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Monday, December 31, 2001 by Jon

hmm, kt mac called me a little that an insult or not..? i cant tell...

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by Jon

yeas...taf dream last night!!!! althought it really wasnt a taf dream...yea um so since marg is in chicago...i guess in my dream that meant andrea came to springfield and had a birthday party at the local ice skating yea that was interesintg, heh. speaking of marge in chicago...i dont think ill be going there since i cant find them to talk to and organize ill be here for new years. mmhmm. went to the bowling alley tongiht...and there were so many people there that we all knew, like the entire current shs senior class, and ajit won the game! AJIT!!!! isnt that amazing??? thats like the equivalent of a small grapefruit beating up a cantelope! ( fruits to describe ajit...wahaha)....and yeas, ok bye.

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Saturday, December 29, 2001 by Jon

yay more convos! and its 5am for me...see i told you im nocturnal now.

Azntbarbie: oh my gosh during lunch i was chewing a piece of meat and i wa slke why the heck is it not going down
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: that sounds really nasty...
Azntbarbie: and i realzie that im cchewing on my cheek and that my cheek is so num i cant feel it
Azntbarbie: hahahahhahah
Thendxcrd: slkdfjDSZd onsoeijj
Azntbarbie: haha
Thendxcrd: wtf?????
Thendxcrd: you were chewing on your cheek?!?!!
Azntbarbie: haha yeah cuase i thought it was meat
Azntbarbie: hahahhah

yes. well in her defense she did just come from the dentist and her mouth was numb. but on the other hand she has FIVE yea...go buy a webcam karen.

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by Jon

yeas...blogger was down, i could not blog, sad. so yea, well havent done too much in the past few days, well...actually ill just go ahead and tell you about them. wednesday i went to the williamsville holiday basketball tournament!!! yea....heh, isnt that kinda sad? i am in college and im back to watch a basketball game for a high school i didnt even go to. yeas...but it was fun, it was me matt brian sweaty and tyler, and we were watching the pleasnt plains greenview bball game. hehe, we all started yelling greenview players names to try to get in their head, it was fun. mmhmm, hehe and then after the game we started stalking some girls tyler knew...yea...heh, and then we started calling cell phones of ppl we knew and pranking them...yea...hey we are in college and in springfield...what else are we going to do??? yeas. pranking was fun though...heh.

and by the way, where is howard??? he hasnt been on in like 5 days....odd....

and now thursday....well im becoming nocturnal again, so i go to bed at like 5am...but at least im productive, ive been reading a real book :). aww yea. um yea yesterday i didnt really do much...i found out bibles cost like 40 dollars though...i was like dizzang. so much money. i need a new one though cuz like the one i have now is like old text...heh, so it still has like thou and whilst and whatnot, so yea. what else did i do....hmmm...well i went to anna's for chili dinner, it was good. rambach was there and we set wednesday to be the date for our football game, under the lights!!! ahh yes, the battle of cliques football game. and then after that matt brian and i went to shawgos and watch terminator 2. yea it was all good. then i went to bed at 530 am and woke up at 3. which brings us to today...

...and today i woke up at 3 and didnt really do much until cheryl and i went to eat with dad at the MMC cafeteria. visited meagan too after that since i was there, she was just leavng though, mmhmm, and uh, yea, we called the family in taipei too, most of my cousins are there right now, i was supposed to go but with all the airlines stuff my dad decided not too. so yea, alked to my cousins. aussies...heh...went to see corky romano with matt and brian, hehe, i was talking to kt mac too on the phone trying to find something to do and she had another call on the other line, and she was gone for a long time, so i figured she forgot i was on (which she has done many times before...)...but yeaa. my car got egged in the parking lot, as did everyone elses. how dumb is that to buy eggs and egg ppl who you dont even know...? yea...drove around, called some ppl, yea not much else. oh and yes! Q might have a way to fix my comp...oh man if it works i will love him. i mean i will looooove him. except im not homosexual so i wont. but if i werent i would. thats how much i want my computer back. mmhmm. yeas, work tomm, and im supposed to go to chicago on sunday....but no one is signed on so i dunno whats happening...hehe, so yea i will see...peace outside!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2001 by Jon know what would be cool? if i updated my blog as much as margaret. anyone think i will? probably not. yea so i heres what i got for christmas...binoculars, a shirt, cologne, a gift certificate, a desk calender, and a manicure set (.........)...yeas, hopefully my dad will give me some money...but yea...anyways, my dad better give my sister some money too. You know what he got her as a gift? i mean this is seriously sad. i dont even feel like typing it cuz its so sad, even though my mom my sister and i were cracking up about it...but yea, my dad got my sister, for her christmas present...a stapler. a regualr run of the mill stapler. a STAPLER. well i suppose it did come with a staple remover and some staples....but come on. A STAPLER. poaksdal;skda;slkdsa;. im going to have to call him tommorrow and ask him about it and what he was thinking. Im sure hes giving us money thats good. a anyways...hehe i got my mom a pair of pink pajama pants, how kuh-i ("cute"...yea i have no idea about the ping-ying for that...), and a nice baby blue sweater for my sister, and a cream sweater for my dad. they all liked them. i am the christmas present man...not only because i got them things they like...but because i got them all within 30 minutes. yea you go old navy.

yea my computer wont work, so im on my old comp right now. im really worried though cuz i have NO IDEA how to fix it. windows wont even start up. maybe ill call q or something...hmmm...yes. rachel if you are reading this...tell q to talk to me. heh.

wahahaha....I LOVE SPORTSCENTER. mmhmm. im watching the best of sportscenter for the 2nd time in a row right now. its 4am. i woke up 12 hours ago. hehe oh yes. sportscenter is so good, i mean SO good. deliciousness. anti-fugly is what it is. sweet sweet sportscenter. i need to think up some catch phrases to say during highlights for myself. wahahaha...sportcenter parady....children's X-games....they just dq'ed a 10 year old because he was wearing a hartford whalers jacket..."uncool"..hehe and in his interview he said "im gonna represent, its who i am" in a little kid voice. hehe, man i wish i lived in bristol connecticut...

speaking of ct...wait...nevermind i better not say...hehe...yes...hmm i wonder if mkap will im me with questions about this line if i leave it in...and i know i could just delete it but where's the fun in that? and besides, deleting takes work. mmhmm

ooohhh....i had a weird dream last night...kinda cool though. like everyone i know from my senior class and everyone from taf was in it...and we were at an abercrombie & fitch-like setting (maybe working from 9pm-630am had something to do with that...) and it all revolved around working on a slideshow. taf slideshow or senior slideshow? who knows...but interesting...yes it is. eats lotta turkey today. man waking up at 4 really screws up your day. i havent seen daylight in awhile. went to bed as the sun was just coming up and woke up just when it was coming down...shizzle. yes....time life classic country: great story songs commercial on tv right now...interesting....

well alrighty thats a quality amount of blogging eh? yea i think so. i have to work 10am - 3 on wednesday. day after christmas. aopdkaposdkaspdka ja;sj;;lakd;. oh oh oh nut.

well once again merry christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year to all in the world. may we all live in peace and harmony in the forthcoming year. happy birthday jesus. yeas. and i think its someone in robbie's family's birthday too....waaah....sportscenter clips of 9/11 stuff gives me chills...the guy on it can really sing too...dang. i want to be an athlete now. why cant I be a multimillionaire football player?!?!? *sigh*...oh well, hopefully jon will be able to be on sportscenter! oh thatd be so tight. yes. yes it would.

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by Jon

Merry Christmas!!!

Thendxcrd: wait did you put milk and cookies out for santa?
Strlit16: SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Thendxcrd: ...
Strlit16: we might have forgotten!!!
Strlit16: i will; go check
Strlit16: brb
Thendxcrd: duh kt
Thendxcrd: come on
Thendxcrd: and you wonder why your stockings havent been stuffed yet
Strlit16: ahhh what have we done???
Strlit16: we must have forgotten!!!
Thendxcrd: oh please tell me you didnt forget
Thendxcrd: alkdjadjs;lks;ls
Thendxcrd: KT!!!!
Strlit16: I KNOW!@!!!!
Thendxcrd: sigh
Strlit16: ahhh!!
Thendxcrd: bad kt
Strlit16: monkeyy

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Monday, December 24, 2001 by Jon

yeas....645 baby...and i just got back from work! why is that exciting??? because its 645am. yeas. woke up at 930 eastern...shopped with robbie anna and albert...then drove home...then worked for like 9 hours...pakdlakd;laksdalsd....not really tired though....

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Wednesday, December 19, 2001 by Jon


BaMBoO KiD: when are you going to cinci
Thendxcrd: tomorrow
BaMBoO KiD: pick me up
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: blow me
Thendxcrd: heh
BaMBoO KiD: if you'll take me to cinci
BaMBoO KiD: ok
BaMBoO KiD: hahaha
Thendxcrd: ...

luckily howard was "j/k"...yea i hope so...or then he'd be cheating on this next person. bad howard. and bad karen.

SUl kana 284: thanx to marg ;]
Thendxcrd: heh
Thendxcrd: does she have webcam?
SUl kana 284: ergh? no i dont think
Thendxcrd: i see
Thendxcrd: heh
SUl kana 284: guess who does
SUl kana 284: ;]
Thendxcrd: um
Thendxcrd: me
SUl kana 284: bleh
SUl kana 284: besides you ;p
SUl kana 284: hahah
Thendxcrd: um
Thendxcrd: you
SUl kana 284: ........
SUl kana 284: i KNOW that
SUl kana 284: xp
Thendxcrd: oh
Thendxcrd: me?
SUl kana 284: ...
SUl kana 284: we went over this already...
SUl kana 284: dahh!
Thendxcrd: oh yea
SUl kana 284: you are just doing this to spite me!
Thendxcrd: wait you have one right?
SUl kana 284: grrr
SUl kana 284: lkasjdf;lkasj
Thendxcrd: what?
SUl kana 284: YES I HAVE ONE.
SUl kana 284: now lets recap..
SUl kana 284: YOU have one
SUl kana 284: and so do I
SUl kana 284: now that leaves...
SUl kana 284: ?
Thendxcrd: um...margaret?
SUl kana 284: ok margaret DOESNT
Thendxcrd: oh she doesnt?
SUl kana 284: NOO
SUl kana 284: you know what
SUl kana 284: ima just gona tell ya
SUl kana 284: ;p
SUl kana 284: HOWARD
SUl kana 284: duhh
SUl kana 284: xp
SUl kana 284: hahah
Thendxcrd: huh?
Thendxcrd: what about howard?
SUl kana 284: ..........
SUl kana 284: aslkdjf;aslkdjf
SUl kana 284: kajsd;lkfjasdkf
SUl kana 284: asldkfj;lkasjdf
SUl kana 284: asdkfj;alsdkjf
SUl kana 284: kjfl;kjsd;lka
SUl kana 284: FORGET IT
Thendxcrd: what??
Thendxcrd: is something wrong karen?
SUl kana 284: hahah
SUl kana 284: ......
Thendxcrd: ....
SUl kana 284: nothing at all
Thendxcrd: what am i doing?!?!
SUl kana 284: oh quiet you!
SUl kana 284: byeee
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: yes
Thendxcrd: heh
Thendxcrd: ok wait so who has a webcam?
SUl kana 284: ....
SUl kana 284: NO ONE DOES
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: then why did you ask me?!?!
SUl kana 284: i already told you
Thendxcrd: trick questions arent nice karen
SUl kana 284: HOWARD
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: wait so howard is no one?
Thendxcrd: how dare you say he is no one
SUl kana 284: ....
SUl kana 284: stoppit!
Thendxcrd: i mean seriosuly
SUl kana 284: STOPIT!
Thendxcrd: hes even your BOYFRIEND
SUl kana 284: no you dont
SUl kana 284: i know that!
Thendxcrd: and you think of him as no one?!!?
SUl kana 284: aas;lkdjf;lkjasdlkj
Thendxcrd: BOGUS
SUl kana 284: nooo
SUl kana 284: lkajs;ldkjfl;a
SUl kana 284: alskdjf;lkajsd
Thendxcrd: i am aghast at your level of sadisticalness
SUl kana 284: ...
SUl kana 284: oh please
SUl kana 284: stop pushing my buttons!
SUl kana 284: xp
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: whoa whoa whoa
Thendxcrd: pushing your buttons????
Thendxcrd: i am in no way trying to turn you on
Thendxcrd: what kind of guy do you think i am!?!?
Thendxcrd: we just agreed that howard is my friend
Thendxcrd: and now you accuse me of trying to get you...
Thendxcrd: ;kadk;lasdksa
Thendxcrd: you really are a bad person karen
Thendxcrd: dont talk to me anymore
SUl kana 284: pushing buttons.. as in, trying to get me ticked off
Thendxcrd: oh.
Thendxcrd: how am i ticking you off?
SUl kana 284: by turning what i say into things i didnt really mean
SUl kana 284: twisting the words coming out of my mouth!
SUl kana 284: GRR!
Thendxcrd: what?
Thendxcrd: how am i doing that?
SUl kana 284: you just are..
SUl kana 284: trust me

hehe. yes.

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Monday, December 17, 2001 by Jon

hehe yes, if you look to the left you can see i have links to my page and howards there is good news and bad news:
good news: i started actually doing some html!
bad news: but its not perfect since its like all one line and i only have the 2 links since i ran out of space....yeas....

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Sunday, December 16, 2001 by Jon

ahh yeas...asian anti-abercrombie backlash:

Thendxcrd: well it depends on when i work
SUl kana 284: ohh.. work
SUl kana 284: doing what?
Thendxcrd: abercrombie...
Thendxcrd: heh
SUl kana 284: omg...
Thendxcrd: hehe
SUl kana 284: get away from me!!
SUl kana 284: dahhhhh!!
SUl kana 284: i am speechless..
Thendxcrd: hehe yes
SUl kana 284: i dont know what to say..
Thendxcrd: why
SUl kana 284: i cant believe it
SUl kana 284: you are so white

Thendxcrd: worked tonight
Nachoboy33: where do you work?
Thendxcrd: abercrombie...
Nachoboy33: ahhhh!
Nachoboy33: youre one of them!

hehe yes....

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by Jon

yes. 3:47am. tired. first night of work at abercrombie. a lot of folding. howard cant go to chicago. i might go to da nati myself this weekend. go to chicago after christmas when marg comes. tired. need sleep. church in morning. bye.

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Friday, December 14, 2001 by Jon

yeas...home is good.

so from when i last left off...i studied quite the large amount on tuesday...econ and physics finals the next day. so yea my econ final went well i think, i believe i will receive a good score. but the physics final...the physics final was the most ridiculous test that i have ever taken. i mean seriously. it was ridiculous...there was like nothing on it from the stuff we had been learning all year...just like random funk. no stuff about momentum or acceleration, so f=ma equation. what the funk??? is that not crazy? it is. poaskjdpksdflkasdfl;ksdfdf

so yea i came home yesterday and unpacked etc etc. went to the band concert at shs for like 30 min and then off to rachels and thats pretty much it. today i was productive...i got the job at abercrombie...hehe my first shift is from 6pm - 2am saturday....yea....heh...too bad its saturday night...everyone will be home saturday and things will actually be going on...paisjdfklasd;l asdk. dah. so yea i also jogged tonight! oh yea. ran all the way to the end of jw and nabilahs street and back. watched oceans 11 again with tom brian sam and denk. movie so cool. hehe. yeas. hehe, the chinese guy in the movie looks kind of like howard...and one of the bit parts in the movie looks A LOT like kam...i forgot to mention that earlier...heh, brian was freaking out about that.

oh yea. ;lasdkl;asdk;asldkpa fjpsdog p jgopsgp oja

howard says his dad says he cant go to chicago. oh im going to be angered if he cannot. and now liz is coming to chicago too....heh, dude thats gonna be so many ppl there, its gonna be tizzight. TAF REUNIONS! but yea. howard better go...cuz if he cant go i dunno if my parents will let me drive by myself to cincy...and if i dont go to cincy anna will be angry...she demands we yea. and adrienne agreed to have a child together. of those poor babies from poor countries that we can support for 79cents a day...heh. what? what did you think i mean we were going to do?....but yea, its like 288 dollars a itd be 144, so i guess it does turn about to be a sizeable chunk of cash...and you never know if those things could be kinda shady ya know?

anyways...its 1:51am here, so its allmost 3am east coast, and karen is still online talking to howard...she has school tomm mind you. crazy girl. she told me she was "sleeping":

SUl kana 284: i'm sleeping!
Thendxcrd: ...
SUl kana 284: nite!
Thendxcrd: no you arent
Thendxcrd: hehe
Thendxcrd: ok
SUl kana 284: :D
SUl kana 284: yes i am!
SUl kana 284: see..
SUl kana 284: zzzZZZzzzz
SUl kana 284: xp
Thendxcrd: well you are typing...
SUl kana 284: i kno.. its called sleep typing ;]


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Tuesday, December 11, 2001 by Jon

fugaly mother funkin piece of funk. pijdlkasfjkosdfjkosfjoawjgo. stupid chinese goverment.

Read this article i saw from marg's blog: Taiwan Teen Causes Flag Fracas
You can all see the retardedness of some people...namely the chinese reporter who made the complaint...and oh i bet he is a good one since he is covering a computer game tournament...stupid bastard. blaaaaah. That pisses me off. The Chinese government is just to insecure because they know that Taiwan is so much better.

Taiwan rules. China sucks.

P.S. Most chinese people are still cool. but your goverment sucks.

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by Jon

yes. and here is one more interesting convo with karen...but to fully understand go to my funny taf picture page.

Azntbarbie: god i still remmeber when you paraded my pic of my butt arond
Thendxcrd: hehe yup
Thendxcrd: and its still there
Azntbarbie: ahh
Azntbarbie: hahah
Azntbarbie: hahah you should piut the caption" you think this side is good looking, wait til you see the other side"
Azntbarbie: hahah ahh wait
Azntbarbie: no i meant face not like side ewww
Azntbarbie: oh no.
Azntbarbie: you know what i mean!
Azntbarbie: hahahah
Thendxcrd: ahahahahahahahaa
Thendxcrd: no i didnt!
Thendxcrd: i was like....the other cheek?
Azntbarbie: haha no i meant my face
Azntbarbie: not my .. you knoe
Azntbarbie: hahah
Thendxcrd: ....
Azntbarbie: hahaha it came out all wrong
Thendxcrd: i didnt even think of that....
Thendxcrd: i was thiking your other butt cheek...

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by Jon

hehe ok so im going to add some nice convos to my blog to give it a little spice:

howards Counterstrike addiction is finally getting to him!!! and he also lost in the taf league after he made cocky posts!!! ahahahaha!

BaMBoO KiD: man i had a nightmare.....
Thendxcrd: hehe
Thendxcrd: what was it?
BaMBoO KiD: um
BaMBoO KiD: i was a soldier in CS
Thendxcrd: hehe
BaMBoO KiD: and i was the onyl one left
BaMBoO KiD: and i got captured...
Thendxcrd: uh huh
BaMBoO KiD: and the guy that captured me was extra friendly
Thendxcrd: were your raped?
BaMBoO KiD: then he got behind me
Thendxcrd: dhahahahahaha
BaMBoO KiD: and put his hand on my calf
BaMBoO KiD: and squeezed
BaMBoO KiD: and said that i had very strong cavles
BaMBoO KiD: then i got nervous
BaMBoO KiD: then he touched my arm
Thendxcrd: hahahhaa
BaMBoO KiD: and his assistant then left
BaMBoO KiD: and it was just us
Thendxcrd: ...
BaMBoO KiD: and he was like
BaMBoO KiD: "do you know what i want to do"
BaMBoO KiD: i was like "..."
Thendxcrd: ahahahahaha
BaMBoO KiD: then he put a gun to my head
BaMBoO KiD: and told me to turn aruond
BaMBoO KiD: ......
BaMBoO KiD: then i woke up
BaMBoO KiD: man that felt real
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: hehe
BaMBoO KiD: i was scared
BaMBoO KiD: heh
BaMBoO KiD: i was like
BaMBoO KiD: "omg your'e going to rape me"
BaMBoO KiD: "yes"
BaMBoO KiD: "i started crying
Thendxcrd: ...
BaMBoO KiD: and shit
Thendxcrd: ahahahahah


more convos!

Azntbarbie: haha im making him send webcams pics to me too
Azntbarbie: now your turn!
Thendxcrd: ...
Thendxcrd: i dont know if i like being a toy for your amusement
Azntbarbie: haha please jon!
Azntbarbie: im so bored

LM Mntgmry: hey guess what
Thendxcrd: what?
LM Mntgmry: my friend came into my room yesterday, pointed at a picture on my wall, and said "he's hot"
LM Mntgmry: it was a taf boy
Thendxcrd: hehe
Thendxcrd: um
Thendxcrd: and?
LM Mntgmry: guess who
Thendxcrd: hmm
LM Mntgmry: it was a georgian
Thendxcrd: young
LM Mntgmry: no
Thendxcrd: uh
Thendxcrd: donald
LM Mntgmry: yeah
LM Mntgmry: hahahaha
Thendxcrd: hehehehe
Thendxcrd: yeas true, so true.


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Monday, December 10, 2001 by Jon

i want to go scrabbling! but howard isnt here nor is brian! :(

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by Jon

yes...for some reason explorer kept dying on me so i couldnt update my blog. how sad is that? im sure all of you readers out there were very sad that you could not get your daily dose of Jonizzle My Nizzle. yeas, tres sad. well yesterday wasnt that exciting really, watch football and studied. my teams did well, and im looking for more points tonight form peyton marvin and lamar...oh they better do well.

talked to anna about going to "da nati", hehehe, as she likes to call cincy, and yea, howard and i need to ask robbie if we can stay with him...yes...heh.

i had my french final today, it wasnt too bad. played some pool afterwards with dave and q dogg mcscruffle. oh yea, hehe, my suitemate cory made like 160 dollars last night, not bad for your first night stripping eh? hehehe, algebra tomm, maybe ill do some studying...but i really need to get ready for wednesday...econ and then physics...all starting at 8am. oy.

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Sunday, December 09, 2001 by Jon

duuuuude....Ocean's 11 is such a good movie. hehe. Its so smooth. and clever. yes, heh, and there are like a lot of famous people in this movie...a lot more than you thought i bet...yeas. heh, i saw it with hannah beth chandler and then 2 other random guys. but yea, the movie is really good...i want to see it again. we had to sit in the 2nd row because we got there during previews, and it was packed. so yea seeing it regularly would be nice. yea you go movie. so cool, hehe, us 4 all wanted to be thieves and rob a casino right after the movie. and i want to buy some suits now like they all wore in the movie. yes. heh. so in conclusion, go see Ocean's 11 starring all those famous people and then a lot more famous people in bit parts. mmhmm.

football tommorrow!!!! yeas!!! i hope my teams win. ok night night.

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Saturday, December 08, 2001 by Jon anyone who has talked to me recently has probbaly been informed of the large surplus of clothes i have. its disgusting. i have so much. i could go 2 months without wearing the same thing probably. disgusting. so what do i do tongiht? i go to banana republic and buy 3 more shirts. and if i get the job at abercrombie, i have to buy 2 more tops from the yea....fugly funk. i have a lot of sweaters...and its not even cold yet too...which makes me not need any sweaters at all. crazy weather. Well at least i have 3 new long sleeve shirts now for either cold or semi-non cold weather, like how it is now. mmhmm. fantastic. stupid clothes...

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Friday, December 07, 2001 by Jon

waahhhh...what the heck? my last blog from yesterday didnt get published...and now i have no idea what i said. shizzle.

oh well. so yea i woke up at 2:30 today. i was disgusted with myself. I am in this terrible cycle, and it all starts at night. I start off by scrabbling and not going to bed till like 2 or 3 am. so yea ok, go to sunday night, and i dont go to bed till like 2 or 3...and i have to wake up for class at 8. so i dont get that much sleep. so i am tired for monday night (or should i say tuesday morning?) yet i play scrabble and dont have class till i stay up and dont sleep till about 3 but to recover on sleep i sleep till about 1. so then tuesday night i cant fall asleep because ive gotten so much sleep. so i end of falling asleep around 4 or 5am, which makes me tired for econ, and possibly makes me even miss it. so then wednesday night, im tired but i stay up, and then i sleep too much again, so i recover by sleeping till 1 or 2 even, missing physics (like today). so then i wont be able to sleep tonight, so ill be tired tomm, but ill stay up tomm night, so ill recover on saturday and sunday...and then the cycle starts allll over again. oy.

so yea anyways...after i woke up today i had to be i went over to change a class for next semester. i did that, and then i went to look at scholarship info, and i ended up talking to the secretary about them. Then she noticed my shirt, the taf staff one (awww yea!), and noticed how it said taiwanese american foundation, and she apparently lived there for 7 years. yea she is caucasian so it was interesting, heh, she knew all the cities and stuff and whatnot...almost more than i did. hehe. yeas. then tonight i went to woodland hall for an econ study group...and uh yea, im going to have to study a lot for that...this is going to suck. stupid finals.

so yea its 1:55am...hmm, what time will jon go to bed tongiht with his crazy ass cycle?!?!?!!? hopefully not too late....pray for me.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2001 by Jon

papillonbleu82: hey, do you know mindy's screenname?
Thendxcrd: re you goingumm
Thendxcrd: er
Thendxcrd: heh
Thendxcrd: ummm
papillonbleu82: wha???
Thendxcrd: i dont remember
Thendxcrd: flutterfly something
Thendxcrd: maybr brian has it
papillonbleu82: yeah, i don't remember the rest
Thendxcrd: yea
papillonbleu82: are you drunk?
Thendxcrd: haha no
papillonbleu82: just checking
Thendxcrd: yeas

hehe, ah yes, meagan amuses me. all i was doing was typing to brian and she cut me off...hehe, oh well. yup, i think there is a good chance that tomorrow will be a day of no class whatsoever. hurrah! yea today wasnt too bad of a day, i actually woke up for my classes, whew, and um, oh yea jayme's beanbag ripped and it was filled with little balls of styrofoam, and she spread it around the entire dorm cuz she thought it was fun and cool and that they wouldnt get mad if it was all over the halls...and i mean all over...but hey what do you know, people dont like the hallways messy. so yea, bad i dea on her part. its cool to have in your won room (it really is, it feels aweosme on your feet), but not in the halls, RA's fonna get mad....

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Monday, December 03, 2001 by Jon

yeeeaaaassss.....feeling much better after sleeping. except now its 3am and i cant go back to sleep. so what do i do? stay awake or try going back to bed??? i dont know...hehe, but hey people are still online! and thats nice how people told me to feel better while i was away, oh yes. yea so um sunday, went to church in the morning, hehe, they had like a bunch of ppl getting baptized and a lot of them were like kids 11 or 12 and less, and each person getting baptized was to say something before, and this one little kid was like "i want to get babapatized etc etc..." hehe, it was cute, he said babapatized like 4 times. yeas. i defeated howard in the taf league! hurrah! oh yea! oh oh oh yea! man, my sleeping patterns are so messed up in my life right now, i need to set them. oy. only 2 more weeks till winter break...ohhhh yea! yea my roommate hasnt come back yet....hmmm...oh well. i dont mind. oh yea so this weekend i realized that i have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES. its disgusting. why do i have so much? why do i keep buying them??? i could go 2 months and not wear the same thing. its messed up. its funked up. its fugly. and if i work at abercrombie or hollister over break ill just get more clothes....aiyo....

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Saturday, December 01, 2001 by Jon

rearranging my room!

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