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Tuesday, February 15, 2005 by Jon

Here is a poker story from last week:

Brian's hand is on the left, 8diamonds and 10diamonds. Mine is on the right, pocket 7's. Like any good player, I raise a pretty good amount preflop and make everyone else fold. Here comes the flop:

It is the 6diamonds, 7hearts, and 10diamonds. To my joy, I hit my set and trip up on the 7s. Brian hits a straight though, but he doesnt realize it at the time. He does realize he is on a straight flush draw though, so reraises my hefty raise. I reraise all-in, he calls. So we flip and show. I, thinking I have the best hand, am sad to see that I am actually losing to a straight right now. Brian now realizes he has a straight. I need a full house. Next card:

I hit the full house with a 6hearts! So now I am Sevens full of Sixes. Brian's straight is now worthless, and even a flush wont save him. There is only one card that he can still win with. Next card:

Another 7!!! I hit four 7s! Yes! Yes YES YES! I haven't gotten four of a kind in a long time. To go from a full house to quads is awesome! We all scream, but then I realize, it is short-lived. And my joy turns to disbelief in mid-scream. It was the 7diamonds.

I look at the board. 6D, 7H, 9D, 6H, 7D. 6, 7, and 9 of diamonds. Brian had 8, 10 of diamonds. Dear God. I just lost my FOUR OF A KIND SEVENS. TO A STRAIGHT FLUSH. On the river no less.

Unbelievable the swings in that hand. Brian had one and only one card that could win it for him after the turn, and it hit. And it made both of our hands huge.

And that, my friends, is how you lose $317 on one hand of poker.

In other news, I was watching Aladdin tonight on the Disney Channel. And you know what Genie said? He said "HUZZAH"!!! I had forgotten a lot about the movie, since I havent watched it in nearly a decade. How sad. It was still great and funny. Must buy it on DVD

TAF College is gonna be cool. Must buy True Colors also.

I watched last week's OC tonight. Sandy kissed the other lady (that bastard!). Marissa kissed Alex (two girls!). And in unrelated news, Alex just kissed me. I'm not kidding.

I am however just kidding about losing $317. It was only about $5. har har.

Happy Normaltines Day! I hope you all be as lovey as you are on Valentines Day to everyone.

Especially single people like me.

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