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Tuesday, October 30, 2001 by Jon

yea so like, i fonna write about my weekend. well i went home friday and gave traci her bday present. and then i went home and chilled, went to the chinese buffet for dinner with dad and cheryl after throwin the ole pigskin around with brian. then me and brian went to some girls house who goes to plains to meet up with tom. shannon, brooke, and ashley were the only ones i really yea. they had shrimp cocktails there. i like shrimp. brooke and ashley thought it was the most disgusting thing in the world. i was like da heck?! shrimp is delicious. crazy country girls....hehe. and then yea we funked around, played some pseudo football battle of the sexes keep away for a while in the driveway...yea that was interesting. and then a trip to walmart and thats it. now saturday was a packed day. so brian calls me at 116 and wakes me up and asks me if i want to go play football at 2. i was like ok. then i look at the clock and realize its 116 and im like oh crap i need to go get ready. and so i leave, but not before having my big lunch of....dun dun dun....a hot dog bun and diet caffeine free coke!!! actually the coke is good. but anyways, yea, so i go off to play football and we only have 5 ppl, so we ask some griffin kids who were there if they wanted to play so we did. they have like 7 ppl, so they played 6 and had a sub. yea...they were all fast and we lost by like 2 td's, not bad really. oh well. so yea we play till 3:07. have to be at steves by 330 to go to the wwf. so i book it back home, shower, then go to steves at 330, then go to the WWF event and get there at like 3:50. it was a fun time...hehe, we got steve to ask one of the refs for an autograph, that was amusing. brian was really excited, steve was probbaly excited too....and adrienne probbaly was too but a little less. i havent watched wrestling in a while, but it was interesting. of the wrestleres looked like eric changchien kind of, for all you TAF ppl who read this....heh. and he did this one really cool submission move, it looked painful. hehe, there were so many country/trashy ppl there. oy. and there were a lot of little kids too....and those kids were crazy.....but hey what do you expect? so yea the show gets over 2 and a half hours later at 630. i leave by 645. im hungry since i only had a hot dog bun all day. the school play im supposed to go to starts at 7. so i have 15 minutes. hardees is next to the school. so youd think it was perfect eh? buuuut no. it took like 10 minutes for me to get in line...i sat in the drive thru window and the guy kept messing my order up. pissed me off. stupid hardees....anyways i go to the play and im like 5 minutes late...oh well. ate my fries quietly during the show....ate the burger at intermission. oh oh oh yea. play was pretty good. dewey was funny as humpty dumpty. oh yea the play was alice in wonderland by the way. yea so anyways after the show i see all the ppl in the play and they are all happy to see me. hehe, i was proud to see the backstage ppl doing well. go my young proteges. oh oh oh yea. yea after the show all the girls in the play like traci, amelia etc etc were trying to get their makeup on me. i guess they were a little yea i left, went to toms, left, went to tp someones house....but then like....after we did that one of the neighbors followed us....i mean what the heck was he thinking? oh no we are tping. ohhhh no. he was burning leaves in his driveway, which is illegal in springfield. and he is going to follow us...? then after that me and brian went to adriennes. sat around and talked, made carmel apples, then wathed them all make jack o lanterns. traci came over too. she said everyone said the shirt i bought for her bday was really cute. awwwww yea. go me. i am the man. and everyhting else at old navy was fugly. but yea. hehe, tracis mom said i need to stop buying her tight shirts....hehe....neva. i am however surprised that she noticed that that was the only thing i really buy for traci....heh. yeas....then i went home and slept...didnt go to church in the morning so i had some extra quiet time to like, replace it i guess....and then yea, football was on and i hade a bball draft at 1 for the zoe league. didnt go too bad. hung around all day, went to the great pumpkin chase at zoe at 530 to help out. it was cool seeing the ppl. but yea i went to my cluegiving spot which was at ruby tuesdays. yea the chase was messed up...the clues got mixed up somehow. hehe, my car battery died too....but it resarted so it was ok. went back to the church, wathec all the younging sing...yea...kinda sad that im not part of it anymore....heh. sad sad sad. im so old. oh no. hannah came at 830 to the church to meet me, and we had ourselves a fun time driving back. you know if you are still reading this im very impressed, so good for you. but yea....apparently hannah and i go to the same church....but we never knew since like....she always goes to the early one...and i NEVER go to the early one...heh. too early. but did all that came back to the dorm and chilled. class was ok today, my econ class was cancelled...hurrah! and then worked on my physics lab all day....and oy oy oy...ok so i was down 1 point in a football league with eddie george left to play. does he get 2 points for the victory on monday night football? NO! he gets -2 points.....daaahhh....and i was even going to put bettis in!!! and he had 14 points!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! this is supposed to be my really good team too. im sad. *sigh*. AND i lost to Z in the taf league!! stuypid mike alstott with his 25 points. this sucks. my teams arent doing well this year. pisses me off. ok well now i think i am done. yea ok. if you read all of this....good for you.

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Friday, October 26, 2001 by Jon

yes!!!! my fantasy hockey team is ranked 47th in the entire world!!!!! wahoo go me. so yea anyways this week has gone by really fast. going home should be a grand ole time. WWF even on saturday....exciting eh? so let me think of what ive done the past few days...well tuesday was pretty funky. In my physics lab my prof was randomly talking about laser eye surgery and how he had it and how you experience so much pain afterwords. One of his nurses told him it was the equivalent pain level of giving birth through your eye, (which makes me rethink getting it done...) so yea, all this talk about it made my lab partner balck out. it was freaky. we were sitting in the high stools and he just fell over and started shaking and moaning...i thought he was having a seizure....but after a minute passed and the teacher talked to him he got up and was fine....i was like ok man? and hes like yea im fine. mmhmm. yea so go back to my room and had some chef boyardee raviloi....oh oh oh so good. and then i had my phyics it was so boring. i did however make a taf2002 logo. it acually looks cool. hehe. yea. and uh, yea i think the rest of the night was the usual funk. wednesday was the usual too...class was ok, i had a test in math. we were going to play football too....but then man o man the rain came. i think yesterday was the start of cold weather for winter. yea...yesterday was the point of no return. there was marble sized hail and sideways rain and it was a huge downpour, and even some tornados around i think! it dropped 21 degrees in 1 hour. heh. and then again, usual stuff. i had a nightmare last night...heh, i dreamt that i couldnt get into my fantasy bball draft right away and i came late and i had the first pick, but since i wasnt there the computer selected tyrone oneal for me, or someone like that, somone ive never heard of or who sucks over garnett. whew, thank God it was just a nightmare. I uploaded a lot of pics last night too onto my website. . Yea, howard and Jay went to go have a look and they both though meagan was cute. hehe, yea i was amused. Jay was like "dang, that meagan is fine" hehe. yes. woke up at 1:12 today. hehe. yea...only had my physics class at 2...which was once again very boring. went to stl and then walmart and the usual funk. yeas. ok im done. go to my website. heh.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2001 by Jon

oh yea...tafchat tonight!!!

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by Jon

yeas....went home this weekend, quite the fun time. Friday night i went to Terror in the Square with tom, tilld o and craig. tyler was waiting in ine right in front of us so we got to chill with him while waiting in line, and britney was right in front of him. so yea, we played the movie game in line! sweetfunk. the haunted house itself wasnt too scary, but i messed witht he girls who were in tylers group. so yea it was fun. saturday chilled and went to olive garden for tracis bday dinner with haley and craig and yea, go chicken alfredo. mmm mmm mmm. and then we were at meijers for awhile...bought my first lotto tickets...didnt win. chilled in the parking lot and then i went over to matts to hang out with him and tyler and met up with traci. yes. and we had fun. mmhmm. yea sunday i slept in and didnt go to church, bad me. watched football, then jessica came and i took her back to school with me. howard showed me a picture of him in drag. its disgusting, i felt nauseous after viewing it. oy. today was ok. played some football. yea nothing exciting. ok bye bye,

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Saturday, October 20, 2001 by Jon

and tyler was angered that he trade me marshall faulk. hurrah!

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by Jon

ah yes, came back home to good ole springfield tonight. me matt tilldo and craig went to Terror in the Squarein petersburg. tyler was last in line when we got there so we got to hang out with him and his group while waiting. waiting in line is like the best part of the thing, heh. on the way there me matt craig and nick reminisced about last year when we went and all the antics we did in line and the birth of calling aaron denk spenk. yea that was a great great night....hehe. but yea tyler was with 3 other ppl, 1 guy and 2 girls and we just talked about fantasy sports and hockey and stuff...and then we played the movie game!!!!! awwww and tyler ended up on a draw. but i did eliminate matt. wahahah. yea the haunted house itself wasnt too bad...the 2 girls were scared. and i would scare them more by screaming...hehe, yea thats a nice way to meet someone, start scaring them right away....and yea man...on the way back home it REEKED of skunk. oh man it was bad...i was getting a headache...yea ok peace.

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Thursday, October 18, 2001 by Jon

oh oh oh yea, downloaded me a wallpaper for my computer of the green M&M, oh yea shes fine. went to old navy today and got a tshirt for 1.99!!! exciting eh? and 2 sweaters for 12.99 each. kicketh la bootay. chilled in abby's room for the night except watching dawsons creek in here with them wasnt a funny episode tonight. oy. but das ok. im gonna skip physics tomm. kick ass. no reason to go so why go? exactly...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2001 by Jon

yes....server has been down all day, i think it might have just started to work, but it might die right now while im typing this. yeas. went to a karate class tongiht, that was pretty cool, but my forearms are friggin sore from strething them oddly. i couldnt even open like a ziploc bag cuz it was hard. oy oy oy. yea ok since i gtg i gtg. it might die. peace.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2001 by Jon

yeas, another day, another...well ok i didnt make a dollar. hehe, i woke up like 13 minutes before class started and a made it only 5 minuyets late. go me. nothin great happened in class today, did the usual and came back and sat here. worked out then dinner. sat here. did physics lab. watched MNF...redskins vs. cowboys. oy. well at least 1 of my fantasy football teams won because of the game. go mahnkees. hehe, i made an ocelot onslaught page tonight. here is howard immediate reaction after viewing the page: BaMBoO KiD: oh what the hell is this!!!
Thendxcrd: hehehe
Thendxcrd: its our roster
BaMBoO KiD: dogjasifafljzxclvk iwafjiopwhsdjkfhasdk;jafhsd
BaMBoO KiD: alkjsdf;lajsfil;awlzxcv,.nasdklvjahwdf
Yes...hehe howard beat me 125-70 in our taf football league. oy. but the Hunkyfunks will come back strong. iwas 1-3 this week in my leagues. sad. but they shall survive. and the hunkyfunks of hockey made it a tie in my hockey league versus that crazy canadian guy. hurrah for me. hehe i posted stuff saying how american took estalla warren and let canada keep celine dion. he got all mad. peace.

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Sunday, October 14, 2001 by Jon neck hurts. oww. i just added a new page to my website. mmhmm its good. hehe. christina sucks. mmhmm. howard did rape me in our fantasy league though. oy that was a big anal raping. i dont think ive ever been beaten that bad.......hmm, what a productive day. ive been in my room all day basically. yea ok bye bye.

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by Jon

Yeas...yesterday was an easy day...woke up at 2, that was nice, and just sat around pretty much until 930 when i started to get ready to go clubbin at Liquid. went with abby jessica ashley and alex. so yea me and 4 girls, funtastic. the club was better this time and i got in even though i was wearing jeans. last time i went it was like a rave, so tonight it was better, better music, more mainstream, not some weird all techno digitla stuff. yeas. some weird guy kept dancing around us so i had to rotate myself around the girls and dance with the one that the weird guy was closest to so he wouldnt try to dance with her. they also had the foam gun out again so that was cool too...although it was a bit too much last night...i dunno why....yeas anyways uh, yea went to sleep woke up went to church went to schnucks went to big lots went to walmart. big lots is tight. and i got nhl powerplay 98 for my pc for 2.99 at schnucks! and an official nfl football at biglots for 7 bucks. tightfunk. yea now im watching the rams game and howard is raping me in our fantasy football league. oy.

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Saturday, October 13, 2001 by Jon

mmhmm....didnt really do that much today, wokeup and went to econ, didnt do much, had me a french test, and sat there in college algebra. start at 9, done at 12. fabulous. ate lunch at the UC with friends and then i came back and sat on my comp for awhile. hehe...yes, the kt mac page is doing quite well. it is amusing. deback made a funny story imitatiing the space cadet. yes. then around like 11 i went to Round the Clock with tom abby jessica ashley and gavin. yes...meat skillet is good. yum yum, and now im back here. oh yea what an exciting day. thats fantastic. yea on the way back form round the clock the girls in their car went off one way, and then us guys went back the normal way, but saw some cops and follwed them to some apartments where we saw one cop running up to the apartments....3 cop cars in all. then we left. and then we saw the girls on the main road so we tried beating them back to the dorms. they took a different route and beat us to the final stretch because we got stuck behind a slow truck....but tom passed them at a stop sign where they stopped and we didnt. oh yea, go Y chromosome. oh oh oh yea. yea um ok bye.

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Friday, October 12, 2001 by Jon

Yea ok well i had a pretty normal day. woke up around i sleep too much. oy, when i woke up it was raining and i was hoping it would continue so that id have a good excuse to not go to physics at 2 but my luck it stopped raining. so yea i go off to physics and there was absolutely no reason for me to go except for maybe turning my hw in. but yea it was boring and all i did was play on my graphing calculator for an hour. funtastic. and yea, so when i leave its raining pretty hard so yea i get wet. stupid rain....oy. tongiht my suitemate went out on a date. heh it was pretty funny before he left. he did his usual come in my room to see if everything was ok and he was like:
cory: outfit good?
jon: the jacket up.
c: better?
j: umm fix the collar
c: good?
j: stud
c: hows the hair?
j: looks good
c: would you do me?
j: um yea sure...
give each other high fives.

hehe yes. cant say ive ever had a conversation like that before...heh. yeas. french test tomm. wahoo. hopefully itll be pretty easy. man....if it rains tomm....oy, i dont want to walk to class. hey today was Michael jordans first game back from his 2nd retirement. his first game in what many feel will be many losses for the washinton capitals. mmhmm. yea...crazy ppl in the hallway tongiht, being all loud. my friend got wrote up for talking on her cell phone quietly....hmmmm....yea ok i dont feel like typing anymore so yea, peace.

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by Jon

Hehe, yes ok well i finally have me a blogger account. go taf for getting me to do this and influencing me. with all these newfounjd typing maybe my typing skill will improve, thatd be cool eh? yea...a daliy journal will be cool, even though i already kind of keep and actual one for important times. but yeas, this is cool too. hehe....fruit is funny....ehehehehhe.........ok ill keep posting hopefully.

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