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Thursday, October 31, 2002 by Jon


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by Jon

BOO! did i scare you?!? oh im so good. jon has spent the past few days working on a website using his new found friend Microsoft FrontPage. He's a pretty nice guy and he helps me out a lot. a friend in need is a friend indeed.

the past few days have been the usual, however i am done with speech class for the year except for one last meeting during finals. so yea that means i only go from 10-12 on MWF now! hurrah! yup, this is going to be a gooood month, i can feel it. Praise the Lord! so uh, yea. no homework tonight, just visited abby and ashley over at their apt. haha they are fun girls, with all of their friends and roommates. They were watching The Bachelor on abc...and well yea, it was interesting, stupid since i dont think anyone can fall in love in 6 weeks and get married for a tv show, but yea, it reeled matt and i in. abby yelled at us if we talked, so yea we had too watch, heh.

and yea um, hey ok. im done. time to sleep! oh what a day.

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Monday, October 28, 2002 by Jon

hurrah, the Peeps Page is updated! yup yup, more smiling faces over there. and uh yea, flag football team lost today in the playoffs :( we is done. aslkdlask;lasdasd. crap on a bat.

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Saturday, October 26, 2002 by Jon

haha aww sad, i forgot to commemorate my first blog entry one year ago on Oct 12th, 2001. well, 1 year and 2 weeks later, heres to you Jonizzle My Nizzle.

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by Jon

The Lost Night

right ok. so beth calls us up and says she wants to go out to eat tonight with everyone. so beth hannah and susan come over around 7 or so and we hang around for a bit. tyler ends up coming back from bball at 8, so we wait for him, no prob. so we leave at 9, im driving, there are 6 people in the car. alright, we will just squeeze in then. im driving along and we dont know where we want to eat, either we go to fairview heights or trek into stl, either way we would be driving for at least 20 min. yes, remember that, 20 minutes. so ok, im pulling up to the split where you have to make a choice which way to go, straight to fariview or head to the highway for stl. hannah yells stl. our last minute decisions would become a reoccuring event in the car.

so im going to stl like usual, on 270, and beth suggests going to the Central West End district of stl for some nice food. sounds cool. but you know, we are all talking and i miss the quick exit for 255, which leads to I55. ok no biggie, i will just take a left south on a street after i cross the river. im driving down and well, its going into the ghetto. we drive for a pretty long time without seeing any ways to get on a highway, but finally, FINALLY, after i pull some uturns, and go through this crazy and highly scary Arc de Triumph-esque round-a-bout, we get on 70. hehe, 2 white guys, 3 white girls, and 1 asian guy in a car with an illinois license plate in the middle of the stl ghetto. hmm, i wonder if people could tell we were lost??? but yea, back on a major highway, hurrah! we head back east towards the river and the arch since well, i assumed we wanted to go that way and beth or no one else objected. so we are driving on 70, and then i see a quick exit and well, i dont remember much, but i take it. and then i see that i cant turn onto a street, so i go straight. and this led to a bridge. that went back over the mississippi. great. we ended up back in illinois. oasd;kdsalksdlkdas.

so i turn around, and we cant find out how to ge back right away. now remember that beth hannah susan and matt are all in the back seat with beth on sitting on top of them. quite illegal. buuuut yea, after seeing the most confusing and ridiculous group of highway interstate signs EVER...we get back on the highway back to stl. so all is good, and i cross the river for the 3rd time that night, and exit onto stadium street, next to Busch. now im thinking where beth wants to go is in downtown stl or something. but i was clearly wrong. we figured this out after driving aimlessly around for 10 minutes in downtown stl. ridiculous.

once it dawned upon us that noone knew where we were going, beth and matt figured out how to get to 55, since beth said 55 would take us to where we wanted to go. so im on 55. woohoo, its only been an hour of driving around. thats right. an hour. im flying down 55 and once again we are all talking and laughing, and um, dawns upon us that we dont really know where we are since we had been flying down 55 for a good 10-15 minutes. and then i see a sign for Lihndberg blvd. lihndberg blv?!?!? daheck?!?! we were WAAAY far southwest of the city. not good. not good since none of us had eaten and it was 10. crap on a stick.

after lihndberg i see the sign for I270. my eyes light up, cuz i know where 270 is. ohhh yea. so we get on 270. but then...i dont see a sign for 270 East. only 270 West. to Kansas City. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! lkasjd;adlasdk;ldassd. so im freaking out thinking we are going even farther away, but then i notice a road sign saying 270N. ok ok ok, so im on 270 West and North at the same time. but then i remember that is correct, and that im close to the exit to go to the TPC. oh thank GOD. so i knew where we were. and we were f-ing far far away. we made a literal loop-dee-loop through saint louis. and we still had more to go. beth sees I44 east and we take that and eventually find out destination, the Central West End.

its a pretty cool place, lots of little restaurants and bistros on nice sidewalks, with Washington U close by, its like a rich collegey area. in the middle of it is a restaurant called Asian Grille. hey alright, its 1045, food! and its good food to! mmmm. we go in there and everyone really liked there meal. my korean bbq was cold though :( . but yea, good food, cool restaurant, i think we will go back there sometime. it reminded me of the ITASA retreat at northwestern last year, when a bunch of us went to that chinese place and grubbed for a good solid hour. roger and i finished everything then, this time tkast and i did.

hehe and i got ma po tofu...i asked for it like how my parents say it like "ma pu dofu", but yeam the waitress had no idea. but she was nice. good time, good time. after the meal we walked across the street to the "cartel", a coffee house that is hihgly popular among the gay community. and i was like "HEY! thats where cory always went last year!". it was carazy. i remembered him talking about it all the time. but yea, its not just a gay place like i thought, pretty much all mixed up. hannah and susan got ice cream, and then after that it was about 12, so we left.

and as fate would have it, i needed gas. and i got gas. and then i wasnt sure how to get back to the highway since we drove off looking for gas. so we took a right, and saw signs for the highway, but only to go west. and we do not want to go west. we live east. we need east. no east. left = east. sounds good. was it good? no. ksajd;lasdklsdakads;. we drove through another ghetto-ish area for awhile. but finally we found the highway. yay! but we couldnt find an onramp. askd;saldklasdklasd. luckily i realized we were close to Union Station and Club Liquid, and well, i know how to get hom from Club Liquid. so we are back in downton stl like we were 2.5 hours before, and oh finally, we find the exit. we find it we find it we find it, after making circle. we found it. and then i floored it all the way home.

so that was our exciting night filled with being lost.i used up half a tank, drove like 150 miles. wow. thats....not cool...but hey it was fun. hurrah for fun. hehe dang. this was long....

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Thursday, October 24, 2002 by Jon

hmm. this is going to be a busy weekend. I have to start on my real speech that im giving at the TPC since i have my dress rehearsal on wednesday. I also gotta get officeXP on my comp since uh yea, i wasnt able to do my CMIS hw tonight since, after a long story, powerpoint and excel were removed from my comp. I'm also busting my brain writing a paper defining time. hehe my material comes from andreas blog with that phil guy, about how time is the moving image of eternity. it really is pretty darn pimp to think about, and how true it is. yea, its cool. i also want to fit some time in to update my peeps page, thatll take me some time, do laundry, clean the apt, and on sunday we have our first playogff game. yea its against an undefeated team. hope we do well. wah. so busy. well not really. but yea. always so much i want to do, and then i spend time playing ncaa football 2003. oh well. at least the game is fun.

i wish i had a really long weekend that i could spend here. brian and i were talking about how we are so creative at night right before we go to sleep. we dont have enough time to act on those thoughts though since we gotta go to bed, and then we end up forgetting about them, only to remember them again late on some other night. its a viscious and non productive cycle. and need to bust a cap and do something. well i did write a page and a half about time, and the paper isnt even due for like 3 weeks. hehe, yea go me.

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Monday, October 21, 2002 by Jon

man i really love my rolley chair purchase. im really glad we dont have carpet now, since that allows me to roll wherever i want in the apt with ease. and since out apt is the handicapped one, i can even slide right up to the sinks with so much ease! haha i just roll back and forth all day between my room and the living room and kitchen. OH SO GOOD.

went to the tpc today, hurrah! attended the youth group, listend to the service, tz told a joke, i was amused, good praise, and light football and lunch afterwards. hurrah! i havent had chinese meatloaf in forever (and it made my hand smell really funky afterwards). and i notice emily and angie both say "what the mother". hehe yes. played some more football after lunch, tossing it around. then i gave eric a ride home around 2 and then came back here. hung out, chilled, wasted the rest of the day away, etc. i am however adding many songs to my collection on my comp thanks to hannah. go hannah. hang out some more...and yea thats my day.

ps: i love my chair.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002 by Jon

haha and its 7am and jon is still awake! yup yup, went to a laser tag shindig with bsm with matt tyler beth hannah and susan. it was a darn good time. lots of lasertag and other fun stuff for 10 dolla. hurrah! lets see how late i sleep in now....hehehe

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Friday, October 18, 2002 by Jon

hurrah! man yesterday was a high quality day. the time around class was tough though, just running around trying to get stuff done, but yea once i finished that and came home all was good. first of all i gave myself today off, so i have a 3 day weekend! that mentality last night kept me happy. friends was on. friends is good. so is macaronie and beef. mmmm. then we went to praise and worship, and well that was pretty pimp. then tkast and i went to walmart, and i bought a rolling swiveling chair! this might be one of the best purchases of my life. its really nice to sit in at my computer, much more cushiony than the chairs the give us.

after that tyler and i played ncaa football 2003 of course, and we wont the national championship!!!! oh yes! man that was a good night. more of those is need.

anyways, last night at praise and worship, for the last song all 60 of us held hands in a big circle and sang. i was looking around the room at the other people just singing their hearts out to God and Jesus, and you know what? i wanted to take a picture. but that would be like, weird to. but its so beautiful to see that, to see people singing from their heart about and to the Lord, but it would be probably pretty impolite to step out and take a picture.

im thinking that some of the best moments you could possibly capture on film would be hard and impolite to do. it reminded me of taf and the slideshow, and how you never can get a really good and personal small group photo. i mean small group is where you spend most of your awakened time at taf, and its also where you can get the most intimate and personal. to get a picture of a small group in the middle of their talk while they are huddled in a circle and sharing and laughing and crying would be awesome to get to remember the week, but you cant do it. if you took a picture you would mess up the flow and what the small group is trying to do by being a small private group. just cant do it. and if you posed for it....theres no fun in that whatsoever. poop.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002 by Jon

hehe ok, so here is a breakdown of jon's past day.

0400a-1030a: wake up for class
1100a-1215p: class
1230p-0200p: play NCAA Football 2003
0200p-0300p: play NCAA Football 2003 while skipping critical thinking class
0300p-0415p: nap
0415p-0600p: online time
0600p-0730p: dinner and tv
0745p-0830p: productivity time - tidy up room and do hw
0835p-0900p: visit the girls
0900p-0945p: play NCAA Football 2003
0945p-1100p: visit the girls again
1100p-0215a: play NCAA Football 2003

so total, 5h and 15m of "play NCAA Football 2003". hehe yea, tkast and i have started a dynasty. luckily this week is my week of not much class. english is cancelled all week, speech was cancelled monday, and well i skipped critical thinking today...hehe. and yea, intro to mass media. lets see if i go to that....

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Monday, October 14, 2002 by Jon


TKast04: I fooled you
Thendxcrd: oh
Thendxcrd: ok
Thendxcrd: yea youre a cool guy....
TKast04: f*@# you
Thendxcrd: whAt??
TKast04: I hate you
Thendxcrd: i love you
TKast04: I hate you
Thendxcrd: : )
Thendxcrd: :-*
TKast04: stop being gay
Thendxcrd: im not gay
Thendxcrd: i just love you
TKast04: I hate you
Thendxcrd: but i love you!
Thendxcrd: please dont hate me
Thendxcrd: it would make me weep
TKast04: shutup
TKast04 signed off at 12:08:52 AM.

haha. oh silly tkast04.

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by Jon

i am cold, and sore.yea flag football today. we only had 3 girls, so we only had 7 ppl on the field against 8. and tyler and matt didnt come to the game cuz they stayed and played at yea. we were undermanned, but we took them to overtime and lost. i played like crap today. many a few times where i could have done something to win the game. yea im pissed. klasj;lkasdl;dasksd.

anyways, played tennis with darren and jackie after that. and then chilled here then went to beth and hannahs to help reaarange there room. its pretty cool now. and i also brought my abercrombie quarterlys for beth to cut pictures of guys out. and i put them into a big collage on the wall for them. i did well, although now i dont like to sit in their room with a wall of half naked guys......

yea imma gonna be sore tomm. i dove like 4 times during the game. the head ref was pretty bad too...but i wont get into that. the other team was firggin annoying though, they kept talking and complaining about everything. yea. i wanna take them on with a full squad in the playoffs

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Sunday, October 13, 2002 by Jon

right. ok so my mom just yelled at me again. she asked me if i could come home again to work next weekend, and i said i cant because i have stuff to do at school. and she went off again. so even though i was good this weekend...its not good enough. and you know staying at school and doing my work since she told me i will get kicked out of the house if i dont get into a school like u of i...i should probably concentrate on my hw shouldnt i? my mom is a piece of work let me tell you. yea. psycho.

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Saturday, October 12, 2002 by Jon

haha, jon went with beth and jackie to the fairview heights mall. we went to abercrombie. not Abercrombie & Fitch, but abercrombie, the kids store. and jon saw sweaters on sale for like 20. he sees they have exra larges. jon begins to think. hmmm. and yes! he fits into a kids XL!!!! haha yea so now i can shop at the abercrombie kids store. cheaper prices, sweet.

and im home again this weekend. and things are ok with my mom i guess now. ill be working tomm, helping out. and hopefully some shoes i will buy. yay!

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Thursday, October 10, 2002 by Jon

hehe ok time for a happier blog. lalala, no homework tonight! yay! yea ive been wasting time lately playing Stronghold, some war sim game matt downloaded. yea, being even more unproductive, excellent.

well as fate has it im probably going to end up going home this weekend, although i dont know how its going to play out. since my mom took my cell back she cant call me. and well im not going to call her because she told me not to etc etc and for other reasons probably. but yea tyler and matt are both going hom and adrienne will be home and if my mom makes my sister go home and work i will tell her to stay at school and i will work, so yea...will jon work or not? that is the question. it is homecoming weekend back home though, even though that doesnt really pertain to me much since really wouldnt do anything for it...hmm, i wonder if i could actually go home, as in too my house...with my mom all mad at me. i dont know....

in other news...i made pot stickers tonight. matt and tyler have never heard of one, seen one, eaten one. and well they dont want to.matt too like a nibble and said it was weird and looked nasty. but matt is THE pickiest eater in the world i swear. a large amount of things he doesnt like to eat. tyler and i shake our heads at him. bad matt.

hehe ok...time to go play more of me game. yay!

oh yea thanks for the prayers, me's appreciates.

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Monday, October 07, 2002 by Jon

disclaimer: this is long. and i vent about my mom the whole time. yea.

ok. so im kinda in a weird funky state now. quite irritated and frustrated and sad and all this other crap. so yea i was at home this weekend to help my mom sell ice cream. i get there friday night and i do my thing there since i used to work at baskins, and my mom starts barking out orders to me about how to treat customers like i dont know how too. right...anyways there was more of that crap that night. my mom doesnt really listen to me, in many ways. like i told her it wasnt a good idea to overtake this place. she did anyways. when she asks me a question, i answer, then she asks 3 more times. and then i get frustrated and yell back at her the answer. then she yells at for yelling at her. and then shes riled up so she yells at me for the next half hour. so yea. thats how it went this weekend.

well saturday came by and i worked all day. my mom unintelligently started this shop with no experience with ice cream / smoothies. whatsoever. she doesnt know where certain ice creams are located and really doesnt know what we sell and dont sell and other things. and shes the boss. and i dont know and my sister doesnt know. so yea that was stupid. at least friday night wahji was working and he had been there with the previous owners so he knew what was going on. but saturday just me my sister and my mom. it was pretty hectic, and i was dealing with the customers the most since my mom was experimenting with the bubble tea (which i think is totally stupid to try to start with it now, i think she should understand what chocolate chip ice cream looks like first since she had to ask me THREE seperate times....) and my sister was doing random things.

so yea im in a pretty pissy mood. and my mom is too. my mom and i are alike...and thats why we fight with each other a lot. i tell her how tyler was going to pick me up around 10 on sunday since hes my ride back. but she gets MAD. she wanted me to stay and work all day sunday. and shes like "any other child would come home every weekend to help their family business, you are so bad, i cant believe i have a son like you." now it doesnt really bother me since shes said that many times before, but ya know, it doesnt make me want to stay and help her any more when she calls me bad and calls me names. shes trying to make me feel guilty for leaving too since this is a family business and i am family and i have to help and if i dont im not part of the family. well shit. i told her long ago i didnt think this was a good idea to open up this place. and even though the rest of "the family", ie me and my sister, didnt think this would be good, my mom bought it anyways. and now its a family business and im OBLIGATED to come home every weekend, forget my life at school, and work oh about 15 hours in a weekend. screw that.

my mom says she opened this for me. not for my sister. but for me. and that i will get all of the money she makes down the road. ok first of all, she doesnt think she made much money saturday (which would be the best day of the week) and called the previous owner cuz he told her she would make lots of money. i think hes shady. and i dont trust him. personally, i think my mom got cheated a bit. so yea shes not making much money and her and i fought all weekend. anyone think thats worth it? hell no. so again, i feel pity for my mom and that i should help her. then she bitches at me again for being a terrible son and uses one of her favorite lines "why do i need enemies when you are my son???" on me. and then i dont want to help her all over again.

i dearly hope and will pray that my mom doesnt yell at the people she hires. i hope to God that she treats them well. she will need it. if youre still reading this and you pray...pray for my mom and her business.

ok so sunday comes around and im packing up to go back to school. my mom is doing the same to take stuff to the store. right before she leaves though she comes upstairs for one last scream session. my mom is like a bully. she will yell at you and belittle you and cut you down to make herself feel better. and its usually me who is the target of her anger. so she screams at me in a pretty scary voice because my mom can be a scary woman. usual jargon flows out of her mouth in mixes of mandarin, taiwanese, and english, pointing at me and whatnot. then she tells me to give back my cell phone. i knew this would happen from the day i bought it. so she takes it. and she doesnt know my school # so the cell was our only way of talking. so now she cant call me and yell at me on the phone at least. but yea shes like "good now we dont talk anymore, dont come back home ever again, i dont want to see you." haha wtf?!?!? its really mind boggling that she says this to me. shes said those words many times to me and of course it never happens. truthfully my mom loves me the most in the world. i know that. but then she also says she hates me the most in the world. and sadly, i can pretty much say the same about her. i dont know if i love my mom more or hate her more. thats just totally wrong.

anyways she goes on and says she is serious this time for me to not come home. she first did it when i was 15 i think. so i did. and she let down after a few weeks while i lived with my dad. now she says that she only let down because i was young and she still had time to "save" me and that i didnt know what i was doing. and now that im "20" (even though im 19....) i should understand how everything is and that im old enough to go. ok so now she wants me to go. but she wants me to go because she didnt want me to go. ok...anyways, then she says i should go because if i stayed i have to listen to what she says and do what she says and thats final. but she said i was old enough to make my own by default wouldnt i have to leave then? this is all very confusing. my mom is quite irrational and unreasonable and oh yea, she called me a hypocrite too. a hypocrite!!! the woman who while arguing says so many contrasting things called me a hypocrite!!! ahahahaha right. eh, well maybe she doesnt know what it means. or maybe i am really a hypocrite when i argue with her.

she brought up a good point though. ive been planning on going to taiwan to see my dad in december. then she bought this and she got PISSED when i told her i was going. she thinks it is my family duty to spend my break at the ice cream place. instead of go visit my dad who lives there now and saw for an hour at dennys for the first time since the end of july, over 9 weeks. she compared that to when i went to la this summer and only wanted to go for a week.

ok ill be honest. id rather go to taiwan by myself to visit my dad and see tafers and well just be in taiwan and play mah jong with grandparent...than spend more time in la, have my mom compare me to my cousins, and basically have her try to "teach me something" on the trip. and of course fight with her. since thats what we do. but yea i guess thats a bad refelction upon me, id rather be with my friends than family. well certain family that is. but hey now i REALLY want to go to taiwan so i wont have to work. sucks for my sister though. my mom is making her stay. and my sister wont fight to go. i wish my sister would stand up to my mom more. i dont want her to be totally like me and argue with her all the time, but my mom has just got to be put in her place sometime. i try i guess. but this is all just f*cked up.

my moms guilt trip combined with my knowing that she cant handle this by herself is pretty much f-ing with my head. i REALLY dont want to go home and work, but i feel i should at the same time. but she doesnt want me to now apparently and i dont want to give in. but she cant call me either and ask for help since she took the cell. see i knew this ice cream store would be bad. yea sure we will make money, but at what cost? will it be worht it? i dont think so. now i dont want to go home at all.

but after all of this, its just going to go back to the same. next time we talk i guarantee you it will be like nothing happened. and pasdjkfl;asdkasd. shes going to be nice. and i dont think im a mean i can only be nice back to her. its an endless and viscious cycle in my family. and well i pretty much hate it. i dont remember feeling like i dunno, sad, guilty, a long time. but hey my mom can be a good mom and a nice lady. shes usually nice to customers...thats good. and she was really nice to wahji. thank God. so yea dont think shes all that bad. she really can be nice and loving. but yea......ok i dont care anymore to type about this.

i need a hug.

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Saturday, October 05, 2002 by Jon

hmm right. so traci was telling me about her latest person of interest and i busted open my yearbook to look. and then all of a sudden it seemed all too weird. flipping through the pages i saw what april wrote, and she wrote a pretty good amount. and i dont talk to her at all. heck i could probably count all the people i talk to regularly from my class on one hand...brian matt ktmac and jenifer. i think thats sad. and now im sad. sadness. i think im going to continue to make myself sad and read all of this. where has all of time gone since senior year? it seems just like yesterday. without a doubt. but it wasnt. it was so long and things there have changed. right......

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Thursday, October 03, 2002 by Jon

ok some random things:

i got disconnected from aim today for a few minutes. why is that blog-worthy? because i had been signed on for 9 days and 20 hours. DANG IT. at least i can shut down my computer tonight, which is good since its starting to act slow...

i was SO tired today. all afternoon. yet i didnt nap. and then i went to abs class. and then its 2am and im still up blogging....

Bible study was good tonight.

I will be going home this weekend to work in my moms new ice cream store. and i will sell bubble tea. in springfield, illinois. yea thats going to be really weird...Jon selling bubble tea. i dont think i can get any more asian than that.

brian will be going home, and he might work with me selling bubble tea. haha. tkast is also going home. and so is jackie. looks like i fonna be handing out some free ice cream...

Two new link additions, Eric & Lillian!

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002 by Jon

Its a Small Small CRAZY Small World

right ok. so i went over to jackies before we went to walmart, and it turns out that her roommate is Yuko, the japanese student that was Bonstas suitemate last year and lived next door to me, and shes also in my speech class. well we went into jackies room and yuko was wearing a Manchester College shirt. thats right. a Manchester College, the home of TAF, tshirt. i was like "daheck?? where did you get that shirt??" and she said her sister got it for her. in a thrift store. in japan. ok so lets think about this:

1. Manchester College
2. someone gets Manchester College tshirt
3. goes to JAPAN
4. gives it to a thrift store
5. girl buys it from thrift store
6. gives it to her sister (yuko)
7. yuko comes to siue
8. i see yuko
9. i go to taf
10. at Manchester College.

is that not crazy?!?!?! yea the front of the shirt had a map of the midwest with an arrow pointing to north manchester its definitly the same school...yea this is crazy. as if i dont think about taf enough...i start to see signs. whats going on!!??!

and oh yea, ive been signed on for 9 days and 10 hours straight. go me. i think...

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002 by Jon

Har Har

eh heh heh. well matt made a video from when beth invaded our apt last wednesday and when we were wrestling on the ground and i was holding her down. we added some porn music and made sound edits, and ta da! blackmail video for beth! haha. beth and hannah came over and were highly amused by it, kind of disturbed, but amused. and then they got mad at us again for nothing. haha right. dupid.

oh and before that, tyler matt and i were having some fun trying to bounce a golf ball into our toilet! haha yea it was crazy. im telling you its a fun game. we were all the way in our living room, had to bounce the golf ball over the couch, through the hallway, into the bathroom and bounce off the opened bathroom door into the toilet. it was FUN. haha the crazy unpredictablilty of the ball also added to the intenseness, haha, we would stand in the bathroom watching the toilet while the other person would have their turn trying to get it in the bowl, and wed stand there with out hands over our face and crotch standing back...haha it was carazy. the added stipulations was that whoever got it in, the person after him had to get the golf ball out of the toilet. AND I GOT IT IN!!!! hahahah yea!!!! so tyty had to get it out. hahaha. yes. man that was fun. we need to do it again.

aaand before that, i watched the X-files movie with jackie and matt on tv. now ok it was a good movie and all, but i was confused. i thought i had seen it before, but i was wrong. what i saw long before was like mulder and scully were in the bermuda or something as well as back in the 1920's doing something. i remember it well because it was really impressive to watch because there were like 3 parts where the camera was continuously rolling without editing, it like followed scully throughout the entire fbi building talking to all these people without a camera change or anything and it was really cool. but yea, if any of you know, tell me.

and oh yes. i wanted to ask my jh campers if they know who Alf is. i know y'all see him on the 10-10-220 commercials, but since they are young do they even know it was a show and whatnot? because alf is cool. emily and karen, you tell me.

aaaannnnd before that jackie was here of course and we all ate pizza. yay for pizza. and before that i did wind sprints to train for flag football, hehe. and before that i got a haircut with oshley, we got them together. hers is good. i dun like mine much, but itll grow out. and before that i went to my only class today, speech. mass media was cancelled today and therefore i didnt feel like going to english so i slept in this morning. hurrah. and before that at 730am i signed up finally for an advisors appt for classes next semester...i hope i can get in........

hey that was cool. it was like a reverse blog, in reverse chronological order. pimp.

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