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Tuesday, July 02, 2002 by Jon

and the latest on the crazy mom in cali my aunt gave me some money at the outlet mall. i did the usual "no no i dont need it" routine but of course im not going to win when the older generation gives you the money so i took it and put it away and really didnt think much about it. but oh boy i was wrong. i didnt tell my mom that my aunt gave me money. in rough loud mean mandarin translation she said

Mom (screaming very loudly): you idiot, why didnt you tell me
Me: uh, was i supposed to...? i didnt know
Mom (pissed off): Dont be so smart at me, you dont understand anything
Me: uh...what...?
Mom: dont you understand that whenever they give you money you have to tell me so i can give back to them? you are so stupid
Me (thinking to myself): you gotta be kidding me...
Me: ok mom i'll tell you next time...i didnt know i was supposed to.
Mom: What?!? Did she tell you not to tell me???
Me: no...
Mom (still screaming): you cant take, you have to give, you are so selfish
Me - proceeding to walk away
Mom (still yelling): So stupid, son of a bitch etc etc etc

and now im in my room. i seriously did not exagerate that at all, i had NO IDEA why she was so mad at that one thing, but she was pissed, and i mean pissed. God. stupid california. everything my cousin and moms friends do are perfect and everything i do is because i "eat shit". thats right people, my mom tells me i must have ate shit while growing up because i turned out this way. and the way i am just kills her. know what else annoys me though? she says she talks to her friends about me and they all "shake their heads in dissapointment". now 2 things. when my dad talked to a friend during the divorce for advice, she told me that my dad was wrong for telling friends about family things. and look whats shes doing now. asopjk;asd/ and 2nd of all, id like to sit down and have a chat with those friends of hers who apparently say that. they dont know half the crap my mom does.

so to not be like my mom i will share with you what i think are the main reasons that my mom is so mad at me all the time.
1. i did not get in to U of I or a better school.
2. i dont listen to all of her demands to do this or that
3. i am the only person young or old who really talks back to her
4. i am online all the time

i think if i had sent me app in to u of i a week earlier i would have got in and well my mom wouldnt want to kill me. if i hadnt been online all the time that week since i remember it, i probably could have sent it in and gotten in and not have to deal with this. so yea she has a point with the whole online thing. she still curses about how she is ashamed that i didnt get in to u of i...she brings it up constantly. and it drives me INSANE.

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