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Monday, February 28, 2005 by Jon

Yes yes, an update, with lots of pictures.

Been meaning to post this for awhile, but this is what my desktop looks like. Yes, it is as amazing at it looks.

Dual monitors are amazing.

We got a new family cat. My mom calls him Caramel, I call him Carmelo. He looks like Puss 'n Boots, yes? A cool cat, but his cute tendencies are starting to get annoying. Like when he walks on my face when I'm sleeping. And I'm allergic to cats. Jake is now working at Abercrombie & Fitch. How to put this into perspective...Jake working at Abercrombie, or even wearing Abercrombie, is like Ajit eating meat. It just isn't normal.

Get well Wayne. TASCluv.

Off to ITASA this past weekend. Jon Lee is baller.

I got to visit JW at Princeton. We also went to the famed Rutgers grease trucks. Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and marinara sauce all in one hoagie bun. Amazing.

I was tired, so I went to take a nap. But then I saw Seth and Evains, Tim Chng and Rola Chng's (brother and sister founders of ITASA and TAFers) kids. And they're freaking awesome kids.

ITASA Banquet. They had fish in the centerpieces. And Theresa.

The obligatory TAF picture. Missing one or two, but a lot of old faces.

Pseudo-stalker photo of "The girl who looks like Alice." I kept seeing her, and I kept wanting to walk up to her and give her a big hug because I thought she was Alice everytime. And yes, that is Hochie breaking it down on the left.

The sunrising over NYC from the air. That little island on the right side is the Statue of Liberty.

Jessica, sleepy in the Detroit airport.

I. Am. Tired.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005 by Jon

when did I get so busy?


New Jersey tomorrow. Well. Later today.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005 by Jon

- I got health insurance back! Whee, after nearly 4 months, I can get sick or injured and not have to financially worry. WHEW!
- Don't forget to mark your calendars, TAF is from July 31 - August 7 this year
- I've come to know many a friend in bands this year. Here is a list:
+ Alanna and Alice - Fascinoma
+ Young - Solari (formerly known as My Two Friends)
+ Jared - Augustana
+ And now, Steve Lin - Freefall
- The OC for spring break maybe.
- Added Erin and Michelle with the long last name. Me thinks I should invest in subscribing to people on xanga soon.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005 by Jon

Here is a poker story from last week:

Brian's hand is on the left, 8diamonds and 10diamonds. Mine is on the right, pocket 7's. Like any good player, I raise a pretty good amount preflop and make everyone else fold. Here comes the flop:

It is the 6diamonds, 7hearts, and 10diamonds. To my joy, I hit my set and trip up on the 7s. Brian hits a straight though, but he doesnt realize it at the time. He does realize he is on a straight flush draw though, so reraises my hefty raise. I reraise all-in, he calls. So we flip and show. I, thinking I have the best hand, am sad to see that I am actually losing to a straight right now. Brian now realizes he has a straight. I need a full house. Next card:

I hit the full house with a 6hearts! So now I am Sevens full of Sixes. Brian's straight is now worthless, and even a flush wont save him. There is only one card that he can still win with. Next card:

Another 7!!! I hit four 7s! Yes! Yes YES YES! I haven't gotten four of a kind in a long time. To go from a full house to quads is awesome! We all scream, but then I realize, it is short-lived. And my joy turns to disbelief in mid-scream. It was the 7diamonds.

I look at the board. 6D, 7H, 9D, 6H, 7D. 6, 7, and 9 of diamonds. Brian had 8, 10 of diamonds. Dear God. I just lost my FOUR OF A KIND SEVENS. TO A STRAIGHT FLUSH. On the river no less.

Unbelievable the swings in that hand. Brian had one and only one card that could win it for him after the turn, and it hit. And it made both of our hands huge.

And that, my friends, is how you lose $317 on one hand of poker.

In other news, I was watching Aladdin tonight on the Disney Channel. And you know what Genie said? He said "HUZZAH"!!! I had forgotten a lot about the movie, since I havent watched it in nearly a decade. How sad. It was still great and funny. Must buy it on DVD

TAF College is gonna be cool. Must buy True Colors also.

I watched last week's OC tonight. Sandy kissed the other lady (that bastard!). Marissa kissed Alex (two girls!). And in unrelated news, Alex just kissed me. I'm not kidding.

I am however just kidding about losing $317. It was only about $5. har har.

Happy Normaltines Day! I hope you all be as lovey as you are on Valentines Day to everyone.

Especially single people like me.

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Monday, February 14, 2005 by Jon

Summer Plans:

Erin and I were contemplating the idea of studying abroad in Prague or Taipei this summer for a few weeks. But then I remembered I have weddings to go to.

1. Beth & Jeff
2. Lindsey & Sam
3. Jill & Tyler

So it seems that my summer plans will revert to pre-world traveling with the Erin. That means -
May: Maybe fly off to Europe again?
June: summer school at U of I
July: in Taiwan
August: you know what I do in August

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Sunday, February 13, 2005 by Jon

Great weekend.

A Panoramic

True Colors is a fun game. Go buy it Justin. Apparently the majority of the others would prefer to be stranded on a desert island with me the most. Sounds nice, but then Karen told me she chose me for a non-companionship reason.

If worse came to worse on the island...She'd be able to feed herself the most off of me than any of the other PD's.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005 by Jon

- Margaret says my blog is becoming too deep. What? I'm just saying, I like baseball a lot yo.
- I re-arranged my Buddy List today.
- Chicago is this weekend. Springfield is on deck (next weekend). Rutgers ITASA is in the hole (The next next weekend).
- Lounging around a pool in the OC for spring break and reading all day, or going back to Springfield and spending extended time at home for the first time in over a year and possibly getting wisdom teeth pulled? It really is a tough decision.
- I finished the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday crossword. I'm on fire. Thursday and Friday will probably kick me in the arse though.
- I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 by Jon

Baseball. Is. Beautiful.

I will play catch with my sons as they grow up. My daughters too. Field of Dreams? Great movie.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005 by Jon

Interesting. I know 3 girls who knit. All 3 girls are ridiculously cool and have been/could be ridiculously large parts of my life (they are all at the top of their respective Buddy List sections).

I wonder if there is a correlation between girls who knit, and how much I like them, because it is those 3 girls, and only those 3.

Clearly, the way to my heart is through being able to knit for other people (since I have yet to ever receive something knitted).

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by Jon

And so it begins:

In other news:

Note to self -- stop falling in love with girls who arent in love with you.

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