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Wednesday, January 07, 2004 by Jon

awww man! i went back to shs today to get my immunization records and then i proceeded to talk to old teachers and stuff, and it was so fun! ah yes mrs. pence. shes so cool and...well lets just say her daughters name should be stacy. har har har. im going to kill that line before the month runs out.

anyways, she knew jenifer and nicho were dating. that was highly amusing to me and ajit. hehehe. sooh fahnny. saw a few kids i knew, eek, claire, my cousin jennifer lee and some others. they were freshman when i was a senior. and now theyre the seniors. aww leetle kiddies living in their high school senior world. ah yes. good times.

ajit and i went to jimmy johns afterwards, the newly opened one close to my house! yea! and then we did some hardcore window shopping at office max, best buy, sportsmart, gordmans, bed bath & beyond, and old navy. dang...we forreal did go to a lot of places...

anyways...tonight: texas hold'em!

now what to eat beforehand...

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