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Friday, February 28, 2003 by Jon

at itasa in nyc! yaaaaay! so many TAFers here its awesome. and so far nyc has been great. yesterday jeff timmy and i got hooked up to some free tickets to the Last Call with carson daly! woot woot! CARMEN ELECTRA WAS THE GUEST!!!! hahhaaha yeeeesss. as was donnie walberg, ali g (this REALLY funny british guy, like tom green) and some other stuff. haha but yea, carmen electraaaaaaaa. hahaha. i was really sneaky and took some pictures! woohoo! carmen electa! oh yea and for the musical act we got to stand in the front row and cheer, and yea...cameraman was definitly filming us for parts of it. so yea! carson daly show will be aired next week friday night, LOOK FOR ME!!!! im wearinf my baby blue polo shirt.

did some other stuff, had buffalo wings and bubble tea for dinner, haha yea. go nyc. lots of tafers! its so happy and lovely! and i will blog more later! yaaaaaay!

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Saturday, February 22, 2003 by Jon

thank you God for this glorious glorious day. woot woot! so yeas, jons friday started off waking refreshed even though it was only about 7 hours of sleep. actually, it technically started around 2am when tyler and i heard a lot of squeaking and a banging of something against the wall upstairs....hahaha yea. but yea ok. so off to western civ where we played jeopardy before the test (which was moved back to wednesday!). and who's team won?!?!?! OH YEA THATS RIGHT, TEAM KOOL! WOOHOO! jon and tyler were smart enough to gather a bunch off smart kids into one group, and yes, that led to a victory, and most importantly, 100 extra credit points!! so yea, good class. next was interpersonal comm where i did pretty darn good on a quiz that i studied for 5 minutes before class. and then i was done for the week! yeeeessss.

came back here, watched not one, but TWO episodes of "two guys, a girl, and a pizza place" on the Women's Entertainment channel. haha yea that show is so good, so funny. why did they take it off the air a few years ago?!?! yea i dunno. the goodness continued when i was able to sign up for my first fantasy baseball draft of the 2003 season tomorrow!!! so when i wake up...i can draft!! AAAAHHHH SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!

and to continue the goodness that i have been blessed with on this day...all you can eat steak special at ponderosa!!! ooooohhhhh yeeeeeaaaaa. i had 3 steaks. mmmm. well actually they were only marginal, but hey what can you expect for all you can eat steak. besides, they had some good wings at the buffet. and then to send this good day apart from other good days was...a TAF visit!!! yay for alice and emily. boo for all that driving though...especially trying to find alices house. yea that was tough. they took us to chesterfield mall and tyler and i found gifts for matts birthday tomm. haha they are good, AND tyler and i can play with them too! haha yea, but thats not why we got heh heh.

the rest of the day was filled with various fifa fun, some good baseball rookie studying, Peytons Keeper 2003 getting set up, talking to cool girl julie ashenfelta after she's been MIA, getting excited about itasa with dreafunk, listening to praise music at 2:45am on my headphones, getting plane tickets booked, and last but not least...FULLY RECOVERING FROM SICKNESS.

oh SUCH a good day.


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Friday, February 21, 2003 by Jon

what the eff is going on?!?!?! ok so now a rhode island night club fire kills 75 people. lets see, in the past 2 weeks or so we have had the columbia explosion, the fire at the chicago nightclub killing 21, the south korea subway killing a lot of people, the iranian airplane crashing killing a good 70-some, and now a rhode island fire, and i know there has been more. a lot of f-ing killing happening...

but hey in other news, a read that a lady is suing Loews Cinemas for all those advertisements they play before movies now, which i think is AWESOME. i hate those stupid commercials. "the theater circuit's policy of playing pre-film product commercials amounts to a deceptive business practice because the ads begin at the time advertised as the start of a feature movie." shes suing for her time that is wasted. that is so cool. haha yeas. You can read the full story here.

and its friday! woohoo. matt beth susan hannah and marci are all going home, and ajit is going to visit IC, so yea..pretty much just tyler and i, unless jessica hangs out with us...haha yea....

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Thursday, February 20, 2003 by Jon

still sick. got an A on poli sci test. young life was good. bachelorette was also good. i thought it would be charlie. i was wrong. but thats cool, ryans a cool guy. hahaha, charlie has hair like me in 8th grade. hahaha, mushroom cut, only i didnt slick it back. yeas. hopefully i feel better tomm. peace out.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003 by Jon

siiiiiickneeeeeeesssssssssssss. booooo. cough cough. but yesterday was worse. today it has gotten better. anything exciting to update, no not yeas. peace outside.

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Monday, February 17, 2003 by Jon

hehe yes. tonight matt tyler and i, the 3 manly men that we are, sat around and watched...Center Stage!!! haha yes. it was 9.99 at best buy. tyler and i decided we should buy it. so we did. and its a good movie. there isnt anything odd with 3 regualr guys watching a movie about ballet is there? yea no there isnt. tyler and i had already seen it in the theatres back in the day, but regardless, all 3 of us were really into it at the end. hehe yes. we are so cool. WHOOMP THERE IT IS!

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Sunday, February 16, 2003 by Jon

there is snow outside.

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Friday, February 14, 2003 by Jon

YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! VICTORY!!! woohoo. we won our first game tonight, 7-3. go team go! yaaay. i made a few mistakes here and there and let an easy goal in, oy, but yea, needless to say we won! woot woot!

and happy valentines day to y'all. if their are any hot single ladies out there who would like to come ova to ma crib, please make yoself welcome hea. if not i will continue on with going to dinner with my good friends hannah beth susan and matt. oh the sadness, no tkast for valentines day. hmm that sounded a little too weird...

and now for a serious article taken from margarets page.

Reckless Administration May Reap Disastrous Consequences

by US Senator Robert Byrd
Senate Floor Speech - Wednesday, February 12, 2003

To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences. On this February day, as this nation stands at the brink of battle, every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war.

Yet, this Chamber is, for the most part, silent -- ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. There is nothing.

We stand passively mute in the United States Senate, paralyzed by our own uncertainty, seemingly stunned by the sheer turmoil of events. Only on the editorial pages of our newspapers is there much substantive discussion of the prudence or imprudence of engaging in this particular war.

And this is no small conflagration we contemplate. This is no simple attempt to defang a villain. No. This coming battle, if it materializes, represents a turning point in U.S. foreign policy and possibly a turning point in the recent history of the world.

This nation is about to embark upon the first test of a revolutionary doctrine applied in an extraordinary way at an unfortunate time. The doctrine of preemption -- the idea that the United States or any other nation can legitimately attack a nation that is not imminently threatening but may be threatening in the future -- is a radical new twist on the traditional idea of self defense. It appears to be in contravention of international law and the UN Charter. And it is being tested at a time of world-wide terrorism, making many countries around the globe wonder if they will soon be on our -- or some other nation's -- hit list. High level Administration figures recently refused to take nuclear weapons off of the table when discussing a possible attack against Iraq. What could be more destabilizing and unwise than this type of uncertainty, particularly in a world where globalism has tied the vital economic and security interests of many nations so closely together? There are huge cracks emerging in our time-honored alliances, and U.S. intentions are suddenly subject to damaging worldwide speculation. Anti-Americanism based on mistrust, misinformation, suspicion, and alarming rhetoric from U.S. leaders is fracturing the once solid alliance against global terrorism which existed after September 11.

Here at home, people are warned of imminent terrorist attacks with little guidance as to when or where such attacks might occur. Family members are being called to active military duty, with no idea of the duration of their stay or what horrors they may face. Communities are being left with less than adequate police and fire protection. Other essential services are also short-staffed. The mood of the nation is grim. The economy is stumbling. Fuel prices are rising and may soon spike higher.

This Administration, now in power for a little over two years, must be judged on its record. I believe that that record is dismal.

In that scant two years, this Administration has squandered a large projected surplus of some $5.6 trillion over the next decade and taken us to projected deficits as far as the eye can see. This Administration's domestic policy has put many of our states in dire financial condition, under funding scores of essential programs for our people. This Administration has fostered policies which have slowed economic growth. This Administration has ignored urgent matters such as the crisis in health care for our elderly.

This Administration has been slow to provide adequate funding for homeland security. This Administration has been reluctant to better protect our long and porous borders.

In foreign policy, this Administration has failed to find Osama bin Laden. In fact, just yesterday we heard from him again marshaling his forces and urging them to kill. This Administration has split traditional alliances, possibly crippling, for all time, International order-keeping entities like the United Nations and NATO. This Administration has called into question the traditional worldwide perception of the United States as well-intentioned, peacekeeper. This Administration has turned the patient art of diplomacy into threats, labeling, and name calling of the sort that reflects quite poorly on the intelligence and sensitivity of our leaders, and which will have consequences for years to come.

Calling heads of state pygmies, labeling whole countries as evil, denigrating powerful European allies as irrelevant -- these types of crude insensitivities can do our great nation no good. We may have massive military might, but we cannot fight a global war on terrorism alone. We need the cooperation and friendship of our time-honored allies as well as the newer found friends whom we can attract with our wealth. Our awesome military machine will do us little good if we suffer another devastating attack on our homeland which severely damages our economy. Our military manpower is already stretched thin and we will need the augmenting support of those nations who can supply troop strength, not just sign letters cheering us on.

The war in Afghanistan has cost us $37 billion so far, yet there is evidence that terrorism may already be starting to regain its hold in that region. We have not found bin Laden, and unless we secure the peace in Afghanistan, the dark dens of terrorism may yet again flourish in that remote and devastated land.

Pakistan as well is at risk of destabilizing forces. This Administration has not finished the first war against terrorism and yet it is eager to embark on another conflict with perils much greater than those in Afghanistan. Is our attention span that short? Have we not learned that after winning the war one must always secure the peace?

And yet we hear little about the aftermath of war in Iraq. In the absence of plans, speculation abroad is rife. Will we seize Iraq's oil fields, becoming an occupying power which controls the price and supply of that nation's oil for the foreseeable future? To whom do we propose to hand the reigns of power after Saddam Hussein?

Will our war inflame the Muslim world resulting in devastating attacks on Israel? Will Israel retaliate with its own nuclear arsenal? Will the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian governments be toppled by radicals, bolstered by Iran which has much closer ties to terrorism than Iraq?

Could a disruption of the world's oil supply lead to a world-wide recession? Has our senselessly bellicose language and our callous disregard of the interests and opinions of other nations increased the global race to join the nuclear club and made proliferation an even more lucrative practice for nations which need the income?

In only the space of two short years this reckless and arrogant Administration has initiated policies which may reap disastrous consequences for years.

One can understand the anger and shock of any President after the savage attacks of September 11. One can appreciate the frustration of having only a shadow to chase and an amorphous, fleeting enemy on which it is nearly impossible to exact retribution.

But to turn one's frustration and anger into the kind of extremely destabilizing and dangerous foreign policy debacle that the world is currently witnessing is inexcusable from any Administration charged with the awesome power and responsibility of guiding the destiny of the greatest superpower on the planet. Frankly many of the pronouncements made by this Administration are outrageous. There is no other word.

Yet this chamber is hauntingly silent. On what is possibly the eve of horrific infliction of death and destruction on the population of the nation of Iraq -- a population, I might add, of which over 50% is under age 15 -- this chamber is silent. On what is possibly only days before we send thousands of our own citizens to face unimagined horrors of chemical and biological warfare -- this chamber is silent. On the eve of what could possibly be a vicious terrorist attack in retaliation for our attack on Iraq, it is business as usual in the United States Senate.

We are truly "sleepwalking through history." In my heart of hearts I pray that this great nation and its good and trusting citizens are not in for a rudest of awakenings.

To engage in war is always to pick a wild card. And war must always be a last resort, not a first choice. I truly must question the judgment of any President who can say that a massive unprovoked military attack on a nation which is over 50% children is "in the highest moral traditions of our country". This war is not necessary at this time. Pressure appears to be having a good result in Iraq. Our mistake was to put ourselves in a corner so quickly. Our challenge is to now find a graceful way out of a box of our own making. Perhaps there is still a way if we allow more time.

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Thursday, February 13, 2003 by Jon

yup yup. so tonight was the first Young Life in edwardsville high school history. haha yea it went pretty well for the first time i guess, about 8 cool guys and cool girls showed up, then there was the host family, then me beth lauren hannah matt and yea, about 15 ppl being cool guys and cool girls. haha yea. go Young Life. its sorta like a once a week taf...kinda...wait no not really. just games skits singing and etc...haha so yea i wonder how long we will be able to keep this up. next week should be better with more ppl, so yea. Lord...please be with us, haha. yea ok.

i should not have had a midnight bag of popcorn. oy.

and i should also get a gettin shaggy. the girls are liking the longness for now though, so yea, maybe a cut next week.

ive been really tired lately. ive been going to bed earlier than normal, around 1, yet im extremely tired still. maybe im sick? maybe because my canker sore on the side of my tongue has been around for almost a week...and no go away. so maybe my immune system isnt doing to hot...? why i do not know.

tomm is our next indoor soccer game. go wizards. woot woot!

oh and lastly, everyone welcome Susan to the blogging world!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003 by Jon

so TAFers, have y'all seen the Saturn commercials with FOREVER YOUNG as the commercial music?!?!?!?! Aaaaawwwwwwwwww yeeeaaaaa, go taf song!!!!

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Sunday, February 09, 2003 by Jon

you know what kinda sounds sucky? these might be the last few days of nice and easy chilling before we are at war. stupid war. barg.

and i am queasy from eating too many brownies and drinking too much milk.

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Saturday, February 08, 2003 by Jon

well hello my faithful readers. today twas a good friday. in western civ we got our quizzes back. the class didnt do too hot...hehe, when i got my quiz back the teacher said "very good job"...yet i only got an 87....haha yea. that doesnt say too much though. and you know what makes A LOT of sense???? Napoleon was italian. not french. so yea thats why he was able to conquer big chunks of europe, because he wasnt really french. if he was, we all know he would have lost, cuz i mean, thats what the french do. poor frenchies. here are some of the stupidest groups of people in the worlds history: Puritans with their "witchhunts", McCarthiasts with there crazy commie crap, the KKK, maybe hitler...but he wasnt stupid stupid, just insane...but yea, and then finally like EVERYONE IN THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. i mean seriously...those people were F-ING STUPID. the things they did, the amount of ppl the killed, the insanely large amounts of stupidity, oy oy oy.

but i digress from my rant. took a brief respite today from about 4-6. cooked chicken on the george foreman for dinner. mmm....real meat....deliciousnesses. oh yea ajit and i went shopping, good sale at abercrombie. hahahaha, a few months ago they had this sweater for $119.99. and today when we was 15 dollars. ahahahaha. first of all its rediculous for abercrombie to have a sweater for that much, but I KNOW that some stupid rich kid bought it for the full price. ahahaha. and now its 15 dollars!!! i was going to buy it for the sole purpose of saving $105, but meh, it didnt fit well.

tonight was our 2nd indoor soccer game as well. we got raped again, but the team played much better as a whole. we had 2 own goals. but yea...AJIT SCORED A GOAL!!!! ahahahahaha. go ajit!!! wooooooooo!!! for people who dont know ajit, ajit is more than likely will miss the ball when its passed to him and he has to shoot quick, and of those times, he would probably miss and then fall over 80% of the time, so yea, tonights occurence of ajit scoring the ball on a quick pass had oh, about the same chance of myself turning into a women and having a secret love affair with janet reno. it just doesnt happen too often. its like haleys comet, it only happens every 76 years. GO AJIT!!!!

and hurrahnesses!!! tomorrow adrienne and jak jak are coming to visit!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSS! EXCITEMENT!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! :) :) :)

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Friday, February 07, 2003 by Jon

ok kids, jonny is looking for a web hosting dealy for a new website. 1st of all, any recommendations for who i should sign up with? with some of hochies help i found a place for 7.95 a month with free signup etc plus 20 dollars i think for my own domain.....which brings me to the next question, what should me domain name be?!?! itll have to be .com, .net, or .org for now. sadly .net .org etc are all taken. those other JRL bastards. AAAARRRRGGGG!!! but yea, i think is numero uno right tell me whatchoo think.

and as a direct beneficiary of this, marci and hannah will be able to put pictures on their blog. so yes, think about them, not just me.

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by Jon

ahaha....they are making a die hard 4...and BRITNEY SPEARS is going to be bruce willis's daughter. ahahahaha, isnt that cool?!?!?! but yea still sketchy. but the internet movie database says it is right here...haha yea, i guess we will have to wait and see...

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Thursday, February 06, 2003 by Jon

whooooaaaa. so the xanga taf blogring has FIFTY-EIGHT members now. that is pimp. go kevan for startin that up. but yea, 58 tafers! woohooo. although i have no idea who one of them is. her xanga name is yea. you tell jon. she goes to michigan...?

hehe and the last 3 ppl on the blogring list were me, oogs, and andrea. oh yea, go marge andrea and jon. oh oh oh yea. and karen lin was on the last page which only had 8 ppl, and so was ILT karen and emilay! and interestly enough, 6 people who only use their xangas for commenting on other xangas are at the bottom of the taf blogring yea, a lot more ppl will be added to the bling bling links. haha yea, the bling bling links. cuz all of you, all of my friends, they are like DIAMONDS to me, worth more than that actually. but yea, comin up: marci and hannah, jessica fu, tkast, susan, and maybe more!

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by Jon

hurrah, a new blog! Gravy for Marci and Hannah Gravy for Marci and Hannah

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Sunday, February 02, 2003 by Jon

GLAMOUR SHOTS!!! Here is Page 1. i would highly recommend not going to the Page 2 link on that page...but instead go to Page 2 HERE

Yay for Glamourousnesses!!!

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