? what do YOU think??? leave a comment.

oh sweetness yes, after that we went to walmart cuz like on tuesday i bought the Star Wars II dvd for 15 dollars (cuz walmart is pimp with new dvds) BUT i got the full screen version mistakingly. so yea i wanted the widescreen version and i went to exchange it. walmart is cool because A) they let me exchange it even though i had opened the dvd before i realized it was full screen, and B) they gave me FIVE dollars back. so the brand new star wars dvd was only TEN DOLLARS. dude. thats so good. im not even a huge star wars fan. but thats f-ing AWESOME. woohoo! or wait wait, andrea, woot woot! yea definitly happy after that. came back here and tyler and i proceeded to do dishes for an hour. yup, all of our dishes were dirty. every single one. all forks, bowls, plates, dirty. took fo-eva.

around 1130 beth came back with hannah susan and brandon and we hung out...and then, we played FOUR SQUARE!!! ahahaha. awwwwww grade school elementary days! luckily hannah still knew how to play since she worked at a daycare and then everyone started to remember all of the old rules and tricks. it was a darn good time man. but then we were apparently being loud, it was around 1230, and yea...hah ppl complained and we had to go in :( . but hey, we got a good amount of time in playing us some four sqaure. fooooshizzle. and that was my night. i hope you enjoyed my blog entry, i sure know i had a fantastic time typing this up for you. till next time, ta ta!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002 by Jon

hehe yes....vice city all day long. i bought it last night, and well, tyler matt and i have been pretty much playing it since, not all of us at once, but at least one of us is. haha yea....

yea thats literally all i can really say that ive done out of the ordinary the past 2 days. i havent even been online as much.....whooaaaa, freaky right? yea luckily ive had pretty much no homework. woohoo. and now i go back to the game......

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Monday, November 11, 2002 by Jon

ok so a recap of jons sunday. woke up at 830. drove with 5 wheelchairs in my car for 40 minutes to the TPC where i gave my speech and led the youth group etc etc. that went well, but i left my folder there...hehe crap. ah well. service was good, yea it was. then we hung out, played some more wheelchair bball, hehe yea it was tough kinda. and then we went to lunch. and at lunch we went to taco bell. and the night before the Blues scored 6 goals. so that means 35 cent tacos!!!!! yea!!! hehe limit of 10 per customer. so yea i got 10. and i ate them ALL. go me. and i had 21 packs of fire sauce. yea it was hot hot hot. finally got home around 3, hung around, cleaned the bathroom. yea that was some good ole fun.

later on my mom called and said she and my aunt were coming down to pick me up for some food. we went to some new chinese place but i didnt like it so much, all the food seemed cold. blech. then on the way home my mom and i had our usualy fight. haha it was more funny though. like i got the feeling that my mom and her friend were on my side. hehe my mom called me, in my bad pin-ying, "mm-jah gi-nah", which means like bad or uneducated kid or something. then i called her "mmm-jah mama". haha and my aunt started laughing, but she had to like keep it quiet or my mom would have really gone off. hahaha. awww yea.

came back here and then yea....chocolate up the nose. blah.

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by Jon

haha crap. i just had a crunch bar. then i laughed. then chocolate got up my nose. and chocolate up your nose does not feel good. it might be milky smooth going down, but it burns going out. hehe and yea i used toliet paper to blow it out of my nose. haha hmm....brown stuff onto tp. yes.....

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Saturday, November 09, 2002 by Jon

hehe ok ok, so yea, that last entry sounded kind of, whiny or something. i dunno. anyways, heres something at least positive that i was thinking about tonight. while i was grumbling after my mom told me to do this and that, do you know how many people in this world would give almost anything for a job? and to own an ice cream place, yea it would be tough but like, 80% of the world couldnt afford to do this. and im complaining. isnt that sad? i mean yea it sucks...but it sucks sooooo much worse for many other people. sadly however, i usually forget that and just get angry again over the same stuff. ah the questions and dilemnas in life. id like to think i try to make the best of whats around. but yea. right now, here at cable tv. AHH!!! wait a second....yea see. yet another example. 80% of the world does not have cable (ok so im making guesses here, but i think they are really close and could even be underestimates) and i complain. but i want my sportscenter....what do i do???

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by Jon

home now. went straight to the ice cream place and it wasnt too bad. mom was really nice to me when i got there. then of course she yelled at me later. ah yes. my wonderful mom. my aunt is getting married though in la, hurrah for her! hehe her fiance was an one of the waiters from my moms old restaurant. aww, a lichee gardens marriage : ) .

yea so the wedding is jan 2nd in la. this puts an interesting spin on my taiwan plans. i could either go dec 15th to around the 1st and go to la on the 2nd then home, or i could go to la on the 2nd and then to taiwan from there till about the 11th. but then id be f-ing rushed to go back to start classes on the 13th. and my mom, being my mom, totally is against the idea of me going to taiwan because she needs me to work, even though this trip was planned way before she even considered opening up the ice cream place. but of course, even though i said opening would be a bad idea, she still expects me to be her slave and work for 4 straight weeks everyday. i feel no guilt and sorrow in saying SCREW THAT. yay.

my other aunt is here, shes nice. haha we had a quick little chat about how my mom rules with a short temper etc etc. its good to know that other people feel the same way i do. now if only some of them would tell her like i do....maybe she would listen to her older sister. she should anyways, since she tells me all the time to listen to my older sister. waha! caught in her own words. bet eh, probably not.

after work i went to see my dad. ive seen him for like 4 hours in the past 4 months. sadness :( . i missed my dad after i left his house, he had to go to bed cuz he was really tired and has a 10am flight tomm back to taiwan. but i should be able to hang with him in taiwan. if my mom ever changes. well actually that doesnt matter, im going if she likes it or not. i hope she doesnt get mad at all tomm..........hmm what am i saying, thats wishful thinking.

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Friday, November 08, 2002 by Jon

Thendxcrd: i edited your peeps page picture so your head isnt as stretched out
Thendxcrd: hehe, now you look normal
Strlit16: my head was stretched out?????
Strlit16: ahh!!
Thendxcrd: hah
Thendxcrd: slightly
Thendxcrd: cuz like the picture was wider than tall
Thendxcrd: so the html coding made up for it by stretcing the height
Strlit16: oh no!
Strlit16: so i lookd like a scary monster!
Thendxcrd: haha yea you did
Strlit16: ahh!!
Thendxcrd: like a scary monster with a long face
Strlit16: oh no!
Strlit16: no good
Thendxcrd: click on peeps page
Thendxcrd: then you may see it from there
Strlit16: why do you always use UGLY pictures of me????????????????????????
Strlit16: ????????????/
Strlit16: ??????????????????
Strlit16: ??????????????
Strlit16: ????????????
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: its not ugly at all
Thendxcrd: hehe
Thendxcrd: its cute!
Thendxcrd: haha actually there is another one of you
Thendxcrd: when you were at zachs at the beginning of the summer
Thendxcrd: haha its so cute
Thendxcrd: you look so happy!
Strlit16: i want to see it
Thendxcrd: hehe
Strlit16: i bet its not so cute...
Thendxcrd: did you see manny?!?!?
Strlit16: no
Thendxcrd: hehe hes like 2 to the right of you
Strlit16: no hes not
Strlit16: im on the end
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: uh
Thendxcrd: wait are you in the peeps page?
Thendxcrd: oh youre talking about the main page
Thendxcrd: hehe
Thendxcrd: haha i like that picture too
Strlit16: AHH
Strlit16: this one is UGLIER !!!!!
Thendxcrd: ....
Strlit16: why do you do this to me jon?????
Thendxcrd: hahaha
Thendxcrd: are you serious?!?!
Strlit16: YES
Thendxcrd: how is that ugly?!?!
Strlit16: why jon
Strlit16: why
Thendxcrd: no you dont
Thendxcrd: you dont look gross!
Thendxcrd: why do you think you look gross??
Thendxcrd: haha aww now youre not talking to me :-(

*10 Minutes Later*

Strlit16: jonnnnnn
Strlit16: grrrrr
Strlit16: evil
Thendxcrd: whyyyyy
Thendxcrd: but i love thee kt mac
Thendxcrd: and i want to show the world that i know you
Strlit16: but you are posting ugly monkey pictures
Thendxcrd: haha
Thendxcrd: no im not
Strlit16: yes you are
Strlit16: GRR
Strlit16: grrrrrr
Strlit16: grrrrrr
Strlit16: ugly
Strlit16: monkey
Thendxcrd: no not ugly
Strlit16: yes
Strlit16: yes
Strlit16: yes
Thendxcrd: pretty happy!
Strlit16: yes
Strlit16: yes
Strlit16: yes
Strlit16: no
Thendxcrd: yes to pretty happy!
Strlit16: yeah i got blocked b/c i had too many IMs in a row
Thendxcrd: haha aww
Strlit16: :-(
Strlit16: grr

haha oh how i love ktmac. sadly i think we will miss each other over christmas break since ill be in taiwan and she has to go back to SMU early. sadtimes buddy. haha shes going to kill me though. ahahaha. but honestly, nothing wrong with the pictures!

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by Jon

man, im getting so forgettful lately. all started with losing my keys 2 weeks ago, then i couldnt find my wallet the other day, and now i cant find my english notebook. WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!? im getting dupid. sigh.

anyways, going home this weekend. my dah-ee-mah is in town (pardonnez mon pin-ying), as in my aunt, heh, and yea ill see her since shes leaving on sunday. and of course ill work. oh the excitement. dad is home too, havent seen him in awhile. and then sunday is i'll be leading the youth group at the TPC for speech class. are you excited emily?!?!?! you better be.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2002 by Jon

yeas, been meaning to post this for awhile, but yea, check out this thing on the Pentagon and 9/11

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Tuesday, November 05, 2002 by Jon

hmm. it seems as if my last entry got deleted. interesting....

well to sum it all up, jessica matt and i laughed uncontrollably for a good 10 minutes. jessica was losing her voice, said she was sounding like a man, matt did an impersanation of her voice, a la jim carey from in living color, jessica laughed, her cough drop flew out of her mouth and she almost drooled all over but her hand caught it, i pointed and laughed. you probably had to be there...and then we switched topics to matts away message. and heard it and i laughed a lot. it was yesterdays Quote of the Day, but it got erased...but anyways

Bravery is chancing a fart when you have diarrhea

ahahahahahah yea it was funny last night and it is still funny now. we laughed at that for a good while. and matt and i also made fun of jessicas "exhale laugh". haha yea.

in todays top story:

my head is killing me. lets hope the motrin i just took will help.

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Monday, November 04, 2002 by Jon

hehe what a wonderful way to start of the week....jon missed both of his classes today, because he didnt hear his alarm. and therefore awoke to find out that it was 1115. and then he went back to bed. at 1 his roommate came home. and he went back to sleep again to finally rise at 3 pm. 12 hours of sleep. oh how nice.

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Sunday, November 03, 2002 by Jon

hehe right right ok. after messing around with this forever, i almost dont care to make it perfect cuz well, its more than good enough i think. introducing my new Picture Homepage. click click.

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Saturday, November 02, 2002 by Jon

riight...this weeks sign that the Apocolypse is upon us:

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by Jon

ah crap. i just went over my geocities storage capacity.

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by Jon

hurrah for the weekend. this week went by fast. this afternoon matt and i went on a little photography hike near the apartments. there is some really pretty foliage right now, the colors of trees and everything is so pretty. matt took like 3 rolls of film with his big camera and i took a bunch with my digital camera. yea ill probbaly post some up, cuz dey is pimp. haha pimp juice. go dl Nelly - Pimp Juice. its quite the good song.

tonight, matt tyler hannah susan and i went out to a hayrack ride/bonfire thing for bsm. we got there late though since tyler's bball practice ran late, so they had already finished the hayrack ride when we got there. oh well, bonfire and hotdogs. yay! unfortunatly now i smell like smoke. i need a showa. i think i will take one.

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