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Monday, January 31, 2005 by Jon

Updated below:

Does anyone else do this too? I like to rank the importance of people in my life based upon how high they are on my buddy list. Yes, it is the post-Seinfeld era version of ranking people on your landline phone's speed dial (and landline phones themselves are becoming a thing of the past).

So which of my friends do I like better than my other friends? Oh well I'd be glad to share with you! Haha. Yes, a breakdown of my Buddy List (It's 7am and I can't sleep). But before I get into this, I havent "arranged" my Buddy List in at least a year, so it isn't totally up to date. It is however, somewhat of a time capsule of my relationships.

1. I'm a dork, and felt like putting myself on my own Buddy List since I first had AOL, so Buddy Group "Jonizzle" starts of with the one and only thendxcrd.

2. Grace (GodsGr4ce) likes to be cool so she created her own Buddy Group of just herself and called it "COUSIN". Yes, she decided making the Buddy Group name in all capital letters would more effectively express the fact that she has her own Buddy Group. And no, she is not my real cousin.

3. Next up is the Buddy Group "XX", like the chromosome, for girls (from home) that I know. Traci (Trae Mc) and Adrienne (SpcyDiabla82) lead the list. Interestingly enough after further review, I had Erika (RIKA585) in at #5 after Traci, Adrienne, Jenifer (onenjen05), and Kt Mac (Strlit16). What makes it interesting is that I believe I placed Erika there nearly two years ago, before we ever started hanging out daily here at U of I.

Lesson learned? I think my Buddy List is psychic.

4. Buddy Group "XY", again, like the chromosome. These are ma boys from back home. JW (PurpleBee) leads the men. Now I barely talk to JDubbs anymore, but I left him in that spot to remember the past. Brian (Cndncrippler1) is #2, but just because I met him 2nd in life. Third is...Sam (culfunk83)?!? This is probably where my next tier of male friends begins. I haven't seen Sam in forever or talked to him either. But I will see him at his wedding. Hmm. I still remember when he first got AIM in 10th grade. And now he's getting married to Lindsey (LiNdZ0783, #9 in "XY").

The oddest member of BG-"XY" is Jack from St. Louis (Havi0c). He didn't fit into any of the other categories. He's not from home, he doesnt go to TAF, etc. Thank you Jack for screwing my categories up. Maybe I'll just remove you...

5. BG-"TAF"

Yay TAF. My biggest Buddy Group for the past few years, 83 Buddies strong. This is by far the most talked to Group, and it is so big that it contains many sub-groups. At the top of my list is Christine (ChrisS321), soon to be replaced by Alex Chen (Cheneyboy). Yup, that's a side effect of stepping up and becoming the Executive Director of TAF, you drop down a notch and get replaced on my Buddy List by the new JH PD. Angie (Huan9ie) and Margaret (OoGuay) make strong showings, leading a "staff" subgroup. Howard (BaMBoO KiD) used to be #1 a few years ago, but then he joined a frat and we didnt talk nearly as much. He's now in the pool of staffers (and no, I don't rank how much I like individual staffers, that would be...funny...but mean).

The TAF list continues on through staffers or other bigwigs that I have worked with, from ILTers, to PDs Anna (wuwu4u) and Dave (davefyan9) to Ho Chie (HoChie71), etc. Then I go to tafCrush. This was the most recent editing to my Buddy List. It was out of necessity to have all of tafCrush in the same area on my BL, because scanning 83 screennames to to tell them to come meet for dinner or something was annoying. I don't have a favorite tafCrushee, but by default, Albert (aw091486) is my most important. If my BL really is psychic, then maybe we'll become uber-friends next year as roommates. Funny to mention, I just noticed that current roommate, TAFer, and tafCrushee Alex (QuaGGoRaMa) is near the bottom of my TAF list and not even included in the tafCrush section. Accidently, I would assume. But dang Alex. You better build up your draft status and show me something. And no, do not turn around, pull your pants down and then show me something.

Next in the TAF list are my general group of comrades who aren't part of my staff or tafCrush. The list is led by the trifecta of Triple A: ruth Ann (kcgirly816), Anna's other old sn (azngrl999), and Andrea (IceQbs17). The bottom of my TAF list is by no means an indication of how important you are to me. I actually care about these people very very much. They are my JH campers (don't go "aww"). And no, I do not rank my campers. It's like a parent ranking their kids. It is amusing to see who I have by default as my "favorite" camper though. If you staffed in 2002 in JH, well then I can tell you.

The TAF Buddy Group has also hosted many other Asian-American people. When I was younger, it was rare for me to know an Asian person who was not from TAF. So "TAF" served as the hosting ground for many various people, such as Carol Ku (sn? I had to delete her), who never went to TAF but were Asian. I have grown up and am no longer just inserting Asian American people into the TAF section (see: Jack), but it is still hard. Recently, I wanted to add Christine's younger sister and Europe travel companion Patty (Babieface1), but I didn't know where to put her. But luckily I remembered she went to TAF as a little kid. So yes, she has a legit place on my BL.

6. Moving on, Jamie (jamiejp) decided to create her own group for her own screenname as well. If I wanted to create a stereotype, I'd say there was something about them Korean girls creating there own BG's on a guy's BL. I bet Michelle Kwan does it too. Yea, you would. Har har har. Ok no, not really. Stereotypes aren't good things. Go read this

7. BG-"UIUC"

Yes yes, all people that I have met at the University of Illinois. It's only 16 people strong, since most of the people I associate with here are already on my BL a) from home, b) from TAF, c) create their own individual Buddy Group for themselves, or d) I don't think are worthy enough for me to delete someone else.

I haven't ranked this list. But Erin (CUTEEP2e) did insert herself months ago at the #1 position. She might have just set herself into stone, that we are destined to be best friends. It COULD have been me and Chilin (CHILINTRAN), (a random guy in one of my classes who I needed to ask about homework one night last year) who were destined to become best friends here at U of I, but nope. The Buddy List does not lie. Chilin, I'm sorry, but you just got done usurped.

8. The next, and last BG that I will talk about even though I have four more (yes, I have 12 Buddy Groups total), is PP, for Pleasant Plains. Pleasant Plains was the designation for my church youth group friends, and Pleasant Plains was the small high school where most of them went too. Way to go Tyler (tkast04). Way to go.

So yes. If you're not near the top of one of my groups, well then, maybe you should just rethink your dedication to me and motivate yourself to make me happier. Haha no no, I'm just kidding.

...Or am I?


Thank you for letting me waste your time with this pitifully way too in-depth analysis of my Buddy List. I hope it was amusing and dry for your amusement and liking. I find this all quite interesting, and it's true that the Buddy List is like a time capsule of relationships past and present, and maybe future since it's psychic.

They should do research on Buddy List behavior. Maybe I'll propose it to U of I and major in it.

Wil, did you ever find out with the opposite of Big Media is? Maybe Buddy List could fall into the opposite of that category.

It took me 90 minutes to do this. I wasn't tired and couldn't sleep when I started this, but now I'm so tired I want to vomit.

But yes. This was all for my amusement. If you weren't mentioned, please don't be hurt. My Buddy List hasnt been edited in quite a long time. And odds are, if I talk to you online, you're probably on my Buddy List, and that means youre a really Buddy! But probably more, probably a cherished friend (awwwww!)

***(Monday, 10:08pm CST)***

Alex clearly was clearly not a fan of his ranking, so he decided to do some of his own re-editing.

An interesting move on his part I must say. Amusingly, on his first attempt to move himself to the top by dragging his screenname from the bottom of my Buddy List, an AIM error caused his screenname to disappear and be deleted off of my Buddy List for a moment. Oh my that was funny. That's a bad omen for him.

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by Jon

Can anyone break down and explain this whole egotistical belief that Texas is its' own country, and not entirely part of the rest of the United States of America? I know it was like that once long ago, but come on...

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Saturday, January 29, 2005 by Jon

I am sick. I have a fever. I turned up my thermostat to 72 degrees, which is very warm for our apartment. I am wearing a tshirt, a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, and a poofy vest on top. I have the hood up, along with a baseball cap on. I have boxers and sweatpants on. And gloves and fuzzy slippers for my feet and hands. AND I AM STILL FREEZING.

I have not had a fever in nearly three years. I took two piping hot showers and slept in a lot of clothing to induce warmth to sweat out the fever. It's not enough. I need my sauna.

I googled "Starve a fever, feed a cold", because I didnt remember if it was that or "Feed a fever, starve a cold." It is the former, BUT, apparently, you need energy to beat a fever or a cold, so you should just eat whenever you have either. Lots of grains and veggies. I am drinking a lot of fluids too, but I am still dehydrated, for my urine is quite yellow still. Yes, I had to mention that.


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Thursday, January 27, 2005 by Jon

Winter Break Panoramics:

:: Christmas Dinner in Lyon
:: Lyon at Night
:: Barcelona Fountains
:: Guadi-designed Rooftop (those are all chimneys) aka La Pedrera
:: Temple de la Sagrada Familia
:: The Rhone River through Lyon
:: The view from Ho Chie's rooftop; Berkeley, San Francisco, and Oakland

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 by Jon

Yesterday was easily one of the Top 10 Days in the Life of Jonathan Lee.

The hefty majority of it is owed to one young lady (see entry below). For me, and I'm sure for anyone else who has experiences working with the development/empowerment of youth, or anyone who has a lofty goal set forth, to see all of your hard work, the endless planning, the attention to the minutest details, the nights staying awake and thinking in bed, the nights staying awake working in a staff room, the faith put into achieving an ideal, the stress, the pressure, it just feels really really really...amazing...when something like this happens.

My lofty goal is for my campers to learn something that affects them and those around them in a most positive way, be it by becoming more open and honest, by inspiring them to lead, to act with integrity, to become interested in their heritage, to spread love and happiness and care and compassion. Other campers have done that. And don't misunderstand, I cherish those instances very much. But I don't know if it has ever been done on such a grand scale as this.

In my mind, I picture the poem written by Sue Anna as something her entire class will talk about. And therefore, a poem than an entire class will read. I picture her school and other schools in the district and city, being starry-eyed about the girl on CNN and her poem, and therefore, being exposed to the words she wrote. I picture teachers across the nation finding the poem online, and having their classes read the poem and discuss it. A class, a school, a district, a city, and more. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of students. That's a lot of futures that I hope are impacted.

"To impact mankind in unique and compassionate ways."

Indeed. I'm like a proud dad right now. So very proud of the young lady and of the dreams and ideals that run TAF. I know at least one kid, somewhere in this county, will not be made fun of tomorrow; he or she will not have to feel the hurt in their heart at least one less time.

So very happy. And I don't want to forget to say this, even though I think I sound like a drum. What you learn at TAF, apply it to the world outside. You can make a difference.

And then Illinois beat Wisconsin. Jack Ingram floating those 3's.
And then I talked to someone. And it always makes me happy when I talk to that someone, despite the circumstances.
And then I played poker and won a good amount.
And then I finished all my reading for class.
And now I'm reflecting on one of the best days of my life.

And for fun, I'm going to throw out Gal 2:16. Baller.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 by Jon


The CNN article

The poem or below

Congratulations Sue Anna! I am so proud of you and your accomplisment! And it's also quite cool that the JH "Labels" skit was an inspiration, I'm glad we did it (and that I made an impression playing the "Abercrombie prep") but pssh, its ALLL you Sue Anna :)

Sue Anna Yeh, 13yrs old

Another day at school begins
As you walk down the hall
There're kids and teachers everywhere
Look closely- that's not all

You notice something other than
Their clothes or shoes or hair
They're wearing labels, huge, and yet
Invisible as air

You stop to read a label and
You can't help but agree
That guy who sags and gels his hair
Is such a wannabe

Next you see a guy from math
Who aces every quiz
You don't have to read his sign
To know the nerd he is

And then that girl from history
Who's never out of step
Her Abercrombie clothes make her
100% prep

The labels just go on and on
From pervert, dork, to snob
That football quarterback's a jock
That Chinese guy's a fob

"Who puts these labels on?" you ask
For, yes, you wear one too
And you'll be quite surprised to hear
The guilty one is you

You see, there're labels everywhere
In every single place
'Cause people are too quick to judge
On character and face

These labels hurt much more than fists
They hurt the heart inside
Words like ugly, fat, and dumb
Can hurt somebody's pride

You think about it for a sec
-It's almost time for class-
Then quickly peel the label off
The next guy that you pass

You take another label off
And then another two
A different label then comes off
That wasn't done by you

You watch in stunned amazement
As they come off one by one
You see a guy peel off one more
Then, finally, there is none

And people now are smiling
There's no one left to tease
No jocks or nerds or preps or snobs
Or dorks or wannabes

Unlikely as this really is
A lesson it does teach
A better world without the names
Is not quite out of reach

You may or may not like the poem
Some of you will scoff
But if you truly understand
Please take some labels off!

And then Illinois beat Wisconsin tonight. And there was other good stuff too. Oh so happy.

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Monday, January 24, 2005 by Jon

I didn't take any pictures this weekend. Go figure. But it was a good weekend for TASC and ITASA. Yay sports weekend. Go Illinois for winning...everything...

National Treasure...nice movie.

Would you like to dance around the world with me?

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Friday, January 21, 2005 by Jon

A happy birthday to the Tina Wei

With her homegirls

And best of all, a Britney Spears reunion with Christine, Tina, Me, and Keelin.

And an amusing Kelvin. I won't show any pictures though, puaha.

Last weekend it was Ho Chie. Now it's tafCrush's turn to host a bunch of Taiwanese-Americans. Let the invasion commence.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 by Jon

Before I go to sleep to prepare for the first day of classes tomorrow, here are 26 songs I listened to while traveling for 26 days this winter break.

Patrick Park - Something Pretty
Dios - You Got Me All Wrong
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
The Starting Line - Best of Me (Acoustic)
Augustana - Boston
Augustana - Not Alone
Michelle Branch - Goodbye to You
The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow
Halloween, Alaska - All the Arms Around You
Flickerstick - Beautiful
OAR - City on Down
The Killers - Coming Out
Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill
Dispatch - The General
Matt Pond PA - Kc
Incubus - Here In My Room
Hilary Duff - Come Clean
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Nelly - Over and Over Again
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers)
Explosions in the Sky - various songs
Amelie Soundtrack - various songs
Something Corporate - Hurricane
Dave Matthews Band - The Best of What's Around
Jars of Clay - Worlds Apart (Live)
Something Corporate - Konstantine

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Saturday, January 15, 2005 by Jon

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Thursday, January 13, 2005 by Jon

Heck yea, my flag football team is part of a link on Sports Illustrated's website.

Go Ocelot Onslaught.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 by Jon

Whee, back in the U-S of A. I met a pretty girl from Yugoslavia on the flight over. I got her phone number. Haha. But just because she wants to transfer to UIUC from her current university. She mentioned a boyfriend with a 14th National Ranking in NCAA tennis during the conversation. But who cares, she's no Jenny Chung.

And speaking of my Euro-TAF wife, I miss you a lot dear. It is not a fun thing to extremely enjoy spending 17 days straight with someone and then leave them on the other side of the world. Like I said, during the flight to London, I would look to the empty seat next to me and expect to see you sitting there, but alas, you were not. Oh the infinite sadness that is my heart, but no emotional breakdown yet! Cheers, not "ches" or whatever it is the German-Asians say, to you Miss Jay-knee-fer. I am head-over-heals platonically in love with you. You're the BEST!

But yes. Eighteen total days in the lovely and charming and simply elegant continent of Europe, brimming with different cultures and place and people. I had so much fun, too much I dare say, and too much to digest at the moment. At the least though, I know I am too lucky. And I owe it to the world to grow or learn something from this experience. I saw nine TAFers on the European continent too. We're everywhere.

Off to San Francisco tomorrow for the TAF College Planning Retreat. For those of you who are interested, be you a former college student, a current one, or a future one, please find a way to participate or follow along online. There will be some sort of updated Xanga or something as we hold meetings in SF. It is a momentously important (aka VERY important) period for TAF, and you can lend your voice. And if you want to help but can't think of anything for the College Program, help TAF in a different way and brighten the lives of the people around you. Indeed.

More on Europe later, along with more pictures. Huzzah huzzah huzzah!

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Monday, January 10, 2005 by Jon

Jolly Ho from London! I am here at the flat de Yoo...Margaret Yoo. Her mom cooks good food. Her dad is funny. I bought another slick England soccer jersey, AND...

Tiffany Sun?!?!


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Saturday, January 08, 2005 by Jon

europe pics:

includes Christmas in lyon and fun in barcelona. new years in lyon, teaching english to french schoolkids in lyon, frankfurt with the Chens, and pictures of the guy who stole my camera at a club but was caught by us and arrested (yea, good story) are all to come when I get back.

I arrive in Chicago on tuesday, then San Fran on Wednesday. An amazingly lucky boy I am.

p.s.: jennifer and brad?!?! wwwwwhhhHHHHHat?


The Chens, Jenny, and me in Frankfurt.

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