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Saturday, January 31, 2004 by Jon

harry potter. so good.

and thats all that i think there is to say today.

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Thursday, January 29, 2004 by Jon

so other than like...5 people i know probably, who still uses friendster??!?!

yea i thought so.

but. tonight i recieved an email saying i had a new friendster request. I didnt recognize the name, so i clicked on the link to see who it was. I didnt recognize the picture, but the only way to find out more about who she was to add her. So i did.

I still dont know who she is...but hey, i guess youre my friend Audriana Partridge from California.

Yea das cool.

Friendster. pwaha.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004 by Jon

well heres a nice big picture post.

so i went up to chicago with U of I TASC to play in an ITASA Bball tournament held at Northwestern. The U of I TASC team was the favorite, mainly because of their height advantage. Here you can see Alex shooting over a Umich defender. Bryan and Carolyn cant stop him. They could only hope to contain him.

Calvin and Truman kept score

While Amy, Bryan (who you know, was sitting out now), and Roger watched in awe.

After the tournament we all ate some wings, alex bryan and timmy waited anxiously

Michelle and Joy wanted a picture together, and i took a few but this is the one they decided to keep. odd. michelle actually smiled in the other ones, but they werent good enough. so i guess she just likes this face of hers better...haha...

the next day it was snowing like a mofo

so carolyn warmed up with bubble tea from joy yees. she said the bubble tea was good, so, you know, maybe she just didnt like something else.

We ate deep dish pizza. Ming had spilled one massive slice into his cup of water, which in turn spilled onto the table. he was very distraught.

after the meal, we split ways and umich went back to umich. we slept at rogers. it was fun. whee. the next day we got sushi at mitsuwa. it too, was good. Jeanette Ming and Jon agree.

and then tonight! the internet amazes me. I got to webcam and audio with jessica and linda. technology IS amazing. yea!

but wizards and broomsticks and quidditch are cool too. harry potter 3 almost finished.

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Friday, January 23, 2004 by Jon

earlier tonight i finished harry potter 2. it actually made me scared in a few parts of the book. haha yea....

harmony is here. and then tomorrow off to northwestern for itasa midwest bball and floor hockey. holleeerrrr.

its cold!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 by Jon

hmm yes so i think i am now in the midst of my own harry potter excitement. i finished the first book in 2 days. and ill probably start the 2nd one tonight sometime...

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Monday, January 19, 2004 by Jon

so i got into the school of broadcast journalism here at U of I. thats a positive, i guess i kind of actually have some direction in what im going to do with my life. even though i might just open up a restaurant with brian for a bit after college. yea weve got some high quality ideas, let me tell you.


i dont know if i have anything else of importance to say. oh but if you are going to be attending ITASA East Coast 2004, talk to me. id like to talk to you. har har har.


oh, yes. i cant comment on xangas for some weird reason. my computer wont let me. if you happen to read this angie, you had a ridiculously big worded paragraph. i was dumbfounded by the sheer verbiage of the text AND context of what you were analyzing about the current state of suburbia and the relative mediocrity of repetition...? does that make sense...?


i want a prime rib in kc.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004 by Jon

send me your pics! of anything! whee.

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Monday, January 12, 2004 by Jon

back at school = high speed connection = ability to upload photo albums.

taf new years // kc girls


if you dont have imagestation i guess you cant view them. but if you dont i would recommend that you do sign up. its free online storage with unlimited space. pretty spiffy if you ask me.

and as for this, hahahaha.

i promised margaret like 2 years ago i would never show anyone this. but...shes out of the country right now. so she wont know right? dahahahahah... too hot too handle! maybe thats why shes wearing those oven mitts... hahahahaha!

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Friday, January 09, 2004 by Jon

hmm yes...U of I had more Nobel Peace Prize winners this year than football victories...

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004 by Jon

awww man! i went back to shs today to get my immunization records and then i proceeded to talk to old teachers and stuff, and it was so fun! ah yes mrs. pence. shes so cool and...well lets just say her daughters name should be stacy. har har har. im going to kill that line before the month runs out.

anyways, she knew jenifer and nicho were dating. that was highly amusing to me and ajit. hehehe. sooh fahnny. saw a few kids i knew, eek, claire, my cousin jennifer lee and some others. they were freshman when i was a senior. and now theyre the seniors. aww leetle kiddies living in their high school senior world. ah yes. good times.

ajit and i went to jimmy johns afterwards, the newly opened one close to my house! yea! and then we did some hardcore window shopping at office max, best buy, sportsmart, gordmans, bed bath & beyond, and old navy. dang...we forreal did go to a lot of places...

anyways...tonight: texas hold'em!

now what to eat beforehand...

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Monday, January 05, 2004 by Jon

hahahahaha. i bought a HOT PINK toothbrush today at Target. hey that rhymes! if you say target the right way anyways.

heres a HOT (pink) photo of me in action!

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Sunday, January 04, 2004 by Jon

i am home.

the past 10 days somehow turned into one really lengthy TAF roadtrip for jon, even bigger than Novembers tafCrush Roadtrip I.

i dont feel like saying much, other than i had a great time throughout. Kudos to Jessica Amy and Christine for rockin up TAF New Years in michigan along with everyone else who helped with that, and more kudos to the large # of people that housed an even larger # of people in michigan, chicago, stl, and kc. personal thanks go to Vince, Christine, Cat, Harmony, Bryan, Jessica, and Jon and Jeremy Chen for my housing.

kc. you girls, despite you know, sending out your X chromosome to mess with our Y chromosomes, are pretty high quality. i think KC Girls are going to be hard to beat in terms of hospitality. Jessica, Linda, and Margo = good. and also, your moms should have named you all stacy, cuz they definitely got it going on.

i heart kc moms.

and now i sleep. wanderful.

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