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Tuesday, January 29, 2002 by Jon

yeeaaassss....andrea FINALLY updated her blog, good job. so yea its 11:09 and i might go to sleep soon...whhhooooaaaaaaa....sleep before midnight???? crazy. hmm nothing very exciting in the past few days...yea....hehe oh how exciting is my life??? oh actually, hehe, i figured out that i can probably get in to u of i next year...if i apply as a DANCE major....ahahaha, thatd be amusing. but then it might be hard to trasfer out of that into the other who knows what i will do. who knows.

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Sunday, January 27, 2002 by Jon

and grand theft auto 3 is defeated!!!! yea me and tom played that all day, and actually i guess we do have something to show for it, so we really ARE productive!!! yes!!! oh oh oh yea.

and yes, karen and andrea, i am dissapointed in you 2, i mean come on, even HOWARD, who we all know is tres lazy, can enter a few words into his blog almost everyday, but you two headed-to-the-ivy-league girls cant even do it....COME ON, thats terrible. bad bad girls. im going to inform yale/umich/ucla/tufts/etc and upenn of your bad blogging. tsk tsk tsk.

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Saturday, January 26, 2002 by Jon

wow, heh, tom and i just played grand theft auto for like 3 and a half hours and we didnt even realize it. hehe yes....its a good game :). last night rachel tom and i were gonna go see orange county, but then they only had single seating...which is odd since the movie has been out awhile....yea....heh. and the placce was overun with little teenagers, stupid mandy moore a walk to remember movie. we didnt stay and then we ended up going to the loop in the loo. that was fun actually, lots of cool little shops. i need to go explore more stuff in stl, ya know? yea i should, tom bought some posters at this really cool place, and i bought a guster cd (oh yea andrea!) and yea we just walked around. hehe i remember going to one of the music stores there a long time ago and thats where i first heard of nelly, it was beofre he came out and was huge, so yea. then tom and i came back and i borrowed gta3 from my friend and we played it on jamals ps2. oh oh oh yea. im so productive arent i?

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Friday, January 25, 2002 by Jon

hehe ok, if you want to read the convos in my blog, make sure you start at the first set of convos, which is the 3rd set down....yes, if you dont youll be confused

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by Jon

and you can eat the placenta!

Thendxcrd: what exactly is the placenta?
Lmmntgmry: the placenta is the afterbirth
Lmmntgmry: sometimes confused w/ the umbilical cord i think
Thendxcrd: um ok
Thendxcrd: heh
Lmmntgmry: yes
Lmmntgmry: lol
Thendxcrd: ok i know this sounds weird, but did you ever heard or read about something that ppl ate after brith that had lots of nutrients?
Lmmntgmry: yes
Thendxcrd: and what is "the afterbirth"?
Thendxcrd: whats it called?
Thendxcrd: that ppl ate?
Lmmntgmry: ummm
Lmmntgmry: placenta.
Thendxcrd: so i was right?
Lmmntgmry: yea
Thendxcrd: people eat the placenta?
Lmmntgmry: yes
Thendxcrd: ok good
Thendxcrd: hehe

oh yea sam got told by me

culfunk83: Culliman78: Most women will probably be aware of the age-old rumour that some mothers reputedly enjoy tucking into a nourishing meal of placenta after giving birth. Indeed it is commonplace for some cultures and, of course, many of our friends in the animal kingdom have always enjoyed it. However, to your average discerning human being it still doesn't seem that appealing a prospect. In the Western world it is accepted, although unproven, that eating placenta will reduce the risk of post-natal depression. This is because the organ is rich in minerals and vitamins, particularly B6, which can help to fight depression.
Thendxcrd: hehe yes!
culfunk83: you were right
culfunk83: my bro sent me that
culfunk83: hehe, he says they have recipes for it
culfunk83: i will send you the site
Thendxcrd: eew

oh oh oh yea! but eew on the recipe site....

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by Jon

ok so yea, here is some follow-up about the most talked about subject this afternoon, exciting isnt it?

JRoth40: that's guy is right about water births
Thendxcrd: thats sam
Thendxcrd: heh
JRoth40: i think the amniotic fluid is what it breathes
Thendxcrd: um, hehe ok
JRoth40: not breathes, but what it takes in
Thendxcrd: oh ok
JRoth40: and gets oxygen from that, cuz the umbilical cord carries oxygen and nutrients and all that stuff to the amniotic sac i think
Thendxcrd: i think someone said that
Thendxcrd: are you sure about that?
JRoth40: no i said i think
Thendxcrd: ok

Lmmntgmry: hahahahahhhaah
Lmmntgmry: XD
Thendxcrd: hehe yea
Thendxcrd: you might be the closest
Thendxcrd: but maybe not
Lmmntgmry: i think the guy 2 above me has a point
Lmmntgmry: about the bath thing
Thendxcrd: hehe yes
Lmmntgmry: i heard that too now that i think about it
Lmmntgmry: babies are okay in fluid as long as they don't get exposed
Lmmntgmry: that's what they teach girls
Lmmntgmry: hahahaha
Thendxcrd: hehe ok

culfunk83: what the hell is this dude?
Thendxcrd: hehe what everyone said
Thendxcrd: noone still knows really...
culfunk83: why dont you look it up?
culfunk83: how did you post it?
Thendxcrd: my website...
Thendxcrd: heh
culfunk83: oh, gotcha
culfunk83: that is funny
Thendxcrd: yea
Thendxcrd: heh
Thendxcrd: ok
Thendxcrd: heh
culfunk83: the placenta feeds it everything
culfunk83: i will ask my brother
Thendxcrd: hehe ok
culfunk83: he says everything comes from the umbilical cord and they dont really breathe
Thendxcrd: hehe ok
Thendxcrd: sp its not the placenta?
culfunk83: isnt the placenta like the liquid protecting the baby?
Thendxcrd: i dont know
Thendxcrd: heh
Thendxcrd: isnt the placenta something you can eat....?
culfunk83: hehe, i dont think so
Thendxcrd: i thought it was...
Thendxcrd: heh, i saw that on tlc or read it somewhere i thought...
culfunk83: no, you dont eat the mother
Thendxcrd: um
Thendxcrd: hehe ok
culfunk83: my bro is cracking up at that one
culfunk83: why dont you ask a girl?
Thendxcrd: hehe wait maybe its the placebo
Thendxcrd: there know there is something they used to eat back in the day that came out with the baby
culfunk83: i dont know, maybe
Thendxcrd: because it was filled with nutrients
culfunk83: ewww that is gross
Thendxcrd: yea i know which is why no one does it anymore
culfunk83: lilC 6: it gets food from the ambilical cord...but it's sort of swimming in a bag of water

so inconclusion, it turns out to be the umbilical cord yea, heh, well that kept me occupied for a good half hour...and i still think you can eat the placenta...

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by Jon

so i was sitting here wondering about stuff today, and then this happened. and yeas. nobody knows.

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
CndnCrippler1: by the placenta isnt it?
Thendxcrd: i dunno
Thendxcrd: heh
CndnCrippler1: that would be my guess
CndnCrippler1: why do you want to know?>
Thendxcrd: i was just wondering
CndnCrippler1: oh ok....
Thendxcrd: how does the placenta let it breathe?
CndnCrippler1: i dont know
CndnCrippler1: i just thought i heard something about that one time
Thendxcrd: yea...

Thendxcrd: how does a baby breathe while its in the womb?
OoGuay: i don't think it does
OoGuay: ?
Thendxcrd: so how does it get oxygen?
OoGuay: i don't know?
Thendxcrd: yea same here...

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
JRoth40: haha i dunno
JRoth40: why
Thendxcrd: dang, because i dont know
Thendxcrd: heh
Thendxcrd: and no one else really does
JRoth40: i have no clue man
Thendxcrd: yea
Thendxcrd: heh

does it breathe liquid??!?!??

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
motlehoopl1: it breathes the liquid i think
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: it breathes liquid?
motlehoopl1: well i mean, blood carries oxygen in it, and i'm pretty sure there is no air inside the womb
Thendxcrd: so it breathes blood?
motlehoopl1: no its not blood, i think its the liquid inside the womb, i'm not sure what it is though
Thendxcrd: so the baby breathes in blood?
Thendxcrd: err
Thendxcrd: liquid
Thendxcrd: heh
motlehoopl1: i dont really know
Thendxcrd: ok
motlehoopl1: i think its something like that though
motlehoopl1: brian says its the placenta
Thendxcrd: yea i know

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
Dinger109: no idea why
Thendxcrd: hmm, no one knows
Thendxcrd: heh

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
culfunk83: uhh
culfunk83: it doesnt i dont think
culfunk83: i mean it does
culfunk83: but
Thendxcrd: then how does it get air...?
culfunk83: through the thing that connects it to its mom
Thendxcrd: but how does that let it breathe?
culfunk83: i dont know
culfunk83: but i know babies can be born in water, and as long as it hasnt been exposed to the air, it wont drown
Thendxcrd: relaly?
culfunk83: yeah dude
culfunk83: it is sweet
culfunk83: it is supposed to lessen the pain for the mom
culfunk83: like in a hot tub or something
Thendxcrd: uh
Thendxcrd: ok
Thendxcrd: heh
culfunk83: yeah, well not all the jets like a hot tub
culfunk83: more like a bath
Thendxcrd: yes

hmm...maybe getting a little warmer...

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
mdeback: what?
Thendxcrd: how does a baby breathe?
mdeback: through the umbilical cord maybe, im not sure
Thendxcrd: yea...
Thendxcrd: but the umbilical cord is to the stomach though
mdeback: i dont know

i stress maybe....

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
oneRobbie8: umbilical cord
Thendxcrd: but the umbilical cord is connected to the stomach...
oneRobbie8: yeah
Thendxcrd: so how does that do it...?
oneRobbie8: do i look like a doctor?
oneRobbie8: hahahha
Thendxcrd: yea....
Thendxcrd: heh

i think we have it now...maybe...

Thendxcrd: how does the baby breathe while its inside the womb?
Lmmntgmry: umbilical cord
Lmmntgmry: gives it oxygen?
Thendxcrd: how?
Thendxcrd: but the umbilical cord is connected to the belly...
Lmmntgmry: oxygen comes from the mother's blood stream
Lmmntgmry: um babies are little
Lmmntgmry: oxygen can travel to its brain
Lmmntgmry: hahah
Thendxcrd: is that it?
Lmmntgmry: i think so
Lmmntgmry: ...why?
Thendxcrd: i was wondering
Thendxcrd: i had no idea
Thendxcrd: heh
Lmmntgmry: ahhahaha
Lmmntgmry: okay then
Lmmntgmry: i bet you could ask jeeves
Thendxcrd: and youre the uh, 6th person who i asked
Thendxcrd: so wait it really only works by getting blood through the umbilical cord?
Lmmntgmry: hahaha
Lmmntgmry: i think so
Lmmntgmry: i mean
Lmmntgmry: the amniotic sac is filled w/ fluid
Thendxcrd: um, ok
Lmmntgmry: it couldn't breathe like we do w/o getting stuff stuck in its lungs
Thendxcrd: uh
Thendxcrd: ok
Lmmntgmry: hahaha
Thendxcrd: so it is through the umbilical cord?
Lmmntgmry: that's my best guess
Thendxcrd: yea
Lmmntgmry: were just wondering?
Thendxcrd: yea

so yea...we think its the umbilical cord...but no one is sure, but hey good for you pauline.

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by Jon

hurrah! computer done! hurrah! yaaaaaaaaay! yeas so my computer is fixed, well not entirely, my sound doesnt work for some reason, but other than that all is well! im even getting most of my old files back as we speak!!! except i lost all of my music. heh. yea i had like 1400 songs....but yea i got a new mouse today, go walmart. i went to radioshack first...40 bucks...walk over to walmart, same kind, ibm optical scrolling mouse...$18.88. thats more than half off! oh yea! its been a good day. yay :) i still dunno how to do smileys on this thing, so yea. but since i have my computer back, luckily for all you loyal readers out there, im gonna be bloggin more!!!

and for quick amusement if you wanna see a really funny baby named howa, go here

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Thursday, January 24, 2002 by Jon

yeas, computer might be finished very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, January 21, 2002 by Jon

yeas, well i woke up today circa 12am because traci called me. i went over to her house for lunch with her family. turkey! and some good mashed potatoes.....mmmmmmmmmmmm. yeas. packers got told by the rams. mmhmm. went to zoe tonight. twas fun, hehe i really hang out with the plains ppl a lot now, its nice : ). yeas. smiley faces, i dont use those too much...mmhmm. after zoe i went to baskins, stephanie and j'ne were working. hehehe, apparently they no longer hire guys anymore! i think i can take 50% of the credit for that. oh yea im excited. hehe. yea when i worked there was a total of 3 guys involved, the owner, me, and then one older guy who worked in the daytime for awhile, but then he got caught stealing he got fired too. he was sassy, i didnt like him, and i dont like the boss (because he cant run a very good store...long story), so hey, i was happy he was stealing and got caught. oh yes. so after baskins i went to black hawk down with traci tilldo tom and holcombe. it was a good movie. lots of action, lots of combat. realistic. gory...blech. yea i was nervous at the start of the movie because i knew of the impending doom. heh. yeas. came home after that, traci called me frantically because her car was dying on the road on the way home, but she made it to her its all good. yeas. peace.

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Sunday, January 20, 2002 by Jon

bbbblllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........indigestion. bastard bakers square supreme skillet. blllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh djkf;asf pkf;kdf[kfd's; kdf';ds

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Saturday, January 19, 2002 by Jon

wow. well i went to the city tournament tonight. shs vs lanphier. lanphier is #1 in illinois, #14 in the nation. i can see why. wow. they are good. wow. heh. igdoula is really good, everyone there wants to see him, he had this one great alley oop. waaah. hehe he did have this one breakway though were he missed a 360 spin dunk, and the crowd went nuts because we all thought hed have a monster slam...but yea. an actually good showing for shs bball though, i mean we did have a lead for most of the 1st quarter....then they pulled away even though we played well. heh, our team couldnt even run with them it seemed like. foshizzle. well after the game went to jewel osco to grab some food. hehe tom got on the intercom a la tom green and was like "mother, mother, where are you mother im lost". hehehe, it was funny. right before he was about to do it some worker looked at us too, then looked away, then he did it. i was like yes....walk quickly after that we went to adriennes. me steve tom and brian laughed a lot. our stomachs hurt from laughing. heh. yeas. today should be a fun day. alright! peace outside.

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Thursday, January 17, 2002 by Jon

yeas. computer still dead. automated answering support machines suck. oy. yea this blogger really isnt as fun if i dont do it daily. so i woke up at 12 today. skipped intro to geog. wahahaha. going home tomm, fun times it shall be. yeas. so um yea, oh im up to about 1950 in my yahoo scrabble ranking!!!! i live in abby and rachels room a lot now since they have an open computer. you go girls, helping jon stay alive. woohoo. tyty is p;aying on the computer behind me. hehe. tyty tom and i. go pp girls. hehe. awww yea.

this is rachel - "i love my new roommate, he hangs his clothes in my closet and he eats my food!"

yeas...i actually dont hang my clothes up in their closet, they do it for yea. hehe, played poker last night, and we plated a game of between the sheets. we started off witha 50cent ante....the pot got up to 60 dollars....oh it was crazy....heh. yes. gavin at one point was down 40 dollars. whew. funkay. ok well hey i actually typed a decent amount, good for me. yes. ok bai!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2002 by Jon

sigh. computer still nto fixed. blah. the weekend at home was fun, hung out with the plains ppl a lot, hehe, yeas. yea blogging really isnt as much fun when its not on my own beautiful wonderful computer. :( . sadness. hehe oh yea, i beat a guy in scrabble who was ranked 2398. yeas, i have broken the 1900 point barrier!!!! awww yea. and i played some poker last night, that was fun. ended up losing like 30 cents, but at one point i was up almost 4 dollars! hehe oh yea, look at that big money!

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Friday, January 11, 2002 by Jon

yes ok, so my computer still isnt fixed, but at least i have the stuff saved on q's comp. yea, first week of classes not bad. played some racist white supremecist in scrabble tongiht. we argued. he was stupid. i won. yeas. going home tomm. mmhmm. hehe yea not much to say really....

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Tuesday, January 08, 2002 by Jon

my computrer is going to be fixed!!!! without losing my stuff!!! you go q, you go boy. oh oh oh yea. school is fun with no hw. and now i am done. hopefully i will be on my own cpu later tonight....

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Sunday, January 06, 2002 by Jon



i have to go back to school tomorrow...:(

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Friday, January 04, 2002 by Jon

oh nut. i am sore. oh nut. hehe i kept going back to sleep this morning because i was too sore to get up. it would take too much energy to get up, so instead of just lying there and doing nothing i was productive and went back to sleep...mmhmm, wahaha, only i can make sleep productive! yeas...but yea i finally got up circa 2pm, and didnt do much until work. went to work and was sore. went to nichos after work, still sore. hehe, nicho kam brian and molly were there, and us guys were all sore from yesterday. hehe it was funny, we all walk slowly like old men and bend down slowly with our legs and moan and groan in pain. hehe and it takes me SO LONG to get out of my car. and so long to get in too, all the bending is painful, and we even streched before the football game, so i dont know why i am this sore. my pinky still hurts a lot. owwwww i just touched it. so sore all ova. aiyo. sore sore sore. yes, time to be productive and sleep.

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Thursday, January 03, 2002 by Jon eyes hurt from reading margarets long blog...owwww, my pinky fingerh urts from football, leg is killing me from sliding on the ice and running into the swollen..ajsdkasdsad. well im sad to report that the ocelot onslaught did not win today. fun game though, i had one really funky touchdown where i juked some ppl and got some great blocks, yea, heh, apparently i looked like barry sanders!!! oh yea. brendan conner went pscho at the game, i mean psychoticly psycho. yea...that was funked up. really funked up. yeas. so yea tonight a lot of us were going to go ice skating, it was me tom brian nicho ajit jacqueline kam jesse mindy steph and sara sronce, adrienne steve jon sam jake brett nick and lindsey...that is A LOT of ppl...and then the firggin place was CLOSED. we are never going to have that many people be able to do that again. and the friggin place was closed. 19 people. NINETEEN! hehe the rink is really small though so that would have been funny. heh. i hurt my leg messing around on the ice though, me and jake raced....i slipped, leg into wall, ow. so yea, we went bowling then since it was closed, minus sam linz and jon. then off to nichos, played some darts pool chess and whatnot, then off to steak n shake for a delicious double steakburger! it was good. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

i woke up at 12 today! 12!!! thats like 5 hours of daylight i saw. thats the most in a loooong time. yea it is. sleep is good, and that is what i will go do now. peace out!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2002 by Jon

happy new year everyboday! didnt do anythng that exciting for new years eve...went to bretts then fairfield inn then to brittanys...but brittanys had grand theft auto 3...and that game is cool. yes, yes it is. i spent like 2 hours playing it, heh. yeas. mindy also had a really really small article of "clothing" on, if you can call it that, heh. it was like a butterfly, and thats it. mmhmm. i was like yes...jesse can i take a picture with your girlfriend? mmhmm, football game tommorrow!!!!!!! Battle of the cliques!!!!!!! oh yea, its gonna be COLD! oh yea...i woke up at 430 new years eve day and 4pm today, isnt that disgusting?!!?!? yea it is. im nocturnal. why?!!?!? at least i have to wake up early tomm for the game, around 1130ish. hehe, "early" is almost noon for me. illinois lost in da sugar bowl. mmhmm. they got told. yeas. i should sleep. its 318am. must rest up for the big game. ill tell you later if we were victorious or not...lets hope so...OCELOT ONSLAUGHT!

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