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Sunday, January 04, 2004 by Jon

i am home.

the past 10 days somehow turned into one really lengthy TAF roadtrip for jon, even bigger than Novembers tafCrush Roadtrip I.

i dont feel like saying much, other than i had a great time throughout. Kudos to Jessica Amy and Christine for rockin up TAF New Years in michigan along with everyone else who helped with that, and more kudos to the large # of people that housed an even larger # of people in michigan, chicago, stl, and kc. personal thanks go to Vince, Christine, Cat, Harmony, Bryan, Jessica, and Jon and Jeremy Chen for my housing.

kc. you girls, despite you know, sending out your X chromosome to mess with our Y chromosomes, are pretty high quality. i think KC Girls are going to be hard to beat in terms of hospitality. Jessica, Linda, and Margo = good. and also, your moms should have named you all stacy, cuz they definitely got it going on.

i heart kc moms.

and now i sleep. wanderful.

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