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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Jon!!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Jon

I saw Matt Leinart at Nordstroms today. I got really excited, and it was probably the first time I have felt really star-struck in LA.

I think most guys like me WOULD be more star struck by athletes though. We have a closer connection to them, ie: watching them all the time in games, on Sportscenter, reading about their bio's for fantasy sport purposes, etc, than we would for movie stars (usually).

So yea. Matt Leinart. He really is a lot dreamier in person too. Dreamy dreamy dreamy. Except Grace doesnt like his hairy armpits. Hah.

quagg o ram a: he is a good looking man

I agree.


Hahaha...from Wikipedia:

"Leinart was born with strabismus (“crossed eyes”), as his left eye was not aligned correctly with his right. He underwent surgery when he was three years old and was fitted with special glasses to correct the problem, but the eyewear combined with Leinart's already-overweight frame to make him an easy target for ridicule at the hands of other children.[1] “I used to get made fun of for being cross-eyed. It's just a terrible thing because kids are so cruel to the fat kid, to the kid with the glasses. So I turned to sports,” he would later say.[2]"

I think I love him more now...

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Friday, April 13, 2007 by Jon

Another good Augustana concert tonight here in LA.

Off to ITASA tomorrow, where I will get to see some of my dear Illinois friends. That'll take place at Stanford, which will be followed by fundraisers in the Bay Area Sunday and Monday. Then I get two "down" days, where I will just probably work hardcore for Will, because Thursday and Friday will be spent filming an ESPN commercial (yes!). And then the next week might already be booked on another commercial project, followed soon after by a long due trip back to the Springfield for family and to the Champaign-Urbana to see more Illinois friends before they graduate.

Let's roll.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007 by Jon

I was sent to do a pickup today at NBC-Universal Studios. I few good stories came from this. First, like all studios, security is pretty tight so I had to give my drivers license at the guard gate and wait for a pass, etc. Unfortunately, my Coordinator had yet to call to inform them that I was coming, so the security guard, and older gentleman about 60 years old, looked at me with a dead blank stare and said, "I can't let you in, you don't have a pass." And because my Coordinator Paul likes to mess with me, and has been for the past few days, I thought the security guard was messing with me too.

So I just smiled at him with a silly little grin. And he kept staring back at me with a dead blank. And I kind of giggled. And then 10 seconds ticked by. And I realized he was not kidding. And so I called Paul and got the clearance etc etc etc. The guard must have thought I was an idiot.

So anyways, I drove into the lot to find the building I needed to go to, and when I saw it, I just pulled into the first open spot I saw. But as I turned into the parking spot, I saw a sign that said, "RESERVED FOR J. CAMERON". Oops. I probably shouldn't park in his spot. He might be kind of important.

The building itself was also a maze of hallways, but in my lost confusion, I walked by the office for the production/writing staff of The Black Donnellys. It was cool. But then I came home and found out the show had been cancelled. Which sucks.

So yea, that was my trip to NBC-Universal Studios. As I left, I was tempted to go into the Studio Store to snag some Friday Night Lights and The Office gear, but it was across from the security guard station and I didnt want the old man to see me again.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 by Jon

Day 2 of 2 for filming T-Mobile commercials. I've always said that there is food aplenty in film production. To express this better, I kept track of what I ate today (in the form of text messages to Klai to mock her for not being able to eat everything I was able to eat, wahahahaha!).

8:30- A plate of corned beef hash, two eggs, side of bacon, side of sausage, half of a danish from the catering service.
10:00- Craft service guy comes around with Odwalla juices and vitamin juice shots.
10:45- Getting hungry again, head to craft service trailer for a blueberry muffin and some nuts. time
11:30- Craft makes yogurt parfaits. And remember, it's only 11:30. We're not even close to our scheduled lunch break.
12:45- Turkey and salami sandwich on wheat with provolone, made in craft service trailer. This was probably a mistake because fifteen minutes later...
1:00- Crafty comes around with a Greek tray! Complete with falafels, dolmas, pita bread, pita chips, hummus, tzatzki sauce, etc. I ate a lot of falafels. They were good.
2:15- Deli tray! Complete with gourmet meats and cheeses. The highlight for the crew usually. I held back though, and only had a few crackers, spicy pepperoni slices, and grilled salmon strips.
3:15- Feeling really full, it was lunch time. Catering offered up some skirt steak kabobs, steamed vegetables, and a small salad. I passed on the chicken and salmon and all of desserts because well, I'm not a pig, geez. But yea no really, I ate about 1/10th of what they served.

We finished filming about 2 and a half hours later. So no more food. But yea, all of that, in a span of seven hours. Film production is awesome.

To add, I think the caterers are pretty mindful of not wasting the food, so don't worry. They know there are hungry people out there.

Anyways, tonight for dinner I only ate half of an apple. Good for me.

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Friday, April 06, 2007 by Jon

I've been working on a new T-Mobile commercial this past week, and into next. We filmed one of two new commercials today. It was a good time, being a relatively simple shoot with 8 PA's, so it is pretty chill. This commercial also has some stunts and pyrotechnics, which are pretty cool to set up and watch executed.

As usual, way too much food was present, and I ate a lot. I think I ate too much gourmet cheese, and it upset my stomach. And then I went to lunch, and I told myself to not eat anything cheese there. But then the first thing I saw was cheesecake, and I forgot. And then I went to make a salad and I saw cottage cheese! But different from the cheesecake, I remembered I shouldnt eat it. And then I added more vegetables to my salad, and then I saw the shredded cheddar cheese! And yea. It's really hard to remember to not eat cheese when you love it.

I think another cell phone company should come out with a "My Six" in response to T-Mobile's "My Five/Fave Five". I think that would be funny. And good for consumers!

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