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Thursday, September 30, 2004 by Jon

Yes. I am going to make a movie about 228 fit for the Hollywood screen. I need to continue my romantic comedy too...

quoting people quoting Plato. Mmhmm.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004 by Jon

Hmm. Too bad I put too much emotion and dwell on the actions of those who I care (too?) much for. It makes for only "ok" evenings. But hey, at least misery loves company friend. And of course, other friends who congregate over here. It's fun to have us all in here, with 3 laptops and 1 desktop, with Jamie sleeping, Brian winning money, Marge hitting me, and me doing whatever, while John and Alex and Jess and Roger and Grace walk in and out. Oh and I don't mean my whole apartment, but just my bedroom, this 9' x 11' box. Yay for people.

In other good news, I only have 12 credit hours now, so my weeks are easy. Only one class on Tues/Thurs, and it's at 2pm. That means sleep. Oh yea oh yea.

AND I can shuffle poker chips pretty well now too.

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Monday, September 27, 2004 by Jon

What a night.

Brian came over to do some laundry, and he decided to buy-in to a tournament while he was here doing it. GOOD THING.

Yes, that does say $12,639.90. ATTABOY BRIAN.

That's my laptop in the picture too! You go girl! I tried to do my homework and partake in a particularly important chat online, but it was hard to not watch Brian's progress, heh.

I remember having all this other stuff to upload, but I can't even think what it was right now. Me, Jamie, John Paik, Steve V., Roger, and Grace were all watching. And we cheered LOUD. Haha.

Good job Coolman2K. Or maybe Coolman12K now...

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Sunday, September 26, 2004 by Jon

I went to watch some high school girls tennis today with Roger and Grace. Haha yea, only because SHERRY was playing! My little ILTer and Roger's little cousin is now a freshman in high school, but she plays on the varsity team. ATTAGIRL

Yea Sherry! She made it all the way to the finals with her doubles partner. I am proud of her.

Cooked curry with the Tina tonight, and then the CUSA (Chinese Undergrad Student Assoc) was having an APA Broomball tournament.


Yea we rocked it up. Went undefeated, shutout the other teams for all 5 games, and scored probably the most goals of all the teams with our high-octane offense. It came at a price though, hehe. One of our players, Alex, slipped and went down...HARD. On his head.

But he's ok now.

Holler holler out.

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Saturday, September 25, 2004 by Jon


tonight was FANTASTIC, hahaha. I heart Erika and the other ladies of Pi Phi for a good ole romping barndance, and then hanging out with B-Roy and Stevil and others post barndance. And then, I got free pizza from Brian!


hahaha. oh how sad for my opponents.

A good night it was, and a good night to you.

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Friday, September 24, 2004 by Jon

Four of my lady friends all have the same pink Comic Sans 12pt font in their away messages/profiles. Theyre in a row on my buddy list. It is amusing.

Britney Spears is...something.

I'm again switching majors to Media Studies. I am therefore dropping my TV Production class. It isnt needed anymore and despite being interesting, it would be too much of a workload. Plus, I dont have the passion to be a journalist (no internships, etc) like the other students in the class do. But funny enough, who got the highest grade on the first shooting assignment? Yea, Jon Lee did. haha...

Sherry is coming down here to play tennis at one of the local high schools Saturday. Roger and I are going to go cheer her on. Yay a JH TAF visit kind of!

I could have gone to the Dashboard Confessionals concert last night and watched the show next to Tina in the front row, but I did not. Maybe a stupid move. I mean it WAS free too...haha. But yea, she did get to meet him and talk to him and take pictures with him...

ah well. I dont really like them anyways.

Now it Kate Beckinsale came to UIUC...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004 by Jon

the 2004 MTV Movie Awards were on MTV tonight. I was really confused. Lindsay Lohan is the host? What what? How did I manage to not notice this...

Oh yea, I was in Taiwan, haha.

But yea no really. I am impressed so far. Lindsay Lohan did the opening dance sequence. She can dance! Maybe I should get her to choreograph a swing choir with me.

wait no.

Angie > Lindsay Lohan.


But yea, this whole mental hospital theme is weird.

- Paris Hilton (along with Nicole Richie) is not attractive. *shudder*
- Kate Beckinsdale (along with Heather Locklear who I saw on the Emmys) is GORGEOUS

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by Jon

This is so unbelievably messed up...,11913,987172,00.html

"When you have a teenager on the rampage, who are you going to turn to? In America, parents send their troubled offspring to Jamaica's Tranquility Bay - a 'behaviour-modification centre' which charges $40,000 a year to 'cure' them."

I read the whole article trying to keep an open mind about it, but no, it's just disgusting. This is worse, so much worse, than the (possibly urban-legend) clown story.

I wan't to drop kick some of the parent's in the story in the nuts. Or ovaries. You suck.

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Sunday, September 19, 2004 by Jon


thendxcrd (4:53:14 PM): haha what happened
Auto response from SpcyDiabla82 (4:53:19 PM): Oh my God...I just heard the creepiest story in the whole world. Who wants to come protect me because I am a little freaked out?????
SpcyDiabla82 (6:31:41 PM): Jenny's boyfriend's like sister or something was babysitting. The parents said that the kids weren't allowed to watch tv but if she wanted there was a tv in their room and she could watch it after the kids went to sleep. So she went in there and there was a clown maniquine. It freaked her out but she just kept on watching tv. Eventually it got to be a little much for her so she went down stairs and called the parents to see if she could like move it in the closet because it scared her. The parents were like "get the kids and get out of the house immediatly"...ya they didn't have a maniquine!!!!! They called the police and it turned out to be a voyer who broke into the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if she had tried to go and moved it without calling first. HOW FREAKING SCARY IS THAT??????

..........derr.........wholly crepes....

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by Jon

the stars are beautiful tonight

dum dee doo dee dum dum...i had quite the enjoyable evening doing nothing really. Friends in and out, here and there, inside and outside, it was nice and "chill".

free food for us college kids:

The big dipper was really big tonight. I'll have to look in my Astronomy 100 book to see why it looks bigger. but yea really

the stars are beautiful tonight.

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by Jon

Why was I stupid and did not drive up for this:

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Monday, September 13, 2004 by Jon

I got into my bed around 12:01am. I promptly drifted off into sleep, and then, very unfortunately, woke up approximately 3-5 minutes later.

And apparently thats all the sleep my body wanted, because it is now 2:23am and I havent been able to fall back asleep.

This is the worst. Being sleepy yet not being able to fall asleep.

I miss being at taf.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004 by Jon

Kelvin, Jeanette, and I went grape picking and apple picking today!

I discovered a lot of good grapes

Our grape booty. Poor dead apples that fell from the tree that I couldnt pick.

And Tina cooked us dinner tonight, and we turned all the apples we did pick into a pie for dessert. Hoo-ray!

Anyone want some fruit?

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Friday, September 10, 2004 by Jon


I was in my Persuasive Writing for Advertising class yesterday, and the teacher handed out resumes for us to critique and to choose one that we thought was the best. So he hands everyone in the class a stack of resumes and splits us up into groups. I get my packet and I'm looking through the resumes. I put the top resume in the good pile because the guy did an internship in Taipei, and I thought that was cool...but little did I know that it would get much cooler and crazy. I skim the next one, and then I put it to the back of the pile and then at the top of the third resume is...

"William Chung"

I stop. I think. William Chung? If you can picture me expressing "...", then you have a good idea of what I looked like. And then a "hoooly shhhnikies" and I stare in wonderment. Hahaha. I look over the rest of the resume to make sure its Wil, and yea, the guy is from the Chicago area, is an engineer, and maker of a cartoon called "Nick the Duck" is listed. Hahaha. I was highly amused. Looking over Wil's credentials was fun. But then yes. I keep on going since I have a time limit to select my top resumes, and then I see...

"Christopher S. Lee" !!!

Not as surprising since I already saw Wil, and it makes sense that they'd have taken a class together, but yea. It was interesting to see what they put down to make them sound good. I asked Wil about it, and well, he makes things that he worked on sound really good, haha. The funniest part was hearing other people talk about Wil's resume though,

"What about this William (haha, "William") guy? He sounds good."
"Ooh, he's a cartoonist, that show's creativity!"

Puahaha. William. Sad for Chris though. No one mentioned his that I heard.

In other news, I've been eating a lot of carrots. A LOT. A parking lot sized a lot. And oddly enough, I got an article of clothing Monday that makes me look like a bunny too. I was wearing it today, and then took it off, and realized that I was wearing green (Taiwan staff shirt) on top and orange (Illinois shorts) on bottom. I went from looking like a bunny to looking like a carrot in seconds.

Who wants to go to Europe with me?!?!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004 by Jon

ah yes. it is different.

It's my first time changing the colors of my blog in all three years. Changes are occuring, yes they are, and not just with this.

I'm trying out vegetarianism for the week with B-Roy, kinda to see who can do it longer, but more importantly, we both are interested in it.
1) its healthier
2) i feel bad for the way animals are treated, and when I do go back to meat, i'm only going to purchase it from a local store that sells meat from animals that lived decently happy lives on pastures, rather than in crowded cages. Go margaret and angie.

There's more here, more there, and more everywhere. But for now, just that.

Yes. The background is black. My entries and the links are white. But nothing in this world is just black and white. It's all in shades of gray. You have to look deeper to know what's real (or take a step back too). That's why if you visit a link and see more, afterwards, it becomes gray :)

I didn't plan that really, but it works well.

And yes, even though it may not seem so lately, I sizzle in red because my heart is full of love, love, love. Because...

"His heart was full of love, love, love.
Love, love, love.
Love, love, love is all around"
- Dave Matthews Band

*link cleanup. If youre on the blogring, odds are youre off. no hate no hate. just love love love.

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Saturday, September 04, 2004 by Jon

a change is a'comin.

yea. i need it.

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