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Monday, July 15, 2002 by Jon

Foooooooood SIUE Rachel wrote another one of her emails to us telling about her life, and in the last one she wrote about how she has lost 5 lbs since the end of school by running a mile every weekday and doing situps and pushups. and then i replied to everyone telling them how ive lost more weight than she has and how i dont do anything...even though i guess i play baseball a few times. but yea so a few of her friends email me back asking me how i did that and its not cool to be bulimic and anorexic....ahahah. they are referring to ME not eating enough! ahahaha. ok lets point out what i did tonight. after some soccer (which i guess is my exercise) brian and i went to panera for dinner. i had a chicken cesar salad, a bowl of soup, and 2 rolls. im full. go to ajits house. have like half a slice of pizza. later on in the night around 930 get a taco. then at 11 go to perkins for a full meal of breakfast food. so hey im not anorexic...i might binge eat though since i ate everything in like a 6 hour window....hehe. yea go me. annnd another week of work in the morning. nice.

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