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Saturday, April 26, 2003 by Jon

ah yeas, i dreary and rainy day. these crazy april drizzles on jonizzle. so i went to see better luck tomorrow with tyler matt and hannah tonight. it was pretty good, kinda disturbing, but yea. i will have to watch it again, sitting behind a woman with big hair wasnt the best, hehe. we watched it at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel Cinema. it was niiiice, when we walked out they had like a butler with a silver tray of mints and chocolates. amazing. hah.

my paper on taiwanese independence is getting a little lengthy. ill post it up somewhere for yall later. ill just need to find the energy to make it good, since i only need a D+ on it to get an A in the class, hehe.

much to do much to do, and too much time is spent playing ncaa football. the lastest gimmick is creating teams made up of ESPN people, like dan patrick as your running back, charlie steiner and bob ley as linemen, michael wilbon and rich eisen as linebackers, stuart scott as a cb, peter gammons as the kicker...haha yea its fun.

must be productive tomorrow, must be....

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Saturday, April 19, 2003 by Jon

yaay got the apartment for u of i next year! woohoo! so yeas. went to class, booked it to u of i, got the apt, came back, ate with dad, went to steves, and then went to raschkes. hehe yea raschkes was cool, a lot of people i havent seen in awhile. a large mix of people too...classes 2000-2003 of shs, some pleasant plains folk, and some griffinites, and then random people ive seen around. haha yea. SADNESS. AND UNJUSTNESS. ashlee isnt a semi-finalist for the cosmo thing :( . but yea, saw sojo and april and a multitude of others. happiness :) yaaaay. tomorrow work... booooo ... but hopefully ill see a lot of people at the mall since EVERYONE is home. yes!

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Thursday, April 17, 2003 by Jon

hurrah. tkast got in to uiuc too. everything is set. now to just get the apt....

everyones fonna be home this weekend too, yay!

young life training was good.

oh and yes. traumatic. i almost didnt know who i was i got a message back from the social security dept of the USA after filing my taxes and it said it didnt complete because my soc sec # and birthdate didnt match my name. um i call them up and apparently ive been using the INCORRECT social security number for the past 4 years. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? i mean EVERYTHING ive ever had official has had that #, how has it gone unnoticed by everyone?? my drivers license is wrong, my student id is wrong, all my bills are wrong......what in the heck?!?!?! and whos # have i been using then?!?! this is all funked up. ill fix it all friday. but in the meantime, ive had to write my SSN down on like 3 things...what do i put!?!?!? the old one where i have everything under...or the new one which the national government has me listed as??!?! WHAT DO I DO?!?!? WHO AM I?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Monday, April 14, 2003 by Jon

what a healthy weekend! haha yeeesss....aside from the fourteen tacos, the 2nd trip to tacobell the next day, the 11 donuts from krispy kreme, and the hot wings....

ok yea....not so good for the body.

but hey i was active...broomball saturday night. my non-yellow team won, woot woot! we had a deadly combination in goal (which yours truly was 50% of) and some potent offense. woot woot! my knees are all bruised up now though, as i would quickly drop to them to make saves, and well the ice isnt too soft for that. and my booty hurts too, cuz my wallet was in the back pocket and i landed on it multiple times. poopy.

and tonight, sand volleyball!!! heck yea it was fun. but the sand was really really cold without the sun to keep it warm. haha yea...but my team won best of 3 again! go beth tyler and me. hannah ajit and matt aint got nothin'. BOOYAH.

my just hit my knee against the bottom of my desk. owwee :(

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Friday, April 11, 2003 by Jon

ok now this day was good of course with the news of my acceptence, but it sure didnt start off good (yea yea i know thats bad grammar and it should be "well")

so im sleeping. its 730am. i went to bed 3.5 hours ago due to a late night of studying. and then there are these knocks on the door. and more knocks. my head lifts, eyes still closed, not really know whats going on. i hear tyler come out of his room and go to the front door, hear him open it, hear some voices. dont really know who it is in my state of half-conciousness, but i guess its beth hannah or marci over at our apt. then i look at my clock and realize its 730. i dont realize that they would never be over here that early.

so who was it!?!?! well i was about to drift back to sleep, since it was tough with sunlight peering through my windows into my face. but before i could rejoin lala-land. i hear a buzzing noise. a loud buzzing noise. WHAT?!!?! why is someone in my apartment making the noise?!?! i still fail to remove myself from my cozy bed however to discover what is going. anyways, the noise is just to f-ing annoying to be able to fall back asleep, especially since they are making the noise in the bathroom, which is only about 3 feet from my head on the other side of a thin door. yea ok whatever. so its been about, id say a good half hour and there is still noise. then theres a knock on my door. OH YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME.

-"Maintenance here, we need to check your light"
-"Um...the light is right above my bed and im trying to sleep..."
-(opens the door and peers in) "Oh hey i can get to that, you can just stay in your bed"
-"..." "um, no thats ok ill just get up..." (as opposed to having a strange man on a ladder over my bed while im laying in it...)
-disgruntled, blind, and 12% concious Jon walks to the living toom to just stand.

so now im out in my living room. the light fixture on the ceiling has been taken down, all the lights in the apartment are on, and apparently there is another lady there checking out something in our kitchen, i didnt really know since i was blind, but i later figured out it was the switchbox. but yea, i ask her what they are doing and she says they are going around and checking the wiring in the apts. right...i ask her for a letter informing the tenants of this. theres a phone number on it. good. i will yell at them. the guy finished in my room, and then proceeds to tylers room. matt was "lucky" enough to have woken up before all of this and gone off to work. so yea, i go back to my room. there no way im gonna be able to sleep so i just sit and go online and blah blah. they leave. i go out, tyler comes out too. we discuss the stupidity of what happened and what the other missed etc. I called the number. i, rather politely, told them that it is ridiculous and stupid to schedule HOUR LONG maintenence checks in apartments at a college at 730 in the morning. ESPECIALLY since its the month of april and students (ergo myself) have hard quizzes the next day. and i kept reiterating the 730 part. and my lack of sleep.

Theyre LUCKY i was able to fall back asleep. the secretary was amused by me. not mocking, but yea. she said shed pass the word along to the housing director. i told her i would glady talk to him about the ridiculousness of the situation. i galdy gave her my name and phone number as well. however, i forgot to mention that this is why people leave this school, BECAUSE THE STAFF IS INEPT. and later on in the day i got in to UofI. SO SCREW YOU SIUE HOUSING/MAINTENENCE STAFF. you guys really need to get some more training.

well ok. now i have yet another story to share! 1130, tyler and i make a late wendys run. i order chicken nuggets and fries. my total is $2.43 and i give them a 20 dollar bill and 43 cents. so yea. i dont get my change back. um ok. so we tell the girl that i gave her a 20.
"you did?"

so she gets the manager, and well, i guess they must have not trusted us, because they recounted ALL the money in the drawer, and then finally after that gave me my 18 dollars. we sat there, food in car, line behind us, waiting for my change. I gave the girl a single $20 bill and change. OF COURSE YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE ME BACK CHANGE IF I GIVE YOU ONE BILL. dont count $2 bills. noone uses them. ;asdk;lak;ldsk;aslkasd;. i shake my head and go dot dot dot at these people.

hopefully i will have run ins with more intelligent folk starting tomorrow and at u of i.

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Thursday, April 10, 2003 by Jon


Traci is on prom court! yaaaaaay!

and i got in to U of I! yaaaaaaay!

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by Jon

yes. still busy. ill be glad when this week is finally over. i still have a tough quiz ahead of me tomm, and the rest of my 6 page paper due friday. sleep a long time, and then begin work on my taiwan paper. oh the excitement.

im glad, well actually very happy, to see iraqi ppl on tv happy and cheering as they take down the statue of saddam. but do the ends justify the means in this war? well it is still too early to tell....

new title. yay!

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Monday, April 07, 2003 by Jon

yyyeeeesss. EVERYONE GO TO RALLY'S IF YOU HAVE ONE NEAR YOU AND GET 2 BACON CHEDDAR DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS FOR $3 oh man, what a good deal. mmmmmmmmmm. im going back for more tomorrow.

in other news, margaret says shes going to TAC! and im going to TAC too! yaaay! and i hear others tafers might go! taf at tac! recruit kids for taf! make taf big and awesome! but remember, dont be cliqu-ey there!

and busy busy busy. so why am i blogging at 231am. idunno-and-iduncare.

oh yea just in case, i am going to state it right now. I WILL BE AT TAF2003. no ifs. i will be there. and you better be there too! so yea, give me confirmation. i'd like to read it with my own eyes. woot woot!


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Friday, April 04, 2003 by Jon

hurrah! another survey! courtesy of Waynes blog:

Germany -
Despite a controversial recent history, it has had
a tough and powerful history. A modern-day
technological and cultural beacon, it is still
target to stereotypes and antiquited thoughts.


Technologically Advanced.

Culturally Admired.

Global Power.


Target of Historical Fervor.

Constant Struggle.

Funny-Looking Ethnic Clothing.

Which Country of the World are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003 by Jon

Who wants to see some MAGIC from elliot?!?! YOU DO? OK!

go here --->

hahahaha awesome.

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