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Sunday, January 08, 2006 by Jon

Brian and I went to dinner tonight with Tyler. We went to Rock's (for horseshoes), and Rich McBride and Marcus Arnold were there. Tyler and Chet (they're the two head managers) went to talk to them, and then Rich McBride shook my hand. Shrug. Haha.

So we sat down, and then Brian and I realized the entire team was coming. And yea, slowly the entire team came in. People in the restaurant stared, Brian and I laughed...since we were pretty much eating dinner with the team. I guess the managers usually sit at a "kids table", while fans go and get Dee Brown's autograph.

Anyways, we ate our horseshoes, yum, and then Dee came over to say bye. He gave everyone at the manager table "the rock" (fist pound) and then me and Brian too. Haha.

That was funny.

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